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In Case of Boss Fight, Break Glass

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Two guesses where the weak point is.
That robot needs a less glaring weak spot.

That is, certain Boss Fights look very threatening, but all you need to do is hit the incredibly obvious glass chamber — which can either hold the pilot, an exposable core system, or whatever they decided to put behind it — for massive damage.

These are incredibly common around machinery bosses, such as against a Humongous Mecha, Walking Tank, or a Battleship Raid; the latter being less commonly used.

This trope can also be combined with Colossus Climb if the weak point is high up on a structure.

Subtrope of Attack Its Weak Point and usually falls under Shows Damage as well. Compare with Go for the Eye and Sniping the Cockpit. See Vehicular Assault.



Action Game

  • Not a playable example, but an actual cutscene. In Bionic Commando 2009, Radd Spencer is gripped by Joe's mecha and nearly crushed to death. He regains consciousness in time to headbutt through Joe's windshield, through the heavy-reinforced glass, and through Joe's face. This causes the robot's hands to free him.
  • Poison Ivy in Batman: Arkham Asylum. This one is odd, considering she's inside a plant. Presumably its actually a transparent membrane.
    • Played with in the sequel, Batman: Arkham City for Mr. Freeze. The actual fight is a very complex Puzzle Boss, once you win it becomes a cutscene of Batman punching Mr. Freeze in the visor and then face.
  • MechWarrior has this trope in the form of the cockpit hitbox location. However despite the fact that it has minimal armor and a powerful shot can in fact instakill any mech if you hit it the small size and difficulty of hitting it even under the best of conditions makes it almost universally a lucky shot if you pull it off.
    • Crosses over directly with Go for the Eye against an Atlas; the cockpit is in its right eye!
  • The first fight with Agnus in Devil May Cry 4 is this. He sits behind an electrified glass wall and you must break through it by chucking flying swords at it.
  • Abductors in Freedom Wars have giant "pods" on their bodies, the destruction of which will deal heavy damage to the Abductor (as well as liberating whoever is trapped inside). Be careful, though: once the pod is broken, the Abductor Turns Red.

Beat 'em Up

  • Averted in the old Punisher beat'em up game - The robot boss has some glass panels in its head but those go first and breaking them is no impediment - you have to literally punch the thing into scrap to win (It somewhat resembles the car-wrecking bonus stage in Street Fighter II - the thing keeps losing more and more parts as you beat it up.)
  • In The Ninja Warriors Again, the Final Boss, the evil dictator you're supposed to kill, is in a laser-spamming machine with a glass window. And there are loads of minions attacking you! You have to throw the minions into the glass to damage it until it breaks.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for the SNES gives you this in your first boss fight against Shredder, who's in a mechanical construct firing all sorts of weapons at you while his Foot Soldiers are distracting you (and the battle is shown from Shredder's point of view). While you can beat up the ninjas endlessly, the only way to beat Shredder is to throw said ninjas into the screen.

Platform Game


Role-Playing Game


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