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In my years fighting crime, I've learned one truth... That every villain is the hero of his own story. Superman was no exception. The Joker drugged him, tricked him into killing his pregnant wife, Lois, and made him trigger the bomb that nuked Metropolis. So when Superman killed the Joker, I understood why. We all did. But once that line was crossed, there was no going back. He gave himself and the Justice League a new mandate. Stop all crime before it happened, by any means necessary. But he couldn't see his good intentions were leading him down a path of tyranny and evil. That's how our greatest hero became our greatest threat...
Bruce Wayne

I couldn't be there to finish the first fight against Superman. I'm damn sure finishing this one.
Black Canary

In a few short hours we break the yoke of oppression... forever! No more Regime. No more Justice League. Today, the world welcome its new masters... the Society!
Gorilla Grodd's Society introduction speech

Catwoman: You have no idea what you're doing.
Green Arrow: Sure I do. I'm in Gorilla City, fighting a lady in a cat-suit. This is one for the bucket list.

All day I've been reminded of how I failed to be a hero. How hard it's gonna be to regain people's trust.
The Flash

You're right. I do hate myself for what I've done. But my will is stronger than my hate.
Green Lantern to Atrocitus of his self-hatred


Batman: Clark, there are lines you don't cross.
Superman: The world's changed since Metropolis.
Batman reminding Superman


They say that battle changes you. It makes you stronger, more ferocious. A monster in the night, watching, learning, hunting. Each time I enter the pit I emerge reborn, put the devil on the other side and I will show up, evolved, adapted and prepared to fight.
Ra's Al Ghul, announcement trailer

Savior, monster. Guardian, vigilante. The preservation of life - so often the justification for taking it. Humans, elevating those that keep guard, until they watch too close, and the so-called "hero", condoning the very act he would condemn. Transgressions of the past shape actions to come, as "offspring" turns into "adversary". Yesterday's loss leads to madness, and "god" becomes "tyrant", becomes "outcast", becomes dust. As factions dissolve and form, and lust for power enslaves all...such folly and futility in the grand design. Curious how lines once cleanly defined become blurred. Perhaps it is time for them to be...redrawn.
Brainiac, story trailer

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