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Boisterous Bruisers in Anime and Manga.

  • Battle Angel Alita:
    • In the Last Order storyline, one of the finest examples of Boisterous Bruiser in Zekka, a Karate Master of Masters who fills out this trope to a T, down to the laid-back pose when not fighting while drinking a beer... lots of beer, though commanding enough respect among the martial artists of the solar system to have them come in droves simply because he's there.
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    • Sechs from the same series is undoubtedly an example too, hence his immediate rivalry with Zekka.
    • From the original series, Figure Four, Alita's Love Interest, certainly counts too.
  • Asta from Black Clover has a very Hot-Blooded and lovable personality which is his greatest trait as he's very outgoing even in the most fanciest of places to where others have to remind him to calm down as he is extremely but unknowingly obnoxious at times. Not to mention that he's very willing to fight anyone that comes off as dangerous.
  • Bleach Ganju Shiba and his older sister Kuukaku. It Runs in the Family: Kaien was as well.
  • In Brave10, Seikai is loud, large, and fight-happy.
  • Ryo Ishizaki and Hiroshi Jitou from Captain Tsubasa are sport-oriented versions. Come to think of it, main character Tsubasa counts as a more innocent, slightly less energetic but still idealistic and determined version.
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  • Gino Weinberg aka Knight of Three from Code Geass. He's cheerful, exuberant, naive, with No Sense of Personal Space (which leads to quite a bit of Ho Yay with Suzaku) and if you pay close attention to his lines, you realize that he's spouting rather bloodthirsty rhetoric (he still wishes that Britannia was an evil, racist fascist nation) - while smiling like a kid and cracking jokes.
  • Goku has mellowed out somewhat over the course of Dragon Ball Z , but he loves fighting, and is just as excited when he's losing a fight as when he's winning one, to the point where the Gods granted him a favor and reincarnated the insanely boisterous Kid Buu as a good human so that Goku could train him up to protect the world, as well as getting another opportunity to fight him again.
    • At the end of the Saiyan Saga, Goku had Krillin allow Vegeta (who at the time was still quite evil and had just tried to wipe out all life on Earth) to escape, because Vegeta was the strongest person Goku had ever met and he wanted to fight him again someday. And he was right.
  • Thick-as-a-brick Otawara from Eyeshield 21. Constantly sporting a dopey smile, this guy clearly doesn't know how not to have a good time.
    • Heracles and Gao. Whereas Ootawara is the dumb, crude, cheerful type, Heracles is the wise bumpkin type, and Gao is the "admires guts" type.
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  • Elfman from Fairy Tail is this, and attributes it to his being an awesome man. Natsu also counts. The vast majority of the cast counts
  • Fate/Zero has Rider, a.k.a. Iskandar, King of Conquerors, a.k.a. Alexander the Great, a huge muscle-bound Hot-Blooded man passionate about conquest.
  • Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic!. He's a real fun-loving guy who usually can't live out his antics without getting smacked by Mao.
    Kurz: This is Urzu 6, I'm in firing position. It's time to party!! (starts sniping)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Alex Louis Armstrong: "Boisterous bruising is a perfected Art that has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!"
  • Tasuki and Nuriko of Fushigi Yuugi more or less split these qualities down the middle. As the hard-drinking, Kansai-accented, hot blooded bandit leader with a heart of gold, Tasuki is the more classical example, while Nuriko has the fun-loving attitude and Big Guy-level Super Strength. Both are quite capable of Large Ham moments, and their tendency to bicker and squabble is a reliable source of comic relief.
  • Jackie Gudelhian and Bleed Kaga in Future GPX Cyber Formula are another sports-oriented versions of this. In Kaga's case, however, it gets toned down in the later OVAs, starting from the ZERO arc.
  • Zenmaru Ichinose is this for the Ogame Ryuu in Gamaran. The Tengen Ryuu has Junnosuke, who seems just like this.... until we learn that the last time he fought he was so crazed that he raped and killed a girl just for looking at him.
  • GaoGaiGar has quite a few Hot-Blooded characters, but the only one to fit this is Goldymarg.
  • Gate Keepers brings us Choutarou "Bancho" Banba, a man so endearingly Hot-Blooded (and genuinely powerful) that he somehow makes it into AEGIS without displaying any overt Gate Keeper abilities Until almost the end. Which also helps him get a girlfriend.. Or being able to keep the "Gate Keeper" terminology straight. All but unchallenged as the most fun character in the series.
  • Satsuki Gokajo, the female gym teacher of Happy Lesson, whose idea of a lullaby is something along the lines of: "Go to sleep or I'll kick your ass".
  • Interestingly played with in He's Dedicated to Roses. The Bishōnen Yo-Dah is considered as this, going around the streets and calling up gangsters to beat the shit out of them for their bad actions... but it turns out that Yo-Dah is actually the alter-ego of I-Da, a mix of Bifauxnen and Meganekko who does so to work out the frustrations that come from her rough life as the "pet" of the local Alpha Bitch, Mi-Mi.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers has several:
    • America. He's very eager to smash the Axis Powers, indeed.
    • Finland, a Badass Adorable who at some point really wants to go to war and almost cries when his more cautious partner Sweden bans him and his troops from doing so.
      • Denmark, too. His reply to Belarus throwing a hanger that hits him across the face, in the middle of Hetaween 2011? Smiling cheerfully and taking her challenge on.
    • Turkey, who's very eager to pick fights with Greece and is the current incarnation of what used to be the Ottoman Empire...
    • Hungary is a female example, considering how eager she was to beat up Prussia for Austria's sake in the Seven Years War and the Slasher Smile she had while getting ready to do so.
      Hungary: Seize his vital regions... seize his vital regions... Crush Prussia! Crush Prussia!
    • Ancient Rome, too. He was the Roman Empire, after all, and his appearances have him as a pretty jolly fellow whom Germania chastises for always thinking about fighting, getting drunk, and having one-night stands. Even more confirmed by his starry-eyed reaction to Spartacus's rebellion.
    • Australia is hinted to be one as well, and from what we've seen of him it doesn't seem to be too far from the truth.
    • As mentioned above, Belarus has some traces of this. She's more often than not a creepy Emotionless Girl, but if she's in front of a challenge she won't hesitate to take it on.
  • Ikki Tousen:
    • Zhang Fei's "reincarnation" Ekitoku Chouhi. Hot-Blooded Tsundere? Check. Very loyal and devoted to Kan'u (Guan Yu) and Ryuubi (Liu Bei)? Check. Skilled Action Girl (apparently Heir to the Dojo)? Check. A Big Eater (since she's a schoolgirl and can't get drunk)? Check. Fight happy? VERY BIG CHECK. And not only that, we're talking about a female.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi has Jack Rakan, a total Idiot Hero who spends most of his time thinking up absurd finishing moves for Negi, telling stories about how incredibly powerful he is, making up inaccurate power level charts, making up ridiculous training techniques off the top of his head, and attempting to extort insane amounts of money for his services. The fact that he was a member of Ala Rubra gives him more than enough experience and power to be a valuable asset to Negi anyway. Plus, his training somehow allowed Negi to obtain Black Magic.
    • And there's a female example too: Yuuna Akashi, specially after she makes a Pactio with Negi and gains a nice set of guns as her artifact.
  • One Piece:
    • An outright evil variant with Blackbeard. He's gluttonous, idealistic, cheerful, protective of his crew, and very fun to be around. He just happens to also be a ruthless pirate captain who killed a comrade for a Devil Fruit.
    • As well as the main character himself, Monkey D. Luffy. Very loud, very cheerful, and incredibly idealistic, wherever he goes you can be assured either a fight or a party is bound to break out, sometimes even both. As for those around him, everyone he meets is either a friend or an enemy, there's really no middle ground when Luffy is concerned. He sometimes makes friends OUT of former enemies, his boisterous, likable nature is so strong.
    • Then there's Luffy's grandfather, Vice-Admiral Garp, a barrel-chested Cool Old Guy who loves fighting as much as he loves giving his grandson a big ol' hug. With "hug" actually meaning a punch in the face.
    • The Giants of Elbaf are all Boisterous Bruisers.
  • Aisha Clanclan of the Outlaw Star, the rude loud mouth Big Girl that contrasts with Suzuka's cultured The Quiet One. Notable that, like Chouhi and Hakufu from Ikki Tousen, she's one of the few female examples.
  • Pokémon
    • Ash's Buizel. It belonged first to Dawn, and then she traded it to Ash in exchange for his Aipom because of Buizel's love for battle.
    • Among trainers, there are several boisterous bruisers too. The most famous are Chuck, Byron, Morrison and Chuck's student Arena Tycoon Greta.
  • Takeshi Momoshiro and Takashi Kawamura (in "Burn" mode) from The Prince of Tennis.
  • Zhang Fei from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms anime. true to the source material, he's a fierce, hotheaded warrior and loyal to a fault. He was also renowned for his bad temper and constant drunkenness.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Sanosuke Sagara fills exactly this trope. Hotblooded, loud-mouthed, battle-loving, and very, very strong.
  • In Saint Beast, Gai is always most eager to fight and show off. He also tends to take things less seriously than the others.
  • The manga Sanctuary has Mr. Tokai, who becomes a Sociopathic Hero Yakuza version of the Boisterous Bruiser after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Strike Witches has a very rare female version: Mio Sakamoto. She has a very distinctive, jovial laugh and has a habit of slapping other witches on the back or shoulder so hard they stagger (or in some cases, fall over). A season 2 episode even expands on this when she gets accidentally drunk.
  • Hachigorou from the baseball manga Stripe Blue, being a gigantic loudmouth and all. He also, oddly enough, appears to be an Expy of Babe Ruth, being a fat pitcher who prides himself on his strong batting and calls home runs.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has Kamina. Simon noted that even though he's incredibly Hot-Blooded, he's never really displayed any hatred during a battle, and laughs a lot.
  • Thorkell the Tall of Vinland Saga could be considered the ultimate Boisterous Bruiser. He's the Big Guy and the Blood Knight.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • Chuu's by far the tallest guy Yusuke hangs out with, he drinks like a fish and only becomes that much stronger when he does it. Helped by who voiced him as well.
    • Jin and Kuwabara count, too.
    • As it turns out, this is what makes them turn friendly. Chuu and Jin are a lot like Yusuke: they like a friendly throwdown, so when Yusuke fought them in the Dark Tournament, the fights were intense but fun. As a result, neither Chuu nor Jin were sore about losing to Yusuke; it was still fun.


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