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Heartwarming / Murciélago

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  • Kuroko consoling the Driven to Suicide Rinko. She felt that as the daughter of a serial killer, she could not escape her father's genes (not helped that she was the actual culprit who murdered her own mother), and she decided to put an end to the cursed bloodline. Kuroko told her that despite the bloodlust in her blood, she doesn't have to turn out like her father and that her parents really do love her. Kuroko offered to take her in, and if she still wants to die later on, Kuroko would be happy to help her. Rinko cried in Kuroko's embrace, and became a Little Miss Badass who had Big Damn Heroes moments of her own.
    • Somewhat mitigated by how Kuroko was lying through her teeth the entire time, as shown by the quotation marks next to her words, and announcing her desire to eventually have sex with Rinko within her inner monologue, complete with an evil smile and creepy tongue.
  • Some Bonus/Extra contents showed the various arc villains in their past, happier times.
    • The Skin Collector with his wife, amazed at the sight of his newborn daughter.
    • Gold Marie and her sibling, during their highschool days.
    • The Rainy Day Killer as a steel mill worker, taking a break and feeding a dog.

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