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Video Game / Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

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A Tiny Toon Adventures Licensed Game by Konami, for the Sega Genesis.

While cleaning up a warehouse in ACME Looniversity, Buster Bunny comes across a treasure map. Montana Max, being his usual greedy self, yanks the map right out of Buster's paws and declares that he will be taking the treasure for himself.

To that end, he has Dr. Gene Splicer develop a mind-control helmet, which he uses to brainwash Dizzy Devil, Calamity Coyote, Hamton J. Pig, and Plucky Duck into helping him search for the treasure (and incidentally serve as a Boss Battle when Buster comes across them), and has Elmyra Duff kidnap Babs Bunny, Fifi la Fume, and Shirley McLoon in an attempt to keep Buster off the trail.

In response, Buster simply recruits Gogo Dodo, Concord Condor, Li'l Sneezer, and Little Beeper to help him find the treasure, save his friends, and teach Max a lesson.

Buster's Hidden Treasure contains examples of:

  • After-School Cleaning Duty: The opening cutscene reveals that Buster found the treasure map in Acme Looniversity's attic when he and his classmates were assigned to clean it.
  • Bear Trap: A rare level hazard is one of these. They send Buster into a Pain-Powered Leap and take a heart upon landing.
  • Big Bad: Montana Max, as he is in most games from this franchise. In this case, he kidnaps Buster’s friends, and has a number of them subjected to Splicer’s brainwashing, to try and convince Buster to give up the search initially, and later try to coax him into handing over the treasure.
  • Bombardier Mook:
    • In the grassland levels, there are raven enemies who carry apples and drop them when Buster gets close to them.
    • In Montana Max's factory, there are planes that drop bombs, and unlike the ravens they don't wait for Buster to get near them before dropping their payloads.
  • Boss Arena Urgency: The first fight against Montana Max, at the end of the haunted pirate shipwreck, involves a scuba-helmeted Max bursting out of the floor, leaving gaping holes into the One-Hit Kill water below.
  • Boss-Only Level: Every boss level except the first Max fight.
  • Checkpoint Starvation: Checkpoints are very rare to find in the game, and they are usually after Buster goes through a door to a new part of the level. The final factory stages are a prime example.
  • Collapsing Ceiling Boss: The first battle against Plucky Duck involves Plucky using a hammer to bring down stalactites.
  • Damsel in Distress: Exaggerated; every female regular is kidnapped (except Elmyra, the kidnapper).
  • Easy Level Trick: One of the forest levels just before Calamity Coyote's boss fight can be entirely skipped with proper application of a Goomba Springboard boost and Wall Jump.
  • Eternal Engine: The final world is a factory, complete with various robot enemies, spikes, electric reactors, a lava-filled floor in the third act, and various spinning gears, wrecking balls, and platforms Buster must maneuver across to get past them.
  • Evil Living Flames: In the Lava Cave, anthropomorphic flames (from the short "When You're Hot..." from the TV series episode "Going Places") appear as enemies.
  • Fell Asleep Standing Up: As part of Buster's Idle Animation, if you leave Buster alone long enough, he will fall asleep standing up.
  • Full-Name Basis: Every character in all the dialogue is referred to with their full name, for some reason.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: Inverted with Elmyra. You have to run away from her as any contact results in an instant loss of life.
  • Ghost Ship: Found in the middle of the game. This stage is where you find the titular "Hidden Treasure".
  • Goomba Stomp: Buster's basic method of attacking enemies is by jumping on them.
  • Green Hill Zone: The Grassland and the first Forest level.
  • Hard Levels, Easy Bosses: If you can clear the levels, the bosses are no problem. The platforming gets very tricky in the latter half of the game while the bosses still aren't much of a threat.
  • Heart Container: Bells raise your max HP by one, from three to a maximum of five. You're back to three if you die, though.
  • The Heavy: Dr. Gene Splicer appears far more often than Montana Max.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Plucky Duck is fought twice, first as his normal brainwashed self, and then suddenly he's brainwashed AGAIN thinking himself as this pseudo Super Duck. He insists he's Not Brainwashed in the end, but Buster got him to drop the act once he threatens him not to help him with future homeworks.
  • Hover Bot: In the factory levels, one of the enemies is ACME-Tron, a robot who appeared in the short, "Happy Birthday Hamton" from the TV series episode, "Playtime Toons''. When Buster jumps on ACME-Tron's head, it will detach from his body and float upwards. Buster can then ride the detached floating head to reach higher places.
  • Human Cannonball: In the ice mountain levels, when Buster finds a cannon, it launches him into space. As he falls back down, he can collect airborne bonuses if he is positioned correctly.
  • Hypno Trinket: Dr. Splicer's mind-control helmets.
  • Idle Animation: Buster will impatiently tap his foot if you leave him alone for a few seconds. Leave him alone a few seconds more, and he will fall asleep standing up.
  • Improvised Zipline: Buster can use his rabbit ears to slide down ziplines.
  • In Case of Boss Fight, Break Glass: To defeat Montana Max in the haunted pirate shipwreck level, Buster must destroy Monty's scuba helmet.
  • Indy Escape: In the cave levels, there are several boulders that chase Buster. While they are very fast, Buster can easily bypass them by jumping over them.
  • Invincibility Power-Up: The flashing diamonds will cause Buster to turn invincible for a limited time.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The Lava Cave.
  • Level Goal: Gogo serves as this, though if you find a portal to Wacky Land, he'll take you out of it.
  • Lift of Doom: There's one in the Ice Caves, where Buster must ride to the top, avoiding enemies until he reaches the top, where he must jump out quickly, or be flattened.
  • The Lost Woods: The Forest. Buster can scale the tall trees all while avoiding critters like owls and tomato-tossing trolls. One of the levels has an alternate level exit that determines which path Buster takes through the area.
  • Magical Mystery Doors: The third Factory level's first section ends with Buster coming across several doors. Only one of them will take him to the second section of the stage, as the others will take him back to the start of the first section.
  • One-Hit Kill: The water in the haunted pirate shipwreck, a majority of the Spikes of Doom, and Elmyra Duff in the final level.
  • One-Time Dungeon: Every boss level cannot be revisited once completed. There's an actual plot reason for this — Buster's friends have already been rescued, or the level's treasure has already been collected, so it wouldn't make sense to fight those battles again. All this despite the plot not actually being that important to the game.
  • One-Wheeled Wonder: The robot enemies in the factory levels stand on one wheel.
  • Password Save: This game has a 20-letter password system, divided by five four-letter sections. The furthest a password can take you is the first act of the factory, as listed in the following trope below.
  • Point of No Continues: Downplayed. Continuing normally puts the player back at the map screen, with Buster's icon on the level they were in. During the final factory stages, if the player loses all their lives and has to continue, then they start back at the first act of the factory, with any of the later three acts made unavailable again.
  • Pre-Final Boss: Just before the final battle with Monty's giant robot, Buster faces off against Elmyra. Subverted in that Buster has to evade Elmyra rather than fight her, as if she catches him, he instantly loses a life.
  • Pretend to Be Brainwashed: In the second battle against Plucky — er, that is, the one and only battle against the Toxic Revenger, you'll notice that he's not wearing one of Dr. Splicer's mind-control helmets. The battle still requires you to take out the Doc, but in the dialogue afterward, he keeps up the charade until Buster threatens to stop helping him with homework.
  • Produce Pelting: Quite a few enemies use fruit as ammunition, including the Ravens that drop apples and Trolls (from the "Brave Tales of Real Rabbits" episode segment, "Day for Knight" from the TV series the game is based on) that throw tomatoes. Monty even throws an apple at Buster in the Game Over screen.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: A few songs in the soundtrack (the Concord power-up, the password screen, the first few notes of Montana Max's boss theme) are based on classical music pieces such as "Voices of Spring Waltz", "Night on Bald Mountain", and "Die Fledermaus".
  • Rake Take: Rakes carelessly strewn around are a rare level hazard, and if Buster steps on one, he'll be stunned for a moment. In a few instances, enemies can attack Buster while he is incapacitated.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: One of the level themes, the underwater theme, and Montana Max's level theme, the final boss theme, and the Sneezer weapon (used during "Son of the Wacko World of Sports") were all used in the show.
  • Rise to the Challenge: Occurs in the Lava Caves. It involves lava.
  • Serial Escalation: When compared to the NES game (which this game is very similar form in terms of being a platformer game). Last time, it was only Babs who's the Damsel in Distress. This time, Fifi and Shirley (who also previously served as an NPC that 'talks' to you when you select your secondary character) got captured too. Last time, you had secondary character. Monty had two of them (Plucky and Dizzy) Brainwashed and Crazy and added some more (Calamity and Hamton, the latter also served to give you extra life if you collect enough carrots) to serve as bosses (while Furrball got Demoted to Extra), and when Buster got new allies (Concord, Sneezer and Beeper), their stature means that they're limited to Smart Bomb and 'goal line' (Gogo), so Buster had to do all the platforming by himself.
  • Ship Level: The Pirate Ship, naturally.
  • Slide Attack: Buster can use this ability on enemies if he gains enough speed.
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: The Ice Mountains.
  • Smart Bomb: Concord, Sneezer, and Beeper all serve as one. Concord drops an anvil, Sneezer uses his trademark violent sneeze, and Beeper just speeds by. All three clear the screen of enemies.
  • Spikes of Doom: Common throughout the game. There are two varieties of them. Some are rather round, and these will do one heart of damage to Buster, then there are the thin, tall ones which can instantly kill you. Notably, there are beds of the latter placed below disappearing platforms in the Ice Mountain levels.
  • Springs, Springs Everywhere: Springboards are common throughout the game, especially in the bonus stages.
  • Stalactite Spite: Common in both Ice and Lava Caves. The first battle against Plucky Duck also has these, as Plucky brings them crashing down with a hammer.
  • Tactical Suicide Boss: The first battle against Plucky would be impossible if Splicer didn't lower his plane every time Plucky used his hammer to bring down stalactites. At least, that was probably the designers' intention — it's actually possible to Super Jump off the left side of the screen, for some reason. Jumping Off The Fourth Wall?
  • Temporary Platform: There are two instances of these in the game; the first is in the Ice Mountains, in which they are placed over spikes that instantly kill you. The second is in the Factory, in which there are switches to activate them.
  • Threatening Shark: These appear in a some of the swimming stages. Get within line of sight of them, and they make a fast horizontal beeline towards Buster.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: For the duration of the Invincibility Power-Up, a sped-up version of the show's theme song will play.
  • Treasure Hunt Episode: The game's Excuse Plot centers around the chance discovery of a treasure map and the ensuing race to find the treasure.
  • Under the Sea: There are several levels where Buster swims through the ocean, complete with sea creature enemies, and the inability to drown.
  • Underground Level: The Ice Cave.
  • Wacky Land: The bonus levels take place here.
  • Wall Jump: One of Buster's abilities, which the manual calls the "Super Jump".
  • Weapons That Suck: During the battle with Hamton, Hamton will use his vacuum cleaner to try to suck Buster towards him. The vacuum eventually powers down, giving Buster a proper chance to attack Splicer and free Hamton from his mind-control helmet.
  • Wheel o' Feet: Buster gains these if he runs fast enough.
  • You Said You Would Let Them Go: In the final stage, Monty tells Buster he'll return Babs and the rest of his friends to him if he gives him the titular hidden treasure. Buster refuses to give it to him, thus starting the final battle with Monty's giant robot. After Buster defeats Monty and his robot, he tells him he promised to let Babs and his friends go. Monty reminds Buster he still owes him the treasure, and Buster still refuses to give it to him.