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A Platform Game originally designed as Les Aventures de Moktar - Vol. 1: La Zoubida, it was taken over and published by Titus Software in 1992, replacing the fat guy Moktar by their mascot Titus. In both cases, the aim is to traverse a number of levels searching for your loved one, either the titular Zoubida, or a vixen.

Aside from the usual walking, jumping, and evading enemies, gameplay focuses on objects that you can pick up, put down, and throw. Throwing an object is a way to get rid of enemies; putting down crate objects in the right places allows you to reach higher areas. Certain special objects like bowling balls and a flying carpet can be thrown indefinitely without disappearing.


The games contain tropes such as:

  • Checkpoint Starvation. You can get a code to start from each level, but the codes are hidden. If you don't find them you'll just have to continue from the beginning again.
  • Easter Egg. Playing the game more than five years after its release date gives you a message from the programmer that says "Yea... you are still playing Moktar in (year you're playing the game in)!!".
  • Excuse Plot. Your love is gone, go find her. That's pretty much it.
  • Nintendo Hard. The enemies aren't so hard, but all the jumping...


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