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  • Pain from Naruto tells Tsunade to not be haughty. He also calls himself a god and deems himself worthy of judging an entire village's worth.
    • He condemns the system of five hidden villages because their "peace" is built on sacrificing human lives, despite the fact that Pain himself is going to sacrifice a lot more human lives for the sake of what he calls "peace".
  • Naruto Uzumaki regularly chews out lecherous and otherwise perverted people, while being a bit of a Covert Pervert himself.
    • In a similar vein, a twelve year-old Jiraiya called the Third Hokage a pervert for wanting to accompany Jiraiya when he spied on the hot springs, although that could be argued about the Hokage holding himself to a higher standard than a 12-year-old.
  • Neji enjoyed taunting those he viewed as weaker than him (Hinata, Lee and Naruto) by constantly telling them how pointless their efforts to change their fate were, while at the same time refusing to accept his own fate. Both Hinata and Naruto call him out on it, which he nearly murders Hinata because of.
  • Deidara expresses hatred of people with Kekkei Genkai, especially Sharingan users, claiming they're just "blessed with good genetics". Later, it's revealed that his explosion techniques are a Kekkei Genkai. However, the ability to infuse it into clay is part of a Kinjutsu he stole from his village, so Deidara didn't stop with his genetic gift and took it a step further.
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  • Sasori gives Sakura a lecture on how worthless emotions are to a ninja and how above them he is, despite actually not having overcome them himself, shown when he decided to take the final blow from his puppet parents, choosing to die in the embrace of his "parents".
  • Danzo expects ninjas to be self-sacrificing, while he himself is too cowardly to do so and has never performed any self-sacrifice in his entire life. It should be noted he hates himself for this and wishes he had the courage to give his life for his village. He does... in the Taking You with Me sense that he was going to die anyway, at least.
    • He also expects ninja to adhere to the teachings of the Second Hokage and suppress their emotions. Yet, he himself is guided by his ambition to become Hokage. He's so consumed by it, he lets Pain rampage through the Leaf while he and his subordinates merely observe the battle, planning to use this destruction as "proof" that Tsunade was unsuited for the position of Hokage. At this point, the hypocrisy reached critical mass: Danzo wants to become Hokage by completely ignoring the example of all the previous Hokage, who always put the lives of their subordinates above their own.note 
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    • He also claims that it was because of Jiraiya interfering with the affairs of other villages that Konoha was destroyed by Pain. Pain only attacked because Danzo interfered with the affairs of Amegakure in the first place. He told Hanzo that the Akatsuki were plotting to overthrow him, leading to Hanzo taking action and ultimately Yahiko's death, which sparked Nagato's Start of Darkness, making him join Tobi, reform Akatsuki into a criminal organization, and attack Konoha.
  • Madara Uchiha:
    • He calls chakra a source of endless suffering and says that his ultimate goal is to save humanity by creating a dream world without chakra. Madara does not see any problem in making himself the only chakra user left.
    • He mocks Obito and tells him that he's too arrogant for thinking that he could manipulate other people without being manipulated himself. However, Madara himself thinks that he was the only one who could manipulate other people, and isn't being manipulated himself. Black Zetsu calls him out on this.
    • After activating Infinite Tsukuyomi, he tells Naruto that he has no right to intervene in people's lives. This is right after forcing the entire world into a dream state, taking away any freedom people had.
  • Black Zetsu mocks Obito and calls him trash due to him betraying all the people around him at some point. However, Black Zetsu himself betrayed a huge number of people for the implementation of his plan.
  • Sasuke:
    • Despite losing his father, mother, and the entire Uchiha clan thanks to his brother Itachi butchering them, Sasuke himself is remarkably insensitive and apathetic to other people's losses. Sasuke selfishly writes off the fact the Naruto also lost his parents with the remark that "Naruto didn't even know his parents, therefore his own loss is greater and Naruto simply can't understand his suffering", but Sasuke still had parents in his childhood while Naruto didn't, so Sasuke is still comparatively lucky.
    • This gets gloriously lampshaded earlier when Kakashi was beseeching Sasuke to stop pursuing Revenge saying it wasn't worth it. In response, Sasuke threateningly asked what would happen if he killed Kakashi's loved ones. Kakashi, however, just smiles and reveals the people he loves most (his father Sakumo, his sensei Minato, and his teammates Obito and Rin) are already dead, which shocks Sasuke and highlights just how selfish he is that he puts his own troubles above others, even when they've had similar or greater tragedies to him.
    • When it was revealed Itachi was Good All Along and was just protecting Leaf Village, Sasuke then decides that all of Konoha must pay for what they did to Itachi, and joins Tobi in attempting to destroy the very village that his brother gave up everything to safeguard. He doesn't direct his terrorism solely at Danzo, who ordered Itachi to kill his own clan. Sasuke is also forgetting that massacring a town full of loved ones is what sparked off his Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the first place.
  • Despite her considerable efforts and intentions, Sakura's words and actions don't always match up with each other, which is played both for humor and drama:
    • When Team 7 first came together, Sakura echoed the view of the other villagers that Naruto was useless. However, as Sasuke pointed out, Sakura herself was holding the team back. Upon realizing this, she became kinder towards Naruto and made an effort to become stronger by training under Tsunade. In the end, though, she was still unable to match Naruto and Sasuke in terms of power.
    • Sakura often berates Naruto for his pervertedness, though as revealed by Konohamaru, she is a Covert Pervert who thinks Guy on Guy Is Hot.
    • Sakura frequently scolds Naruto for not being able to control his emotions, but she herself is prone to letting her emotions, especially about Sasuke, cloud her thoughts.
    • She mentions to Naruto that his feelings for her were superficial, even when she fell in love with Sasuke for entirely superficial reasons.
  • During the Fourth Shinobi World War arc, Tobi mocks Kakashi's sharingan, calling it a borrowed power, his borrowed power to be exact. At the time, he was himself using six borrowed powers: Hashirama's cells, Madara's Rinnegan, the Gedo statue, Kabuto's (and by extension Orochimaru's and Tobirama's) Edo Tensei jutsu, the powers of six tailed beasts, and Pain's chakra receiver rods.