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  • Lucky Lips involves magic lipstick that causes anyone who wears it to become irresistible to women. Pete tries some and gets a wet one from Fiona's mother, several girls, his own sister, his teacher, Fay, and even a sow but not Fiona. Gribs then steals the lipstick and tries it on an attractive woman who passes by. To his horror, said woman is actually the old gypsy who gave Pete the lipstick in the first place and there's no telling how resistant she is to the lipstick's magic...
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  • In Ice Maiden Tony is commissioned to sculpt an ice horse for Harold Gribble. Harold goes on about what a majestic stallion it is, at which point Tony points that it's a mare. Everyone then checks the horse's nether regions.
  • In Copy Cat, Gribs snatches the Twist's cat hat from them to prove that it gives super powers to whoever wears it. As soon as he puts it on, the cat's eyes open and spot a dog eating horse manure. Gribs then does the same.
  • From The Whirling Derfish we have but two words: Whirly Willie.
  • The ending of The Nirandathal Beast reveals that Fay used a cursed razor to shave her legs. She then grows lots of hair on her legs...which catches the eye of the real Nirandathal Beast!
  • The end of "TV or Not TV." Fay and Tony come home from Fay's ultrasound appointment and put the ultrasound tape in the TV. A poof of smoke and... Everyone's dressed up as little babies on the couch. Including Tony and Fay. There's also the entire Benny Hill-esque sequence about midway through the same episode.
  • The entirety of "Brainless," where Pete and Linda's brains are completely separated from their own bodies- and are sent on a wild romp all through the town, along the way making more "brainy" puns than it should be humanely possible to think up.
    • This is capped off with Bronson hiding their brains in a cloth that Mr. Gribble snatches when he starts to sneeze. Mr. Gribble then does that thing some people do where they inspect their handkerchiefs after blowing their noses, sees a pair of brains covered in snot and cries "I've sneezed my brains out!", then faints.

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