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Insecurity System
"Why is it so easy for children to break into the Pentagon?!"
South Park, "Imaginationland"

If any facility has a security system, it will always be less secure and cooler looking than its real world counterpart. All sensor systems must be visually engaging, all traps must have a bypass that relies on pure pluck and guile. Lock-down sequences will require doors to close in sequential order, as opposed to all at the same time.

Some specific elements of the Insecurity System are defined below. Mix and match for an interesting infiltration.

The system need not be high tech in nature. Old-school temples and ruins can have implausible mechanical or mystical devices that serve the same function.

The real-world versions of several of these elements, and the Hollywood methods of defeating them, have been tested by the Mythbusters, frequently with surprising results.


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alternative title(s): You Fail Security Forever
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