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Nice Guy / Naruto

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  • Rock Lee. So much so, that he forgave Gaara for nearly crippling him for life and ending his career as a shinobi. Which is why Kishimoto said he needs no Character Development.
  • Chouji Akimichi is another example. He's a huge softie, getting emotional when he has to fight his reanimated sensei, and both his father and sensei state that his kind nature is his greatest quality.
  • Naruto Uzumaki. His kindness and not so different properties have redeemed psychopaths, unrepentant killers, as well as starting to affect the Kyuubi. After he saves Konoha from Pain, it appears the village finally sees these qualities. It becomes more prominent after the Time Skip. Having now friends and loved ones to take care of and vice versa, he was able to fully show off his caring side. Ever since he defeated and made peace with his Enemy Without, though, he's moved somewhat closer to being an All-Loving Hero, to boot.
    • Early Naruto was more a Jerk with a Heart of Gold — a foolhardy braggart who couldn't really understand how the people around him would feel about some of his behaviour, and sometimes made things worse because of his stupidity or boastfulness. Then again, he was viewed as an outcast for something he couldn't control and the isolation caused him to resent the village. He ended up choosing to become The Prankster as a means of getting attention, viewing it preferable than being looked at as not human. Once people accept for who he is and gains friends, he shows off that he really is a kind person, attributes that get expanded upon in filler.
  • Hinata Hyuga, Naruto's Living Emotional Crutch and future wife. This is easily her most definitive and persistent character trait during the entire series, more so than any other female in the series. How nice is she? She forgave Neji for almost killing her. Also, she doesn't put on airs, act prissy and/or as Shikamaru would say, isn't overly aggressive, demanding, or even scary (unless for a very valid reason instead of something petty or trivial). Finally, of all the Canon girls Naruto has ever met, she is the only one who is by far the most sweet-tempered, honest, open-minded and patient towards him, despite all his flaws that made all the other girls (particularly Tsunderes like Ino and especially Sakura) condescending, mood-swingy and judgmental towards him. This trait of Hinata's is one of the reasons why she is one of the biggest Ensemble Darkhorses in the whole series.
  • Iruka Umino, Naruto's Big Brother Mentor. His occasionally explosive temper aside, he's a very pleasant person to be around, being the first person to relate to Naruto on a personal level and never saw him as the Kyuubi unlike most villagers (notable because Iruka's parents were killed by the demon). In fact, his recognition of Naruto (along with others following) was what kept Naruto from falling into the same pits of despair as those like him did. Iruka's also an example of this trope done right — these very qualities are what make him an Ensemble Dark Horse, rather than the other way around (as the case would normally be).
  • Minato Namikaze (aka Fourth Hokage); even his future wife thought (at first) that he was a sissy because of his nice and polite demeanor (though others viewed him as a prodigy.) Like Father, Like Son and Like Parent, Like Spouse it would seem, considering that Naruto is his son and Hinata is Naruto's future wife.
  • The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju. He is perfectly friendly and courteous to Sasuke, who at the time is trying to destroy his village and all he ever worked for.