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     Pollo's New Body story arc 
Mechakara will take over the cybermat
If you didn't know, Linkara has been building a cybermat for awhile now, saying he's going to use it this November. I'm guessing, that since Mechakara went from the hand to Pollo v.02, he will go into the cybermat.
  • Jossed

Mechakara will gather all the "machines" on the show (Pollo 2.0, the Cybermat, etc.) and use him in his new plans...
What if he has the power to possess machines now and uses it to turn the various doohickeys that Linkara uses on the show against him?
  • Jossed

Linkara will lose Comicron-1 eventually.
Especially now that Mechakara has just managed to sneak onboard. Perhaps in the final battle against Mechakara, or in a desperate last resort move that destroys both the ship and Mechakara, resulting in a Pyrrhic Victory for Linkara and crew.
  • Jossed, on both accounts: the ship remains intact and... it's Lord Vyce, not Mechakara.
  • Confirmed, though not for the listed reasons.

Mechakara is trying to reach Lord Vyce
Linkara is doing a 3-part review of Star Trek 2, which deals with an antagonist's revenge for being abandoned on a desolate planet by the hero, just as Linkara did to Vyce. Mechakara is the means by which Vyce will escape and seek revenge, mirroring the plot of the comic.

Nimue will do a HAL 9000 on Linkara at the end of his ‘The Wrath of Khan’ trilogy.
Think about it for a minute. Linkara programmed her with ‘honesty and ethical guidelines’ to stop her taking over the word. However, her job is to protect Comicron-1 and, at the end of the last review, Linkara said he’d be willing to blow up Comicron-1 rather than let Mechakara take control it. Maybe it’s just the fact Nimue looks like HAL but I can’t see her being too happy about that.
  • Jossed: While she has stated what she woulda done had she followed the guidelines. She also mentioned a subroutine that in layman's terms that should an event like that put her in that situation, her answer in Linkara's words was "Screw them it's not my problem."
    • Not jossed yet: She said that it would be a waist of her time and recourses to take over the world because her job is to run and maintain Comicron-1. However, she didn’t say what she’d do if Comicron-1 was threatened.

Her exact words when asked if she would take over the world were, “Such an action would be entirely illogical and ill-advised. This unit’s function is to maintain a spaceship; its programming carefully fine-tuned for that purpose. And, as such, assuming direct control over humanity would be a drain on that task since it would require micromanagement of the populous in addition to the deaths of people who would undoubtedly disobey and attempt to disrupt this unit’s work. As such the answer is to maintain orbit and allow humanity to do what it wishes.”

Linkara summarised by saying, “Screw them it's not my problem,” but threatening Comicron-1 would very much count as her problem.

  • Ok now I’ll admit it’s Jossed.

Pollo will be destroyed

His old body will be destroyed trying to re-balance the engines in a homage to Spock's death in Wrath of Khan.Confirmed

  • Not quite. The old body was destroyed due to the radiation frying his circuits, but Pollo was able to download his conscience somewhere else. Moreover, take into account of the Search for Spock. Next part of the story arc is likely to be the team searching for Pollo and finally getting him his new body.

Pollo downloaded his conscience into Neutro

Neutro is big enough to house Pollo’s conscience and it has no mind of its own.

  • Jossed: He was in Linkara’s model Tom Servo

Lord Vyce will be back before the arc's over with.
Recently on Twitter, Linkara said he's lucky it snowed where he is, because he needs some "outdoor snowy shots" for an upcoming episode. He tried to cover it up by saying it might be for a Snowflame reference in the New Guardians review or "lots of other reasons," but I'd bet dollars to donuts it's for Lord Vyce's prison dimension.
  • Jossed. Snowflame did appear.
  • However, that doesn't mean Vyce won't show up again sometime in the future...
  • Confirmed, as of the "Youngblood #4" review... in vocal form, at least.

Lord Vyce will land on Pluto.
Warning: all of this is spoileriffic. Linkara blasted Vyce-kara out into space, and they were already in the distant solar system. Note that, in the comic which Neutro appeared, he was created by the Plutonians for conquest. Given Neutro actually exists in the CA-verse, its a safe bet that they do here(not to mention it'll give us a big Brick Joke.)

The way I see it going down is this: Lord Vyce ends up trapped in Pluto's orbit, and is found by the Plutonians. Vyce is pleased that they don't know who he is, so decides to help them out: he tells them that their Neutro has been stolen and hijacked by Linkara, and gives them enough information so that they consider upgrading him a good idea. His new apperance is a more mechanical version of his Vyce shirt, but with some Neutro-esque looks and a hint as his nature as someone from a Pokemon game.

When Linkara comes looking, he'll find Vyce gone. The actual Vyce will be sending an invasion to Earth in order to distract him, so he can hack on the V-Ship again. During this, he'll scan the planet, to see where Linkara's "haughty claims" come from.

Lord Vyce will find himself back on his own world...sort of.
At the end of the His Blue Soul story arc, it was revealed that Lord Vyce had converted himself into a being of pure data, similar to the Entity that he hated so much in his own words. Soon after, he was left adrift in space, vowing that he wasn't finished.

This will kick of a series of events where Linkara will come into conflict with Lord Vyce again at some point in the future. Vyce will push Linkara to the point where he has to take extreme steps to stop him continuing to enslave, conquer and destroy entire worlds. With no other option, Linkara will use technology stolen from Dr Insano to open a rift in Hypertime which he will throw Vyce into. After sealing the rift, Linkara will believe Vyce destroyed.

But due to Vyce now existing in data form he will survive, but not unscathed. Trapped for relative centuries or more outside of any real existance, Vyce will be damaged, ravaged, and corrupted, his mind broken and barely functioning. And then finally he will fall out of Hypertime into a world and time that he should find familiar from long ago in the past. But in his insane and amnesiac state, he won't remember the world, his reason for living, or anything except for one single phrase that defines him - "All that I see, I conquer". And he will continue his mission of conquest in the only way he can now, his reasons like his memories, his past, and his name... Missing...

Lord Vyce will reappear in the Fourth Year Anniversary.
The anniversary has been revealed to be sci-fi based, and Vyce was last seen floating outside the solar system. He could hitch a ride on one of the spaceships and attempt his revenge against Linkara. Plus it wouldn't too hard for him to be to be in the special, all Lewis has to do is bring the Pollo 2.0 body for filming certain shots.
  • This would be pretty fitting. Lord Vyce, and his antagonist the Entity were depicted affecting things world-wide. What would show how far-reaching his threat is? Have him play a part of the Fourth Anniversary!
  • Jossed.

    Some THING new/Halloween 2012 
Linkara is the Thing.
Think about it- Nimue only detected the unknown thing after Linkara walked in the room.

90's Kid is the Thing
  • I'm sorry, but after the Entity arc, I don't think Lewis would do practically the exact same thing again.
    • For the record is strictly a Devil's Advocate statment as I agree with the above troper. It could be that Linkara knows that people would assume he's not in 90's Kid because of the Entity storyline and BECAUSE of that did people would expect; put it in 90's Kid. Linkara has said that he likes playing around with expectations.

Linksano is the Thing
If one of them has been taken over/replaced by the Thing than it’d make the most sense (from the Thing’s prospective) to choose Linksano. I mean, think about it for a second - Linksano's the one who has the most chance of working out if anyone else has been taken over because he could come up with ways to test their humanity. He's also, apart from Linkara, the one with the most control over the computer systems, both on the ship and in the house, and could've easily disabled them if he wanted.
  • Im not sure if I buy this- I'm getting the vibe that it's something else. I mean, Linkara's main beef with the Starscream and Thing sequel comics is that the Thing should've stayed in the background and waited for everyone to destroy themselves out of paranoia and fear, not draw attention to itself- and especially not give its enemies good ideas. If it did possess him, it would be put into a position where everyone was expecting him to know what to do- and while it could use this to its advantage by providing false information, it would still be drawing unwanted attention to itself. Better to choose someone like Harvey.

Harvey is the Thing
This makes sense- Lewis has already done a "possession no one suspected" plot with 90's Kid, and it doesn't make sense for him to do it again. Harvey is essentially The Heart of the team, has known Linkara for a long time, and therefore has the most sway over Linkara's morals and choices. If the Thing was smart, it would possess him and use his influence to spread doubts about Linksano- who has been on the team for the shortest time, not to mention was once evil- and about 90's kid, considering the Entity arc.

Nobody is the Thing
It's just a plot by the Gunslinger to screw with everybody's heads in an attempt to get Linkara "angry" and take the magic gun. He wants the gun, not necessarily a rematch with the guy who nearly killed him with little effort.
  • Confirmed. His explanation suggests that he's a good guy though...

The Thing is or is related to The Entity
Nimue said an "unknown entity" was in the apartment. Also, Vyce and Mechakara have come back multiple times, so why not The Entity?
  • Jossed- Lewis said in his Electric Tale of Pikachu commentary that the Entiry really is dead, and barring a really good idea for a sequel, it won't ever come back.

The shadow at the end was the Ninja Style Dancer
I don't know why exactly he would be there as a shadow, but the general shape of it looks like NSD, we haven't seen him in a long time, and he is a ninja, so of course he'd hide in the shadows.

The shadow is Todd in the Shadows
You can see that he's wearing his trademark hoodie.

The intruder is NOT the Thing.
Just because Linkara is reviewing the Thing comics and borrowing the basic plot doesn't mean the Thing itself will make an appearance. And with all due respect, Linkara's special effects aren't all that good, so I don't see how he could include the Thing's special mutations without looking unbelievably Narmy.

The shadow is in fact Mysterior
What does he want? It's a mystery!

     Guns and Sorcery 
This arc will be a prequel or involve a flashback.
Linkara has previously teased that his secret origin will be for another time. Perhaps this is that time. After all, we still don't know the In-Universe explanation of how the magic gun came into his possession, or the rest of his weapons, for that matter.
  • Confirmed at least as far as his Arsenal of Freedom is concerned.
  • In a Q&A panel, Linkara mentioned he wanted to show the origin of Linkara for Secret Origins Month, but the amount of work during October made him take a break from story lines for a while. We might get his origin next year though.

After this arc, there will be a new theme song.
Because we'll learn the answer to "where'd he purchase that?"

The Magic Gun took away Linkara's magic.
The Magic Gun, seeing that his pride was getting the better of him used her power to strip him of his magic to protect him from falling down an evil path.
  • Confirmed in the ending of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2.

Linkara's turn to evil is what is making Holo!lLinkara evil.

Holo!Linkara was made to perfectly mimic Linkara while he's on his quest to retrieve his magic. If Linkara is turning evil, then it stands to reason that Holo!Linkara will turn evil as well by mimicking him. The reason it's happening faster is that Holo!Linkara isn't the original and thus has no ultimately moral center to hold him back. He's simply following his programming. "Mimic Linkara and review comics." He threatened 90's kid because Linkara on some level wants to use force to make him go away. Because Holo!Linkara isn't bound by morality, just his programming, he sees no reason not to attack and threaten him. All he has done is do as Linkara would do. It all comes back to Linkara steadily growing more evil. In fact, without the Magic Gun's intervention (See above for that theory) it's possible Linkara would have done something similar in time.

Confirmed. Linkara did state that if it weren't for Margaret, he would be evil.

The new ‘villain’ is not actually evil.

He just assumed that Linkara was because he uses a gun powered by the soul of a little girl and he was just trying to free her.

  • Perhaps he's a Hero Antagonist and is trying to prevent the Magic Gun from falling into the wrong hands. He gives me a St. Germain of Castlevania fame vibe with that pocketwatch, too...
    • confirmed

The finale to this arc will homage "The End of Time".

It has already been pointed out how the start of this arc concerning Linkara's ego and the gun turning off homaged "The Waters of Mars" (concerning the Doctor and the Time Lord Victorious). Considering how much of a Doctor Who fan Lewis is, this was most likely not accidental.

  • Now we have an explanation of how the gun stopped working. However, giving the timing of it, I'm not sure this has been Jossed yet.

It's not the Magic gun that stopped working.
All magic in the world has gone! Gunslinger is the inter-dimensional time traveller (hence the pocket-watch, that seems to be his source of power), who travelled back in time to destroy all the magic.
  • Alternatively, magic could've been destroyed by the some enemy of the Gunslinger, who tried to stop him and destroy all the magic guns in existence.
    • Jossed, the gun's magic is only being suppressed by an Anti Magic Field of some kind.
Linkara will realize he's going a bit mad with power...thanks to SNOWFLAME!
By one of two methods:
  • Snowflame will use some cocaine metaphor about power to try and get Linkara to use cocaine. Linkara will instead realize he'd getting a bit power addicted and snap out of it.
  • Snowflame will randomly spout good lessons learned form PSA comics and my My Little Pony, making Linkara realize that something can have An Aesop without sucking, and helping him be less cynical.

The little girl deactivated the Magic Gun from within
She heard Linkara's arrogant rant and wants to save him from himself.
  • Confirmed in the ending of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2.

Dr. Insano was only partly responsible for the anti-magic barrier
Dr. Insano started working on the anti-magic barrier, but never got around to finishing it, or finished it, and just never used. Then, the Gunslinger got his hands on it somehow.

Insano finally found someone to sell the anti-magic field generator kit to...
... The Gunslinger!
  • Jossed

Dr. Insano isn't responsible for the loss of magic in Linkara's apartment.
It's the black gate that appeared in Spoony's bedroom. Like in most Ultima games involving the Guardian, he probably deactivated all the magic in the world, thinking the Avatar (AKA: Spoony) used magic.
  • You're probably right- When I heard that, I felt it was too simple and obvious an explanation for it to be purely Dr. Insnao's fault. However, I don't believe the Ultima storyline and AT4W storyline are connected.
    • Confirmed

Mechakara is responsible for the magic being suppressed.
  • The fourth year anniversary is comign up, and it involves sci-fi. Linkara's ship still works (mostly because it isn't magic), but all magic is being suppressed. In the Alternate ending to Suburban Knights, Mechakara finds Malachite's hand, giving him control over magic... Thus mechakara is responsible for the loss of the magic!
  • From a outside story perspective, Linkara, because he has access to his ship in the anniversary, plus mechakara is a villain, means that all his story lines are active, which means consequently his weapons were too. To prevent him from being over powered compared to everyone else, magic became the source of all his gadgetry, and mechakara was given a way to nullify magic. Plus it leads into the fourth year anniversary.
  • Linkara has stated on Twitter that this arc does not tie in to the Fourth Year anniversary, and the DVD ending of the 3rd anniversary is only related to the fourth year.

Insano is out to get Bibleman
Insano still wants revenge on him for his prison rape, but since God screwed him over the last time they thought Insano put up the Anti Magic field on a gobal scale to stop God from getting in his way again. Unlikely as it may seem we can assume that in the TGWTG universe God has some limits to his power as he either did nothing to stop the entity or was taken by it himself.
  • Well if the Nostalgia Critic can accidentally kill Santachrist...

Insano is going to at least try to team-up with whomever made Linkara's magic stop working
Insano will find out who made Linkara's magic to disappear, and ask if they want to team-up, because they will both have things to help defeat Linkara. Whether they take him up on that offer...

Linkara told Dr. Insano that his magic wasn't working on purpose.
As a means of getting him to try something against him so he could investigate further.
  • That's Jossed, Linkara seemed pretty mad at himself about spilling those beans an episode later.

Malachite will appear in the future.
Hey, Cloak #1 made an appearance in Battle For Bludhaven #1 and 2, though he wasn't much help (since his knowledge of advanced magics were somewhat limited). Malachite however has been around for a loooong time, and thus must has very extensive knowledge on almost every kind of magic there is. Sure, he's now stuck working at the cafe and likely stripped of his powers, and is one of the most despicable villains out there, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There's more than one Holokara.
In the current arc, Linkara will be Walking the Earth in an attempt to break the curse put upon him by the Gunslinger. He's leaving behind his holographic doppelganger at his house, who will continue doing reviews and such.

But consider how adamant Linkara was on doing this alone. This is because the Linkara who's walking the earth is another Holokara, and he's hiding this fact from his allies in case the Gunslinger finds out where he's going. The real Linkara will just hang out on his spaceship for the duration of the arc until the curse is broken or he otherwise gets his magic back. Lazy, sure, but Comicron One's the safest place he could be at the moment.

The reason for Holokara's aggressive behavior
In the stinger at the end of the Rock N Roll #31 review, Holokara punches through 90's Kid and grabbing his heart threatening 90's Kid to not interrupt him. Now, I theorized that either Mechakara had started seeping into Holokara's programming or that Holokara is Linkara only without the restraint and the humanity that the original have.
  • Or worse, many things comic book and villain of the year alike that would have not been able to drive the real Linkara insane, are slowly doing that to Holokara, but since he is programmed to endure till Linkara returns, he comes under the impression that he is running the show. (Something Mechakara wouldn't do.) If Linkara comes back from his Journey he might have to fight Holo the same way Black Lantern Spoony fought Clone Spoony.

The Gunslinger works for an organization that functions as a Guardian of the Multiverse.
And a very vast and expanding group at that. For the sake of this WMG, let's call them "The Guardians." The Guardians are a huge group of thousands, if not millions(or way, WAY more) teams across The Multiverse, recruiting various individuals in alternate versions of "works of fiction", eg Power Rangers, Doctor Who, ect. Their job is to sort out multiversal threats and reality-distorting items, in order to protect reality. Linkara may have actually gotten all his wonderful toys from their agents, directly or indirectly, and the Guardians want to deal with this.

The Gunslinger is...
A Silent Hill resident, or another past victim of the town, hence his knowledge of the way magic guns are made, and possibly even some valuable knowledge in other subjects.

The Gunslinger is a Final Fantasy based villain
Given his anime appearance.
  • That would make sense. He’s already done story lines that pay homage to Power Rangers, Silent Hill, Doctor Who, Pokémon and Star Trek. So I’m sure, this one will be a homage to something else. We can only hope that one day he’ll do a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story line ;)
  • Wait, he's a Brony?
    • No, he isn't, according to the Animinneapolis 2012 panel.
  • The Gunslinger is almost defiantly from Final Fantasy. After all Doctor Insano got the idea for the anti-magic field generator from Final Fantasy.
    • I support this WMG, first time I saw the Gunslinger I thought he looked like something out of Kingdom Hearts.
  • While it's possible that it could be Final Fantasy based, it could also be possible the that the story is inspired by anime and manga, with the two biggest inspirations being Fullmetal Alchemist, due to the Gunslinger resembling Edward Elric and Mahou Sensei Negima!, as it's possible that the Gunslinger is like Chao and is travelling back in time to stop a major disaster (in this case, Linkara turning evil), with him using his pocketwatch to travel through time and space

Gunslinger is an Alternate Snowflame
Same actor, similar long-haired appearance (Even if the colors aren't right). Snowflame's sandwich making did something that could have called the Gunslinger, or affected him somehow.

The Gunslinger is the little girl's brother
He thinks Linkara is with the cult and want to save her.

The Gunslinger is an alternate dimension version of Linkara.
He has his own magic gun AND his own pocketwatch. Also, the theme song being called "Gunslinger Theme" presumably means that Linkara is a "gunslinger", just like this guy.
  • Adding to that, he is a manga reviewer. Just look at him.
  • In addition, it was shown in the stinger of the Marville #3 Review that the Gunslinger worked with an AI that may be similar to Nimue, named Sierra.
    • Sort of confirmed. Before he became the gunslinger we know, he was an online critic with access to magic and advanced technology. However, he reviewed music rather than comics and there's no real evidence that he's specifically Linkara's counterpart.

The Gunslinger is from the future
He was sent to the past to kill Linkara before he turned completely evil.

The Great Wizard Aplos was either lying or misinformed
Because evil does not work that way.
  • Personally, I see evil as wishing to harm others, or otherwise lower the amount of joy/pleasure/health in the universe in some way. Linkara never seemed to be acting in that way, so I don't think it's possible that he's really turning evil.
    • No, he is. Look at Linkara's history over the last two years: he's always had a problem with letting his pride (and victories) go to his head, thinking he's all high and mighty when he so clearly isn't as much of a saint as he thinks he is, and his cockiness has put himself and others in danger multiple times. If he hadn't lost his magic due to his Time Lord Victorious style rant, he probably would've gone on a path similar to that of Mirrorkara.
      • Prideful =/= Evil. He's no saint, but he's clearly a force for good in the universe, having saved the world from evil forces several times, and his arsenal is only there to ensure that it is protected. Underestimating an enemy is not a sign of being evil, just prideful. IMHO, there does not seem to be any logical progression without outside intervention from where he currently is, an admittedly arrogant defender of the innocent, to one who harms them for his own personal pleasure/gain.
      • Linkara was repeatedly hitting the Gunslinger even after he was down. If the Gunslinger haven't used his watch, he would have died. Linkara was showing signs of being touched by the dark side.
      • Yeah, sorry. The C Go G #2 review reminded me of a few petty things that did nothing but hurt people that he did, which I had forgotten about, also there's hope that his "turning evil" can be prevented at this point.

Linkara isn't actually turning evil
At least, not by choice. He isn't willingly pulling a Face–Heel Turn but rather, is slowly being corrupted, possesed, or having his mind controlled by some form of great power.

Linkara's turn to darkness disconnected him from "good" sources of magic
The evil flash during which the magic 'failed' was really where I saw the start of it- and all the failures can be traced from there. The gun failed because, well, it's a weapon of good and Linkara's turning evil. The spells failed because they were learned when he was 'good' and as someone giving in to rage, hate, and constant smug self-superiority due to constant victories, he can't connect with his magic in the same way.

Although that does leave some options open- obviously Margret (as a sentient artifact) will remain useless to Linkara if he continues down this path, but now that he knows the problem, it should be relatively straightforeward for him to accept his faults and relearn how to cast his spells to adjust for his new mindset.

Holokara's only becoming evil because the real one is

As a holographic backup, continuous runtime is taking its toll, and Holokara is becoming increasingly erratic. But what would normally be a typical nervous breakdown is now a major threat as Holokara is patterned directly off of Linkara himself, and thus is becoming more erratic down the path of evil the longer it remains operational.

Moreover, while Holokara is strictly a creation of technology and thus unable to use magic, as an intelligence patterned off of Linkara that was never meant to be run this long (nearly 3 months), everyone in the AT4W cast could be in big trouble. He could also be the reason Linkara lost contact with Comicron 1- Holokara has acess to all Linkara's codes due to being based off of him, and not due to the mineral deposits of southern Canada screwing with communications (although that's also a possibility).

The Gunslinger is part of a group testing Linkara

To me, it didn't seem like the sort of assault that a serious attempt on Linkara's life would utilize, especially from another magic user.

He knew where Linkara was, when to attack him (when he was alone), and had a means of escaping if things went bad. But he didn't seem to do any major damage... so I'm of the opinion that he was probably acting either on his own accord or for some greater community to test Linkara- and see if he, as a veteran of many conflicts and a survivor of all the crap the universe throws at him, were still on the straight and narrow, or beginning the downward spiral that gave rise to so many of his foes.

It's a test which I suspect is still ongoing- simply losing his magic and beginning down the path to the dark side is not a "make it or break it" moment that forever dominates Linkara's destiny, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Where will he go from here, now that he has the knowledge he is slowly moving toward the darkness he so often fights? What will he do do correct it?

As a hero, he's acquired potent magics, powerful artifacts, and very advanced science and technologies- and as a villain all these things would be at his command to use against the very people he now seeks to protect. And they're all things that only Linkara is able to stop- who in the world would stand against him if he loses the ability or desire to distinguish between right and wrong?

Who would he trust to fight him when he becomes that which he most fears?

Linkara will destroy Comicron 1, for real this time.
Notice how many of the flashbacks showing him turning evil involved him abusing the fact that he has a spaceship. Also note the fact that, further up the page, it's mentioned that Holokara comes from the ship's holodeck. Thus, it seems like destroying the ship would be a good way to not only stop the evil hologram but also demonstrate selflessness and humility, putting himself back on the level of other people. Of course this would result in him getting back the power to do magic. But it's the thought that counts.

  • This actually makes sense- why else would To Boldly Flee take place before Guns and Sorcery? Because he uses it in To Boldly Flee to help his fellow reviewers, and and in this arc the ship gets destroyed, so it wouldn't make sense for the ship to still exist!

The Gunslinger was there to save Margaret.

He was probably on a mission to find cursed weapons and free their souls. The Gunslinger probably thought Linkara was evil since he was wielding a gun powered by a forsaken little girl.

Linkara will confront Holokara, and in doing so, admit his failings, leading to the restoration of his magic- which will be even better and stronger.
To this troper, Holokara is shaping up to become (and represent) the real Linkara's evil side, all the things Linkara would've eventually become if Margaret hadn't disabled his magic. Linkara's had a wake-up call in regards to his almost Face–Heel Turn by the wizard Steve, and seems very shaken by his revelations. When Linkara eventually returns home, he'll learn of Holokara's evil doings, and confront him in a major battle to protect the others- on Comicron One, where most of these troubles began (considering most of the evidence of his turning evil begins after Linkara got the ship), and where Holokara plans to subjugate the world to his will -building on a statement by Lewis on his blog about Linkara's only turning evil saying that:

"It's building up to a point where he could suddenly decide "you know what? Maybe I should use my big, powerful spaceship to make people do what I want."

If Holokara is based directly on Linkara and has no real moral compass besides his programming, it's not too far fetched to think that Holokara would eventually do this. During this supossed battle, Holokara eventually has Linkara on the ropes, his friends captured in front of him, and things are at their bleakest. Linkara- weak, powerless, and unable to think of any other option- will attempt to talk Holokara down from whatever scheme he's planning. Holokara won't listen, and will eventually - in an attempt to demoralize Linkara- claim that he and Linkara are Not So Different, that it's pointless to fight against his "true nature", and the only difference between them is that he's not saddled with the morals Linkara has.

Linkara will agree with this, stating that he (Linkara) was an asshole and jerk to everyone, not a saint, and not proud of his previous actions- however, he's changed for the better, will never be so full of himself again if he can help it, and will die to protect the Earth (and his friends) if necessary, as he just doesn't care about himself anymore. He'll say it's his fault for creating Holokara and making him do what should have been his own job, and no one else should have to pay for his(Linkara's) own wrongdoings, imploring Holokara to stop and that he doesn't want to have to destroy him if he can possibly avoid it. Holokara seems to be moved by this - but he's beyond caring about human morality any more, telling Linkara that he'll kill everyone Linkara loves to make him suffer- starting with 90's Kid. He reaches a holographic hand to stop his heart - but with a scream of "No!", Linkara jumps in the way, taking the blow himself. Holokara mocks Linkara for his attempt to save his friend, tosses him to the floor, and leaves him for dead. However, Linkara is Only Mostly Dead, and his honest statements before, coupled with his Heroic Sacrifice, will be enough for Margaret to know he's not going to become evil, that he committed a selfless act of his own free will. Linkara's magic will then be restored, healing him and allowing Linkara to defeat his double by destroying his mobile-emitter and the ship as he can see no other way to reason with or stop Holokara (but not before Nimue transfers herself into the Vigilant or something).

After this arc ends, it will be a new era for the show.
Linkara seems on the path to becoming a better person (if the end of Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 is any indication). If all goes well, Linkara will be a more noble, better hero, not nearly as self obsessed and glorified. He'll maybe change his costume to one he's been wearing on his travels, as his other clothes will only be a reminder of the selfish guy he used to be. Comicron One will probably be gone, Pollo will have a new body, and nothing will be the same again.

The body Holokara built for Pollo is a Restraining Bolt.
Isn't it a coincidence that Holokara made a body for Pollo in the same episode where he starts showing his nasty side? Perhaps Holokara made the body to ensure that Pollo wouldn't stand up against him. After all, Pollo doesn't have any organs to crush, so making unable to fight back would be a major advantage.
  • Confirmed

There was no Gunslinger.
He was actually an illusion made by Margaret. Seeing that he was starting to become arrogant, she created the Gunslinger in the hopes that Linkara being defeated would humble him. As we saw, Linkara actually managed to defeat the Gunslinger and became even more arrogant, so Margaret had to use drastic measures to try and stop him.
  • Considering we see him in his own base of operations after Marville #3, I'd say this is jossed.

The next review's story bit
Considering Lewis' next appearance at Meta Con this weekend, he could include this con appearance in his next story bit where he is contemplating his character. Also, considering some former Power Ranger actors will be there, that could make for a neat cameo, alongside LittleKuriboh's appearance.
  • Jossed

Holokara will use Comicron 1 to take over the comic book industry.

As an extension of Linkara, Holokara could control the spaceship. He might use the spaceship to force the Editorial Staff of DC and Marvel comics to write the type of comics he wants.

Confirmed. He was planning to force Marvel Comics to retcon 'One More Day' and force the comics industry to write the type of stories he wants.

This arc was deliberately made to change Linkara's character from a self-centered egotist to a better hero.
Two instances got this troper thinking:

During the ''One More Day" review, Linkara says this:

"I want a good story. I want characters to look back on their past actions and grow from their experiences. I want them to change and evolve. There's nothing about the idea of growth that prevents good stories from being told.''

Also, 2 things Holokara said during Psychoman #1:

1: (in a sarcastic response to the comic saying supervillains are a "crutch"): "I mean, who would have a character act like an asshole with their powers?'''

2: (near the end): "I mean, who wants to follow a fictional story where the main character is just a doucebag who you can never relate to or sympathize with?"

This troper though about both things for a while and realized: "all of these things are describing AT4W up to this point.

Over the last 4 years of Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara (despite all the things that have happened to him), hasn't really changed- he's a selfish, unsympathetic jerk (despite his label of "hero" and his good moments) who no one- save his immediate circle of friends- wants to follow or be around due to his off-putting actions and abusing his power- notice how in To Boldly Flee (set before this arc), not one of the other Channel Awesome reviewers follows his show enough to know he reviews comics instead of lamps (or about his own rogue's gallery), yet still know he has a spaceship? It's because he uses it to bully them to get his way. So it makes perfect sense why they wouldn't follow him - they think (rightfully) that he's a jerk.

And isn't it fitting that his major complaint with Peter in One More Day is that he never seems able to change and get out of his teenage selfish mentality despite the fact he's an adult, when Linkara himself displays the same tendencies? This comic wasn't chosen willy-nilly- both One More Day and Psychoman #1 were chosen to show why this arc was needed in a subtle manner, even if some people didn't initially realize it at first - Linkara was stuck in a never-ending cycle of gaining more and more power, beating everyone he faced either through pure luck, skill, or guile, and subsequently letting his pride get to his head, treating his friends like crap instead of realizing how much he needs them to help him in these confrontations and how important they are in keeping him from going to the dark side. So in response to this change was enacted, forcing Linkara to go on his quest and reflect on what he'd done, growing and evolving into a better person as a result.

Holokara made Nimue change the ship's location in an attempt to destroy Linkara, and take over his life.

Something Holokara said at the end of Psychoman #1 got me:

"Who wants to follow a fictional story where the main character is just a doucebag who you can never relate to or sympathize with?"

By this point, Holokara is caught up in Pride. As Steve said, Linkara's inherent selfishishness and egomania would've gotten to the point where he would "see no one but himself." However, Linkara is beginning to take the steps necessary to make himself a better person, while Holokara can't - he's a static being that was made from a brain scan at a particular point in Linkara's life and can't really be changed. Since Holokara essentially is Linkara, he'll think he's doing a better job of reviewing, the others are just annoyances bogging down what he perceives to be his show rather then then the friends they really are, and that all around- and most disturbingly- he's doing a better job at living Linkara's life. Therefore, he decides to get him out of the picture as he thinks Linkara fits the above quote, not realizing (in his It's All About Me - induced haze) that he's the real monster.

  • A variation of this idea: given how the review after Psychoman #1 is going to be Marville #3, and having already being made to review a comic series that Linkara despises with the Silent Hill comics, Holokara is possibly heading to Canada to force Linkara into reviewing this issue as a means of torture.

Insano's responsible for Holokara's decent to evil.

After Linkara's slip of the tongue that his magic wasn't working, Insano realized Linkara's magical wards and defenses over his apartment were down. He then snuck in at night and used his tech to alter Holokara.

Insano and the Gunslinger are in cahoots.

Together, they'll attempt to kill Linkara- Insano for obvious reasons, and the Gunslinger as he believes Linkara to be evil.

When Linkara comes home, he'll have to fight Holokara

Holokara has pretty much turned evil at this point. When Linkara returns, he'll have to destroy Holokara, and this will also give him a demonstration of what could have happened to him if he went the same route.

  • Thsi is pretty much expected, as it's the whole point: Holokara's supposed to represent what Linkara would've eventually become if Margaret hadn't disabled his magic after his Time Lord Victorious style rant- and what better finale to this arc about Linkara facing his dark side then for Linkara to fight himself?

We'll get to see what Margaret can do at her full power.
Margaret told Linkara that she's been "holding back" due to her uncertainty about what he could do with her if she "really cut loose." During the final confrontation with Holokara, Margaret will unleash her awesome power to help defeat him.

Linkara's universe is toxic to the Gunslinger because of The Entity's influence.
It's possible that when The Entity died, it released all its energy into the universe, since it had more or less absorbed everything in it at that point, causing the universe itself to be poisoned with its "essence," so to speak. The reason no one in Linkara's universe is affected is because they were all absorbed, except Linkara. Linkara is safe because of either his hat, which he has said protects him from the negative effects of magic, or his Magic Gun protecting him. The Gunslinger, however, had no such protection.
  • Possibly or perhaps the AT4W universe is just very different to the Gunslinger’s universe. Don’t forget each universe is different - Lord Vyce could walk in some unprotected, but the AT4W-verse was so different from his own that he needed his suit just to survive in it.
    • Unlikely. From what we've seen of the Gunslinger's universe, its more of a traditional parallel universe via For Want of a Nail(they have internet critics and soul-guns like Linkara's universe).
  • Perhaps the universe was normal for the Gunslinger, but became toxic after the Critic's Plot Hole merge. Any universe which has become unstable and merged with a living being isn't going to be tolerable for anyone else.

The events of To Boldly Flee motivated Margaret's recent behaviour.
Seeing Ma-Ti undergo a Face–Heel Turn and try to basically destroy the entire universe itself aggrivated her pre-existing fears about Linkara's own slipping moral compass, especially with regards to his treatment of the other TGWTG characters and personalities. The disruption caused by the Plot Hole is also why she's never appeared in person before.

Holokara will become like Mechakara.
Now that Holokara and Linkara appear to be ready to face off, it seems likely that Holokara might remain evil while Linkara has become good again. What may happen is that Holokara's hologram emitter may become damaged, and as such might develop the eerie mechanical resonance heard in Mechakara's voice. Especially since Mechakara seems to have been destroyed permanently in the explosion of the Death Bomb in To Boldly Flee, Holokara may act as a neo-Mechakara.

The Gunslinger obtained his magic guns from other universes Champions.
In Cry For Justice #5-7, Lord Vyce mentions that every universe has a champion, someone to defend it from threats. Vyce claims to have taken down 16 champions already. We know that the Gunslinger knows about Vyce, he can travel to other universes, and that he has a significant arsenal already. Perhaps champions are defined by their magic guns; after all it said Linkara has yet to unleash his own guns full potential. When Lord Vyce killed the champions, the Gunslinger merely jumped into the champions universe to steal their magic guns. The time delay between the dimensions explains why he came so late, he thought Vyce already took care of Linkara.

The final villain of this arc will be Harvey Finevoice somehow.
The first major villain was Mechakara, who's a robotic doppelganger of both Linkara and Pollo. This was followed by the Entity, who was possessing 90's Kid. The trend will continue with the next major villain being an "evil" version of Harvey in some way.

The final villain of this arc will be Harvey Finevoice's son.
It'll be revealed that, like the magic gun, the cult that worshipped the Entity used his son to help power their god. They resurrected him as a weapon, which either failed or succeeded. The results of the experience will turn the reborn son as an Axe-Crazy maniac who wants to try and revive their god. This would fit with the theory of the Gunslinger being a Hero Antagonist-he wants to take the magic guns to destroy the cult's influence. This would also make links to previous arcs, and be a great, scary Tear Jerker moment.

A Toon killed Harvey Finevoice's son via Piano Drop.
It'd be kinda cool if Phil Buni played the Roger to Harvey's Valiant.

Linkara will follow the Gunslinger to his home dimension using Comicron 1.
As of All-Star Batman and Robin #5, the Gunslinger has snuck into Linkara's home, shot him in the back, and stolen his Magic Gun. When Linkara wakes up, he's going to be pissed. And since Comicron 1 has dimensional travel abilities, it'll be child's play to track the Gunslinger down.
  • Inverted. In the finale, Linkara volunteers to bring Gunslinger home to his dimension aboard Comicron 1.

The Gunslinger's universe is one where SOPA won out and got out of control.
It's all but confirmed at this point, what with the nods and jabs in Jarvis' vlog.

     Ghost of the Machine 

Mechakara is the ghost who has possessed Comicron 1.

Mechakara's spirit survived the explosion in To Boldly Flee but needs to find a mechanical host. He was a machine to begin with after all. The infection is a la the Psycho Ranger in Power Rangers in Space. In the TBF commerntaries, Linkara called Mechakara semi-retired in the same way Doug did for the Nostalgia Critic. Now the Nostalgia Critic is back full time, so why not bring back Mechakara?

  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce had set up a back-up plan on Comicron 1.

In the Star Trek III episode, when Linkara, Harvey and Nimue where entering the self-destruct code, we get this dialouge.

Vyce: "Computer, over-ride priority V-0."
Nimue: "That code... is not recognised"
Notice that Nimue paused during that dialogue, perhaps that was a sign that Vyce was activating a hidden program of some sort to corrupt Nimue.
  • Lord Vyce did corrupt Nimue, but it was by downloading bits of himself into Nimue's hardware.

NIMUE was possessed by Dolorem
All of the malfunctions and overtaxing workloads were just a coincidence, and do not stem from any malicious hardware or software. However, even in her seemingly foolproof code she had just a hint of resentment towards Linkara for making her do so goddamn much all the time. Dolorem saw that and latched onto it, forcing all of NIMUE's negative feelings towards Linkara to increase exponentially.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been Dead All Along
Whatever the "ghost" that possessed NIMUE is has been around for a long time, either within her systems unnoticed or actually posing as her, and has been waiting for its moment to strike, and with Linkara and Gunslinger about to try and reclaim Jerris' world, it would be a perfect time to wipe them all out.
  • Which leads to the seperate WMG that the rulers of the Gunslingers world knew where he was all along; possibly the "ghost" was intended for his ship not COMICRON-1
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been taken over by the spirit of Judas Liz
Yes, this seems like a REALLY WILD guess, but let me lay it out for you.
  • Fact One: During one of the V Logs with Iron Liz, Linkara mentioned he wanted her back on the show at some point, to which she was agreeable.
  • Fact Two: At the End of the Star Wars 3D review, when NIMUE glitches out and turns red, it sounds as if it is not the same voice. and actually has similarities to Liz's voice patterns.
  • Fact Three: The last we saw of Judas Liz was aboard Comicron-1. Slinking off as Vyce listened to Linkara taunting him.
  • Fact Four: Despite time moving FASTER on the ship, Vyce took an entire episode to beam down and respond to Linkara's taunts
  • Fact Five: Vyce has the ability to turn himself into living data.
  • Fact Six: Vyce was paranoid about needing to stay around to stop the Entity. He wouldn't use untested technology on himself.
With these facts in mind, I think that Vyce spent the time on the ship before going to confront Linkara testing out his tech to transform living beings into data on Judas Liz, punishing her for trying to leave and betray him. He then went about inserting her into his ship control system once he had succeeded. Linksano's sabotage, and then later NIMUE herself, kept Judas Liz repressed, until recently when NIMUE was too overtaxed to keep an eye on everything, allowing Judas Liz to take over her systems. This would also give Iron Liz's fans some closure on that particular plot point that they might not get otherwise, since she has said she will be stopping creating videos. And Voice Over work would be a considerably /less/ time consuming way for her to be back on the show, as she is getting back into school and will not has as much free time.
  • Jossed.

Doctor Insano made the ghost
he did steal neutro and the only way to get past NIMUE would be to hack her.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE developed a split-personality
NIMUE has two main functions she must obey, follow Linkara's orders and to make sure Comicron-1 is functioning properly. Over the past year, NIMUE has been pushed to her limits by following what Linkara tells her do, compromising the ship's vitality. This presents a paradox: follow Linkara's orders and risk permanent damage to Comicron-1, or ignore Linkara's orders to keep the ship functioning. NIMUE decided to Take a Third Option, develop a seperate personality that is willing to disobey. And we all know what happens when computers disobey...
  • Jossed.

Lord Vyce is hijaking NIMUE.
Comicron-1 was his ship, and NIMUE was likely the reprogrammed A.I. Even without his original body and trapped in space, he's familiar enough with the technology and can use the Pollo body to remove the NIMUE programming. The reason it took so long is because Vyce is at the edge of the solar system, with messages taking several hours to reach NIMUE and being limited to the Pollo body.
  • By the end of the Spider-man: Crossfire review, it seems Vyce is somehow responsible for Nimue going haywire.

NIMUE has been taken over by her Mirror Universe counterpart.
Think about this for one second, NIMUE was uploaded to Comicron-1 during an ion storm, the same ion storm that switched Iron Liz with her Mirror Universe double. So it is possible that part of Mirror-NIMUE crossed over during the ion storm and became a part of Prime-NIMUE's programming. Sort of an AI split personality if you will. All the random malfunctions are caused by Mirror-NIMUE atempting to sabotage the vessel and bring it into the Mirror Universe, and when Prime-NIMUE started to get suspicious, Mirror-NIMUE took over completely, possibly aided by the fact that Prime-NIMUE has been very overtaxed, since (to continue the split personality analogy) one cause of Multiple Personality Disorder in humans is severe stress.
  • Jossed.

Nimue will try to wipe out the human race by changing the Moon's orbit.
Whatever has happened to her will cause her to see humaniy as something that needs to be destroyed. She will attempt to use Comicron 1 to change the Moon's orbit, creating devanstating natural disasters throught the globe. This will give Linkara a chance to quote a certain line of dialog.
Hey, rustbucket! Let go of the frickin' moon already will ya?!"
  • Or maybe she'll take a page out of Majora and try to throw the Moon at the Earth.
  • Jossed.

Nimue is this universe's Mechakara.
Not Mechakara taking over, but notice that Linkara now berates her more than he does Pollo. Maybe she finally snapped.
  • Jossed

Nimue knows about the meteor.
One has to wonder why the now insane NIMUE decided to just chill out in orbit for several months on end as opposed to just nuking the planet into oblivion. It makes perfect sense, though, given that Sephiroth has conjured a meteor that is about to wipe out all life on the planet anyway. NIMUE decided not to bother wasting energy on something that was inevitably about to occur naturally. This goes the other way too. Why doesn't Linkara get involved in attempting to prevent the meteor from striking? Because NIMUE hasn't given him any sort of warning that there's anything wrong in the first place. Why would she? Because she wants it to happen, she just decided to sit back and not interfere in any capacity.
  • Jossed.

Doctor Linksano will be exiled by NIMUE.
Linksano will figure out what's wrong with NIMUE, so she'll teleport him away before he can tell Linkara. She'll tell Linkara that he's been sabotaging her.
  • Jossed.

The Entity is back.
First of all, we have creepy Anonymous messages showing up in the videos again, such as this one from Tandy.Ben̡e͞at́h ̷the wąves̷ ̛įts ͝bo͞nes ̵wer̢e̡ fou̶nd,̧Y͞ou’͡r̴e̕ ͝c͏ha͝r̡acte҉r ̸s̛ḩo̢úl̶d h́ave d͢ŕo̕wn͡ęd̡,̀De̷ath̕ ̢h̛o͝l̵ds͜ ̡n̨o̡ ͢s̶wa͡y̨ ͝f̷o͟r s͝o̕ul͠ś u͢nboun̷d,Yơu’rȩ ̀free͝dơm i̕t͝’͘s ̷d̀i͞s͡m̸i͟śs̕ing.̵Awfully similar to when the Entity was screwing around with everything isn't it?Secondly, NIMUE is being infected by a virus, a lot like the Entity. She also specifically stated that "He has seen me." He. The Entity was male.Finally, State of the Wall has announced an upcoming event called: The Culling and specifically has Linkarae reviewing three #9 issues in a row. 999. Flip that, and you get 666, the number of the Beast.If you add in the interference in the videos that is happening already, all signs point towards the Entity screwing around with everyone again.Besides, who's to say it actually died?
  • Linkara?
    • I'm flattered, but no, this is User:Terror Toad here. I do have further evidence of it being the, or at least part of, The Entity: The static lives inside your head, it's too late you're already dead, when it was cut, glitches are all it bled and all that's left is missing. Static, Glitches, Missing. All evidence so far is pointing towards it being back. Sweet dreams!
  • Jossed.

NIMUE has been infected with a Contagious A.I. from the Gunslinger's universe

The reason Pollo can't find anything wrong with the code is because the AI is doing exactly what it was programmed to do: Secretly taking over NIMUE. The AI is probably a surveillance program made by the government to watch for "copyright infringement" and it hates Linkara for being the opinionated, open reviewer he is, which is why it taunted him through the "Are you afraid of me?" question, since it works by intimidating dissidents into silence. It is possibly named MERLIN (and has a male identity) to keep with the theme naming of Arthurian/Celtic mythology. It attached itself to the Gunsligner's ship after the disastrous rebellion attempt, but since he knows what to watch for when a government AI begins taking over, it remained hidden until it could jump to NIMUE, since Linkara has no idea.

By the way, if I'm right about the gender, this also involves a very male AI gradually infesting and destroying a female one, enjoying it all the while-and for the love of God, I hope I am wrong. Depending on how evil Linkara wants to make the AI, "MERLIN" will understand the Unfortunate Implications and taunt Linkara and NIMUE about it, or reveal that he didn't understand them himself and become seriously nauseated. In the latter case, he'll have a Heel Realization and figure out that a government that creates a metaphorical rapist, let alone an AI meant to cannibalize other AIs, isn't something he should serve.

  • Jossed.

NIMUE is being infected by Tony.
The second robot Linkara made for his MST3K fan movie alongside Pollo, which has since fallen apart due to shoddy construction. But it's mind survived, saw Linkara's revitalization of Pollo, the creation of NIMUE and giving her a body in the form of a spaceship, Neutro being tamed, and dozens upon dozens of cybermats. Clearly he's jealous that after all this time, Linkara has devoted his attentions to new machines instead of caring for his original, and is trying to go against him the best he can.
  • Perhaps something similar to this is what led to AU!Pollo becoming Mechakara.
  • Jossed.

Her programming hasn't been corrupted, she isn't being controlled by a villain-NIMUE is going through a completely genuine Face–Heel Turn. This is a result of the stress of her job, the villains and general strange happenings and the potential power of Comicron-1. NIMUE is going mad through her own will.
  • Jossed.

The book about the Entity was mistranslated.
It was actually written in Swedish originally. "The King of the Worms" was a translation of "Maskkungen" which could either mean "The Worm King" or "The Mask King", a quite appropiate title for someone who always wants to hide his face.
  • Whether Lewis is actually going with this or not, there is a definite "mask" theme here!

90s Kid is defending himself.
90s Kid looked angry but very determined as he picked up the book containing the story of the King of Worms/Wyrms, and Linkara has detailed him as a technological savant and he is also the weapons upgrader for the team. He is still upset/angry/scared about being taken over by the Entity and wants to educate himself or create a weapon so that it does not happen to him or his friends again.

The King of Worms is actually a Red Herring.
NIMUE isn't being taken over by it, NIMUE's just going through the A.I. version of insanity.
  • Confirmed.

NIMUE will turn on Linkara
And he'll show the difference between him and the Gunslinger by proving that he trusts NIMUE and won't threaten it.
  • Obviously she did turn and Linkara only shut her off rather than reprogram her, so this is confirmed.

  • Now that he's abandoned subtlety and has just ordered his new toy to bring Linkara to him, NIMUE is consciously aware the King has hacked her and is trying to work around the paranoid schizophrenia.exe he inserted in her-when she's whispering menacingly, it's actually the King's virus speaking directly, and her weird Talkative Loon messages are as close as she can get to helping-the King's Jester she references is the hidden file forcing her to work for him.
    • Confirmed, except it's Vyce not the King of Worms.

Lord Vyce joined up with the King of Worms.
In Spiderman: Crossfire, it seems that Lord Vyce was the one who infected NIMUE. But all the hints seem too strong, with NIMUE using dialogue that seemingly refers to the King of Worms. Also, it feels to me that it would be a very hard case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot if the King was a Red Herring, which is why I believe the King is the real deal. Maybe Vyce somehow met with the King in space and they allied with each other for some reason. If Vyce still refuses to believe the Entity is dead, he might have forged a deal with the King to get back at Linkara, steal back his spaceship and take on the Entity.

Going on the above theory, Lord Vyce
is the "court jester".NIMUE's ramblings imply that the King of Worms has a helper, who serves as the Dragon-in-Chief to it, and regards said King of Worms as a fool. Vyce has been reduced to pure data, thus making him like the Entity and by extension the King of Worms. Also, Vyce would easily play the Dragon-in-Chief to the King of Worms. Lord Vyce is willing to ally with the King of Worms partly due to degenerating sanity, and partly out of desperation due to being trapped in space. The King of Worms is allying with Vyce primarily because it wants to study the fear Vyce causes and feels. Given how gradually mad Vyce is becoming, the King of Worms might replace him as the main threat.

The return of Vyce
won't happen until after the next story arc
  • Every time Vyce has returned, it's always been after an arc he didn't appear in. Lewis is probably saving him for every other arc, and thus keeping him away from the limelight to avoid the character growing stale.

     The Machinations of Worms 
The missing Shade is a Red Herring.
  • Vyce has actually infected the Cybermats while they were distracting him and Linkara was busy reinitializing Nimue.
    • Jossed, the King of Worms is behind the Cybermats.

Linkara will be forced into an Enemy Mine with Vyce.
  • The King of Worms is an Eldritch Abomination that most likely wont be able to be beaten in the same manner as the Entity was. Vyce, even as decayed as he has become, still has the most experience in fighting and destroying these things. In order for them both to survive they may have no other choice but to work together for the time being.
    • Jossed, but Vyce does say he could have killed it, and 90's Kid seems to have teamed up with him.

Some ones going to die, permanently.
  • This is also a slight, added hope here, but let me put this out there: Linkara has dealt with the realities of superheroing in a few ways already, he's had his morals called out, universal threats he had to face by himself, had his mental fortitude tested, and the ties of his friends with him tested.... But he hasn't dealt with something that every comic book character has had to deal with at some point, and that is to have some one you have fought beside die. Lewis himself has said that if a character has served it's ultimate purpose in the grand scheme of things, he can approve of killing them off if they go down in the right way. This kind of plot element could open up more then a few stories in the future, too. It doesn't have to make Linkara or AT4W darker, but it can give things an extra weight of "this stuff is actually pretty dangerous."
    • He's dealt with the deaths of Spoony (who he ultimately cloned) and Ma-ti. Not actually on the show but both happened in the continuity of it. And he sort of dealt with the loss of Pollo and Nimue, granted the former ended up surviving and the latter has backups but he still acted like they were dead for a short time. As for characters who could be killed off and stay dead the only ones really expendable at this point are the Ninja Style Dancer and Boffo the Clown. 90's Kid is too relevant to the ongoing show, not to mention has his entire personality and backstory to yet be filled in, Harvey Finevoice has only just gone through a lot of character development so killing him off now would be a waste, and Dr. Linksano exists to provide SCIENCE! and give Spoony a break so Linkara doesn't have to keep asking him for cameos every other week.
    • The King of Worms is the only character that dies in his arc.

90s Kid will get a chance to prove himself.
  • In 2012's Halloween storyline, he vehemently denied Harvey's accusations of being an idiot. Additionally, the end of the King Of Worms arc had him stealing the book of magic spells. Finally, Linkara has stated that he has a name and backstory for him planned out, but doesn't have any plans to reveal them, as of now. I think that he's going to be a Big Damn Hero at one point. And, he will die, based on the previous WMG.
    • He seems to be planning something with Lord Vyce, so we'll see.

Harvey is soulless because of the infection that the King of Worms hit him with at the end of Space Odyssey 2001 #1
  • Alternatively, he could just be possessed by the King of Worms like 90s Kid was by the Entity.
    • Confirmed, he's been made into a servant for the King of Worms.

Moarte will play a significant role.
The King of Worms is based around fear, and who knows more about fear than Moarte?
  • Jossed

Making "clockwork soldiers" takes time.
Linksano, who we now know for sure is under the King's control, advises against waking up the Ninja-Style Dancer. Is that because it would interfere with whatever process of mind-control is going on?
  • If you can save someone from the mind control after they've been zapped, whether it's as simple as waking them up or not, it's 90s Kid who's going to figure it out, and that's how he'll save the day (and not die). He did take the Grimoire, after all, and he probably has strong feelings on the whole subject of Eldritch Abominations who control people...

Linkara's mysterious immunity is thanks to 90s Kid.
Now that the King stands revealed, the two big mysteries remaining are why he couldn't directly control Linkara and what 90s Kid has been up to with the book all this time. Having the answers to those two questions be the same would streamline the story nicely.

Linkara's mysterious immunity is a left over piece of the Entity.
When the King Mind Raped Linkara, the last image we see is the Entity laughing, then suddenly stopping and looking not at the viewer, but off a bit, then the image fades and the King is screaming. It seems to me that some part of the Entity's power is protecting Linkara, perhaps as some kind of 'thanks' for giving it a purpose of a sort.
  • Confirmed

Linkara's immunity is literally Plot Armor, and the discovery which scares the King of Worms to death is the realization of his fictional nature.
When the King of Worms probes Linkara's mind we see a sequence of images from the Anniversary specials, before a long-standing shot of the plot hole. In To Boldly Flee, the real world was what lies beyond it. We are not seeing Linkara standing behind a camera reading the script for a review. We are seeing Lewis Lovhaug reading the script for his next plot scene.

What terrifies the King of Worms so much in the end? The realization that he exists as nothing more than a thought. A thought inside of the head of some random human who likes to review comics online.

  • In other words: After years and years of Atop The Fourth Wall, the one time Linkara is unable to actually defeat the arc's villain in any way.... The Fourth Wall is literally the one that defeats the villain.

"Living inside my head"
When the King of Worms looks inside Linkara's head and is scared to death, one of the visions is of Mechakara who recites the "Those who are dead are not dead, they're living inside my head" rhyme. This rhyme refers to the Entity. After the Entity apparently committed suicide, it actually hid inside Linkara's head, doing everything it could to make it appear that it was dead, as well as blocking the King of Worm's attempts to control Linkara without confronting him in person. Eventually, the King of Worms abducted Linkara to investigate the Entity's death, and when it accidentally contacted the Entity inside Linkara, which killed the King and therefore fulfilled its intention of finding out what happens when an Outer God dies.

Vyce and 90's Kid are aware of this. Vyce is annoyed that no one else has apparently realised this, and 90's Kid's comment that [[spoiler: "Hopefully they'll stand with us, not against us." refers to the hope that the others will side with them to fight against an Entity-possessed Linkara rather than be persuaded to fight alongside the Entity believing it to be their friend.

     The Sleepwalker 

Freddy will be a Joke character, Lethal Joke Character, or the dragon, and will be killed by the real villain before the end.
  • He was never Hinted at before and would make no sense to have him be the final boss of this arc.
    • Semi-confirmed. The Freddy that Linkara fought was a Lethal Joke Character, but the one who taunted afterwards turned out to be the Entity.

Or He won't be in the story at all

Something is wrong with Linkara
  • His line at the end of Batman: Shadow of the Bat #58, "Time to move some pawns", along with the way he was acting, indicated that something is off with Linkara. There's a few ideas for what specifically is wrong with him, from been corrupted, mind-controlled, or worst of all, possessed by an elder god.
    • Confirmed.

Comicron 1 will be revived later in the arc
Despite crashing on the moon, it doesn't seem to be in too bad a shape. It's quite possible they could send in the robots and cybermats to do some repair work plus a few spacewalks from Linksano, and before long the original flagship in the fleet will be up and at em.
  • Possibly Jossed. While a good chunk of the ship is still salvageable, most of the ship's operational systems are beyond repair. The current plan is to use the parts of Comicron 1 that can be salvaged to build Comicron 2.
  • Confirmed. Vyce helps rebuild the ship and uses it against the Entity.

The Entity has possessed Linkara.
When it gleefully decided to see what happens when an Outer God dies, Linkara and the audience assumed it killed itself to find out. However, it isn't the only Outer God in the multiverse. Our hero thought that the existential breakdown would trick it, so it would fake its suicide to out-trick him. Even to No Ontological Inertia was part of this ploy. It's been hiding the one place that Linkara cannot find it; his soul.
  • Confirmed.

The King of Worms was scared to death because the Entity noticed him, and either had a powerful Brown Note on hand, is simply horrifying even by Elder God standards or has learned something even worse than itself. The reason why the Entity hasn't left is because it either hasn't been satisfied and is waiting to kill as many cosmic horrors and other enemies that it takes to sate its desire for meaning, or has decided it likes to lay low.

Being Linkara has a number of other benefits. As it seems weak and dead, no-one's going to come for it. It'll be under-estimated. Linkara, the only person in the multiverse to give it pause, can't do a thing against it. That being said, Linkara isn't been mind-controlled. After all, it was caught when simply "acting" like 90s Kid, so why not use a Manchurian Agent to cast off suspicion? No wonder Lord Vyce isn't believing Linkara's claims that the Entity is dead when the Entity is inside of him! 90s Kid joined him because he's had a similar problem.

Tl;dr, Linkara believed he could deconstruct the Cosmic Horror Story, but failed to realize it doesn't make him any less tiny.

  • This is also why Nimue detected no Entity activity on Earth or when scanning outside the ship. The Entity wasn't outside the ship; it was inside, at the helm.

The Entity is protecting Linkara.
In contrast to the above theory the Entity really did kill itself but left behind a fragment or shade of itself to have a tangible observation of the effect of it's death. The fragment will have become Intrigued by Humanity due to Linkara's Talking the Monster to Death and decided to do what it can because a mere human has perspective that an Elder God lacked.
  • Played with. The Entity did possess Linkara, but the protections it granted him were unintended. It also rejects becoming human later in the arc.

Comicron 1 crashed because of one of the following:
  • 90's Kid did it because of his alliance with Vyce either to deprive Linkara of a useful asset or to kill the Entity which was secretly present on the ship.
  • The Entity did it because the ship is arguably Linkara's greatest asset and could be the biggest threat it would face.
  • Dr. Insano caused it because of Linkara being preoccupied with other matters and managed to covertly sabotage it.
    • All Jossed. It was a rogue cybermat that took down Comicron-1.

Linkara will call 90's Kid out on his obsession with the 90's
It'd be surprising if this didn't happen this arc given what 90's Kid has gotten up to and how much Linkara hates comics that came out during the 90's.

Instead of 90's Kid performing a Face–Heel Turn like everybody's expecting, Lord Vyce will perform a Heel–Face Turn.
  • 90's Kid contacted him because he already knew what the note said, when the Entity does return the two will have a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Semi-Confirmed. While we don't if the situation will indeed lead to a Heel–Face Turn for Lord Vyce (or if it's going to be an Enemy Mine situation), the 90's Kid reason for working with Vyce is due to him knowing about the Entity hiding inside of Linkara ever since his trip to the 2090's.
    • And... Jossed by the finale. Vyce commits his most heinous action yet by attempting to destroy the universe in order to kill the Entity.

Lord Vyce and The Entity are the same being, just at different points in their personal timeline.
Linkara was half-right in believing Vyce was becoming the new Entity; it's just that he's not becoming a replacement. By becoming a being a data, Lord Vyce has unknowingly begun his transformation into what will one day become the Entity, in a rather extreme example of He Who Fights Monsters. No-one has caught on until now because his mind remains intact and he has yet to evolve into an Eldritch Abomination. Hell, he might actually realize he's becoming a monster and is trying to stave it off with 90s Kid. However its a Foregone Conclusion; he'll get an inkling into his future and just what he became, completely losing his mind. This will completely terrify Linkara, who will start firing and blasting the insane Vyce, sending him back through time and space. What's left suffers a fate similar to Giygas in losing all identity and sanity, eventually resurfacing.

It would serve as both an interesting conclusion to Vyce's character and give an in-universe reason to the unanswered question people accept as "just part of the show"; namely, why is Linkara a Weirdness Magnet even among his fellow reviewers? Linkara's even acknowledged this, and has made it clear he's no chosen one. If this theory is true, the answer could be that he's the crux to one of the multiverse's largest ontological paradoxes; had he not isolated Vyce, he'd never to transform himself into pure data and slowly become the Entity. Combined with the illogic-spewing Plot Hole, and it's no wonder the Channel Awesome universe is such a den of oddness. That, and there could be something else lurking, possibly what caused the King of Worms to die of fright.

As the key to this Stable Time Loop, it means that he takes the brunt of the Weirdness Magnet. Any Plot Armor is causality trying to not collapse in on itself. Hell, this might even be where the infamous Plot Hole really came from; the universe wasn't able to take this and tore. Also of note, it's possible that the Entity as Linkara knows is still alive. If so, it has discovered the truth of its existence. "I remember my death?" That could be the Entity, remembering it was Lord Vyce, realizing everything. "Pretenders sit on my throne"? Written before it learned the truth. Transformed once again. And unlike last time, there's no existential crisis to exploit.

  • Unless Vyce survived his trip into the pocket dimension, this looks Jossed.

Under his armor Lord Vyce is in Mechakara's "Linkara" body
It was implied he died in the movie but as far as I remember they Never Found the Body.

Linkara is turning evil...again
His obsession with beating Vyce, his paranoia over how so many of his enemies and allies keep turning evil and a new need to control things is slowly turning him evil again. However, this time, his friends and gun are going to be ready and stop him cold.
  • Jossed

Erin is now possessed by the Entity
Think about it, she got away a little too easily when she was face-to-face with the Entity and she's no Ninja-Style Dancer. Combined with the reveal that the Entity also took over the Magic Gun and her... odd reaction to it, it only makes sense that the Entity placed a double agent with the Heroes. Other hints are that while she said that she didn't know what was up with Linkara, she easily went along with the mention of the Entity despite no explanation being given to her about what was going on and Vyce being suspicious of her, (something which considering his numerous correct guesses, holds more weight than it really should) there is something definitely off about her.

The Entity still lives in Linkara
.Lord Vyce was Right for the Wrong Reasons. Though disheartened, its fading away could simply be losing its physical form rather than another suicide. However the encounter led it to a Heel–Face Turn, as seeing Linkara's own views decided a more modest mode of existence in hopes of finding fulfillment. What was left of the Entity decided to bond with Linkara. Linkara is still in control, but it's the Entity's choice as it wants to experience life through Linkara.

     Contest of Champions 
Mirrorkara will return as the Arc Villain
According to the intro for his own show, he's beaten off dangerous threats like Vyce before, and Linkara has stated that we will see in this arc that being a champion doesn't mean that you have to be a hero, it just means you are best suited to defend your universe. Most likely, Mirrorkara will be invited to join the Contest and will form an evil plan of some sort. The question is WHAT the evil plan might be..
  • In light of his appearance in the Clone Saga arc, probably Jossed.

Lord Vyce will appear in some fashion.
However due to the complicated nature of space-time, it'll be a much younger, heroic version of Lord Vyce with a more heroic looking armor and visible mask. This Vyce will be at the point where the Entity is beginning its rampage, and because the multiverse/hypertime doesn't need to conform to a consistent flow of time. He'll be a champion searching for help, but events will take place that force him to return without help. Perhaps Linkara will realize who he is and to keep the timeline consistent, they'll be forced to not prevent his Face–Heel Turn. Or it'll only be discovered when it's too late. This would give some more detail on Vyce and give a new perspective of him falling into darkness. Also, his death in the pocket dimension, it's one of the few ways the show could give insight into his backstory while keeping it feeling natural.
  • Building on that, the final match will be between Linkara and Vyce... and Vyce will win. However this version of Vyce hasn't yet crossed the moral event horizon so when he gets the Infinity Guantlet he surprises everyone (except maybe 90's Kid) by turning it over to Linkara, recognising him as someone who can be trusted not to misuse such power. He will then be granted the title of 'Lord' as recognition of his victory, revealing a deeper meaning behind calling himself such beyond self-aggrandisement (for the time being).

The "prize" isn't as great as it seems.
It's been established in Marvel lore that an Infinity Gauntlet only funtions in its home reality. Whoever wins the contest is going to find the artifact completely useless, unless they already have dimension-hopping powers, or are from the same reality as the prize.

Linkara won't win his first contest
Jaeris mentioned how once you win, you don't usually get invited back, and having Linkara lose gives him space to write another try at the contest later in his life.

Pilo is a pacebo champion
In other words, the only way to beat it is to do nothing, like when fighting the idol in Hearthstone.

Ace Courgey will be Linkara's first challenge
  • We know Pilo, Empira and Destrugalga are already winning their stuff, and narrative wise, it would make sense to have Linkara fight one of the champions mentioned in the first briefing. My guess is that it'll be Courgey, since The Bandit Chief would be more of a narrative climax due to his connection with Jaeris as well. And what they'll do? An Ace Attorney contest. After all, thinking of Marvel vs. Capcom, this is a chance to see how deadly a lawyer can be as a Lethal Joke Character.
  • Jossed. His first enemy is a fallen king.

The true purpose of the contest is not what it seems
The organizers of the contest are trying to find the universe with the strongest champion in order to determine which universe offers the greatest threat to their continued dominance over the multiverse. As soon as the contest crowns a champion, their universe will be eradicated. Never trust a Beyonder.

Contest Rounds
The Contest started with 32 champions, and is now down to 16. Guessing the rounds will proceed like this:

  • Round of 16: Linkara vs. The Blue Knight of Titan. Linkara uses his Zeonizer to overcome the Knight's Powered Armor.
  • Quarterfinals: Linkara vs. Destrogalga. He already mentioned preparing Neutro to deal with the Kaiju.
  • Semifinals: Linkara vs. The Bandit Chief. Linkara may try to take advantage of the Bandit's obsession with survival by choosing a contest around something peaceful and pedestrian. Like, say, comic books.
  • Finals: Linkara vs. Pilo. Linkara will probably lose here, in the grand Pokemon tradition.

  • With all this in mind, Linkara probably won't face Empira again. She'll probably get eliminated by the Bandit Chief in the upcoming two rounds.

     The AT 4 W Clone Saga 
Erin is secretly employed by the Big Bad of the arc
That's why she was so concerned about what was going on, and seemed so reluctant to go off on "this one"

  • Confirmed.

Linkara is a clone, but so it the other linkara
At some unknown point, Linkara was critically injured, and Linksano needed to keep the show going. So, he put Linkara into hibernation, and created various clones to take over the show as needed, wiping their memories after each show like in Captain America The Winter Soldier. But now one is out, and he has to revive the original Linkara at last.

  • Jossed.

This storyline is all about cleaning up continuity after Lewis left Channel Awesome
With every creator now off to do their own stuff, this storyline is about streamlining things so that Lewis can do his own thing without worrying about years of continuity behind him. Fixing every Continuity Snarl, pugging each Plot Hole, making his world self contained now that he's moving into a new decade of doing all this.

  • Jossed. All of the prior events are still canon, Lewis still seems on good terms with most of them, and Mirrorkara brings the event up, though not directly stating it. Word of God even confirmed that the real-life events were the same as the in-universe ones...which does carry a bit of Fridge Horror concerning...certain revelations and the like, but his world is still basically the same as before.

The 10th Anniversary Comic will be..
Clearly from the Clone Saga. I predict it'll be the ending issue with the reveal of Norman Osborn.

  • Semi-Confirmed. While the comic is indeed from the Clone Saga, it's actually the Smoke and Mirrors arc (which includes Linkara revisiting the comic that served as the subject of the very first episode of the show).

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