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Shout Out / Murciélago

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  • The first chapter involves a drug which causes hallucinations and violence while sleepwalking. It's called Cesare.
  • The second chapter opens with a line-for-line homage to the diner-robbery scene in Pulp Fiction.
  • During the first chapter of Murder Party, one of the criminals asks "This wasn't a Hunter exam?"
  • Chapter 12, "DK: Domestic Killing", has a cover page featuring Kuroko, Hinako, and three other women all wearing Guy Fawkes Masks.
  • Tons toward the Cthulhu Mythos:
    • The story takes place in R'Lyeh City.
    • There is an amusement park called Tekeli-li Land featuring "Shogo-tans" (i.e. Shoggoths) as mascots; a Spinning Cthulhus ride (instead of spinning cups) and a Deep Ones ride instead of a Merry-Go-Round.
    • Before she was abducted by the Rainy Day Killer, Sora was buying things at Dunwich Market.
    • Rinko used to attend Cthulhu Elementary School.


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