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If this page teaches you anything, it's that Roundhouse was just as much a master of Getting Crap Past the Radar as its predecessor, You Can't Do That on Television (much like In Living Color! and ABC's Fridays were compared to Saturday Night Live):

  • There was the beauty pageant episode, where Natalie puts a pair of balloons on her chest to be Dolly Parton (a gag that comes up multiple times during the show's run).
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  • The sports episode of season one also uses this gag, the "Sheebok Pump" training bra, to attract guys. After one of the balloons on the bra accidentally gets popped, Julene "grows" a new one, to which an astonished Ivan goes, "Wow, I wonder if they make one for guys, too!"
  • There was one memorable quote in the beauty pageant episode:
    John: Don't get mad, get Pest-Off!
  • From the same episode, the song "Airbrain" contains this line sung by the guys:
    Brains are great until we find organs of another kind.
  • The talent show episode from season 3 contains this quote from the "B.U.T.T.U.G.L.Y." sketch:
    Munoz: If you can't get the girl, you can always play your own instrument.
  • In the self-esteem episode, Amy plays a short word association game as part of her "coolness aptitude test" with the "coolness inspectors" from Empty-V. After pairing Ren & Stimpy and Beavis and Butt-Head, Amy pairs Madonna with Anything That Moves.
  • Among other things, the show managed to avert the No Periods, Period trope in the feminism episode, combined with All Periods Are PMS. This was confined to a single sketch, a Parody Commercial for "Cramprin", a medication that gives guys the cramps. John and Ivan are just gullible enough to mistake it for candy, and leave the sketch all emotional.
    Micki: Because if you're gonna have cramps...
    Shawn: Why not make them suffer too?
    Natalie: Cramprin is available at the AF-PMS Mini-Mart, open 24 hours a day, closed 7 days a month.
    • According to Heather Sheffield (in the book Slimed: An Oral History of Nickelodeon), the Moral Guardians wouldn't let the show touch on menstruation, and when they finally let them do it, they had to be very overt about it.
  • In the school dropout episode, Ivan (during the Tattleship segment) says "Ohhhh, I took a bullet to my cruiser!" invoked
  • A couple of lines in the Puberty song from the Puberty episode achieve this via Last-Second Word Swap (one set of lines reads "Why do some parts limber and some others flex When I see member of the opposite s.s.s.s.s...This is absurd. Why can't I say that word?".
    • Later another set of lines go "I'm a clumsy creature with a million zits When I see a teacher with a nice set of....This is absurd. Where did I get that word?")
  • Another Last-Second Word Swap/Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion example came in the first episode's "We're a Family" song.
    Shawn: Yo, I'm the mom, and I'm not foolin.'
    I'm the one who's taken charge of your stress in schoolin.'
    I can cook your food, and I can sew a stitch.
    Don't you cross me up, cause I can be a...difficult person to get along with.
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  • The "Twister" episode has one that even the audience sounded like they were surprised the writers got away with.
    Julene (as Shannen Doherty): "Fly, fly my monkey minions."
    Micki: "Who are you calling monkeys?"note 
    Seymour: "Witch better have my monkey". (Cue audience groaning)
  • This example from the finale (when Ivan is trying to come up with a plan to save the show) almost makes one wonder whether the censors even bothered to show up to work that day (besides the fact that it was the final show and there'd be no more episodes to tone down):
    Seymour: "Maybe Micki should take her clothes off." (At this point, the Schnick board jumps from 3 stick figures to 10)
    Micki (to Seymour): "No way! Why don't you take your clothes off?" (Schnick board drops back to 3 stick figures)

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