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  • Kuroko's facial expressions are absolutely priceless. She's got a wide variety, often involving cranking her head 90 degrees, and they're all fantastic.
  • When trying to chase down the first murderer, Kuroko laments that the train has gotten away. Hinako then smashes into the tunnel in her car, and Kuroko merely turns her head back and says that that's not what Kuroko meant when she said for Hinako to follow behind her.
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  • During the Sakura of Oblivion arc, the traitor in the police force released Cezare variant which turned him into some kind of a super strong zombie, able to overpower the forensic team in hazmat suits, punch through metal shutters and resist gunshots. All the tension immediately dissolved when it bumped with Urara, who's so strong she's able to casually restrain and kill it with a Neck Snap.


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