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Awesome / Code Prime - R1: Rebellion

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As is the case will all pages detailing Moments of Awesome, Spoilers Off

  • The Battle of Shinjuku is just as awesome as in canon, if not even more so thanks to the arrival of the autoboots. The biggest highlight, though has to be the final segment, where we get to see Bumblebee vs the Lancelot!
  • The mission to rescue Suzaku is even cooler:
    • To elaborate, this time around, he doesn't arrive in a car stylized to resemble Clovis' personal vehicle. Instead, he uses Optimus' vehicle.
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    • And what does he do when Jeremiah demands that Zero remove his mask? Call in the rest of the autoboots, who arrive via groundbridge and transform while doing so!
    • And finally, when the Purists try to stop them, The Autobots defeat them without killing a single person!

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