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Edits made for American TV Broadcast:

  • Although it's pretty good about it, the Cartoon Network broadcast version cuts several things — such as the Naruto/Sasuke kiss (even though they keep it in during the flashback when Naruto believes Sasuke is dead) or the part when Naruto stabs himself with a kunai (though a line of dialogue makes what happened obvious).
    • The Latin American dub which is based on the USA dub doesnt have a separate uncut dub, so it keeps the infamous Elixir scenes and doesnt use swearing like the DVD dub does, but luckily the dub still syncs up perfectly with the uncut sub and thus pretty much every single visual edit is removed in streaming. That said, the only exception was the first movie which had a scene of several characters being massacred with a Kunai Machine gun train removed, which meant the movie had to be redubbed for streaming.
    • The uncut version of the dub restores the alcohol references, and also keeps the blood and sometimes adds (restores? depends on which they recorded first) profanity (like Shikamaru saying "we'll nail these bastards" in Episode 110).
  • Early on in the series, when some of Gato's thugs kidnap Tsunami and are about to kill her son Inari, she threatens to bite her tongue and kill herself if they do, which would leave Gato unable to use any hostages against her father Tazuna. In the dub, she says she'll do anything the kidnappers want, with a fairly threatening look on her face and tone in her voice. This is one of the few edits that wasn't changed back in the uncut version (possibly just as an oversight).
  • The broadcast version can also be noticeably random with what it does and doesn't edit. For instance Sasuke is allowed to wander through a street littered with blood-covered dead bodies but moments later a wipe that was clearly meant to look like blood was made bright green (a similar edit happened a lot earlier, but wasn't followed by actual violence). Gaara always kills people in silhouette, but Kankuro is allowed to stuff them in a box and stab it until blood pours onto the ground.
  • Another jarring cut is during the final Zabuza/Kakashi fight, when Kakashi stabs two kunai into each of Zabuza's arms to render them useless. The actual stabbing scenes are cut and the kunai are rotoscoped out, so it's extremely unclear what happens. Kakashi just spins some kunai and then suddenly Zabuza stops using his arms.
  • The edits to Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD are QUITE jarring at times. Sometimes there is Never Say "Die", and they won't allow anyone to get stabbed (which makes things really awkward when Sasori stabs Sakura through when she saves Chiyo, or when Sasuke stabs Yamato through the shoulder). The thing is, they rated it as TV-PG, which, under broadcast standards would allow such wounds.

Edits not related to American TV:

  • Naruto's infamous German dub removed all blood, dead bodies, and bladed weapons, something that's more than slightly intrusive on a ninja-themed show. Also nobody is allowed to say "dead" or "death" which screws with Sasuke's whole motivation, as the viewer never learns that his whole clan was killed. The German dub of Shippuuden removed brutal scenes with just a picture which is shown again and again while the background music and noises were still playing. In both, Part I and II, some scenes are just shown in black-and-white. And, when Kiba fought against Ukon and stabbed himself, the blood and the Kunai weren't removed, but got a different animation, so the blood and the Kunai glowed violet.
  • The transfer to anime from manga toned down some of the more gruesome injuries. When Haku fake-killed Zabuza the needles went into his neck instead of through his neck. Haku was stabbed but not impaled (the same goes for Naruto when he fought Sasuke). Gato was pushed off a bridge instead of beheaded. Zaku's arms had holes blown in them and his match ended then instead of one being blown off and the other being sliced open with Shino punching him in the face afterward. In a non-violent example, the joke where Konohamaru shows off his new sexy technique removes the one with Sasuke and Sai as a gay couple, but not the one with the two women and Shikamaru temporarily taking up smoking while avenging Asuma is removed. A couple Vomit Indiscretion Shots are left out as well. In the English manga, they turn into silhouettes, but they're still there. They also edited Sasuke's injuries while fighting Haku, such as the no-less-than-three needles crisscrossing through his neck.
  • The Hyuuga Curse Mark is completely different between the anime and manga. The anime uses an "x" symbol instead of the manga design, because the original symbol is more commonly associated with swastikas outside of Japan.
  • The manga, though not as heavy-handed, took a few edits as well in the U.S., such as the whole private potion/special elixir (which was actually alcohol) deal during Rock Lee's battle in the Sasuke Retrieval arc, and editing Shikamaru puffing a cigarette after Asuma's death and his defeating Hidan with it as well and a couple other scenes where he appears to now be clasping air. 'Course, the original anime also changed this as well, having him use Asuma's lighter as a memento, as well as his method to light the paper bombs on Hidan.