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Okayado, how much of a geek are you?


  • Regular guy lives with a non-human girl who calls him "Darling" in Gratuitous English, loves him dearly but also can hurt him pretty badly, cooks stuff that is inedible for humans and wants to be engaged with him while he resists. Is this MonMusu or Urusei Yatsura?
  • Ms. Smith may very well be referencing both the Matrix franchise (Agent Smith) and the Men in Black franchise (she dresses like the female MIB agents).
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  • In the second chapter, Kimihito and Miia (who's a lamia, don't forget) take shelter in a love hotel called 'Hotel Loveless'. A lamia. Loveless. Get it?
  • Miia cosplays as FOX-era Big Boss, with an Eyepatch of Power and all, in Chapter 10. Doubles as a Stealth Pun considering the ecchi nature of the series and the fact that Big Boss' old codename was Naked Snake.
  • In chapter 11, the character "Sweetie Witch Mako-chan" the orcs are such big fans of is actually an Okayado self-reference. She comes from MAMAMA, his very first non-doujin published work.
  • Due to the internal conflict of the other girls' personalities she's mimicking, Suu channels Nicole Brennan at one point during chapter 13 while taking care of Kimihito. It's terrifying.
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  • The sword Cerea wields during chapter 16 is an Anduril replica.
  • Centorea is confronted by her mother about why she hasn't found a suitable mate since she sent her away, to which Centorea says she already told her she would do no such thing, and instead wanted to find a master. Her mother says that is no excuse, "though I may have excused such pretentiousness if thy master were winsome." This winsome master she's picturing is a silhouette with the famous hair, armor, and cape of Griffith from the Golden Age in Berserk.
  • In chapter 18, an extended shout out to Touhou Project, with Reimu, Marisa, Meiling, Keine, Kasen, Yuugi, Ran, Utsuho, a mini-Sin Sack, and Suu and Papi as another Utsuho. As expected, things get funny really quickly and turn into doujin-lite. Also note that this series is the practical example of an overload of Cute Monster Girls so this also comes as a Doing It for the Art.
    • Chapter 25 sees Lala doing her best Yukkuri impersonation after eating Miia's cooking, complete with "Take it easy in the afterlife!" (although the catchphrase was dropped in the official English release).
    • In Chapter 32, Ils' human assistants wear Sin Sack masks for the show.
  • In chapter 19, Kimihito is wearing a 12 Beast t-shirt the whole time.
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  • Kii's giant wooden form in chapter 20 looks suspiciously like it belongs to a certain trio of golems.
  • Chapter 22 shows MON's Imagine Spot of capturing "D". The criminal is depicted there as a shadowy figure similar to the generic criminals as seen in Detective Conan's explanations.
  • Chapter 24 is a Whole Plot Reference to Final Destination with a twist, including an Imagine Spot of the explosion of an airliner.
    • Chapter 24 also has Kimihito trying to prove that he is NOT in fact on the verge of death by firing off Famous Last Words in rapid succession, sampling them from Fate/stay night to Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • The ending also references Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions with Kimihito saying that Lala is acting like a delusional 8th grader, and being reminded of his own embarrassing past. He's seen dressed like the Dark Flame Master persona from that series (but with Rikka's eyepatch) and saying "El Psy Congroo" among other things.
  • Miia strikes Lelouch's close-up from the end of Code Geass' season 1 closing credits in chapter 26.
  • In the bonus of Volume 6 featuring Lala, she is reenacting the finale of Mobile Suit Gundam with her body in the headless Gundam "Last Shooting" pose and her head as the Zeong's head. This is doubly appropriate since the original pilots Amuro and Char were in a Love Triangle with a girl named Lalah.
  • Chapter 26.5 has a reference to the Kimoi Girls as Centorea imagines Rachnera and Miia's reaction to her accidentally breaking the sofa with her butt.
  • Possibly accidental, but in chapter 27 Papi uses her wings like a Harpie's Feather Duster.
  • On the cover page of Chapter 27, Manako is holding the Heckler and Koch PSG1, which is the Sniper Rifle Solid Snake used in Metal Gear Solid.
  • Chapter 30 has Miia having her tail entangled around the ladder Darling is climbing up on. Who here plays the board game Snakes And Ladders, anybody?
  • In Chapter 31, the group brainstormed on how to help the onsen's business, Mero suggested a stage production starring Yukio, the Yuki-Onna owner of the resort, as the main character who freezes things with her powers, referencing Frozen. Miia worries about the copyright issue.
  • On the television, the credits for Pretty Witch Mako-chan have Okayado's real name listed under "Character Design"
  • In Chapter 34, a tired Smith does her best Sadako impersonation. Lampshaded by Kimihito.
  • Mero turns out to be a mermaid princess who has fallen in love with a human, only to have her parent oppose said relationship. She then absconds with a sorcerous octopus mermaid. Sound familiar? Oh, and she even has a pair of butlers named Sebasstian and Flounnder, though they're anthropomorphic fish instead of a Jamaican crab and a regular fish. Later on, Mero's servants confess that they hoped to take advantage of Octo's "magic" to turn into attractive mermen; in his fantasy, Sebasstian sees himself as another butler named Sebastian.
    • Octo's information page includes a less-than-subtle hint about what one of her hobbies is...
    Octo Game
    Plays exclusively with Rollers
    Octo: (After getting splatted) AAHHH! Burst bombs ain't fair!
  • Chapter 39's antagonist is a Chinese Vampire that channels two Anime Chinese Girls made by Capcom: Hsien-Ko (she's a Jiang-Shi with giant metal claws) and Chun-Li (she does the Spinning Bird Kick at one point).
    • Her defeat at the hands of Zombina and Kimihito is similar to what happened in a chapter of Franken Fran (incidentally starring another reanimated corpse): basically they use Zombina's severed lower half to trick her into thinking Zombina was elsewhere, much like Fran did with her murderous sister Gavrill.
  • In Chapter 40, after the Orc witnesses Doppel's true form, the next page cuts to Liz and Kinu playing a game of Call of Cthulhu.
  • Chapter 42: the two agents afraid that Manako can read their minds with her eye (because they like her) are caricatures of Okayado's fellow mangaka Shake-O (the one with the glasses and eyelashes) and 221. The additional gag is that both are making manga about a one-eyed girl, Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary and Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun respectively.
  • In Chapter 44, Kimihito wonders if he's being chased by a villain like in some battle manga. He even dresses up like Goku.
  • Killa the Killer Bee's name sound familiar with a certain fictional rapper a certain real rapper.
  • Kino is a Matango.
  • In Chapter 48, an elf and a dwarf who strongly resemble Legolas and Gimli can be seen getting their weapons checked. The same chapter also has a heater apparently shaped like Flowey the Flower (second panel, on the far left). Papi thinks it's cute...
  • Chapter 49 features a mosquito gyaru dressed like Shimakaze.
  • Chapter 59 Has a clear reference to The Shining.
  • In chapter 65 when Kimihito sics Papi on a couple about to get too personal at Yukio's bathhouse, his pose and words, "Go! Papi!" is reminiscent of Pokémon trainers releasing their mon.
  • In one of the omakes, Miia get annoyed by Papi refusing to wear panties due to her hypothetical tail feathers, saying that "Even the Strike Witches have more shame than you!".
  • Volume 16 has an omake were the slime girls working at the onsen spot and start chasing SCP-040-JP.


  • In the anime opening, you can see all the girls raising their hands in the air creating a huge heart that lands in front of Kimihito in the exact same fashion as a spirit bomb.
  • In Episode 3 of the anime, when Kimihito notices the "spirits of Centorea's kind" behind her, he asks if they're "Stands or what".
  • In Episode 4 of the Anime, the sub has Centorea indignantly state that she normally uses a brush with a long handle to clean her haunches, but in the dub she states "I use an Augbesian, of course!" Calling back to a Christopher Walken sketch where a centaur at a job interview is asked nothing about his qualifications, but rather only centaur questions.
  • In Episode 6's MonMusu Collection, the Long Legs subspecies' appearance and nickname of "Sergeant" is a reference to 2chan, which refer to huntsman spiders as "Sergeant Ashidaka" due to a particular thread discussing "anti-cockroach forces".
  • In Episode 7's MonMusu Collection, the monoeye subspecies Backbeards are one big shout out to GeGeGe no Kitarō character Backbeard and his fan-created daughter Beako, including their mutual catchphrase "You damn lolicon!".
  • The Early Zombie subspecies from Episode 8's MonMusu Collection appears to be wearing Michael Jackson's Thriller red jacket.
  • In Episode 9, the cosplay girls on BD/DVD are dressed like Aero and Jawea from 12 Beast.
  • In Episode 9 Draco offers Miia a can of coffee similar to the ones from real brand Boss Coffee, but with Ms. Smith replacing the man with the pipe in the logo. Well, she is a boss...
    • This one could also be reference to a different MIB, Tommy Lee Jones, who was a spokesman for Boss Coffee in the past.
  • In Episode 10, when Giant-Suu appears, she's sporting Godzilla's iconic dorsal spines and even unleashes her own version of "Atomic Breath" while the screen adopts an old style film grain.
    • Giant Suu also resembles the evolved form of Zeruel.
  • In Episode 10's MonMusu Collection, the creature being created by Doppel behind her seems to be based on this rendition of Nyarlathotep.
  • In Episode 12, when Kimihito smacks his head while floating down the river, a silhouette of Muromi can be seen for a split second.
    • Centorea's orgasmic reaction after tasting the carrots wouldn't be out of place in a series like Food Wars!.
    • The "Final Destination" reference is preserved in the anime, with the addition of the scene of Kimihito blowing up, reminiscent of Kittan's demise in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Kimihito's cooking rampage at the end is also very TTGL-esque.
    • The infamous "QUALITY cabbage"note  from Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na appears during Kimihito's cooking spree near the end of the episode.
    • When spouting numerous Death Flags to prove he is not about to die, Kimihito quotes Archer.
      Kimihito: You don't mind if I kill that thing, do you?
    • Though it was translated differently, Misuzu's heart wrenching last words were spoken as well, as anyone who hears the Japanese pronunciation of Goal will attest.
    • While Kimihito is drowning in Suu's Marshmallow Hell, he falls out of frame while holding a thumbs up.
  • The goofy fish-shaped hat that Miia wears while at the aquarium with Kimihito is identical to the Nice Hat worn by Japanese ichtyologist (fish expert) and TV personality Sakana-kun.
  • In the first OAD, the pool where the MON girls end up sunbathing is modelled after "The most infamous swimming pool in Japanese pornography". Yes, that's a thing.
  • The second OAD has (if you can believe it) a short reference to one of The Graduate's most iconic scenes, with Kimihito as Benjamin and Rachnera as Mrs. Robinson who's putting on stockings and trying to seduce him. Doubly funny since Kimihito has a thing for legs and that was the first part he noticed in her.

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