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Blazing Samurai is an upcoming CGI animated film directed by Chris Bailey and is set to be distributed by Open Road Films.

The film is intended to be a homage to Mel Brooks' 1974 Western Comedy film Blazing Saddles. Hank (Michael Cera), a dog who wishes to become a samurai, stumbles upon a strange land known as Kakamucho, which is inhabited entirely by cats. He comes across Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais), an evil warlord who helps Hank become a samurai by placing him under the care of Jimbo (Samuel L. Jackson), who was once a great samurai himself. Jimbo reluctantly agrees to train him, and eventually, Hank must save Kakamucho from Ika Chu in order to discover what it means to become a true samurai.

The film was first launched as a Facebook crowdsource by Mass Animation, which dubbed it as the first ever theatrically animated film to be created from a crowdsource.


This film provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: Played with, since the names in question are real-life ones. You got American sounding names like Hank, Jimbo and Chuck alongside Japanese names like Ika Chu, Sumo, Shogun, Emiko, and Ohga.
  • Big Bad: Ika Chu.
  • Big Fun: Sumo is a large, fat cat who is also a pretty fun guy.
  • Cats Are Mean: Played straight with Ika Chu, who is the villain of the film, but averted with the other cat characters in the film.
  • Covers Always Lie: A minor example, but the first promo poster for the film featured Sumo (from his backside, no less) and only Sumo, giving the impression that he's the main character when it's actually a dog named Hank.
  • Fat Cat: Sumo, as you can plainly see.
  • Gentle Giant: Again, Sumo, who is described as being a "prawn in the sea of life".
  • The Hero: Hank.
  • Homage:
    • Again, the film was inspired by the 1974 Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles. Brooks himself even voices a character in the film (Shogun).
    • It also shares a few similarities here and there to Kung Fu Panda.
  • Meaningful Name: Some more obvious than the last.
    • Sumo is a sumo wrestler.
    • Shogun is the leader of Kakamucho. Shoguns were military dictators who once served as the de facto leaders of Japan until 1867, when feudalism was abolished.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: Blazing Saddles IN JAPAN!
  • Shout-Out:
    • Ika Chu's name sounds suspiciously like Pikachu.
    • Sumo's wrestling thong has a picture of Hello Kitty on it.
  • Visual Pun: Early promotional material featured its tagline "Prepare to Crack Up", accompanied by an image of Sumo's butt.


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