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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

From the video game

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    Comic Book 
  • From the first issue: Deadshot, as usual, taking a perfect shot to prevent Harley from escaping. Then the Injustice!Suicide Squad makes its debut.
  • Oliver's son is already superhumanly accurate with a bow and arrow — even if it's a toy bow with sucker arrows.
  • Batman's plan to stop escaping Superman: he has sent Atom in the latter's brain with green Kryptonite dagger, and then threatens to paralyze Clark if he won't return to his cell. And that's just the first of 23 contingency plans.
  • When Ra's Al Ghul threatens Harley's daughter, what does Harley do? Headbutts him! Conversely, Ra's actually calling her out on what she helped the Joker do to Superman, Lois and Metropolis. Even after she attacks him, his arguments remain strong.
    Ra's al Ghul: I know what you and the Joker did. Metropolis. Four million dead. Where was your concern for humanity that day?
  • Wildcat being Defiant to the End, calling "Batman" a "*** coward" (obviously "fucking"). After "Batman" guns him down in cold blood, he proceeds to give Connor a Hannibal Lecture, saying, "I was like you once. An angry kid who thought he was indestructible. But I learned just how fragile we all are. I learned it too late. I'll give you a lesson now, for free." In what may be the most badass moment in either the comic or the videogame, Connor gives his own Shut Up, Hannibal! — a sonic scream far more powerful than Black Canary's, that not only stuns "Batman" but hurls him with such force, his body shatters a stone wall.
    Harley: (with awe) Oh, snap. The Green Canary.
  • Issue #33: Gorilla Grodd is completely unfazed when someone points a gun at him.
    Gorilla Grodd: All I need to do is think it and you will eat that gun.
  • Issues #35 and #36 feature ERADICATOR robots! Even at a fraction of the real Superman's power, they still give Team Batman a run for their money.

     Story Mode 
  • For those that consider Batman's no kill rule is silly, the Armor-Piercing Question from Damian on Batman giving brain trauma to his foes despite still claiming to be better then them is just the best burn. Best of all, Batman cannot answer.
    • Damian himself gets one by Blue Beetle when he asks him and Firestorm why they would follow his father, claiming that Batman is weak. Jaimie responds with this:
      Blue Beetle: If your Papi's weak, what does that make you?
      Damian: (beat) I take after my mother.
    • Firestorm's counter to that is both awesome and hilarious, mocking Damian by calling him "Oedipus".
    • Considering how many people Victor Zsasz murdered, his demise at the hands of Damian is pretty cathartic, especially when you take into account that Zsasz killed Alfred.
  • Harley overcoming Scarecrows fear gas twice and as a result overcoming Joker's control over her.
    • And during the second time, she's confronted with an illusion of the Joker, who tries to tempt her back into evil with a knife and a Batman tied to a chair, after delivering one of his trademark Hannibal lectures, mocking her for being a hero and telling her she's still the same villain she always was. She seems ready to slip back to being Mistah J's henchwoman, then she stops and drops the knife. The Joker calls Harley a disappointment and puts a gun to the back of her head, only for Harley to turn, smack the gun away and deliver an awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! in response.
      Harley: Ain't no slick fella in a cheap suit and cheaper grin telling me who I am ever again. We had mad love, once upon a time. But that's over, Mistah J!
    • A meta-level awesome: Harley donning her original Batman: The Animated Series Harlequin outfit.
    • She later stands up to Wonder Woman, who's holding a sword to Cheetah's throat and preparing to kill her against Batman's orders. When Wonder Woman calls out Harley on how much blood she's spilled, Harley responds with:
      Harley: Buckets full, honey. I was trying too hard to impress the wrong guy. Kinda like you with Superman.
    • Conversely, Diana curbstomping Harley and impaling her with her sword. Supergirl saves her soon after, but it's still the closest Harley comes to actually paying for her crimes.
    • Harley's story mode also has her go toe-to-toe with Swamp Thing, and kicks his green ass! It's essentially the second time since Lobo that Harley essentially pulled a Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?.
    • Just. . . Harley herself. She's still a bit crazy, but she's done with Joker and his manipulations (helped by the fact that he's really, really dead), she's atoning for her past and her crimes, and is working hard to make the world a better place. For anyone who scratches their head why Regime!Superman is wrong, every second Harley is onscreen might as well be subtitled "THAT'S WHY!"
  • Brainiac's on-screen introduction. Black Canary and Green Arrow both find themselves on his ship and he restrains them with his Combat Tentacles. Black Canary screams at him, but he's barely even phased and nearly chokes the life out of her with another tentacle. Green Arrow sees that they can't beat him and admits defeat.
  • Atrocitus tries to corrupt Hal into joining the Red Lanterns only for Hal's willpower to overcome it and blast him away. Bonus points for Hal reciting the oath while doing this.
    • Even better, listen to Hal's voice as he recites it. Atrocitus' voice fades, and his own voices grows stronger and stronger as he speaks.
    • If choosing to finish the story as Superman, he tries to recruit Hal to his side by appealing to his grief over losing Coast City along with his family and his lover, Carol Ferris, to Brainiac's invasion. This causes Atrocitus' emotional manipulations to surface yet again, but instead of lashing out at his surroundings, like he did with the Red Lantern's previous aggressions, he suppresses his anger almost immediately and refuses to follow the same path as Clark.
      Superman: How can you be against me on this? He took Coast City!
      Atrocitus: Rage...
      Superman: Think about Carol, Hal. Brainiac has to pay!
      Green Lantern: No, Clark. My Rage won't bring Carol back. Just like yours didn't bring back Lois.
  • Blue Beetle and Firestorm holding their own against Black Adam, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, and Supergirl. Special mention goes to Firestorm, who generates kryptonite radiation against Supergirl and is willing to nuke the entire prison to keep them from releasing Superman.
  • Black Adam sitting on his throne, channelling the power of the Rock of Eternity, focusing it through Aquaman's Trident of Poseidon, generating a storm that culminates in a massive thunderbolt that finally overwhelms Brainiac's ship's previously impenetrable shields.
    • Another one for the same pair. When Brainiac sends Grodd to interrupt Adam's ritual, he sends a ship with him to destroy Kahndaq. During the battle with Grodd's minions, whichever character you don't choose for the battle heads off towards it, and the ship is neither heard from nor mentioned again. That means either Aquaman or Adam took it down single-handedly. Especially impressive if you chose Adam, since Aquaman can't fly.
  • One for Grodd during their chapter: If you choose to fight him with Aquaman, Adam draws lightning down on Grodd... who blocks it with his psionics and shoots it at him, knocking him back.
  • Superman's epic Big Damn Heroes moment at the start of his and Batman's chapter. Before Brainiacs' drones could execute Batman, he mows right through them all at sonic speed and catches Batman before he could be absorbed into the ship with Supergirl.
    Batman: And I thought I could make an entrance.
  • After defeating Brainiac, he then takes control of Brainiacs' ship to restore the digitized cities, even when it's visibly weakening him so much that it could kill him. He may be an unrepentant villain now, but he hasn't lost his Determinator status.
    Batman: This could kill you!
    Superman: Sounds like a job for me.
  • Batman's ending, in which he faces off against Superman himself and beats him into unconsciousness. In Injustice 1 Normal!Superman fought Black Adam, Aquaman, Doomsday and finally Regime!Superman in a row, in here Batman takes down Aquaman, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and finally Superman in a row, without any more rest than necessary to grab power armour for the latter two fights. Keep in mind that they're all stronger than Batman, in some cases so much stronger than a fight shouldn't even happen, but he wins with enough strength to finally give a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Superman and finally take him out for good. After all the terrible things done by some of them, it feels good to see them defeated by a member of the old Insurgency, instead of a summoned Superman.
    • Something that's a bit understated but particularly of note is his defeat of Wonder Woman. While it's implied that the power armor he has is lined or equipped with some sort of kryptonite to deal with Superman (hence the green glow), Wonder Woman has no such weakness, meaning that Batman essentially managed to punch out one of the strongest members of the Justice League more or less on his own. This is especially notable as it's stated in the original Injustice comics in a flashback that were Superman to ever go rogue, Wonder Woman would be the person who stood the best chance to take him down (even though that obviously didn't happen in this continuity)
  • Despite how terrifying it is, Superman's ending, in which he delivers an equally brutal beatdown to Batman, ending with a headbutt knockout to avoid martyring him, kills Brainiac and merges with his ship, restores all the remaining cities of Earth, re-establishes his rule and recruits a multiracial army from Brainiac's collection (including Kryptonians, Daxamites and Czarnians) that rivals the might of the combined Lantern Corps to defend Earth from any further threats. And on top of that, he fights his way through Green Lantern, Flash and Supergirl in the lead-up to that. Superman was considered Earth's greatest hero because he was The Paragon, but as his ending shows, that wasn't the only reason. A bonus: Batman tries to pull the same trick the Joker played on Superman during the events of the first game. This time, though, Superman doesn't fall for it. Fool him once...

     Battle Simulator Endings 
  • At the end of Black Canary's arc, it's revealed that her three-year old son's metagene was activated when he was assaulted by dozens of Brainiac minions — and destroyed them all with a single Canary Cry. She realizes her life as a parent just got a whole lot more complicated, but her Justice League friends would be there to help her.
  • Grodd's ending, in which he gets the jump on Brainiac while noting the latter couldn't believe he was being defeated by an ape (a moment he will relish). He then uses Coluan technology to enhance his Psychic Powers, enslaves Batman and his allies, makes them serve him food and drinks and rounds his victory off by becoming a full-on Galactic Conqueror. For a guy who used to be a Fad Super in the Silver Age, it's a sign of how far he's come.
  • Superman uses Brainiac's ship to create his own Legion of Super-Heroes — and proceeds to conquer the multiverse.
  • Brainiac's ending starts out as a Mind Screw... then the other Brainiac turns out to be his Redeeming Replacement, Brainiac-5 from the above-mentioned Legion, who came back in time to erase the bad image of Coluans that Brainiac has caused.
  • Bane's ending, in which he uses the back-breaker on the Collector of Worlds Brainiac himself!
  • Atrocitus makes Brainiac pay for his crimes, but unintentionally causes the death of all the people he was trying to avenge. Then Proselyte, the Emotional Entity of Compassion, saves Atrocitus from his own Red Lanterns, causing Atrocitus to have an epiphany about balancing the Emotional Spectrum that leads him to adjust his Corps's policy and seemingly unite the other Corps.
  • Red Hood's ending has him deciding to be the hero the world needs - one who isn't beholden to government lackies, but needs to put down murderers, rapists and other scum. We see him at the end, saving a little girl from Professor Pyg, pinning the madman down on the ground with his foot. This is even more awesome that in the Injustice Universe, Jason Todd, the character who was once brutally killed by the request of fans, has somehow become the hero that world truly needs and most likely has the support of those who requested him dead in the past, the fans.
  • Cyborg's ending has him taking complete control over Brainiac's ship and not only does he restore Earth's cities, he sets out to restore every planet Brainiac ever destroyed while stating Superman only thought about restoring Earth, he never imagined the other planets attacked by Brainiac.
  • Darkseid's ending has Brainiac on his knees apparently begging for his life before Darkseid kills him with his Omega Beams, accompanied by one hell of an Eviler Than Thou narration.
    The Coluan, Brainiac, was a genius without peer. But. I. Am. A God. I could not allow an errant intellect to steal the object of my vengeance.

  • As with the previous game, the super attacks employed by the characters are over-the-top and showcases their massive levels of badassery.
    • Superman knocks his opponent into the sky, punches them while pursuing them, then uses a Face Palm Of Doom to slam them into the ground.
    • Batman uses a Fulton extraction balloon to send the opponent into the sky, then chases them down with his Batplane, guns blazing.
    • Aquaman floods the stage, sends his opponent into the air above the raging sea, slashes them with his lightning-struck trident, then has a sea monster slam them into the ground before impaling them for good measure.
    • Supergirl grabs her opponent, orbits the sun, then hits them with Eye Beams that sends them plummeting back to the Earth, pelting them with fragments from an asteroid she shattered with said eye beams.
    • Grodd delivers a psionically-enhanced No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Atrocitus impales his opponent, crushes them against a stone column with a construct resembling the Butchernote , then showers them with a devastating breath attack, all while reciting the Red Lantern oath.
    • Wonder Woman lassos her opponent, drawing them into a shield-bash by a wind-up tug with her leg. She then throws her shield at her mid-air opponent before flying up and smacking them to the ground. Following that, she throws both her shield and sword into her downed opponent before stomping down on the target herself.
    • Cyborg blasts his opponent into a boom tube to Apokolips, where they're tossed around by a couple of Parademons, before getting thrown through another boom tube right into the path of Cyborg's sonic cannon.
    • Blue Beetle slashes twice with arm blades, then again with arm Spike Balls of Doom before delivering a barrage of Arm Cannon blasts, then combining said cannons into a final shot that knocks his opponent down.
    • Harley Quinn blasts her opponent up with dynamite before siccing her hyenas Bud and Lou to chew them up before she knocks them out with a baseball bat.
    • Deadshot does several point-blank shots with his Arm Cannon guns before doing an over-the-shoulder blind fire with his rifle.
    • Robin hurls a bunch of birdarangs past his opponent, who gets slashed up by his sword before the birdarangs return and embed themselves across the opponent before exploding.
    • Swamp Thing pulls his opponent into a cavern deep in the earth, uppercuts them with giant fists from both sides, and grabs them at both ends to crack their spine over a jutting spire of rock, before finally slamming them back to the surface head-first.
    • Black Canary throws her opponent into the air with a cartwheel, jumps after them and blasts them into the ground with a point-blank sonic scream, finishing it off with a falling punch to their chest.
    • Green Arrow shoots an explosive arrow behind the opponent, uses his bow to drop them on top of it and send them both skyward. He then pins the opponent to the ground with a freeze arrow, and then lands on them with a stomp that completely shatters the ice encasing them.
    • Black Adam punches his opponent into a pyramid, slams into them and pushes them through the pyramid, and hits them with a huge blast of lightning that smashes them into the pyramid and blows it up.
    • Flash really takes the cake by grabbing his opponent and taking them to the past to smash them into the sphinx, then he takes them even further into the past to smash them into a T-Rex, and then finally ends it with him smashing them into their past self from the beginning of the super.
      • It's even better when Jay Garrick does it to finish off a fight, as if to say, "You think I'm a corny old man who hams it up? Take That!"
    • Darkseid casually turns away from his opponent before firing Omega Beams from his eyes that bounce off the floor and into their target, dragging them all the way into space, through some satellites, and into Darkseid's gigantic palm. He then crushes them, pulls them through, and tosses them away like garbage.
    • Never one to be outperformed, Joker's super highlights his Torture Technician side, strapping his opponent into an electric chair, before roughing them up with his crowbar and blowing them up Death in the Family style!
    • Green Lantern creates constructs in the form of the feet of a Humongous Mecha to stomp down on the opponent, then starts assembling said mecha while slamming its hands and even its head into the opponent. And then, when the mecha is fully assembled, he powers up its cannons and blasts the opponent point blank.
    • Captain Cold surrounds the area with an icy tornado and building up a spiraling ramp, shooting his opponent all the while. Then, once he's reached the top, he builds a platform with spikes on the bottom directly above the opponent and slams it down on top of them.
    • Poison Ivy summons one of her giant plant monsters to snag the opponent and chew them up, before using another vine to pull them out of said monster and clean through a wall of flora.
    • Bane launches the opponent into the air, headbutts them, smashes his knee into their jaw, and caps the whole thing off with a piledriver.
    • Catwoman snags the opponent with her whip while one her bike and drags them behind her before letting them go, only to then drop the motorcycle on top of their heads, which then explodes.
    • Cheetah kicks her opponent into the air, hits them with a few rapid strikes, before ramping things up with several even faster attacks that push them further into the air and finishing them off with a mid-air stomp straight to the spine.
    • Red Hood first chucks a grenade at the opponent, stunning them as he lobs another past the opponent, before dropkicking them onto it. While he's lying on the ground and his opponent is blasted skyward, he pulls out his pistols and sends them even further into the sky, before quickly getting up, leaping up to meet them, tossing one gun up and using the free hand to stick a mine on the foe's back before catching the gun, then unleashing another barrage to send them to the ground, before using one final shot to detonate the mine. It's very overkill, as far as supers go.
    • Sub-Zero sends his opponent flying before sliding under them and freezing them in mid-air without looking. He then forms a hammer to blast them towards the other side, teleports there to freeze them in place by rapid-firing icicles, before jumping over them and slamming them back into the ground.
    • Starfire hits her opponent with a blast strong enough to launch them into space, flies after them as she pelts them with several starbolts, and caps it off by unleashing a massive supernova of energy that sends her foe hurtling back to the ground.
    • Black Manta whips out a spear and rushes forward with it. If that hit connects, he flies forward with his opponent stuck on the end of it until he blasts them off and away with a pair of missiles. He then harpoons them, reels them back in, and fries them with his Eye Beams, point-blank, to finish them off.
    • Raiden transports himself and his opponent to his Sky Temple, where he launches them upwards, transforms into the Mortal Kombat logo, and as a flying dragon made of pure electricity, proceeds to eat them and slam them back downwards.
    • Hellboy literally tackles his opponent into Hell, punching them all the way down in free fall - and upon landing, he picks up a fire axe to strike his opponent while a flock of demons is mobbing them.
    • The Atom predictably shrinks to smack his opponent around, culminating in an uppercut, but then he finishes it off by growing to giant size and punching them into the ground, with a "back off, man, I'm a scientist" scowl on his face.
    • The Ninja Turtles all attack their poor opponent in tandem: Leonardo strikes with his katana, Michelangelo does a ride-by swing on his skateboard with his nunchaku, Raphael jumps in kick Mikey's board into their face while throwing his sais, and Donatello pulls an overhead slam so hard that it launches their opponent into the air: leaving the brothers to all simultaneously crush them shell-first shouting "SHELL SHOCK!!"

  • Every time a hero or even a villain calls Superman out on his tyrannical rule with the Regime. Superman can hit back just as hard.
    Gorilla Grodd: Humans must disgust you.
    Superman: Those who harm them do.
    Gorilla Grodd: How do you not see the irony?

    Doctor Fate: You once brought hope.
    Superman: Now I bring justice.
    Doctor Fate: Justice is blind, not heartless.

  • The fact that Bane regards his mind as his most important asset rather than his brawn.
    Bane: Your body will snap like a twig.
    Scarecrow: Unless your mind breaks first.
    Bane: My mind is my strongest muscle!
  • Atrocitus vowing to Pay Evil unto Evil when he meets a villain, especially when interacting with Brainiac.
    Atrocitus: How many worlds have you collected?
    Brainiac: Billions, by my count.
    Atrocitus: Their collective rage fuels me!

    Atrocitus: You're worse than the Manhunters!
    Brainiac: I collect worlds, not destroy them!
    Atrocitus: A Distinction Without a Difference!

  • Brainiac shows some serious gonads in his pre-fight dialogue with Darkseid.
    Brainiac: Are you a god?
    Darkseid: From the fiery depths of Apokolips.
    Brainiac: Noted for classification.
  • Darkseid can turn it around with his own calm Pre Ass Kicking One Liner retort:
    Darkseid: How will you survive my Omega Beams?
    Brainiac: Your power cannot touch me.
    Darkseid: Challenge accepted.
  • Darkseid dismisses Brainiac's methods in one of the most godlike ways imaginable:
    Darkseid: You collect when you should vanquish.
    Brainiac: I collect knowledge, not power.
    Darkseid: Without power, knowledge is useless.
  • Deadshot tries to be cool when facing Darkseid, but the latter's way of dismissing him is so awesome that it doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Batman tells Darkseid what his Fatal Flaw is.
    Batman: Your type always make the same mistake.
    Darkseid: (mockingly) And what would that be, Batman?
    Batman: Thinking you're too big to fail.
    • Conversely, Darkseid completely dismissing Batman's biggest gimmick.
    Darkseid: My Parademons arrive soon.
    Batman: Think I haven't planned for this?
    Darkseid: Plans are of no use to a dead man.
  • Harley Quinn threatens the Joker before fighting him, which is so, so satisfying to hear:
    Harley Quinn: (through gritted teeth) Mistah J wants to play?
    Joker: How 'bout a little roughhousing?
    Harley Quinn: I'll rough yer house for good!
  • John Stewart basically calls Darkseid! out for hiding behind his Parademons.
    John Stewart: Finished with Parademons doing your dirty work?
    Darkseid: You dare imply cowardice on my part?!
    John Stewart: Real leaders lead from the front.
  • Jay Garrick makes an epic comeback against Scarecrow in one of their intros.
    Jay Garrick: It's a good thing I don't scare easy.
    Scarecrow: Even gods succumb to fear.
    Jay Garrick: They might, but the Flash doesn't.
    • When he faces off against Red Hood, the latter dismisses him as a "goodie-two-shoes." Jay calmly replies he's going to use his goodie-two-shoes to kick him "in your posterior".
  • Normally, a horrendous, heartless, horribly callous comment. To the Joker, vindication.
    Joker, to Supergirl: It only took one bad day...
  • The Flash manages to point out a flaw in Cyborg's logic.
    • Blue Beetle gets a similar, but just as good one if matched against Superman:
      Blue Beetle: There any line you won't cross?
      Superman: I don't hurt children.
      Blue Beetle: Didn't stop you with Shazam.
    • Black Adam also references Shazam should he fight Flash, telling him he should've ignored his death.
      Black Adam: Shazam's death shouldn't have fazed you.
      The Flash: Killing children is never okay!
      Black Adam: He was sacrificed for the greater good.
  • Mr. Freeze gives one to Batman how he suffered emotionally more than the Dark Knight.
    Mr. Freeze: You cannot understand my pain, Batman.
    Batman: Do you know how many friends I've lost?
    Mr. Freeze: None of them were your beloved!
    • Unless you count Dick Grayson.
  • Scarecrow almost always analyzes his opponents well enough to know which buttons to push or deduce their fears, and with little effort.
    • He brings on the burns to Aquaman, hinting at the Atlantis king that he isn't as respected as he lets out on.
    Scarecrow: Know what your people whisper?
    Aquaman: My people respect me, Scarecrow!
    Scarecrow: They call you "Half-Breed king".
    • He also has some choice words towards Poison Ivy.
      Scarecrow: You rejected your own people?
      Poison Ivy: For being botanophobes.
      Scarecrow: Said the anthropophobe...
  • Swamp Thing can potentially give a very poignant comment on the difference between what Poison Ivy believes and how she acts.
    Swamp Thing: You claim to serve the Green.
    Poison Ivy: The plants are my babies.
    Swamp Thing: So why treat them as slaves?
    • Vixen in turn can put Swamp Thing in his place when she retorts that her stating that the Green and Red should be working together was an offer of alliance, not one of one dominating the other, as Swamp Thing claims.
  • John Stewart can chew out Brainiac for being a Green-Eyed Monster in a very effective way.
    John: Why collect worlds? Just study them!
    Brainiac: My knowledge must be exclusive.
    John: Whatever, Larfleeze.
  • The Joker points out to Batman that constantly sparing him led to the events of this universe.
    Joker: You let me live and look what happened.
    Batman: That's on you, not me.
    Joker: Keep telling yourself that, Bats.
  • Despite being an icy warrior, Sub-Zero can bring the burns.
    Gorilla Grodd: From which Earth are you?
    Sub-Zero: One where apes are as nature intended.
    Gorilla Grodd: All apes will bask in your shame!
  • EVERY interaction between Firestorm and Starfire. Besides having similar motifs, said interactions are filled with one Badass Boast after another, while still giving off an air of mutual respect for one another. Really sells their fight as a battle of equals.
    Starfire: Turn up the heat, Firestorm!
    Firestorm: How hot is too hot?
    Starfire: There's no such thing.
  • Black Lightning stands his ground to Darkseid and lets the ruler of Apocalypse know how he sees him as just another typical tyrant.
    Black Lightning: You don't scare me, Darkseid.
    Darkseid: Fools and their freedom are soon parted.
    Black Lightning: So are tyrants and their empires.
  • Even though their methods in dealing with criminals are similar, Red Hood shows no hesitation in calling out the Regime remnants for going too far, evidenced in his quote against Cyborg.
    Red Hood: Can't fight crime without cracking a few skulls.
    Cyborg: So why are you fighting me?
    Red Hood: The Regime cracked more than a few!
  • Darkseid mocks Raiden and the Elder Gods in an epic fashion akin to Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 9.
    Darkseid: All the realms will submit to Darkseid.
    Raiden: The Elder Gods will stand against you.
    Darkseid: Your toothless serpents cannot stop me.
  • Darkseid normally mocks those that challenge him as fools. When Sub-Zero demands he leave?
    Sub-Zero: Retreat to Apokolips, Darkseid.
    Darkseid: You do not command me, Grandmaster.
    Sub-Zero: You will withdraw, or be buried here.
  • Murderous psychopath he may be, but Black Manta gets credit where it's due when he takes a moment to bruise Robin's ego in one of their intros.
    Black Manta: You're just a defenseless boy.
    Robin: Time you showed me some respect!
    Black Manta: Take your own advice, kid.
  • Hellboy lets Eobard Thawne know that his knowledge of the future isn't gonna help him in this situation.
    Hellboy: Can’t figure me out, can ya?
    Reverse Flash: You're no legend. I should know.
    Hellboy: All you gotta know is that I’m kicking your ass.
  • When up against Darkseid, Hellboy lets the Lord of Apokolips know how much his title means to him.
    Hellboy: It's about time we met.
    Darkseid: You are challenging a god, fool.
    Hellboy: That's kinda the point, Darkseid.
  • For that matter, Hellboy calls the Joker exactly what the clown prince of crime is.
    Hellboy: Why do you do what you do?
    Joker: You can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter".
    Hellboy: You are one sick piece of crap.
  • Yet another one involving Hellboy, where he laments how Superman became a villain and states that he knows evil due to how much of it he's seen.
    Hellboy: It's a goddamn shame you aren't a good guy.
    Superman: Who are you to judge me?
    Hellboy: The guy who knows a thing or two about evil.
  • Another Hellboy/Superman exchange has Hellboy call B.S on Supes' bravado with a bit of fourth wall leaning. Best part? it's the one intro where someone successfully intimidates Superman!
    Superman: This won't be a fair fight.
  • Doctor Fate of all characters gets the most savage responses/threats.
    Doctor Fate: Your fate is splintered.
    Cyborg: How's that?
    Doctor Fate: The machine lives, but the man dies...

    Doctor Fate: Mercenaries are the hounds of duty...
    Deadshot: English, please?
    Doctor Fate: You are disposable...

    Doctor Fate: Cursed woman....
    Cheetah: I don't need your pity!
    Doctor Fate: You shall have none!

    Doctor Fate: Your accident was a tragedy.
    Mr. Freeze: You should have stopped it...
    Doctor Fate: I'm stopping you now!!
  • Gorilla Grodd gets one for calling out Wonder Woman on her manipulative nature while proving, once again, that her lies won't work on someone who can read minds.
    Gorilla Grodd: Don't need a lasso to see your true nature.
    Wonder Woman: My mind has nothing to hide, Grodd.
    Gorilla Grodd: Except the lies you tell Supergirl...
  • Ryan Choi joins in on the “knocking Damian down a notch” train
    Ryan: I hear we’re both overachievers.
    Robin: Your weakness is clearly evident.
    Ryan: As are your character flaws!
  • Black Canary threatening Wonder Woman with a beating.
    Black Canary: This is payback, Diana.
    Wonder Woman: One of your barroom brawls?
    Black Canary: More like a back alley beatdown!
    Wonder Woman: Think you are worthy to battle me?
    Black Canary: I can break every bone in your body.
    Wonder Woman: I only need to break one.
  • When Superman claims Enchantress will hurt innocents, Enchantress instead chews him out for being a dictator.
    June Moone: I can't help it. She has to be let out!
    Superman: But you'll hurt innocent people!
    Enchantress: Since when is that a problem for you?
  • In one of the rare instances of June and Enchantress working together, they actually manage to freak out Gorilla Grodd.
    June Moone: Like what you see, Grodd?
    Grodd: It cannot be!
    Enchantress: Go to hell, you dirty ape.
  • Black Lightning gets one for being one of two people who actually calls out Catwoman for being part of the Regime.
    Catwoman: You still don't trust me?
    Black Lightning: You haven't answered yet for the Regime.
    Catwoman: Guess I'll have to prove you wrong.
  • While all the Ninja Turtles come at Sub-Zero with all the confidence in the world, Leonardo, ever one to hone his skills, comes to him for training, even Sub-Zero sounds like he would want to to teach him, sensing that he is serious about it.
    Leonardo:I want to study combat with the best.
    Sub-Zero: You can learn much from a Grandmaster.
    Leonardo: Teach me, Sub-Zero.
  • When going up against Wonder Woman Leo admits he’s a little nervous to take on the Amazon. When Diana tries to call him out on being fearful Leo responds with this.
    Leonardo: Ninjas don’t ignore fear. We embrace it.
  • Raphael is unphased by Darkseid's A God Am I status
    Raphael: You drew the short straw today.
    Darkseid: You are challenging a god, fool!
    Raphael: Gods have nothing on New Yorkers.
  • Grid lack of emotions allows him to dismiss Black Adam's powers in the most cold and calculated way possible.
    Grid: No human can defeat me, Black Adam.
    Black Adam: You fight six gods, not one man!
    Grid: There is no safety for you in numbers.
  • Hellboy, a guy who's Seen It All, spits on Batman's Terror Hero outfit.
    Hellboy: That getup supposed to scare me?
    Batman: What do you think?
    Hellboy: That you're kidding yourself.

  • Beating Brainiac's Super Mode boss form in Arcade mode will result in his entire stage self-destructing before crashing into the Earth.
  • This is no longer the Superman we know and love, but his response to Brainiac's Badass Boast in part 5 of the Shattered Alliances trailers earns a spot.
    Brainiac: I match your strength! You cannot match my intellect!
    Superman: Allow me to give you a proper demonstration.
  • The fact that Scarecrow is voiced by none other than the man famous for playing fiction's other king of fear.
  • Darkseid gets to show further of his godhood whenever he's part of a clash. Similar to his behavior when using his super attack, instead of using all his might to block the opponent with one of his arms, he simply holds them off with nothing more than the palm of his hand as if blocking a ray from a squirt gun.
  • How does Hellboy make his grand debut in the Fighter Pack 2 trailer? By casually catching one of Black Manta's missiles and using the thruster jet to light his cigarette.
    Hellboy: Thanks for the light, pal.
  • Black Manta's winpose (Depicted on the page image) features him torching the arena with his eyebeams and walking through the flames.
  • The reveal of the trailer for Fighter Pack 3, and the surprise guest characters that came with it. Say it with me: I LOVE being a turtle!
    Raphael: Now that looks fun! Mind if we play?
  • A bit of meta-awesome: there's never been an Intercompany Crossover between Hellboy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Until now.

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