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Titus Interactive SA (formerly Titus France SA) was a French software company, created in 1985 by The Caen Brothers, Eric and Hervé, named after Eric's childhood nickname. They made some good games (Crazy Cars II, Prehistorik) and some rather infamously bad ones (Superman 64, RoboCop (2003), Carmageddon 64).

In 2001 Titus acquired majority control of Interplay Entertainment by buying up stock, and the same year Hervé Caen took over as CEO of Interplay. Following some poor business decisions, however, the Titus company filed for bankruptcy in 2004, almost dragging Interplay down with it. Ultimately though, Interplay managed to avoid bankruptcy by the skin of its teeth and, in a twist of irony, brought up Titus' IPs and other assets.

In 2020, four Titus games (Prehistorik Man, Titan, The Braines and Incantation) were included in the "Interplay Collection" for the new handheld console Evercade.