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Agent [REDACTED] Kirin.
Hello, I am Agent Kirin. I do everything incognito. EVERYTHING.

I am a visual artist, working primarily in pencil and paper but occasionally scanning a drawing in to make a digital version. I can’t draw people yet, at least not reliably, but I’m working on it.

My current original project is Deal With It, a fantasy story about a fae that is basically a demon by another name and a mage who makes a deal with it. Hilarity Ensues, and lampshades will be hung.

I’m also writing a fanfic. It's a Pokemon Super Fic called On the Ground taking place in the non-canon Symphora region, in which a jaded intrepid reporter assembles a team to save the world from its prophesied destruction.

I can be found on DeviantART, Tumblr, and Twitter under the same username I use here. I also have a Twitch account, although I'm currently not streaming until further notice.

    A few of my favorite works 
If I try to list all the works I like, I'm inevitably going to forget something, so I'll just list the ones I'm most into.
Video Games:

Shows: (I've got some serious catching-up to do on some of these...)




    A few of my favorite tropes 

    Tropes that apply to me 

     Threads I've started 


Agent [REDACTED] Kirin

Agent [REDACTED] Kirin is my internet persona, shown in the page image. She's a secret agent.

Average Joe

Average Joe is a character I made up on the spot one day when I got bored of drawing ponies. He gets into all sorts of adorable shenanigans.

I'll categorize these when I have more of them.
  • The Crystal Prison spell Gnasty Gnorc used in the first Spyro game was stolen from the dragons, who created it to imprison their enemies. It's specifically designed so that only a dragon can break the spell, which is why Spyro has to be the one to free them. If he'd been frozen too, Gnasty would have won.
    • I still have no explanation for where all the female dragons were, though.
  • The reason that Professor Pester is so scared of the Dragonache isn't just because it's fierce and powerful (although that helps). This is the thing that he sent Jardiniero on a snipe hunt for, kicking off the events of the first game. And here you are, siccing the real deal on him. No wonder he's terrified.
  • The text on the back of the Arceus plates is either (a) written in some magical universal language, or (b) perceived by the reader in their own language. This would explain why these stone tablets that are supposedly as old as the universe itself are written in English, or whichever language your game is in.
  • Guzma's voice sounds something like Trevor McNevan. (Jossed by the anime. Oh well.)
  • Nihilego's tentacles collide while it floats, making a sound like wind chimes. It's a beautiful sound... unless you've ticked off a whole swarm of them.
  • That thing Xurkitree has for a head is a sensory organ of some sort. It can "see" in all directions, except for a blind spot where the limbs attach.
  • Fluttershy is still a vampire, but her condition has been suppressed enough that she experiences few to no symptoms, and it'd take one heck of a spell to bring it out again.

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