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Characters / Digimon Legend

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This page contains tropes directly related to characters. For the main Trope page for Digimon Legend, go here.

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    Main Characters (Humans) 

Tyson James Ketter

“I'm not the brains of this operation—I just punch stuff."

Jett Oliver Granite

“I plan to protect our friends, no matter what it takes."

Maia Leigh Jackson

“Your telling me I'm just supposed to sit here during every battle and hope everything turns out okay? That's a big load of bull!"

Hewy Daniel Jackson

“Let's go, Falcmon! This is our moment! Let's show everyone what we can do!”

  • Just a Kid: Played with. Hewy knows he's just a kid, and a lot of times, that people won't listen to him. They don't. It's also played straight in that a lot of people also underestimate him.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Hewy believes firmly there's good in everyone.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: For being 10, Hewy can be incredibly mature.

Brian Andrew Barker

“My friends and I are the only ones that can do this... and we will do everything we can to stop them... Please, put your faith in all of us.”

Allison Cary Durgen

“You can take your duty and shove it up your ass, Tyson!”

Vallek Macy

“Oh, determined, aren't we? It doesn't matter though, you won't last long...”


    Main Characters (Digimon) 


“I'd say it's about time to end this, don't you?”//
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Dimon
  • Child (Rookie): Dragomon
  • Adult (Champion): Drakemon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): MagnaDrakemon


“How dare you attack my partner?”
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Pumon
  • Child (Rookie): Weimon
  • Adult (Champion): Wolfemon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): NeoWolfemon


“Your resources aren't going to save you from me!”
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Tsumon
  • Child (Rookie): Misumon
  • Adult (Champion): Krissmon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): Crystallimon


“I know Hewy and the others will be arriving with reinforcements soon. I believe in that boy...don't let your faith waver either, Neo Wolfemon. We cannot give in!”//
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Chimon
  • Child (Rookie): Elsumon
  • Adult (Champion): Falcmon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): Gamayamon


“I know a death-trap when I see one. Only an idiot would go down into a creepy, dark, abandoned cellar.”//
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Fimon
  • Child (Rookie): Finnmon
  • Adult (Champion): Najimon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): Shallekmon


“There aren't enough fish in all the ocean to make me sick of them!”Bearmon is the only, official digimon in the main cast. His later evolution levels are fanmade however.
His evolutions (digivolutions) are as follows:
  • Baby II (In-Training): Chibi-Kumamon
  • Child (Rookie): Bearmon
  • Adult (Champion): Grizzmon
  • Perfect (Ultimate): WereGrizzmon

    Secondary Characters (Humans) 

Terry Williams

“Help cause a riot? Why it's only my biggest dream in the world.”

Lacie Randall

Taylor Ketter


Inez "Grandma" Allen

Robert Dawson

    Secondary Characters (Digimon) 


     Major Enemies 


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