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Famous Last Words / Naruto

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  • "Za... buza..." Haku, who Took The Bullet for Zabuza.
  • "You crazy fool! If you're so eager to join your friend, go ahead, but you're not taking me! Not this time!" Gato
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  • "I know I cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone... How I wish I could join you there... Haku..." Zabuza Momochi, dying from his injuries after killing Gato.
  • "What in the world are you?!" Dosu Kinuta, before Gaara kills him off-screen.
  • "I can't free my sword!" Hayate Gekko
  • "Farewell, disciple. May we meet again in the next world." The Third Hokage/Hiruzen Sarutobi's last spoken words to Orochimaru.
    • "Where the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village... and once again tree leaves shall bud anew." Hiruzen's last thoughts.
  • "Wait... no! Please don't do it!" Jirobo, right before Choji hammers him with a Butterfly Bullet Bombing.
  • "Talking rubbish right up to the end. I haven't been pushed this far since Kimimaro... Unh..." Kidomaru, whose heart is struck by one of Neji's fatal blows.
  • "Hey, let me out! Let me out or I'll kill you!" Ukon, who is imprisoned inside Kuroari before Kankuro kills him and Sakon with its bladed arms.
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  • "Alright, I'm far enough away. It's time for my genjutsu." Tayuya, who is crushed by falling tree trunks as a result of Temari's Quick Beheading Dance cleaving a part of the forest.
  • "I am not his pawn! He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning! But how could the likes of you ever understand that!?" Kimimaro, succumbing to his illness as he's about to kill Gaara for insulting his loyalty to Orochimaru.
  • "What am I, anyway? I'm only aware of being me, so who am I? Am I anything more than just this small consciousness?" Gaara, as Shukaku is extracted from him by Nagato/Pain's Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals technique. Later resurrected by Chiyo.
  • "One of Orochimaru's henchmen is working for me as a spy... and that's where I'm supposed to rendezvous with him... however... I don't think I..." Sasori, after Chiyo used his puppets to stab his heart.
    • "Kankuro... I want you to have my "mother" and "father" puppets as well. And when you die, pass them both on... to the next generation." Edo Tensei Sasori, entrusting his puppets to Kankuro before dying again.
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  • "Naruto... do an old woman a favor, won't you? You are the only person in the world who knows the extent of Gaara's pain. He also knows your pain. Please look after Gaara." Chiyo, who gave up her life to bring Gaara Back from the Dead.
  • "Could you give me one last cigarette? They're in my pouch." Asuma Sarutobi, succumbing to the deathblow dealt by Hidan.
    • "I've got nothing else to tell you three. Your Ino-Shika-Chou formation... was perfect!" Edo Tensei Asuma, praising Team 10 for defeating him.
  • "Don't say I didn't warn you! The day of retribution will come, and the Way of Jashin will punish you! Yes, and then I'll be the one passing judgement! My teeth, that's all I'll need; you'll see! And I'll tear you to pieces!" Hidan's last empty threat to Shikamaru, before being Buried Alive.
  • "Defeated... by a pack of brats..." Kakuzu, moments before Kakashi kills him with a Raikiri after being KO'ed by Naruto's newly formed Rasenshuriken.
  • "Tremble! Be afraid! Recoil in despair! Cower in awe, and cry your heart out! Because my art... IS AN EXPLOSION!!!" Deidara, who blew himself up in a failed attempt to kill Sasuke.
  • "You... you used me... Insolence! You damn brat. How dare you do such a thing to me! Those eyes... you hypnotized me with those damned eyes of yours!. Me! You did this to me.... how dare you..." Manda to Sasuke, succumbing to its wounds after the latter used his Sharingan to mind-control Manda into helping him escape Deidara's final explosion by being a meat-shield.
  • "Now, I suppose it's about time I put down my pen. Oh... that's right... What should I name the sequel? I wonder... let's see... The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki. Yes, that has a nice ring to it." Jiraiya's final thoughts.
  • "Forgive me, Sasuke... but this is it." Itachi Uchiha, succumbing to his terminal illness (though we don't find this out until later).
    • "You don't have to forgive me. No matter what you decided to do from now on, I will always love you." Edo Tensei Itachi's parting words to Sasuke, before Fading Away.
  • "Hotaru, you must... live on..." Utakata in the Six-Tails filler arc.
  • "The Hidden Leaf can be rebuilt. Naruto... you can do it." The spirit of the Fourth Hokage/Minato Namikaze to Naruto, before fading away.
    • "Naruto, my words to you... well, I guess your talkative mom said it all". The Fourth Hokage/Minato Namikaze, who Took The Bullet alongside Kushina for the infant Naruto (We don't find out until quite later, though).
    • "We don't belong here. So we can't stay for long. This is it. I'll tell Kushina all about it." Edo Tensei Minato's parting words to Naruto, before Fading Away.
  • "The parallels between you and that book... it almost feels like someone set it all up, like it was all... the work of an actual God. Seems this is it for me... Naruto, I believe you of all people... can..." Nagato/Pain, committing suicide through the Rinne Tensei technique.
  • "For the Shinobi world and the Leaf, I cannot let you two continue to live!". Danzo Shimura, who activated the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing technique to destroy Shishui's Sharingan and in a failed attempt to kill Sasuke and Tobi/Obito.
    • "You were a tree leaf upon which light shone. I... was nothing but a foundation hidden in darkness. So, what do you think of me, eh, Hiruzen...? What was I to you...?" Danzo's last thoughts.
  • "Oh, Naruto, there's so much... oh, so much more...! There are so many things I wish I had time to pass onto you... so much more I wanna tell you! I wish I could stay with you longer! I love you! Minato, I'm sorry. I used up your time." Kushina Uzumaki, who Took The Bullet alongside Minato for the infant Naruto.
    • "Thank you so much for letting me become a mother, and thank you for letting Minato become a father. Thank you for being born to us. Thank you so much! Thank you!" The spirit of Kushina Uzumaki, before fading away.
  • "It seems that in the end... I was not a worthless human being after all." Kisame Hoshigaki, moments before allowing himself to be Eaten Alive by his own sharks.
  • "I am expendable; I am only a mere flower, but I'll take you with me!" Konan, moments before Tobi/Obito grabs her neck and casts a genjutsu on her.
  • "More than I could have imagined, you have surpassed me. I entrust the village to you now, Gaara." The Fourth Kazekage/Rasa, whom Gaara defeated and made peace with.
  • "Don't hesitate; it's the path you chose. Our pain will only last an instant, unlike yours. The way we think may be different, but I'm still proud of you." Fugaku Uchiha, to his son and killer Itachi.
  • "I could protect you at the very last... I guess I'm kinda glad I was resurrected by Edo Tensei after all." Dan Kato, before dying again for the sake of his old girlfriend Tsunade.
  • "Kakashi..." Rin, as Kakashi runs her through with Chidori.
  • "Go... until the time... I revive..." Madara Uchiha, entrusting the Eye of the Moon Plan to Obito.
    • "Comrades... huh... Well... if that's... how... it is... I won't... Madara Uchiha, dying as a result of the Ten-Tails being forcibly extracted from him.
  • "I'm a Shinobi! I'm ready to give my life for my mission! I just wanted to be helpful in a meaningful way! Shikaku, what do we do now?" Inoichi Yamanaka, before he, Ao and Shikaku sacrifice themselves.
  • "We'll do what we have to do, until the bitter end. And I just came up with a way to stop Juubi dead in its tracks... Consider it our last mission. Connect me to everyone in the battlefield! Everyone, lend me your ears!" Shikaku Nara, likewise.
  • "Because I was called a genius." Neji Hyuuga, who Took The Bullet for Naruto and Hinata.
    • "Father... I finally understand... the freedom of being able to choose your death... to protect your comrades." Neji's last thoughts.
  • "Naruto... become Hokage... at all costs." Obito Uchiha, who used Kamui to save Kakashi from Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones.
  • "Again... I, the ancestor of all Chakra... am defeated by these scattered Chakras... WHY!?" Kaguya Otsutsuki, as she's sealed again by Naruto and Sasuke's Six Paths: Chibaku Tensei.
  • "You're just a brat! You can't-" Black Zetsu, before Naruto threw him to where Kaguya is sealed off.


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