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Webcomic: Antihero for Hire
A webcomic by the creator of Adventurers that takes utter joy in subverting practically every trope it gets its hands on. It is set in Triumph City 2144, and populated by an absurd number of superheroes. The titular antihero is Shadehawk, a Badass Longcoat-wearing superhero, who has a long and angsty Back Story involving one of the strip's MacGuffins, the Silver Arrow. He's assisted by Wrench, the Lord God hacker in this Cyber Punk future, and Crossroad, a fellow superhero(ine) with whom he has an unofficial alliance and a lot of UST.

Can be found here.

Tropes used:
Allen The AlienTroper WorksBall Point Junk
Angels 2200Sci-Fi WebcomicsApothecia
The Adventures of Superhero GirlSuperheroAxe Cop
Parental ObliviousnessImageSource/Web ComicsInertia Is a Cruel Mistress

alternative title(s): Antihero For Hire
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