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     The Comic 
Damian Wayne becoming Nightwing wasn't intended as an insult to Dick Grayson.
  • Dick's death was an accident, and Damian was both devastated by what he'd done and immediately rejected by his distraught father. He took on the Nightwing identity because he couldn't be Robin anymore, and as an apology to his older brother, wanting to prove that despite accidentally killing him, he was right and could do good work with Superman. The fact that Batman immediately rejected him, refusing to listen to how sorry he was and that it was an accident, also puts a lot of weight to his claim that Superman was the better father. He's not inherently evil (not blameless, but not evil), and is himself deeply traumatized and penitent by what happened... all of which has slowly morphed into rage at what appears to be clear favoritism. Batman is just as responsible for the way Damian turned out as anyone else.

The "magic dust" John Constantine used to put Wonder Woman and Superman into a magical sleep came from Dream of The Endless.

Dream would certainly have the power to trap Wonder Woman and Superman in an eternal dream. More importantly, he's one of the few cosmic entities who would have a reason to step in and stop Superman and the inclination to do so, having taken a hand when Starro the Conqueror threatened to telepathically enslave all humanity.

  • Most importantly, Dream is one of the few cosmic powers who would be willing to work with John Constantine, assuming the events of Preludes and Nocturnes occurred the same way in the reality of Injustice and John Constantine helped Morpheus recover the bag of sand he used to magically put people to sleep.

In the Year Three, Superman will give up being a Sinestro Corps member

He will hand his yellow power ring back to Sinestro, citing that it's no longer necessary and being the object of fear was never his goal. Or he will say that he feels uncomfortable being dependent upon another being's power rather than his own. This is the reason that he doesn't appear this way in the video game.

  • Confirmed: Wonder Woman convinced him to put it off.

Batwoman will die in Year Five of the comic.
She's not in the game, after all. Ways it could happen:
  • Based on some of Catwoman and Batman's dialogue in the game, the most likely scenario is that she's killed by Superman after Catwoman feeds him deliberately misleading intel regarding Batman's whereabouts. Superman will level the location he's given, wiping out Kate and a number of others. The blurb for Year Five #15 (or 16) seems to all but confirm this.
  • Killed trying to prevent Catwoman from joining the Regime.
  • Killed trying to join the Regime with her. Very unlikely.
  • Killed in a Shoot Your Mate scenario, again involving Catwoman after she defects. Also unlikely if Catwoman is the only one involved.
  • Wonder Woman, not forgetting how Batwoman beat her to a pulp and strangled her with her own lasso, will insist on a Duel to the Death to settle things once and for all. Batwoman, still angered by the deaths of Huntress and Renee, will readily accept. Also relatively unlikely, but if it happens it'll be brutal.
  • Now that Bane is officially working for the Regime, he could be responsible. He even threatens her directly in Year Five #6; possible foreshadowing?
  • Killer Croc will kill her.
  • Hawkgirl will kill her.
  • Shazam will kill her.
  • Solomon Grundy will kill her.
  • Yellow Lantern will kill her.
  • Flash will kill her.
  • Bizarro will kill her.
    • Likely Jossed due to Bizarro's death.
  • Black Adam will kill her.
  • Raven will kill her.
  • Deathstroke, who has yet to show up in the comic as of Year Five #10, will kill her.
  • She's taken hostage by the Regime as a way to get Batman to turn himself in. When he doesn't, she dies. Probably not since the same thing happened with Catwoman.
  • Damian kills her after he finally becomes Nightwing.
  • Sinestro will kill her in retaliation for the time Kate dropped a tree on him.
  • Frozen by Killer Frost and smashed to bits.
  • Zod, if he shows up, will kill her.
  • The Insurgency will have a Last Stand and it will happen then.
  • A random Mook will kill her.
  • An ally will kill her on accident.
  • She will die because her super-pill wears off and she doesn't have an extra.
  • Her death will involve By the Hair in some way, since unlike her main universe counterpart, who has short hair and a long wig attached to her cowl, most of the art in Injustice shows that this Batwoman actually has long hair.
  • She'll be stabbed in the heart as a Shout Out to 52.
  • A Heroic Sacrifice of some kind, possibly unrelated to any of the above. The blurb for Year Five #15 or 16 makes it sound like Kate will die to save Harley.
  • A combination of any of the above.

Batgirl will also die in Year Five, or will revert to her role as Oracle to explain her absence in the main story.
If she dies, it will likely be at the same time as Batwoman, and/or in any of the instances described above. If she lives, she will go into hiding and aid Batman as Oracle to make the Regime think Batman's the only one left.
  • Nightwing will kill her. Because seriously, how cruel would that be?
  • She's facing Killer Croc as of Year Five #6. He could be the one to kill her.
  • She will get re-paralyzed before dying. Again, because it'd be cruel and the comic is dark.
  • From the solicits, digital issues 23 and 24 feature Damian and Batman, despite their strained relationship, teaming up against Victor Zsasz. Perhaps he kills Batgirl, and her death leads them to work together to take him down.
  • All Jossed, at least as far as her dying in this particular series goes. Barbara appears alive in Injustice: Ground Zero, a semi-sequel to this series that takes place during the game. She does seem to be playing an Oracle-type role, though, so that part's confirmed.

Other possible deaths in Year Five:
  • Alfred
    • Confirmed in Year Five #23.
  • Zatanna
  • Zod, if he shows up.
  • Hawkman is appearing in Issue 7, and he's not in the game, so...
    • Confirmed in Year Five #32.
  • Plastic Man
  • Flash's Rogues
    • Weather Wizard and Heat Wave get incinerated by Bizarro in Year Five #10.
  • Bizarro
    • Confirmed as of Year Five #20.
  • Black Lightning

The Regime will jump off the slippery slope for good in Year Five.
Even with all the horrific things they've done in the comics, many of the Regime members are still shown to be somewhat conflicted about their actions, and are not yet as wholly callous as they are in the game. With less than a year left, something big will have to happen to change that.
  • The wholesale slaughter of the Insurgency (minus Batman) and their allies would accomplish this nicely.

None of the other Insurgency members will die in Year Five.
"Other" meaning Batwoman, Batgirl, and Alfred (Batman and Harley are alive in the game, so they're safe). The other three are in hiding due to being horribly injured from battling the Regime and likely faked their deaths. Barbara may return to working as Oracle as mentioned above. This is all stupidly unlikely, but it's here now just in case.
  • Lex Luthor has been shown to have cloning technology. Maybe this comes into play if those three do get injured and Batman fakes their deaths.
  • There are also characters in the comic who have been killed, like Parasite and Kilowog, but who appear in the game, just as background characters. Perhaps the three really do get killed but also somehow get resurrected.
    • If that happens, it'll be Doctor Fate (somehow) or Zatanna's doing out of sympathy for Batman since he'll have already "lost so much." The three aren't in the main game because they're healing at the Tower of Fate.
    • Partially Jossed as of Year Five #23 with Alfred's death.

The Year Five Annual will take place, at least in part, after the events of the game...
...and will show Bruce at the graves of the fallen Insurgency members, letting them know that they won and that their deaths were not in vain.

     The Game 
Possible deaths in the story
  • The Joker ( POSSIBLY. He dies at Superman's hand in the prequel comic, but is shown to be alive in the game proper. It may or may not be in an imposter though.)
    • zigzagged, The Joker that Supes kills stays dead but there's another from an alternate universe in the game CONFIRMED, though Harley kills him too in one ending.
  • Green Arrow ( CONFIRMED partly. In the Injustice universe, Green Arrow is killed offscreen by Superman, before the events of the game. The Green Arrow from the alternate verse is still alive though.)
  • Deathstroke ( JOSSED, as Deathstroke lives to the end of the Regime.)
  • Lois Lane ( CONFIRMED, by Superman, who thought she was Doomsday thanks to some Kyrptonite laced Scarecrow fear toxin. Along with Superman's unborn child.)
  • Lex Luthor ( CONFIRMED, as the Injustice verse Luthor performs a Heroic Sacrifice trying to incapacitate Superman.)
  • Superman ( JOSSED, the Supermans from both universe live to the end of the story.)
  • Batman ( JOSSED, both Batmans survive.)
  • Wonder Woman ( JOSSED)

Structural integrity is horrible in the Injusticeverse.
How else do you explain how two "mere mortals" like Batman and Nightwing could cause the Batcave to collapse simply by fighting within it? Y'know, besides the raw epic of it all?

Joker drove Superman off the deep end.
As of SDCC, the trailers have revealed the following details: "our greatest heroes (became) our greatest threat", someone female was "stolen" from Superman, somebody else broke his trust, some calamity happened and the heroes think the person responsible "needs rehab", and a new regime has formed to fend off the threat the heroes pose. Interpreting these facts, it's possible that The Joker (an unstable villain who Batman has never permanently defeated) caused some calamity in Metropolis that claimed the life of Lois Lane. In his grief, Superman blames Batman for not being able to stop Joker and becomes a harsher, more aggressive vigilante as a result, which resulted in the regime's creation.
  • If the first issue of the prequel comic says anything, it looks as so.
    • Thanks to the third issue of it, it's true.

Guesses for else will join the game's roster.
If you have any guesses on who you think will be in the game, feel free to place 'em here.

  • "Returning" from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe:
    • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan; CONFIRMED)
    • Captain Marvel (as "Shazam"; CONFIRMED)
    • Catwoman (CONFIRMED)
    • The Joker (CONFIRMED)
    • Lex Luthor (CONFIRMED)
    • Deathstroke (CONFIRMED)
    • Doomsday (From the DLC that never happened; CONFIRMED)
    • Killer Croc (Likewise; NON-PLAYABLE APPEARANCE)

  • New heroes:
    • Hawkman (DISCONFIRMED)
    • Hawkgirl (CONFIRMED)
    • Aquaman (CONFIRMED)
    • Martian Manhunter (CONFIRMED TO BE DLC)
    • Captain Atom (cameo appearance in a STAR Labs mission for now)
    • Booster Gold
    • Plastic Man
    • Lobo (Well, Anti Hero; CONFIRMED TO BE DLC)
    • Raven (CONFIRMED)
    • Starfire
    • Beast Boy
    • Green Arrow (CONFIRMED) and/or Red Arrow
    • Black Canary (TEASED/HINTED BY BOON)
    • The Question
    • Jonah Hex
    • John Constantine
    • Zatanna
    • Blue Beetle
    • Black Lightning (TEASED/HINTED BY BOON)
    • Doctor Fate (TEASED/HINTED BY BOON)
    • Firestorm
    • Red Tornado
    • Etrigan the Demon

  • Villains and supporting cast of confirmed characters:
    • Captain Cold
    • Zoom (POSSIBLE DLC)
    • Mirror Master
    • Heatwave
    • Brainiac
    • Bizarro
    • Manchester Black
    • John Stewart (CONFIRMED but only as an alt costume for Hal/Green Lantern)
    • Kyle Rayner
    • Guy Gardner
    • Star Sapphire
    • Saint Walker
    • Sinestro (CONFIRMED)
    • Parallax
    • Cheetah
    • Ares (CONFIRMED)
    • Larfleeze
    • Despero
    • Black Manta
    • Ocean Master
    • Circe

  • Batman villains and supporters:
    • Red Hood (UNLIKELY ACCORDING TO BOON; now being a Joker costume, even less likely)
    • Cassandra Cain
    • Huntress
    • Ra's al Ghul
    • Talia al Ghul
    • Bane (CONFIRMED)
    • Poison Ivy
    • Prometheus
    • Mr. Freeze
    • Azrael
    • Firefly

  • Villains and supporters of potential characters
    • Black Adam (CONFIRMED)
    • Monsieur Mallah
    • Monarch
    • Vandal Savage
    • Cheshire

  • Unexpected Character

Story mode will subvert the Joker's death.
Whatever factor is keeping stronger and lesser beings on an even level will be unknown at first. One of the earlier revelations of this will be the apparent death of the Joker. Similar to Tim Burton's Batman, the Joker will fall from a great height to his doom. His opponent or somebody else will investigate the still body, an eerie laughter lingering around him. Upon investigation, it is only a laughing bag, which is removed and deactivated. Seconds later, however, yet more eerie laughter is heard... from the still living Joker, who proceeds to hop to his feet and attack the surprised investigator.
  • This has been proven true, but not the way alot were expecting as after Joker has been brought in for all he's done by Batman, Superman barges in and without saying a word straight up murders Joker by thrusting his hand through Joker's chest, killing him. How Joker manages to come back later on however is still unknown.
    • Unless we only play as Joker in the beginning of story mode before Superman kills him.
      • In story mode the Joker is from a different universe, as are most of the other playable story-mode characters.

The B.R.B.R.B. - Big Red Batmobile Rocket Button
At first, it may seem odd that Batman would install a Big Red Button in the Batcave that specifically fires the Batmobile's rockets. However, there are tons of ways to rationalize this seemingly oddball mechanism that seems dangerously easy for anyone to activate. These include:
  • Schmuck Bait for when the Batmobile is parked properly (i.e. aimed closer to the console).
  • Emergency security measure should the Batcave get breached by enemy forces.
  • To allow Alfred to serve as gunnery control if Batman is too busy focusing on driving to time his attacks.
  • It does something else entirely, but it uses the same command signal the Batmobile uses for firing rockets.

A Watchmen character will be represented in this game.
Either Dr. Manhattan or Rorschach could both represent the series. In Rorschach's case, his supposed death ended up transporting him into the Injustice universe, and seeing Superman giving heroes a bad name, will cause Mr. Kovacs to ally himself with the Insurgency, especially considering the fact that he and Batman share the same Modus Operandi (at least, pre-insane Rorschach). Dr. Manhattan, on the other hand, may end up with the Regime, if Supes manages to convince him of the flaws of humanity. With regards to gameplay, Rorschach will use a brawler/streetfighting oriented style while Dr. Manhattan would be a Glass Cannon similar to Akuma; powerful but with low health. This could be explained as Manhattan having a power limiter or holding back his true strength. For all we know, he could be a Bonus Boss.

Plus, if Rorschach Clashes with Doc, imagine this as his quote:

"Never compromise." or alternatively "Do it!"

Alternatively, Raiden or Scorpion will be a playable character
Raiden fits the tone of the superpowered brawls that Injustice gives, plus he was The Rival to Superman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, so it could be done. It wouldn't take much to tone his movelist to a T rating, but it may cause problems with another Shock and Awe character in Shazam. His Limit Break may involve former Fatalities being stringed together to deal some pain. Scorpion could also work, being the Mortal Kombat series' poster boy.
  • Scorpion is confirmed.

Alex Mercer and/or Cole McGrath will appear on the roster.
It has been stated that the game will not have guest combatants in the roster, instead focusing on DC characters. However, given that both characters have had tie-in comics done by DC, doesn't that technically make them DC characters and thus eligible?
  • Cole's possible, since we've seen in Mortal Kombat 9 & Street Fighter X Tekken that Sony are willing to lend their characters out to take part in fighting games. Alex Mercer's not really likely, since it would require Activision lending him out AND he was replaced as the protagonist of the Prototype series in the second game. However, just because DC published some tie-in comics, doesn't mean they're DC characters - Aside from the whole issue of DC not owning the characters, neither series takes place in the DC universe.

Catwoman is after a unique diamond / diamond collection.
Judging by the Catwoman trailer, it seems that her intro involves giving a diamond to her escaping cat, and her victory cutscene examining said diamond back at her Gotham apartment. Let's assume that she found the diamond at or near where she is fighting, and that it is the reason for why she is fighting. Must be one heck of a diamond to warrant storming the Fortress of Solitude or infiltrating the security-heavy Batcave... and who knows what other exotic locales she'll visit in a full Arcade ladder. Either she's looking for a particular diamond that has tons of high-quality replicas scattered across the globe, only finding the original at the end of her quest, or she's collecting a set that has been divided between various secure locations.

Superman's "Clark Kent" persona is public knowledge.
Complimenting or contrary to the "Joker make Superman snap" theory, the betrayal of trust that Superman had was the revelation of his civilian identity, which would naturally cause a whole host of problems: mistrust with his friends and allies, a big fat target for his enemies, and Clark Kenting has completely fallen apart! Well, he can still be inconspicuous if people don't look at him too hard, but it explains why shredding off civilian attire in plain sight doesn't seem to be a big deal.
  • Status As of Chapter 6 of the Tie-in digital Comic: Partly True. He revealed it himself, to a press conference at the United Nations, so that was not the catalyst for his downfall. That would be the Nuclear annihaliation of Metropolis and the deaths of Lois Lane and his unborn child.

Team Power vs Team Gadget
There has been constant emphasis on "Power" characters and "Gadget" characters. This has mainly been in gameplay terms, mainly splitting those who can flip over cars and who can't. The specific use of "Gadget" is interesting, however, as The Flash is part of the "Gadget" group despite having no technological aid to his preexisting powers. It's possible the "Power" and "Gadget" labels are also prevalent to the story, with the "Power" characters following someone like Superman and the opposing "Gadget" faction working with Batman.
  • Kind of jossed. While all of the superpowered heroes joined the Regime, Nightwing and Catwoman are also with them.

Cyborg is evil and going on a rampage.
That city he teleports in from? It was HE who caused that devastation, possibly from fighting another hero, and now he's come for YOU!
  • Considering the characters are based off their New 52 personas, Cyborg is most likely teleporting in from Apokolips.

Guesses for possible arenas that may show up.
If you have any guesses on what locations you think will be in the game, feel free to place 'em here.

  • Gotham Streets (CONFIRMED)
  • Arkham Asylum (CONFIRMED)
  • JLA Watchtower (CONFIRMED)
  • Titans Tower
  • Smallville
  • Themyscira (CONFIRMED)
  • Flash Museum / Central City
  • Ruined City (wherever Cyborg teleports in from)
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Santa Prisca
  • Daily Planet (Kind of confirmed, you can see the new Daily Planet building from the Metropolis rooftops)
  • Lex Corp
  • Cadmus
  • Star City
  • Hall of Justice (CONFIRMED)
  • Bludhaven
  • Atlantis (CONFIRMED)
  • Khandaq
  • Fawcett City
  • Project Cadmus

The Phantom Zoo.
There are a lot of portals to the Phantom Zone in the Fortress of Solitude, including one in Superman's alien zoo of all places. Why else would he have a big viewpoint there unless he needed to lock up a particularly nasty escapee or, more creepily, if he's begun to view the denizens of the Phantom Zone as part of his alien zoo?

Not all of the heroes/anti-heroes have pulled a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Sort of a given, really. All of DC's heroes turning evil? That seems highly unlikely.
    • Confirmed. Batman's still one of the good guys in the AU, as well as Green Arrow, though the latter was killed for it.
      • Also Zatanna and Dr Fate are still on the side of the angels from Zatanna's ending and The Martian Manhunter eventually chose the Insurgency. The Atom is working at a console in the back of the Insurgency stage so presumably he's on their side too.

Sonic the Hedgehog will be a guest character.
Why? Because Cyborg is quite clearly teleporting in from Crisis City.
  • Also, it's possible because Archie Comics and DC have worked together. Bring the Imprints label. Tho it's up to Sega..

Judge Dredd will appear also as guest character.
There's been few crossovers with him and Batman, so it's possibility.

The central conflict will be mostly Grey-and-Gray Morality.
While there likely will be some Black and Grey Morality when dealing with some of the villains (particularly if the Joker is involved), the main conflict between the new regime and the other heroes, of "decisive end to these monsters" versus "holding the moral high ground at the expense of peace", will ultimately be presented rather Grey and Gray for the majority of the conflict. Emphasis of majority, since the idealistic heroes will probably win out in the long run.

But only if the player is Batman and finishes off two consecutive opponents with his Supermove when the Batcave stage is immediately afterwards. He'll play like Deathstroke, only having a unique character skin, Grundy's Battle Intro, and an AK-47 and machete that spawn from his Magic Hat.

New stage from TGS trailer is Mount Justice.
After repeated viewings of the Tokyo Game Show trailer, focusing specifically on the as-yet-unidentified new stage, it seems very probable that it may be the Injusticeverse equivalent of Mount Justice from the Young Justice cartoon.
  • Seems unlikely as of the Green Arrow trailer, showing it to be connected to some other lab and a factory section. Lexcorp, maybe?
    • It's the Insurgency base.

Story mode won't explain how gadget characters can survive such over-the-top super moves.
Instead, every character will get two super moves: one that only works on power characters (Flash's 'round-the world-punch) and one that only works on gadget characters (Flash's mini-tornado seen in the Tokyo Game Show trailer).
  • The mini-tornado is part of his win pose, so at least that is jossed.
  • Completely jossed. There's only one super move per character. And it's explained in the story mode.

Parasite will be in the game.
He will play like a Shang Tsung style character stealing his opponents life source and special moves.
  • Alternatively, Amazo. Not so much the life-stealing aspect, but very much the power-copying bit.
  • Parasite appears in the background of the prison level. It is unknown if he'll get the "Doomsday" treatment (who also appeared as a background character prior to being confirmed playable).

Everyone has been rendered immortal through blood magic.
Whatever happened to kill the eight million people served as a blood sacrifice - whether deliberate or accidental - that magically rendered everyone else as (at least partially) immortal. This means that guys like Batman and Nightwing can survive being punched into space, and also why they can injure Superman: if everyone is immortal through magic, and since Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic, then everyone can breach his invulnerability.
  • Blood sacrifice or not, perhaps there will indeed be mass immortality tied to Solomon Grundy's own, thus justifying his inclusion in the cast.

Every playable character's voice actor will be reprising from a previous role as said character.
Hey, we've been on a roll so far. At the rate things are going, the only characters who probably won't have this occur are characters who simply haven't been voiced before, which probably means only the most obscure characters would get that treatment.
  • Averted with Deathstroke and Nightwing, since they're voiced by Nolan North and Yuri Lowenthal.
    • Those two are wrong as Lowenthal isn't in the game, Deathstroke—and Ares—are voiced by J. G. Hertzler, Nightwing is voiced by Troy Baker or Neal McDonough, in the vase of Regime!Nightwing, and North is General Zod. Additionally, Flash, Hawkgirl, Shazam, Doomsday, and Black Adam are also in on getting actors who've never played them before as Neal McDonough voices Flash, Jennifer Hale voices Hawkgirl, Joey Naber voices Shazam and Black Adam, and Khary Payton voices Doomsday.

Injustice will have Naruto Expies.
Assuming that Lois Lane dying is the reason for Superman's Face–Heel Turn, Superman will become an Expy of Obito Uchiha/Tobi with Batman representing Kakashi.
  • Similarities, maybe, but being actual Expies seems very unlikely. The plot points to make them such are pretty recent in the Naruto manga, and given that Injustice's story has likely been in development for quite some time prior to the revelation of said plot points (i.e. the initial trailer for Injustice came out months before Naruto revealed this subplot), any deliberate references to such would have to be tweaked from existing material... unless Netherrealm somehow had Naruto spoilers for years, for some bizarre reason. Regardless, the DC and Naruto fandoms are two separate entities and Netherrealm seems unlikely to go out of their way to appeal to a third demographic in addition to Fighting Gamers and DC fans.
    • Also, I don't think the idea of someone taking revenge on others, even those not responsible, because of lost love ones is unique to Naruto. Plus, Supes only really had revenge as a motive when he killed the Joker. The other killings and Kick the Dog moments are due to Knight Templar tendencies. Even before the game's release this was obvious in the prequel comics.

Harley Quinn and the Joker will be Red Oni, Blue Oni respectively.
Going by what little info we've received on the Joker thus far, he seems like a very ominous and Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter" type, as opposed to the bubbly and playful Harley Quinn. This will be the main differing factor between the two characters (besides gender, silly) and probably one of the main reasons why Harley was included in the roster to begin with - to bring about the Laughably Evil, fun Joker aspect to contrast what so far looks like a relatively Knight of Cerebus version of the Joker, somewhat reminiscent of his portrayal in Young Justice.
  • The Prequel Comic Issues have their relationship as being pretty much this.

Possible Mythology Gag Moments

Characters that will be playable as alternative skins
Alternative skins sorted by "based on" character.

  • Superman: Superboy, General Zod, Bizarro, Match, Ultraman, The Blur, Kingdom Come Superman, Superman Beyond, Superbaby...alright the last one is a joke.
    • General Zod is a separate character.
  • Batman: Batman Beyond, Azrael, Owlman, Other Batmen
    • Batman Beyond is confirmed.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, Superwoman
  • The Flash: Zoom, Impulse, Kid Flash, Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick (Both the JSA and Crime Syndicate versions), Max Mercury
    • Earth 2 Jay Garrick is in.
  • Nightwing: Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Barbara Gordon (season 11 comics)
    • Barbara Gordon appears as Batgirl.
    • And Red Hood is a Joker Alt Costume.
  • Cyborg: Blue Beetle
  • Green Arrow: Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy/whatever they are calling him now
  • Catwoman: Cheetah
  • Deathstroke: Red Hood
    • Red Hood is a Joker costume.
  • Green Lantern: John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, Simon Baz, Power Ring
    • John Stewart is confirmed.
  • Bane or Grundy: Killer Croc
  • Raven: Zatanna, White Raven
    • Zatanna is a seperate character.
  • Batgirl: Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain

Darkseid will not be the Big Bad or Final Boss
Instead, he will either be a Red Herring that is never actually involved with events or serve a "Quan Chi" role, with all that implies. His having a Stage Transition cameo in the Hall of Justice stage supports the former theory. Confirmed.

Tying off the above, but then who WILL be the Big Bad Final Boss?
  • Ares. Determined to cause eternal war, he orchestrated a terrible disaster to create war-level animosity between heroes, then pulling a page out of Sisyphus's book and (despite his stance on the matter in the original myth) locks up Thanatos himself to keep the heroes from dying, allowing what Ares hopes to be endless war between the factions that inevitably arise. The rampant magic caused by such an event further throws the powers of various characters into flux, disabling the invulnerablities of characters like Superman and making "lightweights" like Harley Quinn hit a lot harder.
    • It kind of make sense for him to make everyone even matched so they could beat the tar out of each other endlessly.
  • It will be one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe. Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The Phantom Zone is the new Stryker's Island
Even at Superman's worst, he's very rarely a straight-up killer. Still, that begs the question... if he's the regime leader, how is he bringing a "decisive end to these monsters" if he's not killing them? Simple; he's locking them up tighter than ever before... in the Phantom Zone. Think about it. So many portals scattered throughout the Fortress of Solitude, some placed simply for viewing purposes, and even an energy gun that teleports people into it? Furthermore, a figure resembling Doomsday is looming in the background. Now why would Doomsday be lurking inactive in the Fortress of Solitude? Has he taken over in Superman's absence, or is he cooperating with the Man of Steel by serving as his prison warden?
  • He's using the Phantom Zone for Mind Rape of former villains to serve him.
  • Doomsday is under Superman's mind and motor control, as shown in story mode.

Wonder Woman and Superman will become a couple
Based on the latest trailers suggesting that Wonder Woman will be joining Superman' New Regime, its possible Diana will comfort Superman after Lois Lane's death and in the process the two grow closer, not unlike their relationship in Kingdom Come. As of Issue 9 of the prequel comic it turns out that Wonder Woman is actively planning on this to happen.
  • Eventually Jossed. Superman ignored the fanservice.

Guesses for who will be on what side
  • New Regime
    • Superman - Obviously.
    • Wonder Woman - Confirmed by the latest trailers.
    • Hawkgirl - She's always been more violent and aggressive than many other heroes, and she's shown being attacked by Lex Luthor in the IGN trailer and Lex Luthor's story trailer.
      • Confirmed.
    • Black Adam - The New Regime is right up his alley, given that he's always been a Knight Templar character, even back when he was Shazam. Confirmed in Lex Luthor's story trailer.
    • Shazam - Confirmed in Aquaman's debut trailer and Lex Luthor's story trailer.

  • La Résistance
    • Batman - Obviously.
    • Lex Luthor - Superman's Arch-Enemy, he'd have good reason to stand against him. Also strongly suggested in the latest trailers.
      • Confirmed, though the Insurgency Lex was never a villain.
    • Green Arrow - Quintessential street level hero and diehard left-winger, he'd view the New Regime as fascists. Confirmed as of the IGN trailer.
      • Technically confirmed, but he's dead long before the game.
    • Flash - All but confirmed by the latest trailers, with his story apparently being that he initially went New Regime but then realized they went too far and defected.
    • Aquaman - The IGN trailer shows both an army of what looks like Atlanteans attacking an army of Amazons, and New Regime soldiers fleeing from what looks like a massive tidal wave. Confirmed in his debut trailer.
      • Jossed. He's with the Regime.
    • Catwoman - Jerk with a Heart of Gold and sometimes member of the Batman Family. There's also no logical reason she'd ever go New Regime. Confirmed by solicitations for future issues of the prequel comic.
      • Jossed. She joined the Regime because she wanted to protect Batman.
  • Crazy as it would be, what DLC character would fit the insurgency's ideals better than V?

  • Could go either way
    • Cyborg - He's shown fighting both Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman, so right now its not clear what side he will ultimately end up on.
      • Ended up in the Regime. The Cyborg fighting Lex is the heroic one, and it's a misunderstanding.
    • Nightwing - While he is Batman's protege, he is shown fighting Green Arrow in the IGN trailer, and in the Versus Trailer Flash, who seems to be siding with Batman, is shown beating on him. On the other hand, he was shown fighting Cyborg, who may or may not be going New Regime. The preview for future issues also show him to be on Batman's side...
      • Regime.
    • Green Lantern - Space Cop, who has a love-hate relationship with Batman. Will likely go New Regime, and indeed there is a good deal of evidence in the latest trailer to support it, but in that same trailer he's shown trying to restrain Superman at one point.
      • Actually both. There are two Lanterns, the "Good" one from an alternate universe who's sided with the Insurgency and the Yellow Lantern from the Injustice verse who's sided with the Regime.
    • Raven - Has a dark side, but might also acknowledge that the New Regime goes too far and side with her fellow Teen Titans Cyborg, Nightwing, and Robin.
      • Jossed, she's with the Regime along with those mentioned Teen Titans.

  • The Villains will with the above exceptions all be neutrals or aligned with the Joker.
    • Jossed, with the exception of Harley and Joker himself, they're all with the Regime. Harley is with the Insurgency, while Joker has his own gang/followers.

  • Currently, the iOS versions have confirmed the following characters on each side, although it may not factor any character alignment turns:
    • Regime: Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Doomsday, Black Adam, Shazam, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Bane, Sinestro
    • Insurgency: Batman, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke
      • The above-mentioned roster may imply that Superman plans to restrain most of the villains on his roster. Considering that one of these is Doomsday, who nearly killed Supes. More than likely though, the iOS line-up won't reflect the sides in the console game.
      • With the exception of "Joker Insurgency" and a Canon Foreigner "Green Lantern Regime", the line-up does reflect the sides in the console game.

"Batman Wanted" Blimp
Yeah, it most likely has to do with the whole "Batman being hunted / framed by the New Regime", but that almost seems too probable. Instead...

The box art splits the Justice League by their sides in the plot
Take a look at the box art - we have Batman & Superman lunging at each other, and the comic sets up the two being at odds. In the background, we have Cyborg & Wonder Woman on the left of the box, with Superman; and Flash & Green Lantern on the right, with Batman. Joker's in the middle symbolic of his being the reason the League split in the first place.
  • The IGN trailer challenges this by showing GL confronting Batman and making it ambiguous what side Cyborg and Flash are on.
  • Flash eventually defects joins the Insurgency so the box art is arguably split correctly.

Justice Lord Costumes will be DLC
C'mon, NRS... they fit the overall tone AND they look awesome! Pleeeeaaaaase?
  • Unlikely. We're already getting the New 52 costumes as DLC for the characters who were Justic Lords (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman), and remember that of the remaining Justice Lords (John Stewart, Hawkgirl & Martian Manhunter) only one is confirmed for an appearance in the game with playable status not yet certain & whilst a Justice Lord Flash was eventually seen in a later episode, it was so similar to the Reverse-Flash costume that using that as Justice Lord Flash would effectively prevent another character from being used.
    • That being said, its entirely possible for the trinity to still get the costumes, and with Hawkgirl and Green Lantern both being confirmed as playable (even if its not John Stewart), its entirely possible.

Make some guesses as to stuff the trailers might be manipulated into implying.
  • The Flash isn't doubting the Regime's cause, but the League's pre-Regime behaviour.
    • He WAS doubting the Regime at that time.
  • Harley isn't taking orders from Batman; those were two separate clips put together.
    • She WAS taking orders from Batman.
  • The "tidal wave" the Regime troops are "fleeing" is actually a Stargate-esque portal they're charging out from.
    • Jossed. It really is a tidal wave that they're fleeing from. But not from THAT world's Aquaman.
  • The person wearing the yellow suit and putting down Batman's cowl is neither Green Lantern nor Sinestro.
    • It's Yellow Lantern. Formerly Green Lantern. Heh heh.

If Starfire turns up, she will be on Superman's Fallen Hero side.
  • Because... why? That she'd be a Power type? Or that her sometime boyfriend Nightwing might pull a Face–Heel Turn himself?
  • She did side with President Luthors Superheroes in the comics.

Luthor will serve as a distraction during the climax.
Looking at the floor during Luthor's "May fortune favour the foolish" bit in the IGN trailer, it looks like the Regime symbol, much like the large version on the floor from the clip where Green Arrow is fighting the Flash. By all accounts, this seems like its the Regime headquarters... possibly even a throne room of some kind. Furthermore, Luthor is clearly looking up during that scene. Methinks he might enter the chamber to confront or distract Superman, who taunts him with something like "You were/are foolish to come here / challenge me." Cue Luthor quote.
  • Confirmed. It's likely in the same building where he talked to Supes in one interlude, though.

Stage transition cameos
  • Killer Croc's appearance (alongside Penguin and Riddler) will just be part of an Arkham transition. (CONFIRMED, Two-Face cameos as well.)
  • The robotic thing in the Fortress of Solitude's "Phantom Zone" transition will officially be Metallo. (JOSSED; Metallo is on a completely different stage.)

The Hall of Justice serves as the Regime's base
A screenshot in preparation of the "Flash vs Shazam" Battle Arena fight looks very much like "Hall of Justice" material, especially since there are statues of the various heroes serving as metaphorical pillars. However, the Regime symbol is scattered about, emblazoned on the floor and attached to hanging banners. Furthermore, it looks like the head from the Batman statue has been removed for some reason. Just saying, there seems to be a lot of evidence...
  • Confirmed with this screenshot.

The whole game is setup by Mister Mxyzptlk and Bat Mite
It's not the first time they've done something like this.

Lex Luthor will experience a Heel–Face Turn
After his predictions and views of Superman have Gone Horribly Right, Lex experiences a Heel Realization and becomes The Atoner in his alliance with Batman. His somber attitude in the trailers show that the destruction of Metropolis affected him in some way, and it would play up the Grey-and-Gray Morality if Superman has become a Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti Hero while Lex becomes an Anti-Villain.

Nightwing's alternate costume isn't Dick Grayson
The events of the comics take place 5 years prior to the game, according to the comics, and Damian Wayne is confirmed to be Robin when Metropolis is destroyed. Of Dick & Damian, who would be the most likely to agree with the actions of the New Regime? Damian. More than likely, if the game is taking place five years later, it's a teenage Damian Wayne that's seen clashing with Green Arrow in the story trailer.

DLC Costumes based upon other adaptations of the DC characters
  • We already know Green Arrow has the Arrow costume & that Batman, the Joker & Catwoman all have their costumes from the Arkham games as DLC. Other possibilities:
    • Green Lantern: Movie costume, or DCAU John Stewart with a Role Reprise from Ryan Reynolds & Phil La Marr respectively.
      • Whilst a John Stewart costume has been confirmed, it's not based on any of his DCAU appearances but Phil La Marr is reprising the role.
    • Superman: The Blur, or Man of Steel with a Role Reprise from Tom Welling & Henry Cavill respectively.
      • The Man of Steel suit has been confirmed, Cavill does not voice Superman.
    • The Flash: Impulse
      • Jossed: Impluse doesn't appear at all.
    • Nightwing: Young Justice or Batman: Arkham City
      • Jossed.
    • Cyborg: Teen Titans inspired.
      • Whilst a Teen Titans costume was added, it was from the comics & not the animated series.
    • Raven: Teen Titans version, with Tara Strong using the same voice she used on the show, as opposed to the demonic voice Raven has in this game.
      • Whilst a Teen Titans costume was added, it was from the comics & not the animated series.
    • Deathstroke: Again, his appearance in Teen Titans.
      • Whilst a Teen Titans costume was added, it was from the comics & not the animated series.
    • Harley Quinn: Any of her three costumes from Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Harley Quinn's Revenge
      • Harley's Arkham City costume was confirmed in the iOS game, as "Arkham Harley" is unlocked in the console game by playing the iOS game.
    • Aquaman: Batman: The Brave and the Bold inspired, complete with the OUTRAGEOUS voice of John DiMaggio.
    • Jossed.
    • Batman: Batman Beyond, complete with Will Friedle providing the voice.
      • The suit is confirmed in the iOS game, which unlocks the costume for the console game. Kevin Conroy remains the voice, however.

Red Son Solomon Grundy's original identity will be Rasputin.
Why? Rasputinian Death pun aside, it seems like an ideal "vengeful Russian zombie" background identity, especially since "Cyrus Gold" isn't a particularly Russian name. Also, the time frame of death is roughly around when Cyrus Gold supposedly kicked it, and the man's own mysticism could easily stand in for the natural magics of Grundy's native Slaughter Swamp. The swampy bits of his moveset could instead represent the muddy underside of the river he supposedly died in.

This game will usher-in Capcom vs DC or possibly Marvel vs DC game.
Ono already did mention that he would like to see a crossover with DC in the future, as with Marvel. So, why not? The only thing holding it back could be licensing issues. Really, it could be huge when this does happen.

In the Story Mode, the Regime will defeat the Insurgency.
It's all one horrid downward spiral. Some critical plan to beat Superman fails, and in retaliation, Dick Grayson, Green Arrow and Catwoman are killed. From there on in, Batman and the remaining insurgents are slowly hunted down, the conflicts resulting in casualties on both sides, ending with Superman confronting Batman in the destroyed Batcave. Superman ends up killing Batman in the fight, only to be attacked by Lex Luthor some time later, who he also kills. Superman then has a Villainous BSoD as per the shot of him screaming with Lex's body just out of frame in the Story Trailer, realising that he's ended up killing nearly all of his friends (and Regime troops probably killed a lot of people too)and the Joker has effectively won. After this, Superman basically falls into depression, and a few days later, at a celebration of the conflict's end (which may even have public executions of the few Insurgency survivors) Damian Wayne appears, having defected from Superman's side, now wearing either the Batman or Nightwing suit. He leaps towards Superman, who doesn't make a move to stop him, and Damian runs him through with a Kryptonite sword. Superman falls dead as the crowds chant Batman's/Nightwing's name, thus resulting in a Bittersweet Ending. The Regime fell, but at a terrible cost.
  • Jossed, the Insurgency never falls, and Batman lives.

In the Story Mode, the Insurgency will defeat the Regime, but at a heavy cost.
Assuming the above doesn't happen, its possible that events will have more of an Earn Your Bittersweet Ending. Lex Luthor and Batman will have an Enemy Mine, and while Lex Luthor dies fighting Superman (along with potentially Batman) Superman has a Heel Realization and either has a Death Equals Redemption moment, or surrenders. The Joker will die for good, and assuming he's the Big Bad Ares will answer for his crimes. In the aftermath of all the bloodshed and the deaths of the Trinity, the remaining heroes, such as Green Arrow and Catwoman, are left to rebuild.
  • Lex was always with the Insurgency. Supes, Bats and Wonder Woman were never slain. Though: Supes never has a Heel Realization. That universe's Joker was always dead. Ares was not the Big Bad at any time.

Starfire and Beast Boy were killed in the nuking of Metropolis.
In issue 8 of the tie-in comic, Nightwing and Raven are focused on when Wonder Woman mentions that heroes died in that incident, both looking very sad. Superman also mentions that Nightwing and Robin have lost friends. Couple that with their absence, and it seems possible.
  • Starfire, at least, lives and is shown siding with President Luthor.
  • Confirmed for Beast Boy, who died along with Kid Flash in the blast. Superboy was there too, but he survived.

Guesses for Clash Quotes between different characters.
  • If you have ideas for what characters will say to one another for their clash quotes, put them here.
    • Doomsday Vs. Superman
    Doomsday: "I'll kill you!"
    • Batman Vs. Nightwing
    Nightwing: Yeah, yeah, watch and learn old man.
    • Deathstroke Vs. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman: Yield, Slade.
    Deathstroke: Don't break a nail, princess.
    • Ares Vs. Wonder Woman
    Ares: You dare challenge the God of War?
    Wonder Woman: I've done it before.
    • Ares Vs. Aquaman
    Ares: Gods surpass kings, whelp.
    Aquaman: Not this King.
    • Lex Luthor Vs. Doomsday
    Doomsday: Kill you!
    • Catwoman Vs. Nightwing
    Catwoman: Come to Kitty, little bird.
    Nightwing: Think I'll pass.
    • Bane Vs. Batman - CONFIRMED partly. Bane does reference Knightfall.
    • Solomon Grundy Vs. Nightwing
    Grundy: Grundy must hurt the bird!
    Nightwing: Let's redo that handsome face, shall we?
    • Superman Vs. Flash
    Flash: Don't worry Supes, I'll let you win this time.
    • Solomon Grundy Vs. Sinestro
    Sinestro: You should be.
    • Ares Vs. Superman
    Ares: A mortal posing as a God. How quaint!
    Superman: You're just another bully Ares.
    • The Joker Vs. Ares
    Joker: Oh goody! I've never killed a ''God'' before!
    Ares: Don't insult me.
    • Deathstroke Vs. Joker
    Deathstroke: You're going to die clown.
    Joker: Let's have some fun!
    • Wonder Woman Vs. Green Arrow
    Wonder Woman: My bracelets deflect bullets, they'll deflect your arrows.
    Green Arrow: Not the explosive ones they won't.
    • Shazam Vs. Superman
    Superman: It's past your bedtime Billy.
    • Black Adam Vs. Superman
    Black Adam: Your vulnerability to magic will be your downfall.
    Superman: Not this time it won't.
    • Hawkgirl Vs. Deathstroke
    Hawkgirl: You're going to lose the other eye.
    Deathstroke: Time to clip your wings.
    • Catwoman Vs. Hawkgirl
    Catwoman: Cats eat birds.
    Hawkgirl: You might choke on this one.
    • Lex Luthor Vs. Shazam
    Lex Luthor: Another idiot boyscout with godlike powers.
    Shazam: This one might be more than you can handle!
    • Green Lantern Vs. Batman
    Green Lantern: You can't hide in the shadows with me Bruce.
    Batman: I don't need to.
    • Harley Quinn Vs. Batman
    Harley: Come on B-Man, smile!
    • Lex Luthor Vs. Ares
    Lex Luthor: I kneel to no God.
    Ares: A fatal error.
    • Black Adam Vs. Shazam
    Black Adam: You are unworthy of my legacy.
    Shazam: We'll see about that.
    • Ares Vs. Black Adam
    • Bane Vs. Nightwing
    Bane: I will break you as I did your master.
    Nightwing: Not if I break you first!
    • Shazam Vs. Cyborg
    • Lex Luthor Vs. Bane
    Lex Luthor: Brains beats brawn every time.
    • Deathstroke Vs. Aquaman
    Deathstroke: Need a glass of water your majesty?
    Aquaman: I believe I'll manage without it.
    • The Flash Vs. Green Arrow
    The Flash: This will be over before you fire a shot.
    Green Arrow: Time for a speeding ticket.
    • Cyborg or Nightwing Vs. Raven
    Cyborg/Nightwing: I don't wanna hurt you Raven.
    Raven: Your mistake.
    • Superman Vs. The Joker
    Superman: For Lois!
    Joker: Come and get me boyscout!
    • Lex Luthor Vs. The Joker
    Lex Luthor: You're finished clown
    Joker: Bring it on cue-ball!
    • Harley Quinn Vs. Nightwing
    Harley Quinn: Time to die bird brain!
    Nightwing: Anyone but you.
    • Nightwing Vs. Deathstroke
    Nightwing: Let's see who wins this time.
    Deathstroke: Don't try it kid.
    • Batman Vs. Deathstroke
    Batman: I don't have time for you Slade
    Deathstroke: Afraid you'll lose again?
    • Hawkgirl Vs. Killer Frost
    Hawkgirl: Time to break the ice.
    Killer Frost: Gonna freeze your wings off!
    • Killer Frost Vs. Ares or Black Adam
    Killer Frost: Let's see if Gods can feeeze.
    Ares or Black Adam: You're an idiot.
    • Aquaman Vs. Killer Frost
    Aquaman: A little chill won't stop me.
    Killer Frost: Always liked fish served cold.
    • Joker Vs. Nightwing
    Nightwing: I'm whelmed.
    • Joker Vs. Joker
    • Hawkgirl Vs. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman: I don't want to hurt you.
    • Green Arrow Vs. Aquaman
    Green Arrow: Time to get canned!
    • Cyborg Vs. Aquaman

Ares helps the Insurgency stand a chance by making gadget characters able to go up against power characters.
In the prequel comic, Wonder Woman taunts Ares about how he will be useless once the Regime has ended all wars, and this is seen getting to him. So unless he actually does want to be the God of Ponies, it makes sense for him to be the one responsible for gadget characters surviving so much abuse and being able to hurt people like Superman. In addition, he might be the one who brings Doomsday into the fight.
  • Jossed. Empowered Badass Normal characters are achieved through the SU 93 R pill. Supes himself brings in Doomsday.

  • Alternatively, Damian Wayne or Dick Grayson.
    • JOSSED. It's the Joker from an alternate world, one that never suffered the calamity of the Injustice universe.

Lex Luthor is a Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk and The Mole
Despite evidence suggesting he's pulled a Heel–Face Turn and has joined Batman's resistance, his line of joining the Regime because "he always chooses the winning side" suggests that in fact he's undercover in Batman's resistance and that his holographic message of how Batman is the "face of the insurgency" is him giving advice to Superman and/or Wonder Woman on how to stop the Insurgency for good. Finally, the Kryptonite laser shows that he's also planning to get rid of Superman once and for all. In short a bad guy through and through.
  • More or less confirmed, though the Lex who's with the Insurgency was never a villain.

The fear gas wasn't used on Superman.
It was actually Batman, who was ambushed slightly before the comic took place. Everything is actually the product of his greatest fear, of Superman turned evil. After all, not only are thousands of lives lost, but Batman loses a number of friends, the planet is thrown into turmoil, and, arguably, it was all his fault for not putting the Joker away years ago.
  • JOSSED. It really was used on Superman

The Hindenburg disaster was caused by a JSA fight
I mean, given what happens to the blimp on the Gotham stage...

Superman and/or Wonder Woman will cross the Moral Event Horizon in the prequel comic or the game itself.
Superman's already come close with his last Kick the Dog moment that saw him dumping Atlantis into the Sahara and is more and more going into Knight Templar territory. More than likely he'll just become so bad that he winds up doing this, and that that is what inspires Batman to finally make a stand against him. It might also be what prompts the Flash's Heel–Face Turn.

Superman is responsible for the deaths of Alfred and Nightwing
Giving a possible candidate for the above, the solicitations for the last few issues of the prequel comic mention that Batman has suffered a "devastating tragedy" with only Catwoman at his side. On the cover for these issues Superman is also seen looking sad in the background. Interpreting these facts, its possible that Superman or another member of the Regime punished Batman for his resistance by exposing his secret identity, which then got Wayne Manor or the Batcave destroyed or damaged and Alfred and Nightwing killed by vengeful villains. Devastated by the monstrous act his former friends have perpetuated, Batman finally puts his foot down and with Catwoman and Green Arrow forms the resistance in the game.
  • PARTIALLY JOSSED. Damian Wayne kills Nightwing, but its still possible Superman had something to do with it
    • Especially since this is Dick Grayson. He is one of the most liked people in the DCU, nevermind that Damian greatly respects Dick and thinks of him like a brother.

Shazam will use Electric Torture on Batman
At some point in the story, when Batman refuse to join the New Regime, Shazam will say "If you will not be turned, you will be ''destroyed!''" and a fight will begin. But in the cutscene after it, Shazam will just start zapping Batman again and again while saying: "Fool. Only now, at the end, do you understand. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Wizard! You will pay the price for your lack of vision!"
  • Realizing then that the heroes under his New Regime have gone too far, Superman grabs Shazam and hurls him into the Phantom Zone, but his magical lightning mortally wounds him in the process.

Captain Falcon will be a playable Guest Fighter via-DLC on the Wii U
If the other consoles get guests he would honestly fit for Nintendo being a Superhero himself. Or, Non-Specific Action Figure.

Harley, Lex, and possibly Deathstroke have ulterior motives for joining the Insurgency.
  • Harley: Wants to rip apart Superman for killing her Mistah J. But then she eventually realizes his death was a blessing for her and chooses to stick with the Insurgency. CONFIRMED for the second part.
  • Lex Luthor: Plans to rebuild Lexcorp, which, as a result of the Joker's bombing of Metropolis, is bankrupt.
  • Deathstroke, if he in fact joins the Insurgency, is only there because Batman paid him, and/or to get Revenge on whoever it is he seeks "payback" against in the Story Trailer (possibly Wonder Woman).

The iOS version of the game does not accurately represent who's on what side.
Think about it: why in the world would Catwoman ever work with the New Regime? She's exactly the kind of person who should be worried about a "zero tolerance for crime" government running the show since she happens to be a Classy Cat-Burglar. And who would she be most likely to side with: Batman or Superman? Not to mention that the solicitations for future issues of the prequel comic show that she joins Batman.
  • JOSSED, as she's defected to the Regime as an attempt to protect Batman from receiving the brunt of Superman's wrath.
  • Also the Joker. There is no way Batman would ever work with his Arch-Enemy, especially since here the Joker is the whole reason Superman is a Knight Templar and Batman has to form a resistance against him in the first place. While it is quite feasible that the Joker would be working to topple the New Regime, he would be doing so on his own terms, possibly gathering other villains to his cause.
    • Partly CONFIRMED. The Injustice universe's Joker has been dead for five years by the events of the game, thus was never a member of the Insurgency to begin with. While the alternate universe's Joker fights for the Insurgency, the Insurgency's Batman is clearly not happy about it and throws him in jail.
  • Doomsday and Solomon Grundy, being Dumb Muscle and Ax-Crazy, would not care at all for a complex conflict such as the one in the game and would therefore not pick a side, though Grundy at least might be persuaded to work for the Joker.
    • JOSSED, as Doomsday and Grundy underwent varying forms of brainwashing to serve the Regime, the former being affixed with a slave collar, while Grundy was given general brainwashing all Regime recruits go through since Superman couldn't simply kill him.
  • Sinestro, being an alien who wants to conquer the Earth, would not have any good reason to respect Superman's authority and would also, like Doomsday and Grundy not care about the conflict at all. Rather, he would just be interested in conquering the Earth for himself.
    • JOSSED, as he actually does respect Superman's similar form of government, forging an alliance between Korugar and Earth. In exchange for leading Regime troops, Superman promised to help Sinestro with unknown goals. He does suggest however that the alliance isn't permanent.
  • Finally, the roster fails to account for the Flash having a Heel–Face Turn, as shown in the trailers for the Console Game, and also leaves it remarkably unbalanced, though that at least could very well be the case in the game proper.

Regime Catwoman is not from the Injustice universe.
Assuming the above idea isn't true, its possible that the Catwoman of the Injustice Universe was Killed Off for Real while with Batman's resistance and that the one with the Regime is the one from the universe the non-Face–Heel Turn JLA come from, who is joining the Regime to keep from ending up like her counterpart.
  • JOSSED, Regime Catwoman is from the Injustice verse

Scorpion is just a placeholder name for....
The Martian Manhunter
  • Jossed. Scorpion is here for real.
    • And even then, we got Martian Manhunter later on.

Though he considered it, Ares never took up Wonder Woman's idea to become "God of Ponies"
Because, let's face it: since he draws power from people engaging in whatever he is god of, if he'd become God of Ponies, he would've been nigh unstoppable.
  • Depends on whether MLP:FIM could've existed in the Injustice universe, though...

General Zod was Superman's Archenemy in the Injustice Universe.
Considering that Lex Luthor was never evil in that universe, somebody had to take his place.

Bayonetta as a DLC Character?
... hey, it could happen. Maybe.
  • Her moveset will be, of course, taken directly from her game(s), complete with Wicked Weaves, her Character Trait could be the Umbran Climax that was introduced in the sequel (as opposed to "Witch Time" since The Flash already has a similar ability, although "Witch Time" can still make an appearance in her Moveset), and let's not forget Jeanne as an alternate Costume, complete with her own quotes and Battle Intro! And for her Super Move: Gamorrah, natch.
    • ...No, it couldn't! There's zero connection between Sega and Netherrealms, the sequel game is a Wii U exclusive, and the game is a DC fighting game.

Whatever happened in Green Lantern's ending is a Sequel Hook
Because it's way too confusing to just leave like that. Unless it's a hint for something that will happen in DCU canon in the future.

The Superman vs Black Adam minigame was a Secret Test of Character for the player.
After spending the whole game seeing the evils of Regime!Superman, were given a Sadistic Choice of either zapping innocent people to protect yourself, or accept the damage in order to protect the innocent so as to demonstrate what Hero!Superman is like in comparison.

The Plot of the First Game (or just the plot in General)... the response to the song "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down (or at least the chorus). Think about it: Injustice proves that if "[he] goes crazy then" yes, the majority of his peers (and enemies, and the general public) will in fact "still call him Superman". "If he's alive", at least some of his lieutenants and the extremists who believed in the cause and/or his (crazy!Superman's) methods, and "be there a-holding [his] hand" metaphorically. "[He'll] keep you by [his] side with [his] superhuman might," well this needs little explaining- he's adopted a sword-or-the-knee policy enforced by the superhuman powers of himself and others by the start of the game. And Kryptonite in this case isn't the one foreboding note in a plain heroic melody, but the one hope in a despairing situation. Sure, it doesn't exactly work out that way, but I maintain it sorta fits.

     The Sequel Game 
What happens to Superman after the Sequel Hook.
1. He gives up trying to escape, but eventually he sees a broadcast celebrating the destruction of the Regime (including Damian Wayne, the Flash, Green/Yellow Lantern, Cyborg, and Catwoman who all had changes of heart), causing him to break out of the red lamp room, go to Lois' grave, dig her up, and talk to her before preceding to do something to himself which likely kills him ala Raul Menendez

2. He is found by a Red Lantern Ring and is made Red Lantern of Sector 2814 (Rest in Peace, Dex-Starr), giving him the power to escape and a new army joining him (which he then hijacks from Atrocitus, because, well, Superman with a Lantern ring). He fits the psychological profile of a Red Lantern recruit perfectly, and we're shown that Red Lanterns are a thing via Atrocitus' background cameo.

Injustice will get a sequel and will involve Trigon
Regime Raven is not seen anywhere during the Story Ending. Considering her allegiance, once Regime Superman is taken down, she'd more likely to resume the resurrection of Trigon. Classic Battle Raven ending also involve Trigon being released because Raven overused her power to defeat Regime Superman. So the hints are there. It's possible that Regime Raven, with the excuse of Undying Loyalty to save Regime Superman, tried to free him by using the majority of powers, and when she overloaded, it's just as planned: Trigon is unleashed. Trigon then proceeded to enslave the majority of Regime heroes imprisoned, including Regime Superman. Once again Insurgency Batman survived the mass enslaving and found Regime Raven released from Trigon's possession, and having a My God, What Have I Done? moment, and dying. In her dying request, she urged Batman to stop her father. Insurgency Batman has no choice but to call upon the main universe heroes again to save the now hell-on-earth Regime universe, and since usually Trigon fought against the Teen Titans, he'd bring up not just old friends, but also main universe's Raven (has the biggest knowledge on Trigon and so far ensured that he stays sealed in her) and Nightwing (fellow Teen Titans with knowledge on fighting Trigon, it's also another WMG that Regime Raven gave in to Demonic Possession because Dick Grayson was killed and she didn't like his replacement (Damian Wayne) as much).

Trigon thus far only fought the Teen Titans, but never the Justice League, right? Can you imagine Batman and Superman facing against the DC Equivalent of Satan?

  • Also as a bonus, the last time Regime Raven was left, it was on Themiscyra, just after Wonder Woman fought Ares. Considering Ares' nature, would it be in character that with Superman's regime ending, in order to speed up in amassing his power, Ares would strike a 'team up' with first Regime Raven to bring Trigon, THEN strike 'allegiance' with Trigon? Maybe to show his superiority over Trigon as well.

Injustice's sequel will be an adaptation of Justice.
Oh, come on. It's the greatest Superhero/Supervillain clash ever made. The mighty Justice League versus the sinister Legion of Doom. This shouldn't even need explanation. Just make it happen. PLEASE.

The sequel will involve an Enemy Mine between the remnants of the Regime and The Insurgency.

Character variations
Given Netherrealm's track record of cribbing elements from prior games (Like how stage interactions were worked into Mortal Kombat X, and clash quotes made a resurgence as pre-fight banter) it would make sense for X's character variation system to make a reappearance in Injustice 2, potentially naming some variations after the character's numerous epithets from the comics. Some proposed variations:
  • Batman:
    • Dark Knight: Melee based. Gives batman larger, more detailed gauntlets, a la his "Armored" batsuit from Batman: Arkham Asylum
    • Caped Crusader: Gadget-based. Gives Bats a larger utility belt.
    • Shadow Vigilante: Defensive stance, focusing on blocking, dodging, and acrobatics. Gives him his Detective Vision white lenses.
  • Superman:
    • Man of Steel: Melee-Based, utilizing a lot of Clark's superspeed and super-strength, mixing in some of his powers. He walks instead of flying.
    • Man of Tomorrow: Similar to his moveset in the first game. He hovers and his eyes glow with heat vision.
    • Last Son of Krypton: Carries a utility belt with some of the tech he has stored away in the fortress of Solitude. Like the Gravity Gun, for instance.
  • Lex Luthor:
    • Kryptonite Man: A smaller power suit designed for faster combat, and has more long-range options.
    • Mech Suit: A larger power suit similar to his suit in Injustice proper, albeit without gadgets and more power oriented.
    • Man of Tomorrow: With superpowers, ala the finale of All Star Superman. Similar to Superman in Injustice, albeit with more of a defensive edge.

The sequel will delve into the Multiverse.
Featuring multiple versions of all the cast, who may or may not have separate voices ala Infinite Crisis, more universes, and overall just being "bigger". Brainiac may also be involved.

Alternate Costumes
Since there is going to be a sequel, might as well start hypothesizing.

Potential Sequel Characters
  • Supergirl
    • Confirmed.
  • Brainiac
  • Starfire, Beast Boy
  • Darkseid
  • Black Canary
  • The Atom
  • Hawkman
  • Captain Atom
  • Adam Strange
  • Firestorm
  • Red Tornado
  • Vixen
  • Vibe
  • Guy Gardner as Warrior
  • Mister Miracle
  • Big Barda
  • Orion
  • Etrigan
  • Blue Devil
  • Booster Gold
  • Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
  • Maxima
  • Bloodwynd
  • Black Lightning
  • Metamorpho
  • Katana
  • Halo
  • Geo-Force
  • Looker
  • The Creeper
  • Plastic Man
  • Aztek
  • Zauriel
  • Doctor Fate
  • Sand
  • Hourman
  • Atom Smasher
  • Starman or Stargirl
  • Doctor Mid-nite
  • Wildcat
  • Power Girl
  • Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
  • Mister Terrific
  • Amazing Man
  • Air Wave
  • Manhunter
  • Fury
  • Captain Steel
  • Wally West
  • Garth
  • Donna Troy
  • Red Arrow
  • Dove
  • Hawk
  • Herald
  • Kole
  • Jericho
  • Ravager
  • Aquagirl
  • Bumblebee
  • Terra
  • Argent
  • Damage
  • Red Robin
  • Superboy
  • Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
  • Aqualad
  • Red Devil
  • Blue Beetle
    • Confirmed.
  • Static
  • Skitter
  • Bunker
  • Anima
  • Lagoon Boy
  • Elasti-Girl
  • Negative Man
  • Robotman
  • Celsius
  • Tempest
  • Batwoman

The sequel will involve most of the characters killed during the course of the story (both in the comic and the game) becoming Black Lanterns.

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