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C&C: Generals Shockwave is a Game Mod of C&C: Generals: Zero Hour Expansion Pack. The mod aims to improve the depth and variety of Generals by taking its Generals mechanic and essentially turning it Up to Eleven; whereas in Zero Hour, each general is a specialist who primarily follows the faction template with a handful of unique weapons and upgrades, Shockwave functionally turns every single general into its own faction, with wildly-different unit types, tech trees, and special abilities.


While the mod lacks a true campaign (the ones from Generals and Zero Hour aren't compatible), the Generals Challenge mode is intact and fully compatible with the mod's new features, as well as including some new and revamped challenges from Generals that were cut from the original game.

The game provides examples of:

  • A Commander Is You: Much more diverse than vanilla; each General is essentially its own faction, with a variety of unique units, buildings, and powers. While the rough factional outlines from the original game mostly still apply, there are some significant differences:
    • China's Infantry and Tank Generals fall into a combination of Spammer and Unit Specialist; very, very good at churning out waves of infantry and tanks, respectively, that all have very specific and clearly-defined roles, but their units tend to have very poor crossover and need to be sufficiently-varied to deal with the appropriate threats.
    • China's Nuke General is a pure Brute Force commander; all of his units utilize I Love Nuclear Power in some way, resulting in extreme, but often indiscriminate, destruction. Nearly all of his units are also Made of Explodium, so losses can result in devastating chain reactions.
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    • China's Special Weapons General is a heavy case of Technical; her units are generally weaker, but all make use of unique and powerful weapons and upgrades that can tilt the fight in her favor in various ways. Notably, she makes heavy use of flame weaponry, Seismic weaponry, and more esoteric stuff like Reactive Armor and microwave technology.
    • USA's Laser General is a straightforward Balanced Generalist commander. Laser weapons are universally-effective, and the Laser General uses Frickin' Laser Beams to an art form to deal with virtually any situation. Although he has few weaknesses, he IS a bit more power-hungry than other leaders, and lacks specialization or heavy, raw power.
    • USA's Super Weapon General is pure Technical; her troops lose out in most straight engagements but make up for it with powerful special abilities, and she has access to a number of unique and powerful units like the Alpha Aurora Bomber. She also has the strongest base defenses and superweapons in the game, making her THE best turtler, hands-down.
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    • USA's Air Force General is a Ranger commander; his air units are devastating and can deal with nearly any situation, but air units are universally-squishy and fairly easy to counter, meaning he has to rely on well-planned surgical strikes combined with his limited ground and support forces to take down enemy fortifications. when played well, he's an absolute terror that can wipe bases and units off the battlefield in seconds nearly anywhere on the map.
    • USA's Armor General is Brute Force and Elitist, being one big Mythology Gag to Tiberian Sun era GDI. Very powerful, but expensive, tanks, combined with specialized artillery, specialist support infantry, and a powerful multi-purpose hero unit make for a versatile wrecking crew. That being said, many of his heaviest units favor offense over defense, and can be torn down with focused fire fairly easily.
    • GLA's Stealth General is the definition of Guerilla; nearly everything has some sort of stealth capability, and his hit-and-run capabilities are second-to-none, but both direct firepower and defense are on the low side. He can set up traps and false bases, cloak his units to slip through gaps in enemy defense and visibility, and launch sneak attacks on unprotected flanks, but in a direct fight he doesn't stand a chance.
    • GLA's Demolition General is a combination of Brute Force and Spammer. His troops pack devastating explosive weaponry, are cheap to produce, and nearly every one is, can place, or can become an Action Bomb. Although his options for combat are pretty much limited to "blow it up and hope it dies", he has so many options for this at his disposal that he can easily turn half the map, including his own army, into a Booby Trap.
    • GLA's Toxin General is a combination of Technical and Unit Specialist. His toxin weaponry is horribly, universally lethal to infantry, and he has a number of nasty tricks to make him effective against other targets, but his troops' direct firepower sucks. Good use of poisons, specialists, and traps can help him deal with different threats, but he struggles in direct fights against armor.
    • GLA's Salvage General is a weird case of Brute Force, Ranger and Gimmick. His troops aren't terribly powerful on their own, and lack special upgrades like the other GLA Generals' troops, but he has a lot of raw power improvements and can upgrade his units with salvage stolen from enemy vehicle kills, dramatically improving their firepower. A fully-upgraded column of the Salvage Generals' units have some of the most terrifying offensive capabilities in the game, but they're wholly dependent on slow research and getting those vehicle kills to snowball.
  • Action Bomb: All GLA Generals can do this, but the Demolition General pretty much is nothing but this trope.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: With the Capture Building upgrade, all basic infantry gain the ability to capture enemy buildings. Black Lotus can also do so significantly faster, from a short distance away and without the need of the upgrade.
  • Always Accurate Attack: All lasers and railguns hit instantly and cannot miss the target.
  • Artistic License – Nuclear Physics: This mod inherits the trope from the vanilla game, then reinvests it, makes a killing, and retires to the Caribbean. The Nuke General's units ONLY use nuclear weapons, with the smallest being Radium-tipped AK-47's to city busting nukes and nuclear cannons, firing hundreds of shells per battle. Even the biggest nuclear blasts and explosions are still far weaker than they should logically be, nevermind the constant nuclear explosions from *everything* aren't burning out the eyes of everyone, or turning the air so hot and irradiated that the map would be a wasteland.
  • Attack Drone: USA can give these to most of their armor, along with repair and scout drones. The Special Weapons general has an entire category of these, essentially replacing her conventional army - and she can give THOSE drones drones of their own!
  • Break Out the Museum Piece: A lot of GLA vehicles are old Nazi or Soviet vehicles stolen from junkyards.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Overcharging a Nuclear Reactor or Nuclear Research Plant causes it to temporarily generate more power and damage itself until turned off.
  • Colonel Badass: Colonel Burton sets explosive charges, easily kills many targets (including tanks) with an advanced automatic rifle and to maintain stealthiness, stabs infantry with a knife. And as is the custom for all Generals hero units, he knows how to stay out of plain sight.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Infiltrating a Command Center or superweapon with a Saboteur will reset the cooldown of, respectively, all enemy general's abilities and the superweapon in question.
  • The Cracker: Chinese Hackers are computer experts able to hack into various computer systems and networks, allowing them to shut down enemy buildings for a short time, or generating a constant stream of money. Black Lotus is a more capable version, capable of also shutting down vehicles and stealing money.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Reduced, if not averted. Unlike the Vanilla, each commander has at least *some* weakness-compensating unit, such as the Airforce General having a small, but decent Sheridan Tank, unlike its vanilla version which had *no* tanks at all.
  • Depleted Phlebotinum Shells: Battlemasters, Warmasters and Overlords can replace their normal shells with depleted uranium shells, which deal 25% more damage. Tao's Battlemasters, Overlords and Siege Cannons come with them by default.
  • Discard and Draw:
    • The Rebel can replace their standard weapon with RPD Machine Gun with greater rate of fire and attack range, yet this upgrade makes the Rebel moves slower because of the heavy weapon.
    • The Mortar Humvee can permanently exchange its mortar for a Vulcan turret with which to engage infantry and airborne units more effectively.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: The Decoy Drone and Bomb Truck can disguise as another vehicle including faction colour.
  • Earthquake Machine: The Anvil Tank and Hammer Cannon's seismic shells can create earthquakes to disable buildings and keep units from attacking. The Temple of Gaia has the much more powerful Earth Shaker cannon which also shakes and tears the ground, causing buildings to be disabled and units crippled, taking massive damage over time.
  • Fast-Roping: A Chinook or Pave Low carrying Rangers can fly directly over a targeted building and the Rangers within will rappel down and garrison the building, killing any enemy infantry within.
  • Fast Tunnelling: The Tunnel Network can be used to relocate troops from one entrance to another in an instant.
  • Fireballs: The Advanced Dragon Tank can fire a pair of fireballs from its main guns. These do not do the continuous damage of the normal fire mode, but have longer range.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: Pyros, Dragon Tanks and Flame Towers are fitted with a flamethrower.
  • Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon: The Marauder and Reaper Tank need to rotate themselves completely to engage a target due to the lack of a turret.
  • Flechette Storm: The Grinder Cannon fires a flechette canister which highly effective against large group of infantry units.
  • Friendly Fireproof: Friendly infantry standing around the Microwave Tank are somehow immune to being fried by the microwave field.
  • Gathering Steam: All Chinese gattling weapons' barrel needs some time to spin up before it reaches its full potential. Tao's Gattling Cannons are an exception: they can fire at maximum speed right away, since they are powered by nuclear reactors.
  • Going Critical: Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Research Plants, as well as Battlemasters, Warmasters, Reapers and Overlords after being upgraded with nuclear engines, explode violently if destroyed. By default General Tao's Battlemasters, Gattling Tanks, RAD Tanks, Devastators, Overlords and Siege Cannons come with these, but he can also research Isotope Stability so they no longer explode.
  • Guns Akimbo: All configurations of the Exo-Suit come with dual identical weapons.
  • Hazmat Suit: American infantry can be outfitted with chemical suits that protect them from harmful radiation and toxins, reducing the damage they take from such environmental hazards. Biohazard Techs come with them by default.
  • Heal Thyself: Infantry deployed via HALO Drops are equipped with Personal Medkits to quickly treat their injuries.
  • Hover Tank: The Crusader can be mounted with a hover engine, allowing it to traverse water and making it the single fastest tank in its class. The Robot Tank and Shatterer can hover over water by default.
  • Ilove Nuclear Power: Taken Up to Eleven in the new Nuclear General. Every ammunition, *every last one* is laced with radioactive materials. Even the infantry uses radium-tipped assault rifles with radium-laced grenades, and the flame-throwing Dragon Tank is changed to R.A.D tank which uses gamma radiation like a flamethrower. Then there is the SSNR, Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction ammunition fired by the former Inferno Cannon unit. Several hits on one location with mundane SSNR rounds generate a nuclear explosion very much like a 'Superweapon' nuke. Needless to say, Un Friendly Fire is certain.
  • Improvised Weapon: The Technical and Toxin Tractor are little more than civilian vehicles given a gun. Moreover, every GLA unit, even non-combatant vehicles, slap some armor and extra barrels whenever they touch a "salvage crate" which emerges from destroyed hostile vehicles. This is the GLA Salvage General's hat: his own Marauder tanks (not requiring a Promotion Point) can have three gun barrels.
  • "Instant Death" Radius: Microwave Tanks cook and pop enemy infantry units in their vicinity.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Using GPS Scrambler cloaks all friendly units within its area of effect. These units retain their cloaking ability indefinitely, and only reveal themselves when firing.
  • Kill Sat: When fired, the Particle Cannon will direct a concentrated beam of high-energy particles into space. There, a mirror satellite in orbit will reflect the beam and direct it onto the target. Laser Designator Bases use a smaller laser designator to call down orbital laser strikes.
  • Laser Sight: The Missile Defender can use a laser to lock on a target, increasing their range and rate of fire. The Avenger has a similar laser designator which can mark enemy units and increase the rate of fire for allied units firing on the target.
  • Limited Loadout: Juhziz's Battle Buses can deploy five demo traps in a row before having to reload for a while.
  • Loud of War: The Shatterer emits intense sound waves which shatter tanks and buildings alike and are fatal to infantry.
  • Magnetic Weapons: The Railgun Artillery is a powerful railgun installed on a tank chassis exclusive to Laser General.
  • Mini-Mecha: The Exo-Suit is a small walker that can be manned by any USA soldier.
  • Molotov Cocktail: An Angry Mob (except Juhziz's) can be upgraded to replace their stones with molotov cocktails. Kassad's Rebels are equipped with these as well.
  • Molotov Truck: The Bomb Truck can carry explosives and be upgraded with better explosives or anthrax, or even both (though that's quite expensive). Juhziz, being focused on demolitions, orders his Bomb Trucks with HE Bombs by default and can upgrade them with Nuclear Bombs for more explosive fun. Dr Thrax, on the other hand, has all of them equipped with anthrax and cannot give them HE bombs.
  • Money Spider: The GLA general's ability Cash Bounty gives you a small bonus in cash for each enemy unit or building you destroy depdending on the cost of the enemy that was destroyed.
  • Multiple Life Bars: When destroyed, a Battle Bus simply loses its wheels and becomes a stationary bunker for infantry.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The Aurora is invulnerable against anything but stray shots during its attack run.
  • No Experience Points for Medic: There are very few ways to gain experience outside of killing enemies, and many non-combat units can't gain veterancy at all.
  • One-Hit Polykill: The Shatterer's sound wave passes through units and structures in its way, damaging them as well.
  • Photoprotoneutron Torpedo: The Particle Cannon fires a concentrated beam of high-energy particles.
  • Piecemeal Funds Transfer: Hackers give you a trickle of money when using the Hack Internet ability.
  • Plasma Cannon: The Plasma Avenger uses a plasma-based weapon instead of missiles; the Enforcer fires pulses or streams of Cold Fusion plasma; and the Plasma Tomahawk Launcher utilises modified Tomahawk cruise missiles with plasma warheads.
  • Smoke Out: The Scarab Tank can eject 4 smoke grenades, which force enemy units and defences which are in range to fire inside the clouds.
  • Sniper Rifle: Pathfinders, Assassins and Jarmen Kell use these to snipe enemy infantry from afar.
  • Stance System: The American Strategy Center can switch between 3 different battleplans: Bombardment, which increases unit attack power and equips the Strategy Center with an artillery piece; Hold the Line, which increases unit defence and improves its own armour (depicted as sandbags); and Search and Destroy, which deploys scanners around the Strategy Center and improves unit weapon range. They are free to be switched at any time, though that takes a few seconds.
  • Super Speed: During its attack run, the Aurora travels at supersonic speed, which makes it practically invulnerable against anything but stray shots in the flightpath of the Aurora.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: The Radiation Warheads upgrade fits all of Tao's Red Guard with radiation grenades. Deathstrike's Terrorists are issued old-model stick grenades.

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