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Unmarked spoilers below!!
It gets easier. Everyday it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday. That's the hard part. But it does get easier.

BoJack Horseman may be a dark comedy giving a realistic portrayal of depression, trauma, and self-destructive behavior all with no sitcom happy endings, but this show has been portrayed with a lot of heart, both heartwrenching and heartwarming helping the show seem more optimistic than what you would expect.

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    Season 1 
Prickly Muffin
  • BoJack tries to make up for lost time with his former costar Sarah Lynn by giving her the childhood she never had while also trying to recreate his own childhood in a better way by doing so on somebody else. To top it all off, he ends up giving her his TV Guide Award, the most prestigious award he ever won, because he thought he would give it to his own kids if he ever had any. Averted later when Sarah Lynn sells the award to a pawn shop and it's bought by Mr. Peanutbutter.

Zoes and Zeldas

  • Despite having sabotaged Todd's rock opera because of his crippling fear of being alone, BoJack finally grants Todd a closet for him to keep his stuff, showing he regards him more as a guest than a parasite now.
  • The fact that throughout the episode, BoJack really gets into helping Todd - best exemplified when Todd complains that BoJack isn't listening, after which the horseman goes on a long tirade about the exact logical inconsistencies in the plot. He really did care all along.
    • And the fact that, while he does eventually selfishly sabotage Todd's success, it's only when he realizes that Todd will leave if the opera succeeds. Prior to that, he seems genuinely proud and excited on Todd's behalf.

Live Fast, Diane Nguyen

  • After Diane runs out on BoJack and her family for being a bunch of lazy assholes, BoJack tries to cheer her up by showing her a letter from her former fake pen pal that he obviously wrote.
    "Dear Diane, it's me, your old pen pal Leo. This definitely isn't BoJack Horseman writing this. You're a good person Diane, and that's the most important thing. Even if no one appreciates you, it's important that you don't stop being good. I like how you always bring your own bags to the grocery store, and how you're always organized to go places. I like how you chew gum on the airplane so your ears will pop. A lot of people might not appreciate that about you, but I do. Yours forever, Leo."
    • He then proceeds to give her good advice, telling her she was right to get away from her abusive family and that she shouldn't go back to them ever again.

Our A-Story is a 'D' Story

  • Bojack figuring out exactly the type of romantic gesture Diane would most appreciate from a partner, "surprising you with a bound album of photos & emails he's saved, that's what the Diane I know would want".
    • For that matter, Mr Peanutbutter coming to the same conclusion on his own and delivering it to her even if it's wedged between two grand romantic displays of affection that Diane clearly isn't comfortable with.

Say Anything

  • It's both heartwarming and sad that Princess Carolyn goes above and beyond the call of duty to salvage BoJack's career. Despite BoJack's claim that neither were ever really in love with each other, she still wants to help her friend.
  • BoJack originally allowed Todd to stay in his house because he thought Todd was a troubled gay teen runaway. He likely did this because of the guilt he felt for abandoning Herb in his time of need, which might make it even more heartwarming.

The Telescope

  • While his visiting Herb doesn't start or end great, him and Herb actually had a nice time. If BoJack hadn't ruined everything by insisting that Herb forgive him, they might have eventually ended up friends again.
  • Diane telling BoJack that it took guts going to see Herb even if it didn't work out. Granted it's ruined seconds later when he kisses her and she runs away from him afterwards, but it's still nice.

Horse Majeure

  • After spending the whole episode scheming to ruin Diane's wedding, BoJack finally gives up, admits what a douche he's being, and ends up confessing to Vincent of all people that he's made so many mistakes that he doesn't think he can salvage his life at this point. Vincent's response in beautiful in its good-natured childish simplicity:
    Vincent: (pats BoJack on the shoulder with his broom-hand) "Don't be sad. Good horsie."
    BoJack: "That actually feels kind of nice..."

Downer Ending

  • BoJack's drug-induced dream of settling down with Charlotte in Maine. It's sweet enough to see him finally care about someone other than himself, but seeing him happily playing with their daughter and actually being a good caring father (unlike his own Abusive Parents) really takes the cake. He even proves himself the antithesis of an Overprotective Dad by reassuring Charlotte that "a moped is not a motorcycle" when talking about Harper's boyfriend. It's even sweeter when you realize that this is the same BoJack who, ten episodes earlier, went to hilarious lengths to shoot down any thoughts Princess Carolyn might have had about having a baby with him.
  • While the rest of the sequence is either disturbing or depressing, there's one hopeful segment. While in an Art Shift that switches to a Peanuts-esque style, he asks Diane for advice ala Charlie and Lucy.
    Diane: Hey. What seems to be the problem?
    BoJack: Good grief. I'm so depressed. I just want everyone to love me, but I don't know how to make them do it.
    Diane: You can't force love, you blockhead. All you can do is be good to the people in your life, and keep your heart open.
    BoJack: I screwed it all up. It's too late for me, isn't it?
    BoJack: Then tell me it's not too late.
    Diane: Well, it's not too late. It's never too late.
    BoJack: Yeah, that's right!
    Diane: It's never too late to be the person you want to be. You need to choose the life you want.


  • The montage right before the end of season 1.
    • Princess Carolyn and Vincent preparing to go on vacation together.
    • When Pinky Penguin gets to see his three children.
    • Sarah Lynn making up with Andrew Garfield.
    • Herb enthusiastically talking to his nurse, without his IV drip, implying his cancer is doing better.
    • And Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd coming up with their next brilliant idea.
  • The simple fact that at the end of the season BoJack has been put on the map again. He has the lead role in his lifelong dream project, more people are coming up to him and saying they loved the book about him and an enthusiastic kid (also a horse) tells him that he's his hero. Considering how much has happened in the show and how much BoJack was put through the wringer for pretty much all his life, it's at the very least an optimistic ending (at least for season 1).

    Season 2 
  • The tagline for season 2: "Don't look back. You're not going that way."

Brand New Couch

  • While mildly depressing as well, BoJack's mother calls him after reading his book to apologize for not being a better parent.


After Party

  • Even when she's mad at Vincent for not telling her about his "child" from a previous marriage, Princess Carolyn is nonetheless very sweet to Kevin, asking him about school and giving him chocolate.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane get into a big fight after he screws up her surprise birthday party. The two of them are honest and open about how they love each other, but Diane wants to try new things in Cordovia, and Mr. Peanutbutter, while a goofy party hound, does accept it. They really do love each other.


  • After insisting they go back to free her, Todd finding Becca in the coop.
    Todd: Is this you?
    Becca: Bawk?
    Todd: Becca?
    Becca: T-T-Toooodd?
Higher Love

Hank After Dark

  • Despite still being angry at her for the way she wrote her book about him, BoJack does not hesitate to defend Diane from hecklers. And when he tells her point-blank why he was upset with her, she sincerely apologizes and they put it behind them (most likely because BoJack knows how much a Rejected Apology sucks). BoJack is also quick to try and deflect Diane's initial allegations against Hank back to him. At first it might just seem like a case of BoJack being BoJack but in hindsight it seems more like he's trying to get people to pay attention to his natural screwups rather than go after Diane.

The Shot

Escape From L.A.

  • While it was later cruelly subverted, BoJack is Cruel to Be Kind when Penny comes onto him for treating her like an adult, cutting the idea down because he knows that it would only bring heartache if he gave in.

Out To Sea

  • Mr. Peanutbutter spots Diane in a restaurant, who he had believed to be overseas at the time. Instead of getting mad and confronting her for not telling him that she returned to L.A. however, he uses his acting skills to create a comical narrative that lets her know that it's okay that she's back and that he still loves her.
  • After two whole seasons of navel gazing and bouncing from one unhealthy relationship to the next, Princess Carolyn realizes, "I'm not afraid of being alone," and leaves to start her own agency.
  • BoJack making peace with Todd and proving once and for all that he really does care about him.
    BoJack: Letting you stay with me was the best thing I ever did on purpose. And I don't think I ever told you that. But I should've. Because you're my best friend.
  • BoJack impulsively sponsors a new orphanage. It's a good deed, but he didn't do it on purpose. At the end of Season 2, he renames it in Herb Kazzaz's memory, this proves he can do good things on purpose if he puts his mind to it.
  • The jogger seen throughout Season Two approaches BoJack to deliver some helpful advice about jogging. And the look BoJack gives as he registers the significance of this.
    Jogger: It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day. That's the hard part.
    BoJack: (eyebrow raised) ...okay.

    Season 3 
Start Spreading The News
  • In a display of Character Development, BoJack starts to chew out and insult Todd for inadvertently stowing away in his luggage, only to stop himself, apologize, and pay Todd a few compliments, a small but sweet reminder of how the status quo between them changed in the previous season's finale.
  • Ana assuaging BoJack's feelings of fears as to whether or not winning an Oscar will guarantee that he is remembered by frankly telling him that getting that award will neither make him permanently happy nor will it solve all his problems. What it will be, is a night of accomplishment. Just a solitary transient night. But it'll be a good one.

The BoJack Horseman Show

  • The beginnings of BoJack's and Princess Carolyn's relationship are rather sweet, possibly made even more so by how it's doomed to flounder and eventually implode.
  • The jogger baboon is seen with a woman, possibly his girlfriend or wife. Since this is a Whole Episode Flashback, it's safe to assume that she's either dead or they broke up. This makes the "It gets easier" line above a lot more heartwarming.

Bojack Kills

  • Retroactively, Cuddley Whiskers’ advice, “Only when you give up everything can you find a way to be happy” sets up his entire character arc for season 4, and it’s thanks to following it that Bojack earns his happy ending. At the end of season 3, BoJack leaves LA, giving up his friendships, and it’s his self-reflection that allows the healing process to begin between him and Todd. He later gives up his pride and agrees to be in Princess Carolyn’s new show, which allows the two of them to reconnect. He gives up at least some of his resentment toward his mother, allowing him to move past his hatred for her. And only after he gives up Hollyhock by leaving her the information she was looking for, even if he’ll never see her again, does she reconnect with him. Whether this was what Cuddley Whiskers had in mind or not, his advice ended up allowing Bojack to reconnect with his friends and family.

Fish Out Of Water

  • BoJack taking care of a newborn seahorse — He helped the baby's father give birth to it while on a bus and the baby gets separated from its father and siblings, so it clings onto him instead. While BoJack initially just sees the baby as a nuisance, he goes out of his way to keep the baby safe while looking for its father. This culminates in him throwing himself head-first into a Deadly Rotary Fan in an effort to save the baby - which works due to his helmet being strong enough to stop the blades without causing him injury.
    "Kelsey, in this terrifying world, all we have are the connections that we make. I'm sorry I got you fired. I'm sorry I never called you after."
    • The fact that he apologizes for never calling her proves that Herb's Rejected Apology is one of the only mistakes he's ever learned something from.

Love And/Or Marriage

  • BoJack's wedding speech to Emily's friend, as well as his (rather strange) way of encouraging one of the brides to not cancel the wedding.
  • Princess Carolyn enjoying herself with her third blind date.
  • Diane, while high, tells Mr. Peanutbutter about how much she really loves him.
    Diane: I know I don't always have the right words and I don't always have the right feelings, but I love you so much and I need you to know that. And sometimes I think that I know myself, but maybe that's a trap, because maybe I am "Cool sexy" Diane, or "Really in touch with her feelings" Diane or possibly other Dianes we don't even know about yet, the point is I'm all of the Dianes. I love that you do crazy things that make no sense like filling the house with spaghetti straighteners! And we're really good for each other, or at least, you are good for me. You're fun, and you're sweet, and I love you, and I need you. I don't always have the right words, but drugs help.

Brrap Brrap Pew Pew

  • Princess Carolyn clearly shows a hint of envy that, despite all of her efforts to have a family, Diane, the one who didn't want children is terminating her only pregnancy and effectively "throwing away" the child Carolyn would have died for. But in spite of all of that, she makes it perfectly clear that Diane doesn't need to explain her decision to anyone.
    • It's quick, but when Diane's name gets called, Mr. Peanutbutter's automatic reaction is to put his hand on her knee reassuringly.
    • Sextina's video, while somewhat lowbrow, is shown to otherwise have the kind of positive effect on young women it was intended to give. The young woman Diane meets in the clinic even tells her that it helped her have a sense of humor about it so it'd seem less scary.
    • The video of Sextina's abortion was (so we're told) really tasteful and educational in the end. Even Diane, who was against it, had to admit that it was good for the cause.
    • Showing the concept of choice goes both ways, neither Diane or Princess Carolyn question or ask for justification of Sextina's decision to keep the pregnancy it turns out she has. The two just immediately start brainstorming how they can assist her.
  • The episode as a whole has a really nice take on abortion: whether a woman decides to keep the baby or not, it's her decision, and there isn't really a wrong choice. Neither Diane nor Sextina receive backlash or are portrayed in the wrong for their choices.

Stop The Presses

  • BoJack telling Ana that he wants to know her for real instead of allowing them to continue hiding behind their showbiz masks.

Old Acquaintance

  • While the episode is a mostly Downer Ending for the main cast, one can't help but feel happy for Rabbinowitz and Gekko.
    • Rabbinowitz and his wife have gone through marriage counseling and they have successfully completed it. And when Rabbinowitz gets a call from Gekko about a new role opportunity for one of their clients, he leaves, but promises his wife (who is now pregnant) to be there when she goes into labor. And he makes good on that promise when she actually does. What makes the moment sweeter is that Gekko told him to go. Why? Because family comes first.
    • And at the hospital, where Rabbinowitz's wife has given birth to seven babies, Gekko holds one of them.
    • The whole relationship between Gekko and Rabbinowitz is pure heartwarming, coming off as Platonic Life-Partners.

It's You

  • A very nice Easter Egg: Amongst all of the joke candidates on Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter's Oscar nominee list, the Best Director category is entirely lesser known female directors.
  • Despite all the crap he's gotten from BoJack over the years, Mr. Peanutbutter still saves BoJack from drowning when he drives his new Tesla into the pool.
  • Even though BoJack and Diane get into an argument, there are a few subtle and sweet moments that show how they really care about each other:
    • Diane's reason for coming to BoJack's party is because she was worried about his emotional state given his self-destructive nature.
    • And two from BoJack despite accusing Diane of not being happy for him — He states on how cool he thought she was before becoming a social commentator, because she actually "cared about shit"; this is especially heartwarming since he is a walking case of cynicism. Secondly, when Diane goes on a rant about if not caring about shit anymore made her a bad person, BoJack stops her from saying she's not a bad person, just that her job isn't her.

That's Too Much, Man!

  • This episode is arguably the saddest episode of the show thus far, but only because there are plenty of nice things scattered throughout.
  • Despite his Toxic Friend Influence, it's obvious that BoJack does love Sarah Lynn, be it romantically or as a friend, and that his uber-destructive tendencies are just his misguided way of showing affection.
  • The fact that Sarah Lynn found out she has won an Oscar shortly before dying, even if it made her feel no better about herself, especially because she's made it clear by that point that she never even wanted to be a performer. It makes it easier for BoJack, who would definitely have felt the same way had he won, to relate to her.
  • Sarah Lynn's body may have finally given out after years of substance abuse, with no help from BoJack, but at least she passed away in the arms of her closest friend, in her favorite place, and in a moment of genuine peace and human connection. The last thing she got to do before dying was be happy.
    • And their banter immediately prior is genuinely endearing, with Sarah Lynn gushing about how she's always loved the design of dome-shaped buildings, with BoJack quipping that he prefers rectangular buildings.
  • That favorite place, the planetarium, was also where Herb gave BoJack the telescope before their falling out.
  • Subtle, but when BoJack and Sarah Lynn go to Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's house so BoJack could make amends with the former, Sarah Lynn asks if Diane is "an Asian Daria, with the horse replying Diane is more complicated than that. Even after their fight in the previous episode and being drugged out of his mind, BoJack only gives a compliment to his friend.
    • And following from the above moment, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter return home to see both Sarah Lynn and BoJack broken into their house, are drugged out, and in their clothes. Despite being just as confused as her husband, Diane offers the two of them to stay in the guest bed.
  • When BoJack goes to make amends with Princess Carolyn which consists of standing on top of his car and yelling "I'm sorry" over and over, Princess Carolyn can only sigh in exasperation at his actions. Then, her boyfriend, Ralph comes. Gives her a reassuring pat on the back before holding hands and walking back insider her house with her.
  • Sarah Lynn's own arc/subplot during the entire episode primarily centered around finally going through with her architecture dreams. It begins subtly with her telling a dad the reason the playhouse he built for his son was so easily wrecked was because "you need parallel joints to support that foundation!" Later on, she contemplates possibly going to college, asking if BoJack thinks she's too old for it and reiterating that she's always wanted to be an architect. At one point, in a motel, she seems like she genuinely wants to change her way of living. She tells BoJack that the real reason she wanted to go to the planetarium was because she admired the work that went into dome buildings. Her final words are "I want to be an architect."

That Went Well

  • Todd learning that he is Asexual. It's not only sweet that Emily, while disappointed that he doesn't love her the same way she loves him, is otherwise perfectly fine with it, but the fact that it's handled so tastefully is a huge deal for asexual people who have long awaited a canonically asexual character in a popular TV series.
    Todd: I'm not gay. I mean, I don't think I am, but... I don't think I'm straight, either. I don't know what I am. I think I might be nothing.
    Emily: Oh, well, that's okay.
    Todd: Yeah?
    Emily: Yeah, of course!
  • The flashback to 2007 when BoJack surprises Sarah Lynn with a visit to one of her concerts a 'la Christina Applegate getting a visit from Ed O'Neill on the set of her new show: she's thrilled to see him and immediately wants to reconnect... until she finds out that he's just there to ask her to guest star on his new show.
  • In the season finale, Diane admits why she's able to put up with BoJack's antics as much as she has.
    Diane: When I was a kid, I used to watch you on TV. And you know I didn't have the best family. Things weren't that great for me. But for half an hour every week, I got to watch this show about four people who had nobody, who came together and became a family. And for half an hour every week, I had a home, and it helped me survive. BoJack, there are millions of people who are better off for having known you.
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus, but Bradley Hitler-Smith's speed dial list? His mother's two phone numbers first, ends with the local pizza place, and third? BoJack Horseman.
  • BoJack giving Ethan Around another shot. Unlike his previous endeavors, he seems to genuinely like it, as he comes to terms with the fact that doing it was the only thing that ever truly made him happy. Not only does he start a great bond with Bradley, yielding the spotlight and tutoring him in sitcom acting, but he's clearly making an effort to be a better influence on the child actors in the hopes that they won't become another Sarah Lynn. Of course, nothing positive lasts on this show.
  • Princess Carolyn manages to fire Diane and tell her she wasn't a good social media coordinator in a really positive, tactful way. She says "But, in another sense, I'm promoting you to a position of finding a job somewhere else," and clearly means it: VIM is circling the drain and being a social media coordinator really isn't a good fit for Diane.

    Season 4 
See Mr. Peanutbutter Run

The Old Sugarman Place

  • If what Tamara and Tamera heard on TMZ is true, then BoJack took Sarah Lynn to the hospital and held her hand as she died.
    • For a made-for-TV exploitation film, The Sarah Lynn Story ultimately paints BoJack in a positive light, showing him to be a loyal friend who stayed with her until her last minutes.
  • The Sugarman family in the 40s have a very sweet and loving dynamic (at least for its time). This makes it more of a Tear Jerker when Crackerjack dies and Honey subsequently goes mad with grief.
  • When BoJack finally calls Diane back, they laugh like old friends over how silly and insipid people in Hollywoo can be before admitting that they've missed each other.
  • Joseph was understandably furious at Honey for letting Beatrice drive and nearly killing her in the car crash saying how Beatrice is the only child they have now.
  • The existence of Crackerjack gives a small nugget of sweetness to Beatrice's otherwise horrific parenting. Due to their similar names, BoJack is most likely a Dead Guy Junior variation of his uncle. Beatrice named her son after what was ultimately the only male relative in her life who didn't turn out to be a complete bastard.

Hooray! Todd Episode!

  • Todd, in the time between season 3 and 4, has become The Ace, capable of doing anything due to his positivity and luck, but that came at the cost of caring for others' instead of his own needs, which include never dealing with his own identity issues after noticing to feel no sexual attraction to anyone. At the end of the episode, he finally takes time to himself by not showing up at an orchestra to play the triangle and instead, for the first time, go to an Asexual Meeting, to meet and talk to others like him.
    • Incredibly sweet: upon noticing that Todd is not there, the lion clarinetist, who previously showed concern about Todd's Chronic Hero Syndrome, is simply happy that Todd is finally taking time to deal with his own issues, not others'.
    Other musicians: (gasp at Todd's absence)
    Clarinetist: (smiling) Hm. Good for him.
  • Todd's arc as coming to terms with his asexuality as a whole, specially considering the lack of asexual representation in media as a whole:
    • He doesn't feel comfortable being called asexual, despite Emily never meaning to offend him with the term. At the end of the episode, he even manages to get BoJack's support, who says that it's okay to be asexual and identify with the label, briefly mentioning he sometimes wished to be asexual because sex has only complicated his life. Todd finally feels comfortable with what he calls himself and with his own sexuality, finally going to a meeting to socialize with others like him.
  • BoJack acknowledging all the things Todd's done for him, telling him how much he appreciates him and being completely supportive and even enthusiastic about Todd coming out lead to them taking the first steps in repairing their friendship. It's not much, but...
    Todd: Welcome back, BoJack. *smiles earnestly* It's good to see you.
    • Tying into this, while Todd mostly forgives BoJack for sleeping with Emily, he points out that it was just The Last Straw in a long line of grievances. But instead of insisting that Todd forgive him, BoJack simply accepts it as something he has to deal with, proving that he has learned something in the wake of "The Telescope".
    • The fact that this is the first time someone who dropped the f-bomb of disownment on Bojack accepts him back into their life. It's the first sign that his hard work to better himself is finally paying off.
  • While a throwaway gag, Tom Jumbo-Grumbo snarks that Randy must have passed out at his keyboard when the teleprompter stops working. When he's informed that is what happened, he immediately asks if Randy's okay and if anyone had contacted Cynthia.
    Tom: For Christ’s sake, this isn’t just a newsroom, this is a family!

Commence Fracking

  • As Diane feels increasingly marginalized at home, her boss advises her that she has to stop worrying about hurting Mr. Peanutbutter's campaign and do things for herself, which leads to her coming into her own as a blogger.

Stupid Piece of Sh*t

  • Mr. Peanutbutter giving BoJack some sincere empathy, showing some drastic Character Development since the first episode of the series.
    BoJack: All I can think about is every shitty thing I’ve ever done and I think, "I don’t deserve that kind of love".
    Mr. Peanutbutter: Look, BoJack, I don’t know anything about how to balance a state budget - or how a bill becomes a law. I don’t know a lot about a lot of things! But I do know this: everybody deserves to be loved.
    • Just the fact that Mr. Peanutbutter thinks that BoJack, who has already been called out for his shit on live TV, is a genuinely fun person to be around.
    BoJack: I just know I'm going to BoJack things up.
    Mr. Peanutbutter: BoJack things up? You mean show up somewhere, and be the life of the party?
  • While the episode reveals the depths of BoJack's self-loathing, he and Hollyhock end up having a heart-to-heart when she feels like she's the cause.
    BoJack: No, Hollyhock, I'm glad you're here. If I'm shitty, that's just because I'm shitty. And you're allowed to be mad at me, but you need to know that, whatever I do, it's not your fault.
  • While it's downplayed, Princess Carolyn just resignedly accepts it when Todd calls off his upcoming wedding to Courtney Portnoy. She doesn't object or try to reason with him - she recognizes that he'd made a decision and she can't in good conscience force him into a loveless marriage.
  • Judah clearly doesn't like Rutabaga showing up in Princess Carolyn's life again, and when Rutabaga leaves PC to deal with the problem of Todd not wanting a sham marriage (and insulting her again about her desire for motherhood), Judah offers to "get rid of him" just so PC doesn't have to deal with him anymore. Granted, his one way of doing that is politely asking Rutabaga not to come back (he may have exaggerated about his number of ways), but it's the thought that counts.
    • He even reassures her that she's always going to be better than Rutabaga because she actually cares about people other than herself, and that she'll make a great mother.
  • It's still painful to watch considering the awful way she treated BoJack, but senile Beatrice's treatment of the doll at least indicates there may have been a shred of maternal goodness in her all along, underneath the terrible life decisions. It's likely she thought the baby was Henrietta's baby and this is the way she may have treated that baby if she weren't so detached. Then again, this might just make things sadder...


  • While stuck underground thanks to Mr. Peanutbutter fracking his house, BoJack tells Diane that the reason he didn't want to see her even though he came back a month ago is that he wanted to be better before seeing her though it hasn't happened yet. Diane admits that even though BoJack's the "biggest asshole" she's met, he's also the only person that makes sense for her and she wants him in her life. She even cuddles up to him as she says this and BoJack gives her a warm smile as she nods off. Awww...

The Judge

  • Princess Carolyn and Ralph are in a bit of a rocky place when she finds out that his family is strongly Anti-Cat, to the point that "The Feast of St. Squeaky" is all about a heroic mouse slaying an evil cat. But their visit ends with this exchange.
    Mimi: And your little companion was darling— for a week. But I do hope the next one you bring home knows how to appreciate a good Feast of St. Squeaky.
    Ralph: Well, for your information, there won't be a "next one", because I love Princess Carolyn and we're having a baby and I couldn't be happier!
  • Tom Jumbo-Grumbo berates Randy yet again for an insipid pun before exclaiming that he missed him, even darting off-camera to give him a hug as applause can be heard from the rest of the news studio.

loving that cali lifestyle!

  • It's very sweet to see Princess Carolyn getting some of her hope back. She gets attached to a strange writer who created a script for a series focusing on a gritty detective mystery called "Philbert", the name of her and Ralph's fantasy-son, and promises to explore this misunderstood writer, and for the first time, make use of her manager position and produce her first series.
    Princess Carolyn: I don't know how else to describe it other than this feeling of supreme warmth came over me like this is what I've been waiting for my whole life.[...] Todd, the world is dark and scary and full of creepy clown dentists,[...] but when I hold this script in my hands, I have hope.
    • Todd, knowing of Princess Carolyn's grim situation and her newly found alcoholism, resolves to help her. She doesn't have Judah, and her current assistant doesn't care at all, so he and his crew of clown dentist get together to get her to her meeting and have all opportunities she needs to make Turtletaub accept her pitch.
  • BoJack's heartfelt speech describing Hollyhock after finally remembering her name
    BoJack: Guerrero! Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzarelli-McQuack, that's her name! And she's got 5'8'' and she is 17 and her birthday is in September and... she looks like me. And she loves apple, but hates apple sauce. And she's funny! But she isn't... mean, which is pretty remarkable, because a lot of 17 years old think they have to be mean to be funny but Hollyhock is very sweet. Even if she is being sarcastic, but she has this smile... does that helps helping?
    Attendant: No man, are you her legal guardian?
    BoJack: I am not leaving here until I get to see her.
    • We get to meet Hollyhock's 8 fathers. They are eccentric and understandably jerks to BoJack, but for once, someone in the Horseman family is being raised with love and affection in a caring home.
  • BoJack happily playing Uno with his mother and her caretaker. Not only does he look like he's genuinely having fun, but he's able to put aside the bile he has for Beatrice so he can enjoy himself with Hollyhock. Even when he's ribbing his mother, he sounds like they're old friends.
  • When BoJack bursts into his house mid-panic attack after being turned away by Hollyhock's dads, Tina Bear stands up and reaches out to him, as if to ask if he's okay.

Time's Arrow

  • When Beatrice learns that Butterscotch impregnated their maid Henrietta, she doesn't stay mad at Henrietta, but encourages her to leave Butterscotch, give the baby up for adoption, and go to nursing school like she always wanted (even promising to pay her tuition!), because she doesn't want Henrietta to make the same mistakes she did. Similarly, Butterscotch knows he's fucked up impregnating the maid and after trying to pass off the blame to Beatrice accepts that it's his fault, that he fucked up, and asks Beatrice - while admitting that he knows she hates him - to see if she can help Henrietta so that she won't be stuck in a life of a single mother.
    • You see her even holding Henrietta's hand as she enters the final stages of labor.
  • Although it's certainly tainted by the knowledge of what happens afterward, it's a pleasant surprise to see Beatrice and Butterscotch looking genuinely delighted by newborn BoJack in the delivery room. Likewise, the scenes of them young, happy, in love, and excited to start their new life together are very sweet.
  • During the flashback, we see a younger BoJack encouraging his mother to simply divorce Butterscotch, as it's clear they make each other miserable.
  • At the end of the episode, BoJack realizes what his mom is right now: just a sad, sick old lady who has lost touch with reality and that mistreating her now won't make up for what he, she or Hollyhock suffered. Before leaving her in a dump of an apartment where he had initially intended to let her rot, he decides to do the right thing and comforts her by telling her that they're in her childhood house in Michigan, surrounded by her loved ones who are telling everything will be fine, in a nice summer night, eating her favorite vanilla ice cream.
    • What makes this even more powerful is knowing that being cruel to her would've not only been easy, but in that moment, justified. After what happened to Hollyhock, nobody would blame BoJack for saying "Fuck you, Mom." But instead, he chose kindness over cruelty. He chose to let go of the past.
  • In the flashback, young Beatrice fainted in her father's arms and he was horrified to find out Beatrice had Scarlet Fever and quickly carried her to the doctor.
    • This shows beside his jerkass ways, he truly does love his family.
    • His reassurance to Beatrice that "this illness is but a hiccup in what will be a long and happy life...I promise." It's arguably the kindest thing we ever hear him say.
  • When Clamelia Bloodsworth and the twins call her fat, Beatrice rebuffs it at first, saying, "Father says I'm just growing." It's a small touch, but considering what we know of Joseph, it's a remarkably tactful and sensitive way to handle a daughter who raised complaints about her body, especially from somebody who wasn't taught to deal with a woman's emotions and refused to learn.
  • Despite everything that follows, Butterscotch's proposal to Beatrice.
    Butterscotch: Say, did you ever hear the story of the couple who moved to California?
    Beatrice: I can't say that I have.
    Butterscotch: Oh, it's a marvelous adventure! You see, they hardly knew each other, but they shared a certain sensitivity and a taste for the unknown. They were living in a one-horse town, so they headed west, towards a town that could accommodate three horses.
    Beatrice: Oh, yes, I think I have heard this story. They got a small house in San Francisco near the bookstore.
    Butterscotch: He got in good with Squirrelinghetti and his scurry.
    Beatrice: He wrote his Great American Novel
    Butterscotch: While his wife took care of the baby.
    Beatrice: His wife? Oh, well, I didn't hear about that part.
    Butterscotch: Well, if she'd have him. If a beautiful creature like herself could ever love an oaf like him.
    Beatrice: I think she could.
  • After the scene that shows BoJack's birth, Beatrice is shown gently holding him in her arms and both she and Butterscotch are smiling at him. This is the only scene where BoJack's parents show any love their son and the three actually look like a normal family.

What Time is it Right Now?

  • After all the shitty things Princess Carolyn has been through this season, it ends in a positive note: she is considering adoption and BoJack wholeheartedly accepts to work on the first project she is producing. BoJack even mentions that he thinks she'll make a great mother.
    • Todd is also on her side. Upon seeing her alcoholism taking over, he takes her out to the woods to give her a pep talk, like she gave him in the first season. While his attempt is misguided and he ends up not making a Rousing Speech as good as hers used to be, she does gets the message, and uses this to push herself forward.
      "The woods are dark and scary, but the only way out is through!"
  • After a while getting used to the reality of being asexual, and even thinking that he can't be in a relationship, before having it explained to him that while some asexuals are also aromantic, some also have very fulfilling romantic relationships (which is also great to see a mainstream TV Show acknowledging both of these orientations), Todd gets asked out by an axolotl girl who is also asexual. He seems pretty happy to be on the dating game again.
  • BoJack going to San Francisco and searching relentlessly to find Hollyhock's birth certificate— so he can help her find her mother— displays a level of selflessness atypical of his character. The most notable aspect is that the style is portrayed in the same manner as his depressing Inner Monologue from "Stupid Piece of Sh*t", meaning that this came from the innermost depths of BoJack's personality.
    • He even states flat-out that he doesn't care if her dads want to lie to her about how they got the information — he just needs to make sure she has it. His initial phone call supports this, as he wants to make sure they know it's not Hollyhock's fault — he doesn't proclaim his own innocence, he proclaims hers.
      • Her dads are still understandably upset about what happened to Hollyhock, but they still listen to BoJack when he finds out who her birth parents are (which is the whole reason why she went to Hollywoo in the first place) and agree to give her the contact information about her birth mother on the condition that BoJack leaves the house immediately after he hands it over.
  • The final telephone conversation between BoJack and Hollyhock, where they bond over their mutual hatred of honeydew. At the end of the season, BoJack has had a relationship with someone that didn't end with him destroying it with his toxic personality, and in fact helping her in the way that they had both wanted.
    Hollyhock: I told you from the beginning that I have eight dads.
    BoJack: Yeah... yeah. Good.
    Hollyhock: But... I've never had a brother.
    (We finally see BoJack give a completely sincere smile. And it just keeps getting bigger).
    • The fact that the entire last episode is the antithesis of the last season finale. BoJack is in the best place he's ever been, having patched up several friendships, managed to not screw up one new one, made peace with his mother and land a new acting job. Most importantly, he earned it by finally putting the needs of others before his own. Judging by that huge smile at the end, he looks like he's finally on his way to being happy.
  • It also helps that this is the first episode that gives a genuinely happy ending for BoJack.

    Season 5 
Entire Season
  • Bojack makes a strong connection with his co-star Gina, and helps her out of the goodness of his heart to become a better actress and person. When he actually stays in their relationship after their first season on Philbert wraps, she remarks it's the first time that's ever happened.
  • After Season Four shown hope for Bojack making amends with Todd, here we see them interacting like old times again. Todd willingly goes with one of Bojack's schemes in "The Light Bulb Scene" (and irritates Bojack by screwing it up) and is seen at Bojack's Halloween party in "Mr Peanutbutter's Boos".

The Light Bulb Scene

  • When its revealed that BoJack and Hollyhock call each other at least once a week on Sunday. How this scene is played is adorable and really sweet.
  • BoJack admits to Princess Carolyn that he's uncomfortable playing Philbert because the character is a JerkAss, and he doesn't want to be known that way anymore. PC then reassures BoJack that just because he's playing a JerkAss, doesn't mean he has to be one in real life.
  • Upon doing the title scene, BoJack is shown much more confident on set, having playful banter with the crew, making peace with Flip, and throwing a party at his house. For the time being at least, he seems much more at ease.

The Dog Days Are Over

  • BoJack shows some Character Development when a drunk Diane offers for them to make out (while he's equally drunk to boot) but doesn't take any advantage of her, asks if she wants to stay in the guest room and covers her with a blanket when she falls asleep. Later in the episode, he tells a Diane being doubtful of her new haircut that he thinks she looks wonderful.
  • Diane is still devastated by her divorce from Mr. Peanutbutter and not finding what she was looking for in Vietnam, but she gets through it and she realizes she can survive, wishing him the best in his new relationship.

Planned Obsolescence

  • While Yolanda's convoluted plan to trick her family into believing she and Todd are having sex backfires, it does lead to her finally being honest with them about her Asexuality.
  • Todd and Yolanda decide to break up once they realize that all they had in common was their Asexuality; however, Todd suggests that if they both don't find someone else by the time they're 100, they can give it another shot.
    Yolanda: I guess I'll see you when we're 100.

BoJack The Feminist

  • BoJack bursts into Diane's apartment and begs her to work on his show because not only does he want her to change the show into something everyone can be proud of, but he wants Diane to speak her mind to her largest ever audience. Diane argues with him, feeling like nothing she does changes anything, but BoJack simply tells her that she changed him. This is all Diane needs to take the job.

Free Churro

  • Bojack begins the eulogy with an anecdote of how while he as in the drive-thru at a Jack in the Box restaurant, a nice girl working there burst into tears when he (casually) mentioned that he needed to go to his mother's funeral, and then gave him a free churro out of sympathy for him. Though it's made more depressing by the fact that, not only did this random stranger feel much more sorry for his mother's fate than he did, this small act of kindness showed much more compassion than Beatrice ever did in her whole life.
  • The fact that BoJack was with his mother when she died. At least she wasn't alone with complete strangers in such a scary moment.
  • Bojack admits his mom looked beautiful when she did dances for the Supper Club meetings. He also mentions that his dad hated these parties but always came out to see her. Looking back at Beatrice's past from Season 4, that actually makes that moment even more heartwarming.
  • At the end of the episode, he decides to abide by Beatrice's wishes to have it be an open-casket service, opening it himself.
    BoJack: Beatrice Horseman was born in 1938, and she died in 2018, and I have no idea... what she wanted. Unless she just wanted what we all want: to be seen.

Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos

  • Katrina and Mr. Peanutbutter's loving and happy interactions with each other before they leave for BoJack's party.
  • Compared to the first two post-party blowout fights with Katrina and Jessica, Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane's departure from BoJack's party is considerably more peaceful, and they easily resolve that argument. Though it's made sadder later on when you recall how much Mr. Peanutbutter remembers Diane's hatred of grand gestures and big parties...
  • Sure, he only enjoys it because he's drunk, but it's nice to see BoJack getting along with people for most of the episode.

Ancient History

  • BoJack picks up Hollyhock at the airport, complete with a sign with her entire last name on it.
    BoJack: It's cool that you ended up coming through Los Angeles on your way home.
    BoJack: Really?
    Hollyhock: No, dummy. I wanted to see you.
    BoJack: Oh. (chuckles quietly)
  • Hollyhock and BoJack in general. Every scene with them is genuinely sweet, adorable, and endearing.
    • BoJack teases Hollyhock about a guy at her college she has a crush on.
    • Hollyhock says to BoJack "I love you". This is the first time someone has genuinely said and meant that to BoJack. BoJack responds with an embarrassed grin.
  • Princess Carolyn and Ralph meet up again. It's as awkward and confusing as it is snarky and intimate.
    • The fact that, while Princess Carolyn shoots down the idea of getting back together and ultimately ends up riding home alone sadly, she lets him wait with her for the cab to arrive. In a show that steers away from fixing what's broken, one gets the sense that the door for them isn't entirely closed.
  • Todd and Emily discuss a hypothetical relationship.
    Todd: Maybe I figured if you had some other way to satisfy yourself sexually, then you could spend more time with me. Like we did in high school.
    Emily: Todd, we were dating in high school.
    Todd: Do you ever think about what it would be like if we dated now?
    Emily: I don't know...what would it be like?
    Todd: I guess we'd hang out together, like we already do, and you'd be my favorite person, like you already are. And when something good happened to me, like if I got a promotion at work, you'd be the first person I'd tell. And you'd smile and say, "That's my boyfriend".
    • The reason Todd tried to make a sex robot? He wanted to thank Emily for making a dating app for Asexuals.

Head in the Clouds

  • When at the premiere, the photographers want a picture of BoJack alone. His first instinct is to glance at Gina for approval then, uses Star-Making Role as a Discussed Trope after she excuses herself amicably, immediately stating that "that 39-year-old actress is going places."

The Showstopper

  • In a brief bit in the middle of pure Nightmare Fuel, we find out that, at least as far as her father knows, Penny is doing much better than the last time we saw her in Season 3, being able to actually move on in a healthy manner from the whole situation with Bojack.

The Stopped Show

  • Princess Carolyn finally adopting a baby, an adorable baby porcupine girl. After two seasons of her struggling to become a mother, it's so rewarding to finally see her with her own adoptive daughter now.
  • While their conversation at the end is bittersweet, Diane among other things tells BoJack that he's her best friend.
  • BoJack going into rehab in the finale, after so many colossal mistakes, as well as his recent pain killer addiction, it's amazing to finally see him admit he needs help.

    Special Episode 
BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish


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