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As expected for a gacha game with Loads and Loads of Characters, both Japanese and English-speaking communities of Granblue Fantasy have come up with names for the various characters, events, and summons.

Raid Bosses (including those who have been Promoted to Playable)

  • Many fans and players prefer calling Luminiera as Chevalier for the same reasons as the Guild Wars characters. And majority of them think Chevalier is much more fitting of a name than Luminiera.
  • Some boss characters are commonly known by their acronyms:
    • FG is given to the Twin Elements boss, based from the acronym of its "Flame=Glass" Japanese translation.
    • DAO, an acronym for Dark Angel Olivia, both her raid boss and playable versions. Less commonly, she goes by Olive or Olives.
    • Rosetta is nicknamed "JK" (short for Joshi Kousei or a "school-girl") due to her tendencies in the Grand Blues! comics to act in ways younger than her age, her usual mannerism of using make-up to beautify her appearance and acting as a cute-and-dependable sister to younger characters like Io and Amira, and to some extent, her Running Gag of suddenly appearing out-of-nowhere with a dramatic entrance on some comic strips.
  • English-speaking fans sometimes refer to Zooey's first playable version as "Visa-chan", and the first playable version of Medusa as "Linksmate-chan" due to the requirements of unlocking said characters' original versions (They both got later versions that are in some sort of gacha).
  • Raid boss battles are also given shorthand names to easily distinguish them in Co-Op Rooms, such as Levi (Leviathan), Chev / Lumi (Luminiera), Colo (Colossus), Sagi (Sagittarius), Baha (Bahamut), Grande (Grand Order).
    • Yuguyugu, or simply "Yugu" / "Yggy" / "Tree" for Yggdrasil. The first two are taken from the first phonetic of her name when pronounced in Japanese (which sounds like Yugudurasil). This "Yuguyugu" nickname was later mentioned by Elsam during the "L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G." event. While the latter two are common nicknames used by the English-speaking players. Likewise, Tia is given for the playable version of Tiamat, and Cerb applies to Cerberus. Such examples from these playable Primal Beasts are also shorthands commonly used for their raid boss battles.
  • The Japanese community sometimes call Leviathan "Unagi" / "鰻" (eel) due to its appearance. Similarly, "Snek" is used by the English community as its foreign counterpart.
  • Macho Vyrn, for the tall, muscular, and ripped version of Vyrn from the Grand Blues! comics. While he is indeed featured as the boss of the April Fools' Day event "Big Bad Shadow" and its re-runs, the official translation named him simply as "Vyrn?" (despite giving quirky official names to other Grand Blues! themed characters such as "Rosey", "Chaindelot", and "Cagliosled"). Furthermore, the name may have actually originated from the lyrics of the event's theme song "Black Vyrn Wings", and fans quickly noticed it.
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  • During the run of the "Persona 5: Thievery in Blue" event, the Dominion Black Dragon boss has earned the nicknames "Chibihamut" and "Proto Vyrnhamut" due to its obvious appearance as a Vyrn-sized Proto Bahamut.

Playable Characters

  • The English-speaking fandom universally calls Nezahualpilli "Birdman" or "Bird-person" since it's to the point and way easier to say and type than his actual name. Averted with the Spanish-speaking fandom, as the name came from Nahuatl, one of the languages spoken in Mexico.
  • Players will often append the word "Smug" to Seofon / Siete, resulting to nicknames like "Smugman", "Smugbro", or "Smugmiya" if Junichi Suwabe's role as Emiya in Fate/stay night is remembered (as well as Seofon's Expy status and similarities with him). Speaking of Expies, the following characters are also named after the foreign ones they share a resemblance with:
    • Saber for Charlotta and Sakura Matou for Nier (also voiced by Noriko Shitaya), for being expies of other Nasuverse characters.
    • Some players of the western fandom call Aletheia as "Gandalf" due to him being a visual Expy of the iconic wizard from The Lord of the Rings.
    • The western fandom also refers to the human character Tyre as "Gaston" due to their physically similar resemblance, helped by the English translation naming all his skills and his charge attack after lyrics from Gaston's self-titled song.
  • "The Homo Knights" for The Dragon Knights, due to the fans they tend to attract and their inter-group interactions. Similar and more blunt about that latter explanation is "The Fujo Knights".
    • Siegfried has the Western fandom calling him "Batman". Since after his first appearance, he started to solve some of Feendrache's problems right on the nick of time and saves the day. To put it in other terms, it has something to do with his Cool Helmet and armor almost being dark blue, while being treated as the Memetic Badass Deus Ex Machina who can solve everything... "Because he's Batman".
  • "Grancival" for Gran's Elysian outfit, since his hair is slicked back like Percival's is. Similarly, he's labelled "Lucha Gran" in his Luchador costume.
  • Harvins in general are sometimes referred to as "potatoes" or similar, possibly due to an event having a character call one that in frustration. The English translation seems to have nodded to this one, with the fate episode for the summer version of Charlotta, after she acquires a tan, referring to her as a "thoroughly baked potato". Expect some Harvins to have fan nicknames and Portmanteaus with the word "potato" on them, such as the following:
    • Charlotta standing on a box in her 5★ uncap earned her the nicknames "Box", "Box Potato", and "Boxtato".
    • Sevilbarra is sometimes known as "Samurai Potato" due to his general appearance and choice of weaponry.
    • Zahlhamelina is referred to as "Flare Potato" or "Flaretato" due to the usefulness of her skill Flare, a raid-wide attack modifier. Other nicknames of hers include "Fire Potato" and "Hot Potato".
    • Lilele has some players refer to her as "Potato Idol"
    • Melissabelle is sometimes called "Hair Potato" or "Hairtato". If her Trademark Favorite Food is considered, some call her "Corn Potato" or "Corntato".
    • Niyon of the Eternals gets called "Harptato" due to her Weapon of Choice.
    • Haaselia, the Priestess Evoker tied to The Moon has been sometimes called "Moontato".
    • Katzelia is starting to earn the nickname of "Tootato", due to his connection to the Judgement Summon which has cats playing trumpets.
    • Estarriola of the Evokers is also being called "Sleeptato" since his gameplay mechanic Seclusion Mode literally puts him into sleep.
  • Draphs are similarly referred to as "Cows" due to their biological similarities with these real-life animals - Primarily because of the horns, but fans have also pointed out that male cows have large, muscular builds, while female cows have large mammary glands, both traits of which are common to Draphs of respective genders.
  • There are fans who call the Guild Wars characters by their Japanese names rather than their English ones (such as calling Tweyen "Song", Tien "Esser", or Threo "Sarasa") due to hardcore fans having known them as such for a long time prior to the English version's availability... and also because, since the actual voiceovers aren't dubbed, they're still referred to by those names in audio.
    • Aside from the Guild Wars characters, there are also others whom the English-speaking fans call by their Japanese names, presumably due to the fact that said fans have been used to hearing the Japanese dialogue, the characters' English names have complex spellings, are easily mispronounced dub name changes, or simply because the Japanese name is easier to remember. Examples include "Vampy" for Vania, "Minigobu" for Goblin Mage, "Kumuyu" for Camieux, and "Kukuru" for Cucouroux. Some fans also tend to call Societte as "Socie", because that's closer to the actual pronunciation of the kana of her name.
    • The Bandit Tycoon class is referred to as Gizoku even by the English players (Gizoku is the original Japanese name of the class).
  • Since they were very much teased years ago even before they were officially introduced in the 5th Anniversary, players have taken to using the term "Oracles" to refer to the characters associated with the Arcarum mode. This is notably derived from a Japanese term (賢者, kenja) which is also synonymous to "Sages". That is, until the official English translation of the game later referred to the group as the "Evokers", yet there are still players who got used to "Oracles" and refer to them as such.
    • Likewise, the names of the Arcarum-related characters were never revealed until July and December 2018, which led to the players using their related Tarot Motifs to refer to them instead, such as Lovers, Empress, Priestess, Strength, etc...
    • In a Similar case to a fan naming theme used in the Guild War Characters/Eternals, The Oracles/Evokers' Japanese names were revealed in Granblue Fes 2018, but without the official English versions. This has led to the English-speaking fanbase borrowing the Japanese names and transliterating them to English. For example The Lovers was officially named "Nier", but many got used to spelling her name as "Nia" since December 2018.
  • The Zodiacs / Divine Generals are sometimes mentioned using the animals they represent, rather than by name:
    • "Sheep" / "Ram" for Anila
    • "Monkey" for Andira
    • "Rooster" / "Chicken" for Mahira
    • "Dog" / "Doggo" for Vajra
    • "Pig" / "Boar" for Kumbhira
  • "Uncle" for Cagliostro due to The Reveal that she was born male and created her own female body. Also by the fact that she is a family relative of Clarisse, though this has died down in most circles due to being transphobic (as Cag refers to herself as female and hates the nickname) and increasing trans awareness. She also alternately goes through the nicknames "Cag" and "Cog", as well as "Cagliosled" in her April Fools skin.
  • Dokkan for Clarisse, which is her Catch-Phrase, or simply her preference for explosions ("Dokkan" is the Japanese equivalent of the English "Kaboom")
  • Other fan nicknames of some characters are simply shortened versions of their names, such as Naru for Narmaya, Yoda for Yodarha, Percy for Percival, Zoi for Zooey, Sandy for Sandalphon, Bea for Beatrix, etc...
    • Beatrix also had other names given by the playerbase - "Beato", which is almost similar to the shorter nickname "Bea" as mentioned above. In rare instances, a few fans even call her "Bear".
    • While "Vase" is used as a shorthand for Vaseraga, any mentions of his Earth version will most likely call him "Earthen Vase", which is rather ironic as his new version is meant to have the playstyle of a Stone Wall.
  • Like the raid bosses, some characters are also known using specific acronyms.
    • DLF is an acronym often used to refer to De La Fille, with said nickname also being mockingly referred to as De La Fail due to her light version being lacking and considered as one of the few SSR's with worst kits. Her earth element version is usually referred to as Dirt La Fille or Dirt La Fine, which is well regarded for being a huge improvement. There's also Casino Bot for her earth SSR version, mainly due to her game-breaking passive.
    • DJ for Djeeta, the female protagonist.
    • BK, an acronym for Black Knight.
    • DF for Dark Fencer (a popular Tier 3 class due to the debuffs that it provides)
    • MT for the Evoker Maria Theresa, initially due to the romanization of her name from Japanese being Maria Teresa which caused a slight confusion. Afterwhich some of the English playerbase just stuck to her acronym. This was made even more subtly applicable after the episode narration of Maria Theresa's flashback labeled her younger self as "Young M. Theresa".
  • The Western playerbase calls Camieux as "Cummies". No Double Entendre intended, mind you.
  • Some fanarts of Silva get labeled as "27 years old", as though the fanbase names her that way. It is taken from her Running Gag in the Grand Blues! comics where several strips point out her age whenever she makes cutesy-girly poses.
  • Even before being nerfed and up until now, some fans spell Korwa's name as "Core-wa", primarily because of her extremely strong utility and unique buffs which allow her to be used in any elemental party, especially for beginners who acquired her early.
  • Chevira, alternatively spelled CheVira is a portmanteau given to the Grand Version of Vira, who is a complete combination of Luminiera (Chevalier) and Vira. This Type 2 Portmanteau nickname therefore applies to their state of unison.
  • Players will sometimes name Zeta as Hanakana (alternatively spelled HanaKana) because of the popularity of her voice actor.
  • The Dark version of Jeanne d'Arc is sometimes simply known as Djeanne or Jeanne d'Ark.
  • The Water version of Yuel is sometimes referred to by the players as Wet Yuel, referencing her soaked shirt in her Skybound Art. Players were surprised at her artwork upon her release. Some say it's due to her being a Water-elemental, yet some say it is purely for Fanservice reasons.
  • Anre / Uno is sometimes called "Water Zoi".
  • Tweyen / Song is nicknamed "Parabot" after her signature utility for bringing a 2-turn unremovable Paralyze debuff on bosses.
    • "TH Bot" (Treasure Hunter Bot) for Tien / Esser, after her utility of passively increasing item drop rates, as well as making sure Bounty Hunter debuffs are guaranteed to land on enemies.
  • Some English players call Threo / Sarasa as "Cake", based on her Trademark Favorite Food.
    • Similar to Threo's case. As Sandalphon is known for his love and hobby of brewing coffee, he has been known as the "Coffee Angel", "Coffee Boi", "Coffee Primarch"... Anything related to the word Coffee is attached to his name.
  • Another nickname for Sandalphon from the Fandom is “安寧“ or “ANNEI”, lifted from what Lucifer referred to him as, while in context not actually used as a nickname by the character. In fanworks and fan art, it’s used by Lucifer to refer to Sandalphon or used in reference to Sandalphon by fanwork Lucifer or an artist.
  • Eugen, Soriz, and Jin are collectively known as the "SOIYA" or the "Fundoshi Trio" thanks to their Image Song, the "Song of the Three Men".
  • Silva, Camieux, and Cucouroux are collectively known as the "Gun Sisters".
  • There are few characters who are collectively known as "Gorillas", especially in the Character Tier lists. No, not because they represent the ape, but because of their reliance on auto-attacks, multi-attacks, and attack buffs (otherwise known as repeatedly hitting the enemies with the Attack button). As such, characters who are tagged as Gorillas generally need buffers to unleash their full potential in raids.
  • Narmaya holds the title of "The Doujin Queen"... Well, because of the sheer number of Narmaya fanart that can be found in the Internet, on many fan art communities, some of which depict that one particular art / comic style.
  • Scathacha is known simply by her name's shorthand "Scath". Even a few fans and sites spell her name as "Skasaha", which is basically a direct romanization of the kana of her name in Japanese. Or if adjectives are considered, the "Dragon Loli".
  • Forte is sometimes called "Mama", due to her Fate Episodes showcasing her cooking skills to Lyria (even though they just met) and her soft side to the younger cast / children such as Yaia in the Grand Blues! 4-koma. But to those who have played Shadowverse, she is now commonly nicknamed "Dork", even in this game's community. She's sometimes referred to as Shorte due to her GBF self's height. Aside from her, there are also characters whose nicknames have been borrowed from their previous incarnations from other franchises:
    • Amira is remembered from the game and anime where she originated. As such, players call her "5 years old" because it is her mental age, while her body's growth was manually accelerated.
    • And like Amira, the fan nickname of Charioce XVII coined by the viewers of Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul applies here as well. Even Granblue players who watched the series call him "Hitler" for his war-fueled genocidal plans.
  • There are two notable characters who are popularly known for their portrayal of the "dere" types, and even the non-Japanese player might refer to them simply by these terms:
    • Tsundere for Sturm (which is also lampshaded in-game.)
    • Yandere for Vira. (This trait is also subtly referenced in the uncap art of Lady Katapillar, with Vira somewhat imitating the iconic "Yandere Face" from Future Diary). However, as Vira went through a significant Character Development during her Grand version, this nickname has fallen out of favor for Vira, with some even clarifying that her obsession for Katalina is only an obsession but (usuallynote ) not comparable to a Yandere. As of the 5th Anniversary, this character archetype now leans closer to Nier of the Evokers, who fits most of the Yandere qualifications before you can even recruit her to the Grandcypher.
  • "Yakuza" for Yuisis, as her Fate Episodes and manner of joining the crew (i.e. calling the captain her Boss and crewmates Family) reference the lifestyle of the Yakuza.
  • Non-Eternal characters seen as broken and/or defining the meta (i.e. Anila after receiving her buffs in 2018) are often jokingly referred to as honorary "Eternals/Juutenshuu" for being equally powerful as them without requiring the long arduous grind.
  • When her artwork was teased in Cygames Fes 2018, Kumbhira has been called "Gyaru" due to her appearance seemingly having the Ganguro traits of blonde hair, tanned skin and loose clothing. Although others beg to differ when labeling her as such due to her not having the personality traits gyarus usually have.
  • Ever since Lucilius and Lucifer got more characterizations as of "What Makes The Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost", and that Lucio still had an ambiguous identity, fans have started calling the three "Lucifaces" or “ルシ顔“ in Japanese because all of their names start with "Luci-" and that they all look exactly alike, and all three are voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, all of which just add confusion on to who's who. This collective nickname is also based on the "Saberfaces" and "Sakurafaces" group naming from the Fate Series.

Non-Playable Characters

  • The main character's Disappeared Dad is being called "Grandad" as a result of affixing "dad" to the Canon Name of the male Captain, and not because he is a grandfather.
  • When the trailer for the main story's third arc was revealed, players who know their Rage of Bahamut and/or Shadowverse lore prefer to call the new unnamed golem character from the arc as "Zwei" because of her very obvious appearance, personality and backstory which originated from RoB. This trope later turns out to be subverted as She is Zwei, and Furias gave her this name as of Chapter 119.
  • "Fa-San" is given to Lucilius, based on the In-Series Nickname that Belial calls him and his original name in Japanese. This is now used even by the Western fans to easily identify or refer to Lucilius among his many look-alikes, alleviating the confusing topic on the Ambiguous Situation of Lucifer, Lucio and Lucilius's identities.
  • "Bagel" for Azrael in a bag in "What Makes the Sky Blue III" due to her current state and being a Primarch, all of whom have names that end in -el.
  • “Ru-sama (ル様)”, ”Luci-sama (ルシ様)“ and the less used “ Feru-sama (フェル様)“ in the JP fan base popped up as affectionate nicknames for Lucifer, derived from “Lucifer-sama” which is what the other Primarch and Sandalphon refer to him as.
  • It’s common in the JP fanbase to just refer to Lucilius as “faa (ファ一)” , derived from his original name “Lucifaa”, in order to differentiate him from the other Luciface’s.

Game Mechanics and Terms

  • The game is also referred to as Grindblue Fantasy, as grinding quests repeatedly, and farming for materials and weapons are the only ways to be stronger and survive high level enemies in the game.
  • For that matter like the preference of Japanese names for the ten Eternals over their English versions, the actual English version refers to the event in question as "Unite & Fight", but most fans call it by its Japanese "Guild Wars" name.
  • The times when AP requirements are reduced by half for almost all raids is commonly referred to as Magnafest. Similarly, Premium Galas where SSR characters drop at a doubled rate are referred to as Legfest (shortened from the Japanese name for it, "Legend Festival"). The inclusion of the Flash Gala also the coined the nickname Flashfest.
  • The paid Gacha banner that guarantees at least one SSR item (be it a weapon or summon) from a single 10-pull has been known as the "Scam Gacha", coined by players who were seemingly disappointed by the item that the Rainbow Crystal gave them afterwards (can be an unwanted duplicate of an SSR weapon, a Gold Moon from any duplicate of SSR weapons, or unwanted SSR summons)
  • The act of attacking a raid boss only once (or alternatively, just using one ability), then immediately returning to the Home Screen afterwards is referred to as "Leeching".
  • The act of repeatedly farming/grinding the Special and Co-Op Slime quests for their high EXP rewards per AP ratio, is referred to as "Slimeblasting".
  • The Free Roulette Draws scheduled during Christmas-New Year and Anniversary events are sometimes called "Wheel of Salt", especially for players disappointed in the results of their free draws.

Weapons, Summons, and Items

  • Tezcat, a shorthand for the summon Tezcatlipoca.
  • AES, an acronym for the rather mouthful Ancient Ecke Sachs.
  • "Apologems" for the compensations in the form of Crystals given to players after every server maintenance (both announced and unannounced). Similarly, "Apolopots" are for their Half-Elixir equivalents.
  • Summons dropped from raids (notably the Magna I) share the same artwork as the face of their respective boss fights, which is why the English community refers to farmable Summons as "Selfies".
  • Some items are given weird names (which are often easier to remember than the actual ones) based on their appearance.
    • The Antique Cloth item is sometimes called "Tissue Paper".
    • "Pots" for Half-Elixirs. Others would alternatively go on with naming Full Elixirs as "Pots", while the Half-Elixirs are named "Half Pots".
    • "Chocolate Bars" or alternatively "Dama Bars" or "Dama Bricks" for Damascus Ingots.
    • "Sausage Axe" for the Swirly Wurst Hammer, a long sausage rolled in a circular shape to look like a lollipop, stuck on a pole, and used like a hammer.
    • Inverted for the Blue Sphere item, despite having quite a simple name with an appropriate appearance of a blue sphere, many would like to call it "Drang Ball" because having one unlocks the character Drang in your roster.
    • The Perpetuity Ring gets called a "Wedding Ring" for being rare in a sense that one has to grind 20 Gold Nuggets, is limited to a single version of a character and that it increases several Caps including EMP. Because of these, the item becomes Too Awesome to Use and the English playerbase recommend using it only on one's personal favorite, or on a game-breaking character. And looking at the item's in-game icon, it does look like a precious gold ring.
  • The Gorilla summon has many a western player call it Harambe.
  • Judgement gets coined the nickname of "The Funk Engine Cat", well because it's a group of cats playing a musical instrument, which reminds one of a pre-existing meme.
  • The Surprise Ticket, an item that allows you to choose almost any character/weapon from the game (only limits being the current normal pool) is simply known as "Suptix".
    • The Beginner's Pack, an item that allows you to pick from nearly any character/weapon (only limitations is the pool from when you started playing) are called by their Japanese name, "Start Dash".
    • Siero's Special Pick Ticket, an item that allows you to pick from anything in the game (including Blu-Ray DVD exclusives) is often called the "Sieroticket".
  • Summons that are placed in a party just for their provided ATK and HP values are called "Stat Sticks".
  • The Ougi-Centric Meta introduced in 2018 by the Kengo class and the 4★ uncap of the Bonito summon (the combo of which is likewise treated as a Game-Breaker for other characters relying mostly on Charge Attacks) is sometimes called the "Kengonito", "Bonengo" or simply "Fish" Meta.


  • The Granblue playerbase has also grown accustomed to referring some notable Cygames staff by making acronyms from their surnames:
    • HRT for Koichi Haruta, the former producer of Cygames.
    • KMR for Yuito Kimura, the current producer of Cygames.
    • FKHR for Tetsuya Fukuhara, the current director of the game.
  • "Monkeygate" - The internet controversy that brought the spotlight of the gacha industry to various gaming outlets, after a streamer spent thousands of dollars trying to get Andira (a character based on the Monkey Zodiac) within 6 hours. See the Internet Backdraft entry of the YMMV tab for the details.
    • "Gacha Jesus" - One of the obscure nicknames given by veteran gacha gamers to Granblue after the controversy, since it basically triggered a variant of the Follow the Leader trope where every gacha game would be required to transparently display their exact draw rates to the player (as well as an Author's Saving Throw of introducing the "safety net / pick-your-own" mechanics which have since been emulated by a lot of newer gacha titles), having a basis for the revival of the genre so to speak. It basically gave the gacha titles the green light to keep operating for as long as they abide to the rule, no matter how low or ridiculous their rates may be.

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