Webcomic: Adventurers!

Adventurers! is a webcomic by Mark Shallow, who later created Antihero for Hire (there's a crossover... of sorts). It began as a series of console RPG jokes connected only by the presence of the main characters, but gradually developed a storyline that culminated with a massive battle against the Final Boss.

The storyline is now finished and the comic no longer updates. http://adventurers.keenspot.com/ is the place to get your Archive Binge.

The Tabletop RPG Console, also an Affectionate Parody of CRPGs and their tropes, uses Adventurers! strips for some of its illustrations.

This webcomic provides examples (almost always Lampshaded or Parodied) of the following tropes:

  • HP to 1:
    • Eternion's Grief Impulse wouldn't work on anyone he couldn't kill in a single turn anyway, but he uses it because he enjoys the cruelty of it regardless.
    • Khrima also has one that hits the entire party, but due to an abundance of healing options they weren't particularly intimidated.
  • Indy Escape: Karn and Ardam fail to outrun a boulder, but they only suffer a few hitpoints of damage from it.
  • Motivation on a Stick: A variation with a treadmill and a sign reading "plot" is used to keep Karn occupied in one strip.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Webrunner explains that muscularity has no real relation to strength: "Often scrawny kids can be strong enough to destroy gods without getting any visible muscle tone."
  • Musical Spoiler: Subverted. Tesla hears "dramatic plot music" and expects a plot point, but it turns out that it's just Gildward playing.
  • Pointy Ears: Karn has them.
  • Poke the Poodle: Most of Khrima's attempts at proving how evil he is... such as giving Karn free passes to an amusement park that doesn't have any cotton candy.
  • Precursors: "There are ancient, highly advanced civilizations hidden everywhere," Karn claims.
  • Priceless Paperweight:
    • The villain uses his orbital satellite to cut his sandwich.
    • In another story arc, Khrima plots to steal a magic water-generating crystal, which provides the only source of water for a city, to use in his office water cooler. Mizuna then says that, once they have it, it would be better to ransom it back to the city in exchange for its inhabitants becoming his servants. Khrima agrees that her idea is better. Then, in the process of stealing it, the two of them discover what the people who live in the city are actually like - and into the water cooler it goes.
  • Stealth Pun: In this strip:
    Khari: Well, you know what they say about assuming.
    Ardam: Since the wordplay wouldn't make sense in the original Japanese and it wouldn't make it past the censors anyway, I can't say that I do.
    Khari: Let's say it makes you a donkey and leave it at that.
  • Stock Animal Diet: Ardam complains about being swarmed by rabbits while Karn obliviously snacks on a bag of carrots.
  • Strategy Guide: Karn is seen reading one.
  • Video Game Stealing:
    • The use of this in Final Fantasy X is parodied: Drecker, the resident thief, destroys a robot by stealing a grenade, and notes that all robots are built around one. When Ardam asks if that's dangerous, Drecker replies "Only if you pull the pin".
    • And earlier than that, when he steals a sword from someone threatening them with a knife.
      Bandit: Wait... I had a sword!? Why was I using this thing, then?
      Drecker: Yeah, well, it's ours now.