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Rose Maria's identity speculation
Rose Maria, the leader of the Virgin Rose, is actually the mystery woman mentioned by the Domestic Killer to Kuroko. She is also Kuroko's unseen benefactor who orchestrated the current violence spree across the city (as the police correctly suspected), so Kuroko can have her fun.
  • Jossed. Rose Maria is the cult leader's younger brother, mutilated and altered so that his body is that of a woman's. The mystery benefactor is still unknown, though whoever they are apparently helped create the cult's place of residence.

You know that hitman we see in The Spider? What if he's Terumi, the Martial Artist from Murderer Party that Yukari the maid killed? We don't see his body; he's forced down a pit, sans left hand and right arm, and
No One Could Survive That!.

But we never see the hitman's right arm. In fact, that sleeve is dangling in the wind as if empty. Now who do we know that got his right arm chopped off? It's blink and you miss it, but when Terumi is on the edge of the pit a big block forces him down it, severing his right arm near the shoulder.

The hitman also seems to posses Terumi's super-strength, with the added bonus of increased toughness, enough to take a metal bat to the head without flinching. We also see the hitman's spiky hair dangling in front of his face. It looks much like Terumi's hair, just less upright spiky and more downward spiky.

The hitman is seen to be working with Reiko, who may have retrieved his body before leaving the deathtrap mansion.

Finally, the hitman mentions losing both his memories and his ability to feel pain. Now what could hurt enough to erase one's mind and permanently scorch one's nerves? Perhaps the pain of dying, coupled with the shock of coming back?



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