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  • The talent show episode. All of it.
    • Special mention goes to the part where the son is talking to the father about not having a talent. The latter then brings on the former's younger brother "Chuckie" (Seymour) so they can do a ventriloquist act:
    Ivan: Hey Dad, I've got a problem with you using my little brother to act like a dummy.
    John: What, you don't have a problem that your little brother's a 25-year-old black guy?
    (Ivan gives an Aside Glance)
  • In the Wizard of Oz parody episode, the Big-Lipped Alligator Moment parody of the Beggin' Strips commercials.
    Munoz: (holding a sign saying "No beggin'") What's that say?
    Handheld camera pretending to be a dog: I can't read! I just like beggin'! (chases him off)
  • The trouble episode from season 2 had Speed Limit Racer, reinventing the anime character as a Rule-Abiding Rebel. It's much funnier than it sounds.
    • From the same episode, we have Mark singing "Toe Jam".
    • It's Grounded Day!
      • You kicked me out, and made it big, and I became the mayor of Palm Springs!
  • The THX Deep Note parody in the independence episode. Even though The Simpsons and Tiny Toon Adventures did it around the same time, this is possibly the only time the gag was used in a live-action production.
  • Most if not all of the Abusement Park episode.
    • "It's a teeny-tiny world!" Especially funny since this was the season when the show was being filmed at Universal Orlando.
    • The whole scene in the "Interstate House Of Pancakes". Especially when the dad notices the dead rabbit that he was eating has a collar on it, at which point someone reminds him that it's actually a beagle, then goes, "I'll go get the cream cheese."
    • Potty Training: The Ride.
      • "Do not attempt to retain any form of dignity. Please perform private bodily functions under pressure with people watching your every move."
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    • Alfred as Smokey Bear giving a brief Public Service Announcement on "igniting flatulence". Followed by Dominic and Ivan doing so offscreen.
    • This bit:
    David: I'm hot.
    Crystal: I'm bored.
    (brakes sound)
    John, Crystal and David: You're WHAT?!?
    Shawn: Oh, just kidding! Hahaha!
  • From the season 1 episode about time: "You can tell when it's close to Halloween cause all the commercials have vampires in them." Followed by a Parody Commercial for a vampire-themed beverage starring Dominic, with a Take That! at the then-recent Buffy the Vampire Slayer film.
    Dominic: How'd you do at the box office, Buffy?
    Julene: (cries while waving around her stake)
  • This bit from the new baby episode:
    Julene: The one sentence that brings kids to the horrifying realization...
    Ivan and Lisa: Our parents have sex!
    Julene: No, not that. That's frightening enough!
    • Lisa's reaction to staying at home with the soon-to-be-born baby "instead of having a life" on the Wheel of Fortune parody.
    • Later on, when the mother is having the baby:
    John: I wish I had a video camera for this. Wait, what am I talking about? They got five of 'em right here! (he grabs one of the handheld cameras filming the show) Hand it over. Come on, give it to me! Go have another donut or something!
  • The entire sequence at the mall in the politics episode. David plans to go to the mall, but his parents tag along. Cue Big "NO!" from David.
  • The season 4 Cinderella episode has Natasha, after being handed a long list of chores, sing "Someday my (riff) will come!" while holding a sign with Prince's emblem.
  • Anything and everything to do with Sally Blubbers.
    • Or, for that matter, Mark's Barney Fife impressions.
  • At the end of the TV contest episode, the dad accepts the beauty makeover prize that Amy would have received had she not been so embarrassed over breaking out in hives. Naturally, Amy doesn't get any word of this until after she sings "that song that Madonna wrote but never recorded", and is mortified to see her dad as a RuPaul Expy, sparing the viewers at home from this sight by reciting the Signing-Off Catchphrase.
  • The completely random cameo from "the guy on the penny" in the natural disaster episode (plugging "Stinkin' Logs"). Made funnier by Shawn reminding the kids that they shouldn't be playing with deceased 19th century presidents.
    • Apparently brushfires are caused by Michael Bolton combing his hair on a dry, hot day.
    • "Join us tomorrow when our guest disasters will be carjacking, smog, and The Chevy Chase Show!"
  • The season 1 episode "TV On Trial" is one nonstop CMOF from beginning to end, but one especially funny gem is "The Band... Unplugged!" Cue the show's house band staring blankly at the audience, with cricket chirps in the background.
    • Or the commercial for Hull Peanut Butter, which doubles as a laxative.
  • Everything involving Elvis!John in the changes episode.
    • And at the end, where he starts singing happy birthday to the president a la Marilyn Monroe.
    • The same episode has Slowly Rotting Blarney, a plushie made of meat so it can be disposed of the natural way.
    • This disclaimer by Lisa, interrupting the sequence of David N. getting an epic wedgie from Ivan and Seymour:
  • Speaking of Barney, the episode where Ivan starts a band had a Parody Commercial for an album of Barney (Mark) "singing" Ozzy Osbourne.
  • The justice episode has quite a few, including Lisa's Carmen Miranda impression, three of the girls acting as The Supremes when someone brings up the Supreme Court, David as Vegetarian Loaf ("I would do anything for love, but I won't eat meat!"), Mark as a bailiff engaging everyone in a "Simon Says"-esque game, and the brief Sesame Street parody with Bryan doing a surprisingly good Count Von Count impression.
  • Everything from the superstitions episode.
    Mark: Pour some milk on me... frosted Yucky Charms!
    Lisa: Wait a minute, you sang that in the first act.
    Mark: That's the only song in me repertoire!
    Lisa: Dad, I have a problem.
    David S.: Well my butt's a problem!
    Bryan: From the makers of Butt Butt comes new Butt Butt Butt! It's one butt better!
    John: Butt Butt, my butt. (To the camera) What kind of idiot would watch this show, anyway?
  • The practical jokes episode has this gem at the end of act 1 (leading into the vocal bumper "The Joke's On You"):
    Ivan: I'm outta here too! Reprise the theme song and roll the credits!
    Everyone: Whenever my life gets me so down...
    Amy: Hey, wait a minute, this is the end of the first act.
    Julene/Grandma: Don't forget, I will be dead soon!
  • A lot of the time travel 2-parter, including but not limited to:
    Alfred: Hello, and welcome to Of Fortune. That's all the time we have, goodnight.
    • The Parody Commercial for Viking Bronze: Hits Of The 900's.
    • Ivan and Natasha meeting Sidoni as what appears to be Nostradamus, and Natasha briefly thinking that he might be the guy from ZZ Top.
    Sidoni: I predict that one day, a redheaded actor will become president of the United States. And his name is Ronald... McDonald!
    Julene: What's the capital of North Dakota? Why do we ask so many questions? Are we gonna answer them? Find out next week, if we're still on.
    • The second part begins with a recap of the previous part, narrated by Bryan. He wraps up the recap with "Which brings us to this week's show!" Cue the rest of the cast (save for John, Shawn, Ivan and Natasha, who were already in their places for the next scene) running in and the beginning of the theme song cuing up again.
    • The Boston Tea House Party!
    • The very premise of the second part. In the first part, the Anykids while time-hopping find the medieval versions of Mom and Dad and get the former to "not take any crap" and the latter to "cut the crap" and not fart in public. When they get back to the present, they find Mom as the gasshole in the easychair and Dad washing dishes. How do they fix things in part 2? By going back in time again and finding the ancestors of Mom and Dad so they can get her to pull his finger. They get their chance by finding Mom and Dad in a space capsule. While in the show's sound booth (doubling as a space control room), Ivan tells Shawn that she needs to "fire Dad's booster rockets" as it will be the only way they can get back to earth. And it works.
    • John's pitch-perfect Jerry Lewis impression in the "Jerry Lewis and Clark" sketch.
    • At one point, Ivan and Natasha run into the future versions of themselves (played by Mark and Alfred respectively), who just returned from "Jill and Fred's Excellent Head-venture" (Jill and Fred were the Anykids' names in the two-parter). Future!Ivan warns the kids that Present!Ivan will end up acting in a remake of West Side Story. Not as a Jet, but as Maria.
  • From the Summer Camp Gold segment, what summer collection would be complete without "The I Hate Camp And Some Kid In The Upper Bunk Peed On Me And I'd Rather Stand In Fire Than Sing With All These Weird-Smelling Families Song"?
  • "Give Up With People! We have no sense of pride..."
    • During the "Stupid People's Choice Awards" sketch, one of the nominees is Whoopi Goldberg for "you name it!" This is punctuated with Natasha in the audience giving a Dreamworks Face with a toy rabbit on her shoulder.
    • What makes Ivan consider dropping out of school? A news report about a jockey who got signed a two-million dollar contract with the Lakers after dropping out.
    • This Accidental Innuendo during the "Tattleship" segment:
    Ivan: Ohhh, I took a bullet to my cruiser!
    Julene: What is the capital of China?
    Seymour: China City?
    Julene: A kid takes all your lunch money. How much do you have left?
    Sidoni: Uh, carry the 1... China City.
    Micki: Breathing is to life as shopping is to... life?

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