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    Linkara is really… 
Linkara is a combined clone of The Angry Video Game Nerd and Yahtzee.
  • He has the Nerd's face, and a sweet hat reminiscent of Yahtzee's. All three are critics who gleefully tear apart bad stuff. The only problem is why the combination of two video-game reviewers creates a comic-book reviewer.
    • We know that Linkara is a clone.......
      • AND I AM A MAN!!!! * punch*
    • None of them are aware of it based on Linkara's hate for clones, Linkara claims the only internet critic he follows is the Irate gamer and AVGN didn't act in a manner you'd expect him to if he knew he was meeting his clone during the recent epic battle.
      • Then again, judging by AVGN's reaction to Linkara during the Adamantium Rage review and the swift beat down of Linkara that resulted...
      • Well, it was only one punch, really. I think AVGN just knows video game-induced rage when he sees it, having experienced it himself hundreds of times.
    • Perhaps this explains Linkara's love for the Silent Hill series despite never playing a single game: it is a genetic trait he inherited from Yahtzee.
    • He made a Shout-Out to Zero Punctuation in one of his reviews.
  • He is from a Crack Fic where fangirls paired Yahtzee and the AVGN. In that universe, Homosexual Reproduction is the only way and Benzaine is ruler of the world. Also, doughnuts rain from the sky.
Linkara is a troper.
Purple Prose and Moment of Awesome?! He's got to be a troper!
  • Seems to be confirmed in the intro to his review of Daredevil #306. If he's not a Troper, he is at least aware of the wiki's existence. "Oh my god, TV Tropes used one of my quotes!"
  • He's also used the term "heel turn".
    • Also not a term created by this Wiki.
  • We invented squick, right? He used that.
    • This troper was using the term squick long before knowing of this site.
      • Person, you are absolutely no fun.
      • Actually as This Troper understands it, squick was invented by some guy on a bdsm forum as a term that means ""you may be disgusted by it, but it's someone else's fetish"", apparently that meaning has fallen out of use...
  • What about "stripperiffic"? Where did that originate?
  • Considering how self serving many of the entries on the site have been, it's hard to imagine he isn't a Troper. A page about thatguywiththeglasses being more about him, a side feature is a bit of a hint.
    • Or maybe he just has a lot of fans on both TGWTG and this wiki, and his series invokes a lot of tropes?
      • Maybe. But the section under Fetish Fuel seems a bit iffy.
      • Trust me. There are Linkara fangirls. (I should know - I'm one!)
      • And fanboys!
      • Ditto
      • Shove off, he's mine!
      • Girls, girls, girls. Calm down, there's no need to fight. Can't we just share?
      • BWA HA HA HA!! I like this human, HE UNDERSTANDS.
      • I will trade you Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Jensen Ackles for Linkara.
      • Pfft. Amateurs. *slides on a Harley Quinn costume and bides her time*
      • *takes off his Harley Quinn costume* Don't bother trying sister, I've been doing this for months.
      • We can't ALL dress as Harley!
    • He's built a sizable fandom on the Toonzone forums as well - they had to split the TGWTG commentary thread and give him his own. I have to agree with the post there arguing that he's the biggest up-and-comer on the site right now. (He even got third billing in the brawl! Before Benzaie! Before Spoony!)
      • Actually, that was done mostly in order of appearance.
  • Good God, he's watching us right now!
  • Now it's confirmed that Linkara reads TV Tropes, but he isn't a Troper. At least that's what he claims...
  • He mentioned and implied so many tropes in his Top 15 for Countdown that I'm wondering if they're really part of his vocabulary or if he's just teasing us. But the entire review was practically written like a tvtropes page for Countdown would be.
    • Though he did use "Discontinuity" differently than we would.
  • Maybe he's the one who's made the ATFW page.
  • I just came across the term "narmish" in his New Guardians text review. Did TV Tropes invent that?
    • Yes.
  • Does anyone else think that he's deliberately writing his lines so that they get used as page quotes?
  • He's used Wild Mass Guessing... GASP! He's on to us!
  • He's probably not a troper out of fear of the fanboys. Though we've had Slowbeef and raocow on here without a thousand fanboys Zerg Rushing at them. Besides, remember that only a small portion of readers actually edit the articles, and even fewer are part of the "troper community", so it makes sense that Linkara isn't a troper.
    • ... Wait, Slowbeef and Raocow are tropers?!
      • They (and a couple of other Goons) were on the Let's Play Discussion page to answer questions about how threads on the Let's Play board of Something Awful are occasionally blocked off to non-subscribers.
  • I did see one comment that was definitely written by him, clarifying that a reference to the Ninja Style Dancer being around while he was supposed to be captured/erased by the Entity, was not canon. But, that doesn't mean he edits the wiki regularly.
Linkara is a BLU Spy.
He's got the gun, he's got the dagger, he's got the hat, he owns a suit, the guy who makes his title cards is a BLU Spy, and his arch-rival is Dr. Insano, an obvious Engineer.
Linkara is a former Power Ranger
He does seem to be a superhero and why else would he be in possession of the dragon dagger?
  • Alternative: 90's Kid was a former Power Ranger, the Red one specifically, but his evil split personality Linkara took over and killed the Green Ranger to steal his dagger. The trauma inflicted on both personalities drove 90's Kid evil (or at least obnoxious) and forced Linkara into being the dominant personality, tempering his villainy, and forcing him to seek redemption by protecting the world from bad comic books.
    • Possibly confirmed by the 2010 trailer.
  • Both confirmed and Jossed by the Mechakara fight. He has a morpher and rangerlike weapons, but as his transformed state is not the standard spandex-and-helmet (it looks just like his fedora and jacket), he is technically classified as a "Ranger-Like Ally", in the vein of the Blue Centurion or the Magna Defender. Also, 90's kid and Linkara are clearly separate people, and Linkara is the one with the morpher, so 90's kid was never a Ranger.
  • And now he has a new morpher form combining his trademark outfit with a Zeo Ranger and dyed white.
  • Perhaps he had the humbler job of being the tech expert of the Power Rangers.
  • Confirmed as part of linkara's Badass Boast in Silent hill dead alive #5.
  • Jossed: The technology itself is a magic spell enchanting his toys, not the actual tech of a Power Ranger.
Linkara is Superboy-Prime
He loves the Silver Age. Plus, he keeps screaming "I AM A MAN!" As if he needs to reassure himself of that, because he's been artificially aged.
  • Except he doesn't. One of the first books he took apart was a Silver Age Batman comic. He seems more fond of the Bronze Age.
  • In canon, Superboy-Prime ended up ranting about comics in his parent's basement.
  • Perhaps he's Superboy-Prime during a Heel–Face Turn, where, using his superpowers, went back in time, altered his appearance and decided to start anew. His hatred of Prime is genuine-he loathes what he did back then.
Linkara is Deadpool.
He mentioned how he sees Bea Arthur while on drugs. it couldn't be random! It has to be him!
  • Also Deadpool recently used a flintlock pistol while underwater, which shouldn't be possible... unless it was MAGIC and he wouldn't have to explain it.
Linkara is an Alternate Universe version of Perry The Platypus
Think about it; They have the same hat, they have groupies, Main enemy is a Mad Scientist, they have an Alliterative Name, and started their series in 2007.
  • ...that. Is. GENIUS.
  • Also, they both have evil robotic counterparts.
    • Who originated from alternate universes.
Linkara is L.
Watch the alternate endings to the Silent Hill Review. At one point he writes a note and signs it "L".
  • Does that make Dr. Insano Kira?
  • Makes sense. Insano is, after all, the alter ego of Spoony, just like Kira is the alter ego of Light.
  • Unlikely. If he was, he (and the rest of the TGWTG cast, for that matter) would be far more hesitant to reveal their true names.
  • Unless Lewis Lovhaug is not his true name. It's the internet.
    • Lewis Lovhaug is such an obvious alias for a comic book geek it's almost painful.
There are no Linkara Fangirls in TV Tropes
Just one certain Lewis Lovhaug pretending to be multiple female tropers.
  • Alternatively, Linkara is the result of a genetic engineering experiment specifically meant to create Fanservice for female Tropers (or Troper-esque girls, anyway). Seriously, do you know how unlikely it is to find a cute, nerdy, funny, feminist guy who isn't gay or taken? (Of course, that just may be this troper's weird standards talking). This may also apply to many other Channel Awesome guys.
Linkara is a man
His voice sounds masculine. So does his looks. He also reviews comic books, mostly for males. Punch.

Linkara is not a man.
He is confused about his gender identity, so he should probably go to a local library to look up some more information especially in light of the fact that transgender rights don't get as much attention as other rights.
  • * Punch*
  • This is what Ask that Guy believes.

Linkara is a robot.
He just doesn't know it.But I AM A MAN!*punch*
Linkara is descended from the Doctor.
Either by Joan Redfern when he was human, or by dancing with Reinette. Some of the technology in the TARDIS was left behind, passed down through generations
  • So Linkara is descended from Timelords AND French Royalty? Sweet!
Linkara is/was from Earth-982.
Linkara said Insano wasn't supposed to be a man. Insano is Spoony (Timey-Wimey Ball induced Spoony to be precise). Spoony of Earth-982 (the one in Partymania) is a girl. It stands to reason that either Linkara originates from Earth-982 and arrived in the main Channel Awesome universe,or Earth-982 was the original timeline before it was altered. The Insano we saw in that universe was Linksano, while the female Insano is the Timey-Wimey Ball female Spoony. Linkara is the only one with memories of this.
Linkara is a woman.
As stated in Ask That Guy With The Glasses #54.

Linkara is a Ft M Transexual.
Going with the above theory, Linkara is constantly asserting the fact that SHE IS A MAN! because she doesn't feel she's doing a good enough job. Or something.
  • Or Ask That Guy is a lying liar who lies.
Linkara is a Sorcerer
While he only uses a magic gun, in one recent review, he has shown to use actual magic by teleporting from one place to another. He just doesn't use his magic because he feels that he doesn't have to rely on using it to get him out of a jam. Also that could be one of the reasons why Dr.Insano feuds with him cause Dr.Insano is a science guy and sees anything concerning magic illogical.
  • Confirmed as of Marvel Team-Up #74
Linkara is descended from the Doctor
Specifically, during the Family of Blood attack. Unknown to John Smith or the Doctor, he left Joan Redfern a "gift". He would later learn this, and gave Joan some Time Lord tech as compensation. Said tech would be passed through the family until it reached Linkara, who, thanks to the notes left by John Smith and having worked for Power Rangers, would allow him to use the sonic screwdriver.
Linkara will eventually use the f-word in AT4W, while reviewing a comic that makes him so angry that he just can't make it through the review without using it.
Predicted uses? "THAT! MAKES! NO! FUCKING! SENSE!" "This comic FUCKING sucks." "(to the writer of the comic) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (insert name here)!!!!!!!!" Or more subtly, "This, this abomination is the worst, twisted, just plain fucked up comic I have ever read."
All of linkara's cast of character are power rangers.
Going off the above entry,we never actually see when, or where linkara met iron Liz, Harvey, ninja style dancer, or 90's kid. Perhaps they were an old team of power rangers who disbanded after their Big bad was defeated, But kept in contact. So now the entity, who in keeping with the last WMG is lord zedd, is trying to pick off all power rangers and their 6Th rangers i.e. Lord Vyce. This would also explain where he got the power rangers's tech, power rangers are known to do team ups, so maybe in one of those team ups linkara was able to reverse engineer some of the power rangers's tech and that's how he got them.

  • Linkara would be the red ranger.
  • Harvey would be the Blue ranger.
  • Liz would be the yellow ranger.
  • Ninja style dancer would be the black ranger.
  • Lieutenant Munro is the pink ranger
  • Pollo is their version of alpha.
  • Lord Vyce is the green ranger.
Alternatively, Linkara stated on Twitter that HE is the real Phantom Ranger, so there's that possibility.

Linkara is a puer magi.
Relating to the Linkara is a sorcerer hypothesis, Linkara is a magical boy. His wish could have been: ”I wish to be able to alter reality," “ I wish for reality to be more like fiction” or "I wish to be a Power Ranger." His wish resulted fantastic elements of Atop The Fourth Wall. The nature of the wish resulted in his soul gem having the form of a morpher.
  • Jossed. He gets his morpher and other fictional devices from a magic spell that turns his toys into the real things.

Linkara is really an unconscious tool of one of the outer gods.
  • He's gotten surprising access to magic that lets him arm himself, a book with detailed knowledge of them stayed with him even after he broke free of the illusions tormenting him and at the end of his Spider-Man: The Trial of Peter been the King of Worms looks inside him and sees something so terrifying it literally dies of fear. Maybe something's setting him up to bump off its competition.

Linkara is a robot in denial
  • Whenever he shouts that HE IS A MAN, he's trying to convince himself of this lie.

Linkara is the Entity reincarnated.
The Entity is confirmed as dead, however that doesn't mean it suffered Cessation of Existence. It killed itself due to a lack of purpose, and wanted to know what happens when an Outer God dies. Perhaps it's something akin to how they die? Gaining no satisfaction from being an Outer God, the Entity took a new existence as a mere mortal so it would never be crippled by existential doubt. And that human would eventually grow up to be Linkara, the nearest human to it. Linkara's fondness for Pokémon is a remnant of his origin. Likewise, when the King of Worms died of fright he was reborn as a Fearless Fool somewhere in the multiverse.

    Lord Vyce is really… 
Lord Vyce is...
  • ...AU version of Son Of Insano
    • Son Of Insano was mentioned in the review, coincidence? probably,but it'll be a nice turn-of-events
  • ...AU version of 90's Kid
    • Think about it.....Lord Vyce. Lord VYCE. The guy obviously loves being EXTREME, and you can't get more extreme the RULER OF THE MULTIVERSE
  • ...a future version of Marzgurl, turned evil after Linkara left her for Iron Liz
  • ...Joe Quesada
    • Or Rob Liefeld
    • Or Frank Miller
    • Or Simon Furman
    • Or Pat Lee
  • ...BEAR
    • The bears are everywere, man!
  • ...Villamax reborn
    • We only have Linksano's word for it that Vyce is a an evil overlord, and even then a lot of stuff points to it. The fact that both share V at the start of their name, that they're targeting Rangers only (that is if Vyce hasn't kidnapped Linkara's family or Iron Liz) and something about Lord Vyce's name suggests an honorable evil guy. ... plus, anyone whose seen the Lost Galaxy video's Linkara's put up knows that Villamax is awesome.
      • Nah, Villamax didn't seem like the "TAKE OVER ZHE MULTIVERSE" guy... Unless this is an alternate Villamax who got killed somehow...
      • Well given that he's trying to SAVE the multiverse now, its a little more likely.
  • ...your mom.
  • ...a merger of all Power Rangers villains ever
  • AU version of Lord Zedd
    • A much more successful universe-conquering version of Lord Zedd. Hoo boy.
      • That's funny because in my mind he looks like Lord Zed. hmmmmmmm...
  • ...a villain from the Power Rangers universe
    • There's just something Power Rangers-ish about a guy named Lord Vyce who even the reality-breaking Mad Scientist is absolutely terrified of. Hell, even Linksano's reaction to his arrival calls up Rita Repulsa's Oh, Crap! Moment when she spotted the Machine Empire in Zeo.
  • ...Bennet the Sage
    • Not an AU Bannet, the real Earth-Prime Bennet. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch.
  • ...Dr. Claw.
  • ...a Phantasm.
    • Y'know, from Uncanny X-Men 424. Or at least it's the same costume.
    • And Linkara's clone. They both wear black robe and metal gauntlets and it would explain Vyce's hatred for Linkara.
  • ...the physical embodiment of TV Tropes.
    • I had a really good reason for this earlier but I forget what it is now. It sounds awesome so it's entirely justified.
  • ...a Sea Horse.
  • ...Yertle the Turtle
    • "I'm ruler", said Yertle, "of all that I see."
  • Everyone is Lord Vyce atop the fourth wall
  • ...Slaanesh
  • ...a new character
    • He isn't anybody we've ever seen on this or any other show, nor is he a version of them from another dimension. Considering how many Epileptic Trees have been planted about his identity, it would be the ultimate twist!
    • Confirmed by Linkara.
  • AU version of Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz, to go along with the WMG that Linkara is an AU version of Perry the Platypus.
  • AU version of the Nostalgia Critic. All that he sees, he conquers. OF COURSE!
    • Remember how batshit insane and power drunken the NC was as ruler of Kickassia? Well in one special AU he remained in power and Team TGWTG was executed after a failed coup d'état. Without them, nobody could stop the NC from taking over the universe. But that wasn't enough to satisfy his still growing lust for power. Thus Lord Vcye, conquerer of the muliverse was born. In all A Us Linkara is his primary target for two reasons. First of all, he was one of the heads behind the coup d'état. So Lord Vcye knows that he is dangerous. And secondly: A BAT CREDIT CARD!!!
  • Nostalgia Chick: In a alternate universe she succeeded in overthrowing the Nostalgia Critic and became the new leader of Kickassia. She actually managed to rule Kickassia much better than Critic but like him she became corrupt and wanted to expand her power. First it was the US, then it was the world, when that didn't satisfy she then uses Insano's tech to prepare her campaign to take over the Milti-verse. Sure while it's easy to assume Lord Vyce is a guy that could be Nostalgia Chick's way of throwing people off so that they wont figure out it's her.
  • An AU version of the Magic Gun's father.
    • AU!father had somehow failed to create the perfect weapon, and took to conquering multiverses to spread his beliefs. Upon discovering that his real world counterpart succeded, he became determined to get the gun from Linkara. Also, if one wants to take this WMG further, the "Source" is the evil God.
  • ...That Dude In The Suede. Suede was an out-of-dimension tourist who made his character a Mormon in order to have an excuse to leave the dimension every once in a while. Upon returning home and encountering The Entity, Suede tried to warn people about the Entity, but they wouldn't listen. So, just as Lord Vyce said, he conquered them with his hyper-advanced technology in order to protect them. Up until a while ago, Suede was avoiding Linkara's earth to avoid having to fight his old friends. Then he came up with a brilliant solution! He would become the masked Lord Vyce so that he would never have to look his friends in the eye as they asked him "Why Suede, why?". Vyce's ultimate defeat will involve him being revealed as Suede. After Linkara pulls off Vyce's mask, Linkara will convince Suede that the internet heroes of his Earth can bring down The Entity, mentioning how they already took over a micronation.
  • AU Spoony, now fused with Clone!Spoony and Black Lantern!Spoony in that transporter mishap.
  • The Undertaker. Conquering universes is what he does in his spare time. This is also how he keeps "coming back from the dead". He (the character, not Mark Callaway) jumps to an AU whenever he gets "killed off" in matches, kind of like The Fallen.
  • AU Linkara. Think about it.
    • Jossed. Linkara confirmed that he isn't an AU version because he has too many of those already.
  • Working under a sort of Dread Pirate Roberts operation. All those other "Champions" became the new Lord Vyce.
  • A Makuta.
    • Vyce seems to have some sort of weakness connected to his armor being damaged....maybe he's worried his Antidermis will leak out?
  • Earth Prime's Monitor, whichever one that is (I'm guessing Bob).
  • Pokemon trainer Red. If the Entity is Missingno(there are similairities), then it's only fitting that Lord Vyce is from the Pokemon universe. Plus Red is that world's champion...
    • Alternatively, he's Gym Leader Blaine. Blaine was already a genius and his gym at Cinnabar put him right next to the Entity/Missingno.
  • An AU version of the Black Cross Fuhrer from Himitsu Sentai Goranger
Lord Vyce is Lord Vyce
And by that I mean he is an actual lord named Vyce if only because it would be hilarious when Linkara finds out.
Lord Vyce is a corrupted version of Blue, Red, or Ash from Pokemon
.With the recent reveal of the Entity being Missingno, it would make sense that someone from a similar universe would want to try and stop it from corrupting anything else.
  • It makes sense, because what does he do? He goes around fighting the CHAMPIONS of different lands
    • He can talk. Something wrong has happened.
    • He wants to be the very best, that no one ever was
  • Worse, he may have accidentally captured Missingno. After all, if he's Red, he likely captured it since the player wanted it.
Lord Vyce is Ash Ketchum.
Ash and his friends discovered the Entity off the coast of Cinnabar Island. Their every attempt to stop it failed, and one by one Ash was forced to watch his friends get absorbed by the Entity. It then worked on the rest of the world's population, until only Ash and Pikachu were left. For years, the two of them kept moving, trying to escape the Entity. They eventually came upon an old Team Rocket bunker that the Entity apparently would not enter. However, as they were trying to get inside, Pikachu was absorbed by the Entity. Ash swore revenge against the Entity, and used the technology found inside the Rocket base to construct a new power suit and automated soldiers (the Shades) to aid him. He eventually was able to construct a mode of space travel which would eventually evolve into his ship, and later become the Comicron 1. Using technology gathered from other worlds, Ash—now calling himself Lord Vyce—soon gained the ability to travel between universes and time zones. And thus the conquest of Lord Vyce began.
  • Or he's Trainer Red. Red was the original character found in Pokémon Red and Blue, the game with the most glitches in it.
  • Its possible that maybe be Ash after all. Think about it, when you think about Ash you think about a idiot hero as soon you heard of him because of the first impression you all had either by the manga or the anime so he eventually learned psychology and decided that he need to start over if he wants to use that kind of power against something as The Entity and used the Vyce name
Lord Vyce is Arceus
  • The Entity is from the pokemon universe, and its actions caused Arceus to turn into a Knight Templar.
    • How is that possible if Missingno was only around during the first generation?
      • On the other hand...

Lord Vyce is Mewtwo
.Both Mewtwo and Missingno are from the First Gen, originated on Cinnibar Island, are ridiculously powerful, and Mewtwo's humanoid body is a little more befitting Vyce's own looks. After realizing "he" was too late to stop "his" home universe from being consumed, Mewtwo tried to be The Atoner, but lapsed back into "his" Knight Templar behaviors after being snubbed.

Lord Vyce is responsible for the post-Kanto generations of the Pokemon series.
In order to fight against the Entity, Lord Vyce helped design many of the Pokemon games. Why do that? If he wanted to fight off the Entity, it would make sense to use the same type of creature as it. This explains why, say, you're unable to transfer anything of the earlier generation to your Ruby/Sapphire game, or why Missingno has a habit of turning into another Pokemon when transfered to another game. The prescene of Dialga, Palkia and the Almighty Arceus are also examples. And the reason for the Bad Egg? A defense mechanism to destroy anyone trying to unwittingly summon the Entity.

Lord Vyce is Gym Leader Blaine.
Blaine is already a scientist(and even in one continuity contributed to Mewtwo's existence.) Someone like Red wouldn't be able to defend themselves against The Entity / Missingno. Blaine on the other hand, who lives where the Entity dwells, would prepare for it. Furthering on this, the Link Trade capabilities and the existence of Porygon may have been part of Blaine/Vyce's plan: the Link Trade to escape into other universes and get help, and Porygon's abilties to enter cyberspace to fight against the data-based Entity.

Furthermore, this could explain how Lord Vyce is capable of existing in the Channel Awesome universe, considering he originates from a universe created from progamming data. Vyce's suit is effectively a combination of Link Trade machinery, CPUs, a hardrive and the Porygon's capability to exist on a physical plane.

Lord Vyce is the Entity.
[[Spoiler: Basically, Vyce becomes the Entity via a stable time loop after he had become a data-entity, eventually he'll forget who his name originally was.]]

Lord Vyce is The King of Worms
His face is never seen, he has the ability to possess robots and machinery. His "original" body might have just been a machine he possessed. Perhaps his original motive wasn't to rid the galaxy of the entity but to challenge it for power. Then there's the reveal that he was controlling Comicron-1. Or perhaps Vyce is a Tomato in the Mirror and doesn't know he's the king of worms.
  • Then there's the reveal at the end that the king of Worms had possessed a cybermat which in turn possessed Harvey. When Vyce was in control of the ship, Linkara sent a bunch of Cybermat's against him. Could the missing Shade be a diversion from the real thing he uploaded his consciousness into?

Lord Vyce is a less obvious Evil Counterpart of Linkara.
More in later arcs mind you, but still. Both characters are prideful, use magic and technology, and can go to some dangerous places when they're convinced they're in the right as seen with Holokara. Some of Linkara's more morally dubious moments believing the Entity had returned are Not So Different from Vyce. Vyce was initially his universe's Champion, and was a bit of a nerd himself. The title "Lord Vyce" and the Obviously Evil Lord Zedd get-up comes from the kind of media he was a fan of. Granted Vyce may be an alien, but his culture probably had media as well. His ultimate fate is a wake-up for Linkara not to get too obsessed let He Who Fights Monsters take effect.

Lord Vyce is the broken soul.
The backstory for the King of Worms states that he came to a universe that knew neither fear, pain or suffering, until he came and brought with him madness. The inhabitants of the universe slaughtered each other, until only one remained, a broken soul upon which the King built his throne. Vyce seems to fit that role pretty well. He's powerful enough to pose a serious threat to entire universes, while the Broken Soul must have been a great warrior indeed to defeat every other being in his world. He has a deep hatred for Outer Gods, and the broken soul must utterly despise them. Yes, the Entity and the King are not the same, but I doubt Vyce cares, if he even knows. There is obviously no throne built upon Vyce's soul, but that part sounds more metaphorical.


    The Entity is really… 
The Entity is Slendy
The video distortion says it all. And no, this isn't just a random for fun theory. Considering the fact that Linkara is a Power Ranger registered with Star Fleet posessing three Sonics and the fact that Linkara is constantly on the internet, this is possible.
  • And the Ninja Style Dancer will be his Masky. He will be a mysterious creature that shifts around the shadows to physically assist in ruining Linkara's life, as The Slentity will be unable to do so.
  • This theory is starting to show weight. Linkara is paranoid, thinking that someone is always watching him. Plus a book he found has similar insane writing to Just Another Fool and Marble Hornets
    • The above theory is becoming disturbingly possible. The Entity is a "lost beast" that travels through dimensions, causes insanity and cannot be stopped. Lord Vyce, much like Alex, is fighting a war of Blue and Orange Morality. People are disappearing into mist, losing their free will, hearing voices. I really hope Lewis isn't taking this direction, though.
  • The last few episodes have had glitches with subliminal messages, Linkara claims he's unable to see them and has no idea what people are talking about. Similar to how the boys from Everyman HYBRID can't see disturbing clips in their videos.
  • This might have gained some weight recently - Lewis has mentioned Slender Man in his and Liz's V-Log about Apollo Eighteen, indicating he knows about the mythos.
  • Possibly Jossed. The Entity's latest message said "I'm not that thin". Could just be a red herring though.
  • Jossed

The Entity, Nemesis of Lord Vyce, is...
  • A Chaos God, or a C'tan. Vyce's logic of "conquer everything to prevent it from being destroyed" sounds an awful lot like Imperium of Man logic. Besides, he looks kind of like a Candian Stormtrooper.
  • The same God that magic gun girl's parents sacrificed her to. Think about it. Linkara mentioned Lovecraft several times in the Silent Hill Dead Alive reviews. Foreshadowing maybe? And it would be good Arc Welding.
    • That part's actually confirmed-he tweeted that the journal in the Dead/Alive review describes it.
  • Missingno. Vyce called what he was hunting a "glitch" in the universe; Missingno. is one of the more famous glitches out there; maybe this just makes sense to me, but it sorta fits.
    • Or it's going to be the deja vu cat.
    • It's 'M, who's far more dangerous than Missingno.
    • I'm gonna add some more support for this one after his Gameboy #1 review. First off, he mentions how he only played pokemon on his Gameboy, but they'll get back to it later. Then when reading the book, he says that the entity seems familiar, like something he had studied but forgot. He's a pokemon fan, but can't put together the facts that The Entity is related to Pokemon. And in the book itself: IAMTHENEVERSHOULD and EVERYONE IS GONE. Glitch pokemon were never supposed to exist, and keeping certain ones around can completely screw up your game, which means you'd lose your pokemon.
      • At the end of the Barbi Twin Adventures review Harvey was playing with an Nintendo DS (the latest handheld Pokemon is playable for) with a shot of Pokeballs in the background. Seems like Foreshadowing to me.
      • It's meant to be a scanning thingy going by dialog, though Finevoice's namerater comment says he is familiar with the franchise, and he does recognize the entity when it attacks him....
      • Confirmed.
  • The Entity. Or The Entity. Or maybe even The Entity.
    • Hell, it might even be The Entity.
    • Or, given the fact that, obviously, since Linkara reviews comic books, the Entity may actually be the Entity.
  • Iron Liz, or at least possessing her. She appeared not long after Lord Vyce showed up, with The entity subliminally telling her to board with Linkara because it knew he would protect her. Also notice how she was conveniently out of town when it happened...
  • Dr. Linksano. He was trying to take over the dimension before Vyce showed up, and had a bit of a panic attack when he showed up. He also mentioned that he was fleeing the last dimension he was in. Obviously he's just been Obfuscating Stupidity the whole time.
  • Bennet the Sage. He is the Devil.
    • It's obviously Bear. The Entity is supposedly already in his universe. It's been lampshaded a lot. Most importantly, the bears are everywhere man.
  • Ask That Guy. In a alternate universe Ask That Guy dethroned The Devil and became the new ruler of hell. Like Critic from Kickassia he became crazy with power but in a even more nightmarish way than Critic was.
  • Son of Insano. Depending on which direction they take it, it could be hilarious or surprisingly tragic considering that Insano seems to genuinely love the little pink ball.
  • The Nothing.
  • One More Day. You know it's true.
    • Or possibly, by extension, Joe Quesada.
  • 90's Kid.
  • Beppo, the Invisible Monkey
  • Care Bears. They're watching you.
  • The Guardian that The Ultimate Warrior was taking orders from in The Spoony Experiment. It's entirely possible that he's gathering evil ringbearers to fight Lord Vyce with.
  • That Dude In The Suede. That is, if he's not revealed to be Lord Vyce.
  • Related to the Ultimate Warrior. Think about it. Not only is the Ultimate Warrior utterly mad, but a comic written by him was enough to cause dimensions to intersect and break reality. It's likely if the Ultimate Warrior isn't the entity, then he would be a worshipper.
  • Dark Nella as she is a quasi-demonic intergalactic force of Evil.
  • The green futon! It’s been there all along, watching… waiting…
  • BEN. You can't tell me that creepy laughing didn't sound like Skull Kid.
  • Crazy Steve
  • Christian Weston Chandler. He's Obfuscating Stupidity to screw around with us. The only way to pacify it is if Linkara reviews Sonichu!
  • The Beast Below it is described as "lost beast". And Linkara having the feeling is watching him from behind his back? It's a time beetle! Well he did mention a beetle on his show.
  • Chaos. Linkara is a Sailor Moon fan.
  • The Continuity Alarm. He has to cleanse all the contiuity errors from Linkara's reviews.
  • It's missingno
The Entity is actually a glitched computer program/ computer glitch made manifest and its goal is to absorb all universes into a singular digital entity as in a digital/virtual world
Remember Vyce's word the Entity is considered to be a glitch. It is possible that the Entity was originally a computer program designed for a purpose(something more on the line of a virtual world program) but for some reason, the program itself was glitched. The program's creator(Vyce) tried to fix it only for the program to create a physical form and escaped from Vyce's home universe and proceeded to digitizing/devouring other universes to complete it's programming. A part of the world is missing is actually Vyce's problem in the creation virtual/digital world, a part of the programming code is missing and every attempt to fix it failed. Vyce hunted down the program in an attempt to destroy it but the program, learning that its creator try to destroy it, went into hiding and possibly tricked the inhabitants of the multiverse into believing that Vyce is evil while the program waited for a perfect opportunity to consume the entire multiverse to complete its program.
  • I don't know if it makes sense but this is the best my imagination can think of besides the obvious Cosmic Horror story.
That Aussie Guy is the Entity and Suede is Lord Vyce.
  • Doug knew this and banned Aussie before he could influence the other critics to join him. Suede knew this and left to throw Aussie off that would explain how he knew about Linkara.
  • Jossed

The Entity is the Midnight Entity
"Its voice is not its own"? Hoo boy...
  • Oh sweet AZATHOTH.
  • Jossed

The Entity is a failed attempt at creating life.
It's described as a glitch and a beast. Why? Perhaps it is just that. The people in Vyce's universe essentially were playing God, trying to create life out of nothing. The result was an Eldritch Abomination with the mind of an animal, who "glitched" reality due to defying the very laws of physics(namely, the conservation of mass.) This may be why no-one listened to Vyce-because his universe was responsible for the thing.

The Entity is Cthulhu
Seriously, read the first section of the poem. "Beneath the seas, beside the flame" Referencing the Sunken City of Ry'leh "Off the coast, where the Lost Beast Came" Cthulhu is supposed to rise from the ocean, so "off the coast" "To bring the world misery and shame" sounds like Cthulhu to me. "A piece of the world is missing" No idea how this fits Cthulhu...
  • Jossed

The Entity is Linkara's mother.
In the setup for the best/worst your mama joke ever, the Entity is Linkara's mom. It's already in his house, and if it's capable of doing what it's capable of, it has unheard-of powers. And we know Linkara himself has reality-warping powers to an extent...

Lord Vyce is Trainer Red, and the Entity is Missingno.
The Entity is described as a glitch, has a similar glitchy effect on-screen that it did in Pokemon Red and Blue. If the Entity is Missingno, then Vyce could easily be his world's Champion; he did defeat Team Rocket, beat the Elite 4 and even capture all 150 Pokemon. Both of them are from the original Red and Green games. In Vyce's universe, beings like the Entity would be considered incomprehensible gods of insanity. And yes, I'm aware that Red is a Heroic Mime. Vyce may have gained an artifical voice, and the Entity stole his original one. This is why no-one wanted his help-they thought he would bring glitches to their own reality. And when your Red and Green games fail due to glitches, it's their universe slowly being eaten away.
  • Partially-Confirmed, the entity is Missingno.

Iron Liz is the Entity
Or atleast, the human form of the Entity. She made her first appearance at the start of the Lord Vyce arc, and the Entity's voice sounds a little like Liz putting on a creepy voice which is then digitized.
  • Jossed.

The Entity is a sentient Hostess Fruit Pie
  • Linkara jokes about Hostess products really having power over people during his Comic Book Advertisements video, only to develop an uncontrollable urge for Little Debbie's brand snacks. Since we've already seen that prepackaged desserts have some power in this universe (even if it was for a one-off joke), who's to say Linkara's right about Hostess snacks not having control over people? Perhaps there's a very good reason why they're shown as all-powerful in those old ads. (Besides, you know, the obvious)
    • Also, the poll on his blog about the video contained the option 'Only focus on the Hostess ads', the only other options being Yes and No. The Entity subtlely influencing him, perhaps?
  • Jossed

The Entity is Missingno.
While stated a few times in sub bullets, it isn't in its own yet. Let's compile.

"Beneath the seas, beside the flame
Off the coast where the lost beast came
  • The traditional method to find Missingno. is the coast beside Blaine's fire gym with a volcano and brunt down building.
To bring the world misery and shame
A piece of the world is missing"
  • Missing/place holder data is the cause of Missingno.

    The path you should have never crossed
    The beast exacts a heavy cost
  • Missingno. is dangerous.
    The number of the beast is lost
  • Missing number: duh.
    You will know it by its hissing
  • Missingno's buggy Nidoran♂ cry is associated with it.

    The bones from hell you cannot tame
  • "Lewis" is one of the names that will produce the rarer Kabutops fossil Missingno. due to the third character being w (at level 165 due to e being the 2nd character). Additionally, it's not a good idea to catch any varriant. (for the record, it also produces Charmeleon)
    Devour your life and all your fame
  • Corrupts the hall of fame data.
    That is the price to play its game
  • While it will corrupt the Hall of Fame, it DOES have neat "good" effects.
    And all while you're reminiscing
  • Red/Blue is nostalgic.

Harvey is familiar with Pokemon and knows The Entity. The Entity takes time to attack after appearing (it only knows Sky Attack, though the fossil forms can know more than that).

The Entity is also a "glitch", it's "voice is not [its] own", being a Nidroran Male's.

"I'm not that thin" refers to how fan made "models" of Missingno. depict it as a Paper Mario style flat being.

  • Also? "Off the coast where the lost beast came"? Mewtwo came from Cinnabar Island as well and, let's not forget, was a clone of Mew - which was considered to be an extinct ("lost") Pokemon until it was rediscovered. Let's not forget either that Missing No is a "Missing Number" and since the Pokemon world is made up of coding, being a videogame, a "Missing Number" would be a literal piece of their world.

In light of MarzGurl's abduction by the Entity, her addressing the Entity as "M..." before being cut off and disappearing fits this theory to a T.

  • Confirmed.

90's Kid is the Entity.
The piece of the world that's missing? Good taste.
  • Partially correct.

The Entity is The Observer.
In Tribe Twelve, we've never seen all of The Observer's power, but it's obvious he's not human. With that 'i'm always watching" in Linkara's credits, he's gone back to his old ways. The Observer can insert frames into videos without the maker knowing. The static in Linkara's videos when someone is taken? It might be related to the effects in The Observer's videos (as in, not a style choice, but the guy distorting the data like Slendy does). The Observer's holding back his power when dealing with Noah Maxwell (prefers to freak him out), but he will use his full power against Linkara, who has the Arsenal of Freedom.
  • Jossed

I am the Entity.
I can see you.
  • O RLY? Attack me entity!
    • It was just a guess.

The Entity is Missingno and 90s Kid is its trainer/controller.
Assuming that the entry "The Entity is Missingno" is correct (I think it's completely plausible based off the peom and Harvey's name rater comment), then I believe that 90s Kid is controlling it (though if it IS Missingno how it came to exist outside a Gameboy is still beyond me!).

Flashback to NSD's last scene. His second message was "IT'S VOICE IS NOT ITS OWN", as if it's implying that the Entity is being controlled by something or someone. Since Missingno is a Pokemon I'd imagine it wouldn't speak. The thing we hear when it laughs could quite possibly the laugh of its controller. Now, if The Entity is Missingno, remember that Missingno is, essentially, a Pokemon. Pokemon are controlled by trainers, and so if the Entity is Missingno, if it is being controlled by someone, that someone is likely its trainer. Whom I believe is 90s Kid.

Since Pokemon was a huge part of 90s pop culture, it seems fitting that 90s Kid would be the one controlling Missingno / The Entity. Now, some of you might have noticed that 90s Kid is one of only two non-Linkara Lewis-played characters left in the show now that Harvey and Linksano have been taken. It seems fishy to me that 90s Kid is still alive, and when NSD was taken it seems to me like his phone call to Linkara acted as a way to distract him so that The Entity / Missingno could attack NSD.

If 90s Kid is comtrolling the Entity, we still don't have any idea of how The Entity (if it's Missingno) could possibly exist, nor do we have any motive for the destruction it's caused.

Minor notes:-"I'm 90s Kid, and what you see is what you get... or is it?"-The Entity's laugh sounds to me like it was made by Lewis, implying it was done in the show by one of Lewis' characters.

  • The bones from hell you 'can not tame''. The laugh is his because Liz is the only other person able to do the voice for it, so its 50/50 at best/worst.
Confirmed, although Missingno. is taking the form of 90s Kid.
The Entity is Joe Quesada.
Ninja Style Dancer and Harvey are popular, well liked characters amongst Linkara's fanbase. Quesada has secretly bought a few shares of Channel Awesome and is retconning their presence because he feels he's more 'interesting' without those two. He's treating NSD's disappearance like an important plot point so he can trail onto something else and pretend it never happened, and the Harvey's disappeared line is just nothing more than a handwave. Judging by his track record so far, his eventual target will be Liz. Linkara will be more 'interesting' without her.
  • Jossed

The Entity is Lord Zedd
Linkara admitted that he was/is a power ranger in silent hill dead alive #5. Linkara will review the comic, then the lord zedd will come in carrying the heads of the rest of his team and will need the help of a lot of the power rangers to stop the Entity.
  • Supported by this.
  • Jossed

The Entity is The Entity.
Just try to prove me wrong.

the Entity is a Weeping Angel
Think about it: IT'S VOICE IS NOT IT'S OWN
  • Jossed

The Entity is a Troper.
Given that it's actually posted the comments section, it being a troper isn't too much of a stress. Who knows, some of the entries here may have been the Entity's handiwork. Or even mine. Tell me if I'm just faking it or not, mortal.
  • All the world is mine will take. As the champion's followers shiver and shake. Darkness falls and the Fourth Wall will break. As the lips of death you're kissing.
    • Entity, is that you? Or are you someone putting down what has already been seen in the anonymous comment section. Or is this the anonymous comment?!

The Entity is made from fear
  • That's why it's being so sneaky and intimidating. It needs fear to survive, and that's why it latched onto AT4W and Linkara's house, to get as many people afraid of it as possible. This means that if you stop being afraid of it, it stops having any power. The solution here is to stop being afraid of it. Of course, this doesn't explain why it hasn't made Linkara as paranoid as the viewers, but the Entity might be doing that on purpose to make sure AT4W lasts as long as possible.
    • That is eerily similar of the Fear Demon. It preyed on weaknesses and made you believe into something. And in a case of Your Mind Makes It Real, Linkara hasn't yet to believe in The Entity, which is why it hasn't made itself known to him. Its because its preying on that weakness to hide.
      • Well in that case, he'll just smoosh it and we'll all have a good laugh at the special effects failure that it is.
  • Jossed
Bear is the Entity.
This is self-explanatory.
  • Jossed

The Entity is NOT Missingno.
The hype about Missingno is WAY to overrated. If you actually look at the coding, fans have proved, via HACKING THE GAME'S CODE that Missigno cannot cause lasting harm to your gameboy or save file. Instead, it's one of the other, VASTLY MORE DANGEROUS glitch pokemon. See the full list here:
  • Jossed

Seriously, compared to some of the others, Missingno is a regular mon.

The Entity is the Bad Egg.
Now you're probably wondering why I chose the Bad Egg instead of other glitches. Well, it's for these reasons
  • It allows a lot of creative freedom. We've got no idea what's in the Bad Egg, because You Cannot Comprehend The True Form. It could do anything from break the trainer's mind to end everything.
  • Lord Vyce said that the Entity shouldn't exist. This could refer to the fact that it's an Eldritch Abomination, or it could refer to the fact that you can't get it in the game without cheating.
  • "It's voice is not it's own" hints that something is controlling it. Could it refer to the person who hacked their game to get it?
In conclusion, the Entity is what happens when the Bad Egg hatches. This lead to Fridge Horor: that there could be contless versions of the Entity. It could also mean that the Entity is an Enfante Terrible. Which may explain it's giggling.
  • Partial-Confirmed. The entity is all of the glitches

The entity is Beppo
Linkara literally has a monkey on his back. It's invisible, that's why you don't see it. That's all I got.
  • Jossed

The Entity is Giygas or an alternate counterpart of Giygas
That photo form Harvey's twitter looks familiar, doesn't it?

The Entity is Liz.
Or possesing her, or something like that. First, the "lips of death" thing. And the newest message? "I am beautiful". Now, when Linkara was first asked who provided the Entity's voice, he only said "That would be telling". The Entity, when it laughs, sounds JUST like Liz to me. I would gamble on this one.
  • Jossed

The Entity is M...


  • comfirmed


-Me (as in MarzGurl)?

-Ma Ti?

  • Jossed.

-'M‎, another glitch Pokemon?

  • Jossed.

The Entity is Juno the Sorceress
It would explain why MarzGurl recognized it when she was abducted. Also, there's the Evil Laugh...
  • I could believe this.
  • Jossed

The Entity and Lord Vyce are alternate universe Linkaras
Lord Vyce says something about almost every universe having a champion, this could just be his word for different Linkaras.
  • Semi-Jossed.Neither Lord vyce or the entity are AU linkaras, but champion may mean AU Linkara, as Vyce himself is not a champion.
  • Jossed. Ensign Munro is the champion of his universe, but he isn't an AU Linkara

The Entity is...
A Woodchuck.
  • Jossed

The Entity is a Fog of Doom
It is a fog, spreading throughout the world, absorbing people into it, leaving non-organic things, such as Warrior #4 when spoony was taken, alone.
Sad Panda knows something about the entity.
He was so specific, it's hard not to thing he knows something about what's going on.
The Entity is an Energy Being.
  • Jossed
    • Maybe not, if you consider computing data a form of energy.
The Entity is not only not the only one of its kind, but is also the weakest
  • If the Entity is Missingno, it only makes sense that we'll be seeing other Glitch Pokémon down the line, most likely 'M.
    • Each of them could have their own names/relations to the Entity/Missingno.
      • The Source could refer to Glitch City.
      • Yellow Missingno is significantly more powerful than its original counterpart. one-winged Missingno?!
      • I suspect none other than motherf***ing Ghetsis is going to try and control these things.
      • Considering their similarities, M Block is the more powerful "brother" of the Entity. Call it "The Incarnate."
      • The Bad Egg is the child of the Entity, spreading horror to a new generation.
      • Glitched trainers and Pokemon are those mutated or closely worshipping the Entity and its brethren. Call them "The Accursed."
  • Jossed. It's heavily being implied all glitches are actually just the entity.
The entity is a symbiote.
IT has no voice or physical appearance of it's own, it has to use others. This suggests to me it bonds with the person, meaning that some of 90s kid is still in there. Plus, the entity was revealed during the planet of the symbiotes.
The entity is not Missingno.
Or at least, the Pokemon connection is not as literal as it appears, similar to Vyce being being similar to a Power Rangers villain but with key differences. This is a last layer of misdirection to make the arc finale all the more shocking. While the first and second verses of the poem are satisfied by this explanation, the third is not unless it just means a corrupted save file."The bones from hell you cannot tameDevour your life and all your fameThat is the price to play its gameAnd all while you're reminiscing"
  • Bones from hell=fossil Missingno., which would appear to a trainer named "Lewis".
The Entity is the God worshipped by the family that made Linkaras Magic Gun.
Something interesting struck me a while back, Linkara was reading the story of the origin of what we learned to be his magic gun. He was nearly driven insane, almost enough to kill himself, but the gun stopped him, calling him a friend. The thing is that the anger of the gun still manifested something that tried to attack him. He apparently got the information on the gun from the book that also talked about the entity. What this would imply is that the entity is iteself the deity that was worshipped, and the gun was made to kill enemies of that God. This might also be why it hasn't taken Linkara, maybe it can't, the gun itself might actually be a sort of protection from entity field, where it can't directly grab Linkara. It would also explain why the entity was staying in or near Linkaras home, and why Vyce mentioned he was sure where it was, this happened after Silent Hill grabbed Linkara again during his second wave of comic reviews.

The Entity became so powerful by absorbing the other glitch Pokemon.
Despite referring to itself as Missingno, Word of God has confirmed all the other glitches to be different forms. Why is this? In order to gain more power, the Entity absorbed all other glitches in its path.

The Entity comes from the same/alternate universe as Wreck-It Ralph.
Wreck-It Ralph is a film based in a universe where video game characters and settings are real. As it turns out, the Entity is Missingno, a glitch in a video game. While only arcade games are seen, keep in mind that its equally possible handheld games are also alive, and that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow can connect to Pokemon Stadium...aka an arcade game. While glitches supposedly can't leave their game, you can still trade Missingno. Its possible that the Entity used this in order to flee its game, hijack an important computer and then search for a highly advanced piece of technology that would allow it to express its Eldritch Abomination nature outside of the game.
  • Or from Gravity Falls and it was created by the code used in "Fight Fighters", Rumble Mc Skirmish disappeared once he'd fulfilled his purpose as a glitch Missing No had no purpose and was therefore trapped in a world where he didn't belong until it drove him mad.

     The King of Worms is Really... 

The King of the Worms is Another Pokemon
Linkara said that the Entity had 'cousins'. What is the Entity? Missing No, a glitched pokemon. And the 'cousins'? All of the other pokemon.
  • Maybe it's an evil Darkrai?

The King of Worms is Giygas.
Giygas has a long, twisted form reminiscent of a worm and both an intimate relationship with fear, either by indirectly confronting his enemies through robots and slaves or having his face transformed into the personification of fear itself, and never show their true forms until the end. Giygas does, and The King of Worms will most likely show itself near the end of the arc or in the show eventually.
  • Fitting the glitch motif, this is the un-used Giygas boss in MOTHER 3. While Giygas as a character has existed before Missingno, the Giygas glitch boss in Mother 3 is younger than the Entity. In Earthbound, the player was the one who dealt the last blow to Giygas, meaning it could have deduced the fourth wall. It could have used Memetic Mutation and Creepypasta to spread and understand fear.

The King of Worms is Parallax.
Parallax is an Eldritch Abomination based on a bug. Bugs can be used as a catch-all term for small invertebrates, which include worms. The King of Worms was mentioned to be the first of its kind to feel fear and the origin of Parallax is that it was the first creature to ever feel fear. And while Parallax was technically introduced in 1994, the modern version wasn't introduced in 2004; making it younger than Missingno (introduced in 1996).
  • This is supported by the reappearance of Jaeris, and his status as a reviewer and hero from another universe, similar to all the assorted aliens from the Green Lantern Mythos. Perhaps the finale of the story arc, which is on Halloween, will have to deal with Parallax or possibly another look at the Black Lanterns?

The King of Worms is King Worm.

The King of Worms might be V'ger or something like it
  • Based on the stinger in the The Thing From Another World: The Climate of Fear review, there is a sound that is quite similar to the signature V'ger sound.

The King of Worms is a literal computer worm.
Like the Entity, a computer worm exists on the digital plane, fitting with the theme of Lovecraftian monstrosities that used to be computer programs. Because they'd both be computer programs, it could be considered that they are related in some sense. Being a computer worm, it would be easily within the King of Worms' capability to infect and tamper with NIMUE, and may explain why the King of Worms is significantly weaker than its brethren: it started out as a simple virus, while the Entity was a major part of the programming of its world. The worms it is king over are the computer worms it has spawned. Being a young member of its family could come from being created earlier. The Nightmare Face? A .gmp the King of Worms is attached to

The King of Worms IS Lord Vyce.
The King of Worms was said to always hide his face and use clockwork soldiers. Vyce was always seen wearing a helmet, and used robotic minions. Linkara even asked: "sounds like someone you know?" when reading about the King, probably refering to Vyce. NIMUE mentioned the King several times, so we know that he is involved. But we also know that Vyce was involved in the sabotage of NIMUE, and was most likely the one who posessed her since he asks Linkara: "Are you afraid?"
  • Considering how Vyce has become more and more like the Entity, this would fit well. It would also deconstruct Vyce's Motive Decay-he's devolving into the psychotic beast that the Entity/Missingno was.
    • He only wore his helmet all the time because our universe was toxic to him, in less hostile universes he didn't need it. He also defies the backstory given to the King, he understands fear just fine and was stated to only 'conquer' other universes to protect them from the Entity. Nimue's mention of the King was likely due to the glitches in her system accessing the data from Comicron-1's memory banks, so she may know something she doesn't realise quite yet.

The King of Worms is a Cybercontroller.
  • Cybermen are emotionless but know fear because they cause it. They seek to understand and assimilate. And it appears they've already found a way into those adorable little Cybermats Linkara loves to build.

The King of Worms is Mr. Computer.
The King of Worms is The D-Reaper
  • The clockwork soldier thing definitely fits and we know that Linkara watched Digimon.

The King of Worms is Slender Man.

     Freddy Kreuger is Really... 

Freddy Kreuger is Really The Entity
  • Seems so likely at this point it will probably be Jossed but likely I have others.

Freddy Kreuger is Really 90's Kid

Freddy Kreuger is Really The Entity possessing 90's Kid


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