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     The Comic 
The red-eyed Batman is Red Hood.
There are hints dropped here and there that he's Jason Todd, and it would also explain his presence in the videogame.
  • His Hannibal Lecture to Connor seems to confirm this: "I was like you once. An angry kid who thought he was indestructible. But I learned just how fragile we all are. I learned it too late."
  • And there's possibly his in-game mid-fight victory quote to Batman: "I'm a better Batman than you."
  • Confirmed
There is going to be a "Ground Zero"-type story arc that take place in the events of the Injustice 2 game but from Supergirl's perspective.
Possible Title: Last Hope of Krypton

     The Game 
Potential Roster Suggestions
Injustice 2 Roster

Potential Guest Fighter Suggestions
Injustice 2 Guest Fighters

Guesses at the Fighter Pack silhouettes
Presuming that these are real characters and not placeholder models.

  • Fighter Pack #2 - Character 1
    • Beast Boy
    • Booster Gold
    • John Constantine
    • The Atom
    • Plastic Man
      • Confirmed to be the Atom, albeit inside Fighter Pack 3 instead.
  • Fighter Pack #2 - Character 2
    • Black Manta
      • Confirmed
  • Fighter Pack #2 - Character 3
    • The Question
    • Rorschach
    • John Constatine
      • All jossed, it's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles within Fighter Pack 3.
  • Fighter Pack #3 - Character 1
    • Azrael
    • Beast Boy
    • Killer Croc
      • All Jossed, it's Hellboy.
  • Fighter Pack #3 - Character 2
    • Raiden
      • Confirmed, albeit inside Fighter Pack 2 instead.
  • Fighter Pack #3 - Character 3
    • Enchantress
      • Confirmed
    • Mera
    • Raven
    • Vixen
      • Jossed. She's a Premier Skin.
    • Kitana
      • Jossed. No Mortal Kombat characters will appear in Fighter Pack 3.

The story will tie into Rebirth
The "new threat" that appears in the midst of the confilct will either be or will be related to Dr. Manhattan.
  • Jossed, it's Brainiac. But they could fit in a Watchmen character somewhere. Plus they could explain that the Joker here is one of the three Jokers.
  • Maybe not as Jossed, since Reverse Flash hinted at Someone interfering with the timeline... Just like the DC Rebirth timeline.
    • Similarly, flash's ending references a threat to the entire multiverse that only he can stop.

The story will involve alternate universes once again.
Deadshot mentions that it's a "New Harley." hinting that she is not the Harley he knows. This would imply that she (or more likely, he) is from an alternate universe.
  • Somewhat confirmed. It's been confirmed that the main universe from the first game will not return, but it's also been confirmed that Black Canary has returned from an alternate universe and the Green Arrow shown is from that alternate universe. However, none of the information we have on Harley and Deadshot in this game suggests that they are from alternate universes.

Doctor Fate and Captain Cold will join the roster, based on The Merch
Specifically, this shirt. Logos for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, Harley Quinn, and Atrocitus are all present on the image. These two would tie in with the helmet and the cold gun respectively.
  • Confirmed.

There will be an option to leave the characters in their base stats
This option, and by extension the entire WMG, will exist solely for the Fighting Game Community, as leaving the characters in their base stats will allow them to study the main game, decide matchups, tier lists, new tech, among others...

Actors from the Arrowverse will reprise characters they play in the shows for the game
Just like how Stephen Amell voiced his version of the Green Arrow from Arrow in the 1st game, other actors from the Arrowverse like Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist will also voice the Arrowverse's version of The Flash and Supergirl respectively for the 2nd game.

Possible Big Bads of Injustice 2
  • Ra's al Ghul: It's hinted at in the teaser narration. "Each time I enter the pit, I emerge reborn. Put the devil on the other side and I will show up evolved, adapted, and prepared." Reborn in a pit... like the Lazarus Pit? The "devil" bit could also refer to his name, which means as "The Demon's Head".
    • Jossed within the game, Though with the direction of the prequels comic and Black Adam's Arcade ending, they seem to be hinting at Ra's and the League of Assassin becoming a future threat

  • Trigon: When Wonder Woman fights with Raven in Injustice: Gods Amoing Us, she immediately notices that Raven is under her father's influence. Regime Raven's interaction with Wonder Woman seem to indicate that Trigon is taking note of the events that have unfolded in the first game. Raven's ending in Injustice also hints to his rise.

  • Darkseid: May seek to control the Injustice-verse Earth in the aftermath of Regime Superman's defeat.

  • The Reach: Jaime's in it, and the chaotic world is perfect for the Reach to step in and claim control to "help" the population. Jaime could already be an umwilling sleeper agent.

  • Brainiac: Alongside Darkseid, he may try to seize control of the Injustice-verse Earth.
    • Confirmed, plus Darkseid will appear as a pre-order bonus character

The story will involve For Want of a Nail Multiverse shenanigans
This operates under the assumption that "Every battle defines you" goes to the logical extreme. You know all those DLC costumes in the first game that don't factor into the main story and have zero fanfare beyond a bio description? What if the Gear System is not a simple upgrade to the "current" Injustice characters from the Regime world, but other versions of the heroes/villains from very slightly different timelines based on What-If versions of the previous Injustice game? What if, say, Green Arrow got defeated or killed by Grundy at Wayne Manor? What if Regime Superman defeated his heroic counterpart? What if "Regime" Superman never actually killed the Joker? In the words of DBZA's Cell: "Multiverse theory's a bitch."

Anyway, the gist is "Gear system might provide in-story justification for alternate character versions via 'because multiverse' explanation."

Sinestro will return with the same victory animation + Killer Croc will join the roster
And we'll all get to make "CROC HAVE A PILLORY" jokes.

The villains are striking back
The first game established that anyone who didn't side with Superman's totalitarian regime were killed, but we don't know who were killed, meaning that there are still a LOT of villains out there. With that Superman gone and the world returning to normal, confirmed fighters like Gorilla Grodd, Atrocitus, and Black Manta see a power void that needs to be filled. Now is their chance to strike.
  • Confirmed. Grodd has formed a group called the Society (consisting of Captain Cold, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Deadshot, Cheetah, Bane, and Catwoman) and they intend to fill the power void left by the Regime.
    • Many of those characters are in Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad at the end of issue #1 of the comic, so it looks like good old Amanda seriously fucked up again.

The Bad-Guy Bar is in Central or Keystone City
It will connect to the Flash Museum (or at least the street in front of it), implying that Captain Cold and the other Rogues hang out not far from the museum dedicated to their nemesis.
  • Jossed. It's the "Ace o' Clubs", an establishment in Metropolis and not even a Bad-Guy Bar.
    • Now all that has to be asked is if Bibbo will be an NPC.

The relationship between Supergirl and Superman will be on Bad terms due to the events from the previous comic and game
  • That's pretty much a given as long as Supergirl is a heroic character, which seems highly likely. I hope we still get the heroic main universe Superman as well along with a Bash Cousins relationship between him and Kara, if only because it's a much needed counter to the overused "Superman as a Fallen Hero" plot.

"Other Character as Alternate Skin/Gear Refences" Inclusions
  • The Flash: Zoom, Reverse Flash, Impulse, Johnny Quick, Jay Garrick, DC Rebirth Wally West, Kid Flash, Blue Lantern, Godspeed, Black Flash
  • Supergirl: Power Girl, Cir-El, a white T shirt and blue skirt, Gotham girl.
  • Gorilla Grodd: Ultra-Humanite, Solovar.
  • Superman: Bizarro, Ultraman, General Zod, Gotham, Gods and monsters Superman, Cyborg Superman.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Girl (Donna Troy or Cassie Sandsmark), Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Star Sapphire Attire, Gods and Monsters Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta, Artemis.
  • Blue Beetle: Booster Gold (implied by golden "Booster" palette), Ted Kord, Dan Garrett.
  • Batman: Batman Beyond, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, Wrath, Adam West, The Batnipples, Owlman, Ozymandias, Rorschach, Nite Owl, Gods and monsters Batman, Batzarro.
  • Aquaman: Aqualad (can be Garth or Kaldur'ahm), Ocean Master Orm.
  • Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad outfit, classic jester costume, Gods and Monsters Harley.
  • Robin: Ra's al Ghul, Assassin Damian.
  • Joker: His Classic Purple suit and Mark Hamill voice
  • Bane: Dark Knight Rises, Classic Masked Wrestler, Wild Cat.
  • Green Lantern: Guy Gardner, Sinestro, Alan Scott, Saint Walker, Larfleeze.
  • Green Arrow: Speedy/Red Arrow.
  • Cyborg: Bright blue cybernetics, Lex Luthor in his armor.
  • Black Adam: Shazam/Captain Marvel.
  • Starfire: Blackfire, Fire, Red Inferno.
  • Red Hood: Arkham Knight, Vigilante, Jim Gordon's Batman, Jason Todd's Batman, Thomas Wayne's Batman, Wingman, Grifter, Wild Dog, Jason Todd's Robin.
  • Sub-Zero: any of the palette swap ninjas of MK, Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero Bi-Han.
  • Deadshot: Deathstroke, Comedian.
  • Black Canary: Silk Spectre, Silver Banshee, Black Canary Dinah Drake.
  • Darkseid: Dr. Manhattan, Highfather, Gravyen.
  • Atrocitus: Arkillo, Kilowog.
  • Brainiac: Brainiac 5.
  • Swamp Thing: Clayface.
  • Raiden: Static Shock, Black Lightning, Captain Marvel.

Intro structure will differ from MKX
Instead of "both enter, person A, person B, person A (or B, A, B), fight", it will be "intro A, intro B, dialogue A, dialogue B (or reversed), fight", with probable "first match only" exclusion of "intro A" during arcade ladders.
  • Jossed. It plays out the same as MKX, only with a more dramatic entrance for the person who talks second.

Superman is released from prison because of Enemy Mine
The little plot mentioned as of writing as been that the game picks up after the last, but a new situation as arisen that has "turned it on its ear." Perhaps something like an invasion from Apokolips? Something that's more or less a job for Superman. Begrudgingly, Batman lets Superman out to help out... only for Supes to fall back into old habits. Here We Go Again!...
  • Confirmed on Superman and Batman having an Enemy Mine, and Supes forming the regime in the "Absolute Power" ending.

The some of the characters outfits will be from the New 52 storylines.
For example:

Superman is a BIT nicer this time
I'm going to assume Superman isn't going to be the Big Bad this time around. Yes, still lapsing into the Ambition Is Evil trope, intending to reclaim his control of Earth, but underneath all that Red Eyes, Take Warning, he doesn't seem as Kick the Dog Hero Killer as the previous outing. Perhaps, having some time to think about things and at least partially calm down, he's decided to tone things down a little... key word "little." In any case, if Superman was asking as furious as he was at the tail end of the first game, the supermoves of him and Supergirl would be swapped. "Punching into and pushing down from the clouds" feels pretty tame compared to "bring to space, eye-beam to Earth through meteors that rain down". Maybe it's a Slave to PR thing, trying to make the public like him again or keeping up appearances for Supergirl... something of that nature....
  • Or he could simply have decided that taking out his opponents in a way that seemingly doesn't require him much effort to do is a more effective and practical way of showing off his power rather than something flashy and physically exhausting. Especially since poor conservation of his solar energy may have been a factor in his defeat at the hands of the other Superman last time.

Even if the main universe Superman has no presence, there will be a unique costume and voice clips for it.
So that people who don't like the Injustice-verse Superman can play the Superman they prefer.

Ultraman will appear as DLC.
But it will turn out around the time Superman started the regime, Ultraman and most of the Crime Syndicate instead had a collective Heel–Face Turn deciding to be good guys opposing Owlman who still wanted to continue being a criminal.

The narrator is Ra's Al-Ghul.
Bryan Cranston lied about the narrator not being an actual character.

Legacy Characters will have alternate costumes and voices based on their different incarnations
In the same manner that the Regime-universe Nightwing was Damian Wayne while the main universe one was Dick Grayson and John Stewart was available as an alt for the Hal Jordan Green Lanern, the sequel will continue expanding on the concept, allowing stuff like Ted Kord getting in the Beetle Costume, Wally West selectable as Flash, Robin alts for Nightwing etc.

Supergirl will switch sides at some point during the plot
Both the trailers and a few of the pre-fight exchanges have been inconsistent about her allegiances. Since according to the official website she's only just arrived on Earth, she'll initially side with Kal but after hearing more about what's happened she'll defect to Batman's team.
  • Confirmed in the Absolute Justice ending.

Batman's Designated Hero status will be a plot point
After the comics made it boundlessly clear how awful he is, and that most of the worst aspects of the Injustice universe can be traced directly to him, and the trailers show him turning a blind eye to Harley's actions (a known mass murderer that the resistance accepted with open arms). Someone will probably call him out on his BS, or some resistance members might even defect at some point.
  • Potentially confirmed, if the Shattered Alliances Part 2 trailer is any indication - Superman, Flash and Green Lantern all question Batman's decision-making in some way, shape or form in the trailer.
    • Superman points this out in issue #1 of the Injustice 2 comic, and Batman admits to Harley that being the sole decision maker of a new Regime would be a disaster, so at least Bats knows he's got serious Control Freak issues. So... Jossed and Confirmed at the same time?

Cheetah will team-up with Batman.
Wonder Woman is against Batman and Cheetah wants Revenge against Wonder Woman so a team-up should work well.
  • Jossed.

All of the heroes and villains will team-up against Brainiac.
Just like what happened in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Cheetah is the Avatar of The Red, Swamp Thing is the Avatar of The Green, and Scarecrow is the Avatar of The Rot.
  • And Joker will return as the Avatar of The Black.
    • Confirmed for Cheetah and Swamp Thing...Jossed for scarecrow and Joker.

Scarecrow affects his opponents with fear toxin before each fight.
Your Mind Makes It Real is in effect here.
  • Confirmed.

Jason Rusch was chosen over Ronnie Raymond to compensate for Cyborg.
It's been shown in the trailers that Cyborg is one of the few characters still loyal to Superman and the Regime...and he was the only black superhero in the first game. It wasn't a problem in the first game because a still heroic version of Cyborg, but the second game's been confirmed to take place entirely in the Injustice universe. As such, the developers felt they needed a black superhero who was, well, still a good guy. They scoured the DC Universe, and eventually found the concept of Firestorm fascinating, and upon learning of a black Firestorm named Jason Rusch, chose him over the more popular Ronnie Raymond.

Barry Allen will die, and that event will nearly push Hal Jordan into becoming a Red Lantern.
Given that they've thrown in the subplot of Atrocitus trying to make Hal Jordan join the Red Lantern Corps, there will probably come a point where Atrocitus' goal is nearly achieved. Hal Jordan does not currently have that tragedy that fills with him with rage and a desire for vengeance, but he could almost gain one. Barry will die (it could be Atrocitus that kills him, or it could be Superman or the Society) and Hal Jordan will pay witness. The sight of his best friend murdered and the knowledge that he failed to save him will send Hal into a massive rage against whoever killed him, and he will almost gain a red ring before Batman and his allies intervene and prevent Hal from falling from grace one more.
  • Jossed, but Atrocitus tries to force Hal Jordan join the Red Lanterns several times.

Brainiac's big plan is to replace the heroes and villains of the DCU with his own perfect clones of them.
Which will explain why there's still characters fighting themselves.
  • Jossed.

Scarecrow is using a new Uber-Fear Toxin
He took advantage of the resources that the Society provided access to, along with some assistance from other genius supervillains like Ivy and Grodd, to create a new formula that can affect Physical God characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, etc
  • least for Harley and in his arcade ending he has one reverse-engineered from Brainiac's blood that's good enough to actually take him down.

It takes place solely in the Injustice universe, so there's bound to be some major casualties:
  • Barry Allen, as mentioned above.
    • Jossed.
  • Superman himself. Either he'll have a Heel–Face Turn and pull a Heroic Sacrifice, or he'll get even more out of control and must be put down somehow.
    • Jossed. He survives in both endings of the story.
  • Gorilla Grodd. He and the Society will be seen as a nuisance by Brainiac and will be quickly disposed of.
    • Confirmed, but Aquaman is the one that kills him, not Brainiac.
  • Catwoman, who's most likely going to be Batman's mole in the Society and who Bane will end up torturing if some of his intros with Batman factor into the plot.
    • Jossed. She is Batman's mole, however.
  • Deadshot, who has a live explosive embedded in his head, held by Gorilla Grodd.
    • Jossed.
  • Brainiac. As the main antagonist, he will likely meet his end at the very end of the story mode.
    • Confirmed, but only in the "Absolute Power" ending (where he's killed by Superman). In the "Absolute Justice" ending, it's implied that he is spared.
  • Cyborg. One of his pre-fight intros with Superman shows that he's having second thoughts about the Regime, so he could pull of a Redemption Equals Death move helping to take down Brainiac.
    • Jossed.

The fake "Batman" in the comic series is Jason Todd.
Assumed to the point that fans think it would be a Plot Twist if it wasn't Jason.

The revived Joker is a fear gas hallucination
While Joker is confirmed as a playable character, he died in the prologue due to being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Superman during the latter's Start of Darkness. No One Could Survive That!. However, based on the description of his gameplay announcement trailer (which is written as if Joker was still dead) and the fact that his intro shows green gas swirling around his feet, its entirely possible that Joker hasn't actually cheated death at all, and is simply a nightmare born from Scarecrow's fear toxin like in Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • His mid-round animation is pretty much the same as his profile image in Knight. Maybe that's not a coincidence...
    • Not to mention physically impossible. He fires his "Bang!" Flag Gun into one ear, and the flag comes out the other. No human should be able to pull off something like that.
      • well obviously that too
  • This pre-fight dialogue pokes fun at this theory. On top of that, other pre-fight dialogues reveal that Joker is from another Earth.
    Batman: You a Scarecrow-induced delusion?
    The Joker: Yes. Eh, but don't tell him I told you.
    Batman: I can't let you stop me.
  • Confirmed for the main storyline...but as Joker is won't to do, there's room for doubt in arcade mode and multiplayer. We see him as Harley's fear-gas hallucination.

The redesigned Joker is the Joker though Harley's Crush Filter

The revived Joker is Jason Todd
The comic may be setting this up — first becomes Batman, then The Joker. It also gives an interesting bend to Joker mocked Jason as nothing special.
  • Very unlikely since Red Hood has been announced as one of the DLC characters. But this Joker may be from another universe, so this may still turn out to be true, sort of.
    • Red Hood's bio confirms that Jason has come back as Red Hood, so that more or less josses the OP's theory.

Scarecrow has actual powers this time
It's minor stuff, but something about how he revived has given him the ability to shape his Fear Gas hallucinations, allowing him the fine control that enables him being an effective hand-to-hand fighter despite being a physically weak Psycho Psychologist not capable of half the things his Humanoid Abomination self does.
  • Or he's dosed up on the kryptonian drugs like everyone else in the first game.
  • Jossed. He's still just a regular guy in a mask, but his fear gas helps him appear more powerful in the eyes of his foes.

Darkseid's Super Move is showing off his true size.
In the comics, it has been shown that the New Gods are actually giants — their true size can be anywhere from as big as a skyscraper to being able to fit planets in their hands — and that the Boom Tubes will shrink them down when they go to Earth's dimension or enlarge visitors coming to New Genesis and Apokolips. When the opponent is stopped by Darkseid's giant hand, that is in fact showing off just how huge he really is in relation to the other characters.
  • Wait, so what happens all those times when someone just takes a spaceship to Apokolips but Darkseid is still only slightly taller than them?
    • That is a strong case of Depending on the Writer; given the size discrepancies between artists who go with the 'giants' idea, there doesn't seem to be a character bible for the New Gods.

Injustice 2's Sub-Zero is Bi-Han / Noob Saibot
The reveal of the Sub-Zero DLC in Fighter Pack 1 displayed the cryomancer assassin with jet-black skin and Prophet Eyes. There's nothing (as of writing) confirming this iteration of Sub-Zero to be the younger sibling, Kuai Liang. Perhaps instead it is Bi-Han, also known as Noob Saibot, having been transported to the Injustice world after the events of Mortal Kombat 9, thus providing a (dubiously canon) explanation as to where Bi-Han disappeared to during the events of Mortal Kombat X, perhaps with Narnia Time explaining the discrepancy between the five year gap between Injustice titles and the twenty-five years splitting MK9 and MKX.
  • Jossed. It's confirmed to be Kuai Liang with the official website bio.

Sinestro will be mentioned in one of Atrocitus' pre-fight intros.
Given how this version of Atrocitus was oppressed by the Sinestro Corps, he will likely be mentioned in one of the Red Lantern's intros - probably with fellow ring wielder Hal Jordan or the new fear-based villain here, Scarecrow.

Grodd will be The Dragon to Brainiac or a Big Bad Wannabe.
  • All the released information says Grodd forms the Society to fill the vacuum that the fall of the Regime had. This sounds like he would be a Big Bad of the game but we know that the role will be given to Brainiac. So he starts out as the main antagonist but ends up working for Brainiac when he arrives or ends up replaced by Brainiac as the primary threat.
  • Confirmed.

DLC Character/Premier skin potential faction alignments
Setting this up just in case this becomes a thing.
  • Red Hood: Neutral or anti-regime
  • Starfire: Regime
  • Sub-Zero: Neutral or Insurgency

Wonder Woman is actually Circe.
  • I believe that Wonder Woman is actually Circe controlling or masquerading as Diana in some way. Mainly because of the power she has over Superman. For example, when Batman and Superman are almost asking like friends again, Diana says "No one should have to suffer like this." Supes's demeanor changes. This may seem like a stretch, but is it possible Circe is casting a spell on Superman.
    • Note: this is just a theory about the universe not the game itself.

Injustice 2 canon ending
  • Both endings are canon, with the games over arching theme of a multiverse. Both the total justice and total power endings both have lots of opportunities for a sequel. Total Justice (batman) has a recovering earth and the looming threat of Superman coming back. Total Power (superman) has Brainiac-superman lead his own "legion of superheroes" to conquer other universes. What if the story mode of Injustice 3 leads with both endings being two separate universes eventually coming into contact with each other via Superman's Legion discovering the universe he failed (justice) to conquer and deciding to destroy it out of spite. This could set up a redemption arc for Superman and the regime, as by the time superman returns, he sees the ultimate outcome of his desire for control and power through Brainiac-superman, and finally decides to return to the side of justice.

The retcons to the story aren't retcons
  • This game is just set in an alternate universe where Joker didn't kill Scarecrow, Damian Wayne is older, and Superman resorted to killing all criminals much earlier on.

Despite all appearances, the "Absolute Justice" ending is no happier than the "Absolute Power" one.
  • While it's true Batman doesn't brainwash people, he also puts them in what seem to be easily breakable prisons. Even the title "Absolute Justice" has a very dire feeling to it. Batman has snapped, but has snapped in the opposite direction than Superman - if any of his heroes end up accidentally killing a villian, he'll consider them as much a threat as Superman.

The new threat mentioned by Doctor Fate.
Doctor Fate mentioned that the Lords of Order have decreed humanity as a threat, hence why they chose to back Brainiac as a way to restore order on the Injustice-verse Earth, and warned of an even worse threat coming if Brainiac is defeated. The next threat to the the Injustice-verse Earth could be:
  • If the "Absolute Power" ending is to be trusted, Regime Superman could prove again to be a big threat after seizing control of Brainiac's ship, as he not only restores the Regime, but also plans to impose his order across the universe, and potentially others as well.
  • Though he is a DLC character in the game, Darkseid may want to get his revenge on Regime Superman for killing his son Kalibak, and potentially conquer Earth. This might force Batman to bring back Regime Supes from the Phantom Zone and form an Enemy Mine again.
  • Nekron, Trigon, Imperiex, Parallax, Ra's al Ghul, Brother Eye, Mongul and Anti-Monitor might prove to be big threats in their own right.
  • Both endings turning out to be different Earths and coming into conflict with each other AKA Absolute Power Superman ends up invading the Absolute Justice Earth. Not just does this cause a war between Superman's legion and Batman's league, but both Earths' attempts to merge with reality wrecking results because traveling between whats basically the same earth is damaging whatever separates the two.
  • The Crime Syndicate, led by Owlman.

There will be another crossover with the Mortal Kombat-verse in the future
With the confirmation of Raiden as another guest character from the MK-verse, following the steps of Scorpion (who appeared as a guest in Injustice: Gods Among Us) and Kuai Liang!Sub-Zero (who's already on the roster), and (on a meta level) considering that NetherRealm Studios seems to have learnt from their Dork Age (the PS2 MK games plus the previous crossover with DC), it's possible that the already violent Injusticeverse will cross paths in full-fledged fashion with the already even more violent MK verse. This time, however, good guys will be teamed up with good guys and baddies with baddies (i.e. not Enemy Mine anymore). Neutrals will take stands as the history unfolds. And there would be a possible Heel–Face Turn.

Atrocitus is posessed by the Butcher
That would explain his bizarre appearance in the game, compared to the other red lanterns seen in his ending, who look more comic-book accurate, and it seems all but confirmed considering his ability to summon it during his supermove.

Scarecrow survived Joker's attempt to kill him from the comic through his own Acquired Poison Immunity
His constant work with his own toxins immunized him enough that he merely went into a coma. Or, hell, he might have even found a way to vaccinate himself against the stuff at one point.

A Nintendo Switch port will have a Nintendo Guest Fighter
There has been talk of such a port, and there are rumors floating around of Soul Calibur's next entry having a console exclusive Link combatant.

It would be a way to encourage people to purchase the Switch version even a year late. Some possible fighters are the following

  • Mario
  • Link
  • Captain Falcon
  • Pit
  • Samus
  • Fox


     Injustice 3 
Injustice 3 Roster
Injustice 3 Roster

Injustice 3 Guest Fighters
Injustice 3 Guest Fighters

Injustice 3's story will feature the Absolute Power Earth invading the Absolute Justice Earth.
It would allow Superman to return to his position as Big Bad despite being permanently depowered in the Absolute Justice ending, and it would be an efficient way of Cutting Off the Branches.

Alternatively, the Absolute Power Superman and the Absolute Justice Batman will be given one final opportunity to put aside differences and come together to stop the threat
Maybe depowered!Supes will be killed trying to stop the threat, leaving no option aside from breaching the dimensional walls for help.

The Lords of Chaos will get involved
Which probably means Klarion the Witch Boy, as he's the most identifiable agent of Chaos to appear in multiple DC adaptations (not counting Joker, of course). The Lords of Order were pretty involved in the previous game, so the flip side must be around somewhere.

The non-Regime Earth from the first game will return.
And with it, the traditional heroic versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and et cetera to appease fans who disliked their absence from the second game.
The Injustice Joker will return.
Come on, the Joker is WAY too smart not to have planned just in case Superman or Batman or someone else actually did him in. Lazerous Pit, clone, brainwashed copy, etc. take your pick as to how he manages it. Injustice Joker will eventually come back and rub it in everybody's faces that they fell for his plot hook line and sinker.


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