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Patricia with some of her characters. Montage by Deckush at DeviantArt.

María del Socorro Patricia Acevedo Limón (born April 29, 1959), better known as Patricia Acevedo, is one of the most popular female LA-VA's, always present and well-known since her 1979 debut, but her popularity exploded when she was cast as Usagi/Serena in Sailor Moon.

She's not easy to typecast, as despite how her voice is among the most recognizable in LA-dubbing, she plays several character types in themselves.

She has quite the acting relationship with characters voiced by either Mónica Manjarrez, Rossy Aguirre or Mario Castañeda.

Her godmother (Gloria Rocha), niece (Casandra Acevedo) and son (Rodrigo Acevedo) are voice actors themselves.


¡Soy una Sailor Scout que lucha por el amor y la justicia, soy Sailor Moon! ¡Y te castigaré en el nombre de la Luna!! Explanation 

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