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  • The rather bizarre ways the "Glow Urchin" item can make the characters swell up when they get hit by it.
  • In a more Black Comedy-kind of example, the over-the-top screams the green aliens from Toy Story make when you pick them up and throw them.

    Disney Infinity 
  • Meta-example: Anna's derp face here. Fixed in later shipments of the figure.
  • The growing and shrinking goo and the way it alters the characters' voices. Shrinking goo will make your character sound like a chipmunk, while growing goo makes them sound like a monster.

    Disney Infinity 2.0 
  • The Maleficent trailer's stinger:
    Mike: (riding up on a horse) I'll take on anything you throw at me! (Maleficent throws lightning at him) Also? Don't throw things at me.
  • The whole toybox mode. Just the fact that your favorite Disney characters are interacting with characters and items from Marvel, and vise-versa, is hilarious in and of itself.
  • "When he gets to, tell him he lost another eighty years."
  • The ending to the Hiro and Baymax trailer, involving Maccus, Davy Jones' hammerhead crew member from Pirates:
    Maccus is holding his arm in pain.
    Baymax: (waves) "Greetings." (sidles into the frame) "On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"
    (Maccus roars and attempts to attack Baymax)
    (Baymax fires a rocket fist at the perpetrator)
    • And its stinger:
    (Maccus is fleeing from the waddling Baymax.)
    Baymax: "Wait, you forgot your lollipop."
  • One of the promo images parodies the beginning of The Lion King (1994) in a rather unexpected and uproarious way: rather than Mufasa and Sarabi watching as Rafiki shows the newborn Simba to the Pride Lands, we have Star-Lord and Gamora watching as Spider-Man shows Rocket Raccoon to the Pride Lands. And the setting is the same, to boot.

    Disney Infinity 3.0 
  • The Toy Box Takeover playset is about Syndrome stealing the Toy Box wand and sending an army of enemies after the various Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters. Pretty much any scene with Syndrome is pure gold.
    Syndrome: If anyone should be mad it's me! I mean how is THIS fair!? All you so-called heroes and I'm the only quote-unquote 'bad' guy! Well, unless you count those 'gray area' folks over there...
    (Cuts to Maleficent, Wreck-It Ralph, Barbossa, and Randall standing there awkwardly.)
    • When Syndrome first appears, every other character starts throwing things at him. Among these things are a pineapple, which he complains about and asks who threw the fruit at him, and a late-appearing fish, which after its thrown, the scene cuts to Rex holding and dropping some.
    • Mr. Incredible tries to step in after he steals the wand and summons up Omnidroids.
    Mr. Incredible: Give it up, Syndrome! You don't have to do this!
    Syndrome: Mmmm... good point. Counterpoint.
    (Omnidroid blows Mr. Incredible to pieces. A moment later he respawns)
    Syndrome: Both good points. Let's hear them again.
    Mr. Incredible: SYNDROME!!
    (Omnidroid blows Mr. Incredible to pieces again)
  • The fact that the Finding Dory content and figures were inadvertently leaked by a box of macaroni and cheese, of all things got a big kick out of the fanbase.
  • Extremely meta but back in Kingdom Hearts II, Jack Sparrow tried to get Sora to hand over his Keyblade. Sora obliged since it will vanish out of the hands of anyone but him, and Jack promised that one day he would 'come with a blood-thirsty crew and take the blade. Figure by then I'll have the means to wield it.' In Disney Infinity 3.0, Jack CAN wield the Keyblade!
  • If Maul dies but is revived, his revival line is "That was worse than Lotho Minor." In The Clone Wars, that was a world that he massacred to get the Jedi Order's attention after Savage found him and rescued him.
  • Normally when your character rides in the Y-Wing, you can see an R2 standard droid riding in the middle of it like you would expect. However, if you play as Sulley (and only Sulley) and hop into the Y-Wing, the droid is, for no real reason at all, replaced by Mike Wazowski, sitting in the ship with his arms up in the air as though he were riding a roller coaster.
  • If you have Rey and Kylo Ren on at the same time, one of Kylo's lines is expressing surprise (in a funnily dorky way coming from him) that Rey is also here, and Rey tells him to screw off.
    Kylo Ren: It's you!
    Rey: My friends are nearby — don't even think about it!
  • The official Mickey's Birthday Bash Toy Box has a hilarious moment during the driving segment: when Mickey checks up on Donald (who was in charge of getting cakes), Donald proudly boasts of having them stored on his boat. The boat then sinks. Donald throws a tantrum while Mickey wisely elects to get the cakes himself.

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