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The scrapped Moana Play Set.

Disney Infinity had so much potential that were a lot of What Could Have Been here, especially after it was cancelled.

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    During the franchise's lifetime 
  • Concept art shows that Elsa was originally supposed to appear in her original short-haired, villainous role. When Frozen was retooled they had to redo her.
  • There were talks of trying to include Star Wars characters into Infinity 2.0 after Disney bought LucasArts, but they ended up being Saved for the Sequel in 3.0.
  • 1.0 would've had a Play Set for Frankenweenie, with Victor being a playable character. It was scrapped due to the movie underperforming.
  • Zurg was at one point planned to be a playable character and even shows up in one of the trailers, but was cut at the last minute. Instead, he's a boss in the "Toy Story In Space" playset.
  • Unfinished models of Ferb and Dr. Doofenshmirtz were found in the games files. The reason for Ferb not making it in as a playable character was because the developers only had the assets to make two figures for Phineas and Ferb, and at Dan Povenmire's suggestion, Phineas and Perry were ultimately chosen.
    • Phineas' unused voiceclips seem to evidence a playset or mini-game that was scrapped involving Phineas fighting waves of robots built by Ferb.
  • Figment from the Journey into Imagination ride at Epcot was at one point considered, but was ultimately rejected because the developers felt that the appeal of his character was too niche.
  • Darkwing Duck was "this close" to being playable in 2.0. His Ratcatcher and Gas Gun are power discs, though. The developers attempted to make him playable again in 3.0, but on a fan-voted poll for who should be playable, he lost to Olaf.
  • Stitch was going to get an alternate costume based on his Elvis Presley outfit he wore in his original film, but the Presley estate demanded too much money for such a minor thing.
  • Concept art of several Muppet characters by Jim Valeri hints that the Muppets were considered for inclusion in 1.0 as playable characters, including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and even Beaker.
  • There's also concept art that shows that Benny the Cab was meant to be one of the ride-able vehicles in the game. The reason for him not making it in was because of there still being a lot of rights issues surrounding Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • This video shows that Clu may at one point have been planned to be a playable character, and it turns out that he was actually planned to be a playable character as far back as 2.0, where he would have been included alongside Sam Flynn and Quorra. An interview with Matthew Solie, the former producer at Disney Interactive, post-cancellation reveals that Clu wound up being scrapped as a playable character after the fanbase raised a stink over Sam and Quorra being PC-exclusive in 2.0, and any further work on the Tron characters was simply forgotten outside of giving Sam and Quorra physical figures for 3.0.
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass was considered to receive a Play Set for 3.0, but it was shelved in favor of giving one to Finding Dory instead. It's possible that this may be why the Alice series received three figures instead of the standard two for a franchise that doesn't have a Play Set.
  • Before Skylanders made custom 3D printed figures starting with Imaginators, Disney Infinity toyed around with the idea themselves. Ideas kicked around were figures of existing characters in-game with different poses (somewhat like the scrapped premium figures for 3.0 would have been), or customized Townspeople. (i.e. like notable player MightyGitis) The idea fell through when it was realized that 3D printed figures would be far lower quality and fragile than the existing figures and thus it was decided that making them wouldn't be worth the time and effort. (Skylanders would later find a solution by including their custom figures within a dome.)
  • According to Mathew Solie, between the development of 1.0 and 2.0, Cinderella (2015) was released and people involved with the film asked if Cinderella could receive a figure for Infinity. Unfortunately, the developers could not find a move-set for Cinderella that made sense and had to shelf the idea. It's not known whether Cinderella's design would have been based on the 1950 animated film or the 2015 live-action remake.
  • The Infinity team experimented with numerous different character variants for 1.0 before settling for the Crystal Figures. Among the ideas kicked around were black-and-white versions of the characters that appeared to have stepped out of a silent film. In the end, though, it was decided that the Crystal variants would be the design used as it was more popular with the kids the developers brought in to check them out.
  • Captain America's second figure was originally going to have a completely different pose before it was suggested to have his figure be based on his iconic pose from the first MCU movie's poster. The original, more action-oriented pose can be seen in this video.
  • The game team considered incorporating Obi-Wan Kenobi's older look from Episode IV as a playable character in 3.0. They couldn't decide between making him a costume disk or a separate figure and just scrapped the idea, relegating him to a NPC in the game proper.
  • Simba has been seen in concept art. He would've been saved for after 3.0, as they needed to figure out how they were going to make quadruple characters capable of as many actions as the other playable characters (likely especially after the Cars characters were looked down on for this reason.)
  • Aurora was also in concept art, though presumably the reason why she didn't get a figure is because she wasn't combat-capable either.
  • This image of concept art shows Flynn Rider/Eugene, Remy, Pongo. Pocahontas, Sally, Hercules, and Aurora/Briar Rose. It also shows Belle and the Beast in their depictions from the animated movie as opposed to the live-action movie.
  • Concept art exists for Oz and the Wicked Witch as a planned tie-in to Oz the Great and Powerful. It is not stated why they were cut, although it is theorized that it is because Warner Bros. planned to add The Wizard of Oz to LEGO Dimensions instead.
  • Arlo was originally considered to be the playable The Good Dinosaur rep, getting as far as having a figure design. It's likely that continued complications with having playable quadrupedal characters in the game were what led to Arlo ultimately being relegated to a Power Disc mount while Spot became the movie's playable character.

    After the franchise's cancellation 
  • With the news that the series was closing, the teased Disney Animation and Star Wars play sets (later revealed to be based on Rogue One and Moana, as mentioned below) will no longer happen, and Peter Pan's figure, which was so far in development that hundreds of figures were actually produced and later showed up online for dirt cheap, can't be used in-game without a new patch.
  • A new Marvel figure had been heavily teased shortly after the release of Marvel Battlegrounds, but the series's cancellation meant that this character would likely never be released. This mystery Marvel character was later revealed to be none other than Spider-Gwen.
  • Jafar was apparently in the works as well.
  • Hera, one of the lead characters of Star Wars Rebels, was conspicuously absent from the initial line-up of Rebels characters and was a highly requested character. She was planned to be added eventually (presumably for the Rebels Season 3 premiere)... at least until the game was cancelled.
  • Oddly, concept art for 3.0/4.0 shows that Jake Sully and Neytiri from Avatar were apparently considered for inclusion in Infinity, presumably to tie-in with the Pandora – The World of Avatar area opening at Disney's Animal Kingdom; despite the fact that they are owned by 20th Century Fox prior to Disney's acquisition of the Company.
  • Christy Carlson Romano, the voice actor of Kim Possible, met with the creators of Disney Infinity and there was even a tweet of her in a recording studio recording for... something. Since Christy is not a casual voice actor, it can be assumed she was recording for a Kim Possible figure that never came to be.
  • An interview with Kotaku reveals that a playset based on Rogue One and Moana would have been included in 3.0, and also revealed several plans for the now-cancelled 4.0 including a story mode that would have crossed Disney, Marvel and Star Wars together, as well as playsets for Cars 3, The Last Jedi, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Coco, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Thor: Ragnarok, presumably meaning characters like Mantis, Valkyrie and the older Luke Skywalker would have been playable. Additionally, there would have been special edition figures of some of the game's most popular characters; the figures reportedly would've been 12 inches tall, lit up, could be fought as super-sized "raid" bosses, and played differently in-game.
    • This is what the "Premium" hulk would have looked like. Other planned figures included Buzz, Elsa, the Hulkbuster, Jack Skellington, and Darth Vader. Hulkbuster, Jack, Elsa, Darth Vader and Buzz are known to have figure designs, and in-game footage of the Hulk, Hulkbuster, Vader, and Jack in action has been released. A Premium figure of Yoda was also reportedly in development, but it appears to have been scrapped before a final figure design could be revealed. There was also a Premium Lightning McQueen figure in development, though according to various sources it had already been scrapped before the game's cancellation. After a prototype of the Darth Vader premium figure was discovered and posted on Twitter, John Vignocchi revealed that Ursula had also been planned to have a Premium figure and implied that prototypes of her figure had been made as well.
      • A prototype of the Hulk Premium figure was discovered on a Chinese shopping website, which gives some insight as to how these figures actually would have looked. It appears that they would have been approximately between 6 to 9 inches tall.
    • Figures based on Beauty and the Beast (2017) were in the works. The figures would have been based on said live-action remake rather than the 1991 animated movie. (The designs have been released and can be seen here.) The same podcast where this was revealed also revealed that Jack Sparrow would have gotten a revamped figure to tie in with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales along with two new POTC characters, as well as some new Cars figures to coincide with Cars 3.
    • Development for the Moana Play Set actually got as far as having actual in-game screen-shots and packaging, and even physical figures, which consisted of Moana herself plus Maui. It seems as though they were very close to retail release at the time of the cancellation, leaving some to wonder why Disney couldn't or wouldn't give the developers time to finish if the Moana content was this close to completion.
    • On the toy end of things, the article mentions that Disney considered partnering with Hasbro to help produce figures. In addition to alleviating the toy production troubles that ultimately killed the franchise, one has to wonder about the possibility of having Optimus Prime with the Autobots, Duke, Action Man and even Twilight (all of them being Guest Fighter(s) from Hasbro) in the same game as Captain America, Luke Skywalker, and Mickey Mouse. Although apparently neither party had planned that far yet.
    • As for the Rogue One Play Set, reportedly, the play set had barely begun production, but all of the planned figures had been designed and ready for production.
      • Figure designs for Baze, Jyn, and K-2SO have been released to the public.
  • The intro to 4.0 would've had Jiminy Cricket float down to a storybook just like in Pinocchio, then have him guide the player through the tutorial. By the time the franchise was shelved, there was only test footage of Jiminy's animation model based off of audio from Pinocchio.
  • The designs for the action figures in the Disney Toybox toy line are directly inspired by Infinity, including those of many characters who were never playable in the game and specific movies not featured in the series like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. As former lead developer John Vignocchi confirmed that the designs of the action-figures were directly based on the Infinity figures, it's highly likely that the designs (or costumes in the cases of many of the Marvel figures, such as a more directly Chris Hemsworth-inspired Thor and a blonde, Infinity War-influenced Black Widow) were based on figure designs influenced by these four films for 4.0 (or possibly 5.0) that never got made.
  • As a tie-in to Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos was going to have a figure. The linked video shows concept art of this.
  • In 5.0, there would have been levels and figures based on old Disney cartoons, such as "Steamboat Willie".
  • Allegedly, Ubisoft had plans to acquire Avalanche after the games' cancellation and continue the franchise (and we could've gotten some Guest Fighter content from their properties such as Far Cry and Assassin's Creed, although the contents from these franchises would have to be more Lighter and Softer than their counterparts if they've showed up), but were unable to throw their hat in the ring in time before Avalanche was acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
  • According to Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor creator Craig Gerber, Sofia and Elena would have had a chance of getting figures.
    Craig Gerber: [Asked if Sofia and Elena could appear in Disney Infinity] They would have had a shot if Disney Infinity [Disney Interactive Studios] didn't just close up shop. Too bad.

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