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Juggernauts in live-action TV.

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Ghost Rider is virtually unstoppable; Daisy's powers only slowed him down, he punched his way out of a containment module no other powered being has ever breached through force, Mace barely stood his ground in a straight fight with the Rider, and the ghosts posed no threat to him whatsoever. The only time he ever seemed seriously threatened was when he was bombarded with lethal amounts of radiation, subjected to impossible quantum fluctuations, and impaled twice through the chest with giant spikes. Even then, he was still alive and fully capable of holding a conversation despite the intense pain. In fact, the main reason S.H.I.E.L.D. is working with him instead of against him is because they know they can't stop him, so it's better to channel him more constructively.
  • Angel:
    • The Beast dear god the boys Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Lorne throw literally everything they've got at him (including More Dakka from Wes) and just he no sells all of it while kicking their asses into next week. Even with Faith (a Slayer) couldn't faze him, the only thing that can kill him is a knife he crafted from his own bones, which Angelus shanks him with in a sneak attack.
    • In the first episode that Hamilton appears in, he is The Juggernaut. In the Final Battle he effortlessly overpowers Illyria below, Connor and Angel and isn't effected by any attacks. Unfortunately during his Evil Gloating to Angel he reveals that he has the blood of the Senior running through his veins, Angel (a vampire) quickly takes advantage of this.
    • Illyria even more so before she got depowered by Wesley's black hole gun. Before this she could stop time and at one point effortlessly kills Spike, Wesley, Lorne, and Angel in a confrontation before time gets reset and Wes brings her down to a less godly level.
  • Arrowverse:
    • Supergirl. While downplayed in her own show thanks to how powerful the villains are, her appearance in the 2016 crossover special shows that she's absurdly overpowered compared with Earth-1's heroes, with their training consisting of Kara hovering in one spot while easily countering any attempt to so much as touch her. It's telling that The Flash wasn't involved in the training, and when she became Brainwashed and Crazy, he used her being a Juggernaut to his advantage by virtue of being fast and tricking her into destroying the Mind-Control Device.
    • The Flash (2014)'s version of Grodd. While dangerous enough with his Psychic Powers, as a physical threat he is for all purposes of the series unbeatable. In his first encounter with the Flash he caught a supersonic punch that had earlier been used to defeat a Nigh Invulnerable villain and every subsequent blow on him had no effect until the Flash threw him in front of a subway train. Even this only inconvenienced him as he was pushed to another location; getting hit by the train didn't do any real damage. When he reappears in Season 2 the Flash is just as powerless against him and Grodd is only stopped by sending him to a parallel Earth where he'll be happy and won't hurt anybody. And now Grodd wants revenge, assembling an army of sentient gorillas and planning to invade Earth 1 using the "vibing" power of the mind-controlled Gypsy, after Barry defeated the more sensible Solovar, resulting in Grodd usurping control over Gorilla City.
  • Babylon 5:
    • In the Back Story, the Earth-Minbari War went this way, with the Minbari playing the part of the giant cart. The Minbari had an advantage in hyperspace technology (allowing them to unleash devestating Hyperspeed Ambushes), as well as very effective stealth technology, meaning that they could wipe out half of a human fleet before the humans had a chance to acquire their targets.
    • In the show's setting, the Shadows' warships and later the Vorlons as well play this role versus the younger races in battle. Taking a Shadow Battlecrab out in open combat usually requires multiple ships acting in concert laying into it, or having friendly telepaths lay down the Psychic Static to temporarily disable the Shadow ships.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Adam. It's obvious that everything before the enjoining spell had no effect on him.
    • Glory, even more so than Adam. Being a Physical God, Glory is pretty much unstoppable.
    • Before either of them, there was Mayor Wilkins, who was completely impervious to all forms of harm for the 100 days immediately before becoming a full-blown demon. His demon form could be killed, but you would need a pretty insane amount of destructive power to do so.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Daleks frequently wind up in this role.
      • "Dalek" is a particularly good demonstration: the Dalek goes on a rampage, killing over 200 people in the process. It is only stopped because Rose manages to talk it down because it was contaminated with her DNA, not because of any weapons.
      • Dalekanium is possibly the best armour in the Whoniverse, rendering weapons from any time useless against the Daleks. On top of that, they have a forcefield that vaporizes bullets a few inches from their shells, and they seem impervious to energy weaponry as well. If there's ever a weapon with enough sheer output to kill a Dalek, it either tends to be a one-shot that burns itself out in the process, or is carried by another Dalek, as their weaponmaking is even better than their armouring, and can thus one-shot anyone.
    • A less obvious answer: the Flood in "The Waters of Mars". As the Doctor says in the episode, water is patient — it might be slow, but the only way to stop it is by blowing up the whole base.
    • "The Tsuranga Conundrum": The Pting can eat through anything that would attempt to restrain them or block their path, and cannot be harmed by any known weapon. The ship's computer simply advises staying far away from them.
  • The Ganmeisers of Kamen Rider Ghost are near-immortal guardians of the Ganma World and the mysterious Great Eye with Elemental Powers to boot.
  • In The Mandalorian, there are the Dark Troopers, mechanical weapons of destruction designed to replace the normal Storm Trooper. Shoot them Out Of The Airlock? Oops, they got rocket thrusters. Shoot them with blaster bolts? Armor's tough enough to withstand that. Flamethrower? Tank that. A Flying Bird used by Mandalorians? Sorry, not a scratch. It takes an group of fighters, three of which being Mandalorians and one of which being Boba Fett himself, to take it down. Thankfully, when they deal with a group of them, there's one threat to them that takes them out: Another Jedi, in this case Luke Skywalker himself.
  • The first appearance of the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation certainly makes them look unstoppable, but their second appearance really drives it home. The Enterprise is helpless to stop the Borg Cube from abducting Picard, and attempts to destroy it from the inside and a jury-rigged Wave-Motion Gun are only minor setbacks. Later, the Borg destroy thirty-nine Federation ships without a scratch, and every planetary defense between Saturn and Earth crumbles without much of a fight.
    • And later, there was Species 8472, who waltzed through the Borg in the heart of the Borg's own empire like they weren't even there. They were that tough for about two episodes.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dick Roman. Being a Leviathan, he is immune to all normal weapons as well as to typical monster weaknesses, and can shrug off things like having a car dropped on him or getting decapitated. However, as the head Leviathan, he takes things a step further by also being able to shrug off being hit with the one weakness of ordinary Leviathans, Borax cleaning products. The only way to kill him is by stabbing him with "the bone of a righteous mortal, cloaked in the three bloods of the fallen." Even then, the subsequent explosion will drag his killer to Purgatory.
    • Lucifer is one of only five life forms in the entire universe that can't be killed by the Colt and tears through literal gods like a hot knife through butter.
  • In Super Sentai and Power Rangers, the most humongous of the Humongous Mecha often play the Juggernaut role. At least in the beginning when they are introduced, to emphasize their awesomeness. Later, tougher monsters tend to show up to match them.
    • Often a villain or Monster of the Week meant to serve as fodder for a Mid Season Up Grade Super Mode is this, necessitating the upgrade in the first place by walking through every attack used on it. A stand example include Killer Ghost from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger which not only shrugs attacks from the heroes weapons, they actually break against it.
    • Character specific example in form of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger with the Big Bad Dokoku. While he plays Orcus on His Throne for most of the series when does finally get up both The Starscream Akumaro (whom was a Dragon-in-Chief till he revealed his own agenda) and the Shinkengers are powerless against him, and it's revealed the only reason he has defeated them is because he dries up quickly when not submerged in the Sanzu River. When he pulls a reluctant Devour the Dragon this weakness is removed leaving the only thing with a chance of stopping him a unique sealing kanji, but the sacrifice of the minion in question made him immune to it which for series purposes made him indestructible, when human sized at least, except for a weakspot he absorbed his minion into which was also what made him immune to the seal.
  • In the second season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron goes berserk and starts trying to kill John Connor, and proves next-to-impossible to stop, even with The Slow Walk due to a damaged leg. Eventually, the only way she is defeated is when John and Sarah crush her between two tractor trailers, and even then she's just pinned.
  • Ultra Series actually plays with this. Most of the Kaiju, aliens, and villains are only meant to seem totally unstoppable, but with lots of effort, determination, and hope, they can be defeated, which fits the themes of the franchise. There are still plenty of straight examples though (They do get defeated eventually, of course).
    • From the original series, we have Antlar (who could only be harmed by the Blue Stone of Barraj), Gomora (the first monster defeat Ultraman, and also got his tail blown off yet still able to demolish Osaka Castle), and Zetton (who killed Ultraman and can create a force field capable of resisting all but the most powerful attacks). Red King was generally an aversion until Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, where he effortlessly defeated an arm cannon King Joe(see below)
    • Ultraseven's King Joe was made from an alien metal making it incredibly hard to destroy. Later incarnations also added an arm cannon capable of killing lesser Kaiju in a single blast. The twin-headed Pandon was even worse.
    • Black King from Return of Ultraman was immensely strong and had skin so thick not even a Specium Ray could pierce his flesh.
    • Ultraman Taro gives us Birdon and Tyrant. The former killed two Ultramen and had to be defeated by sealing it back inside the volcano it awoke from while the latter defeated five Ultramen in a row before finally succumbing. There was also the saurian robot Grand King, who took the combined power of 6 Ultramen to kill.
    • Ultraman Max had IF. The former had Complete Immortality and an Adaptive Ability. Final villain Giga Basark was an aversion, despite being a robot standing nearly 400 meters tall! That was because Max was already weakened from earlier when defeated by it, but when he was all freshened up, Giga Basark was killed very quickly.
    • Ultraman Gaia has Zogu, who curbstomped Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul and stood 127 meters tall! And that was only in its first form. The second form stood over 600 meters tall, making her the largest monster in the franchise's 50-year history.
    • Ultraman Mebius's Big Bad was the Emperor. To emphasize how unstoppable he is, the mere act of the Emperor landing levels buildings around him and sets others on fire. Likewise, we have U-Killersaurus from The Movie, an 80 meter monster that took 4 Ultramen to seal away at the cost of draining so much power, they were forced to take human forms for 25 years. When it returned, it had grown 300 meters tall and it took the combined power of 7 Ultramen to kill it after a very lengthy battle. Then, there's the Imperializers, the Emperor's robot soldiers. They have Healing Factor up to single cell regeneration and fire off massive blasts of firepower.
    • Ultraman Zero: The first Big Bad, Ultraman Belial defeated virtually every Ultraman in the Land of Light and took on a One-Winged Angel by fusing with the spirits of every monster the Ultramen had fought up to that point. He survived the total destruction of this form and took on another One-Winged Angel in the sequel. Hyper Zetton, a creation of Alien Bat, is like Zetton, except even more powerful.
    • Greeza from Ultraman X. Asides from utterly defeating Ultraman X and his companion Cyber-Gomora in their first battle, it also absorbed dozens of monsters to gain all their powers.
  • Walker, Texas Ranger: The episode "Warriors", where a supremacist bent on world domination kidnaps a geneticist and uses her research on quick healing to create a prototype enforcer, who is essentially an unstoppable juggernaut who does not so much as flinch at such things as gunfire or having a huge roundhouse kick landed on him. The supremacist uses the enforcer in an attempt to stop Walker and the Rangers; in fact, the strongman is shot dozens of times but it does nothing to even wound him. Eventually, Walker and the geneticist are able to avert the trope.


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