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Chrom: We know, damn it! Gods... Where did they all come from?
Henry: Well, see, when a mommy zombie and a daddy zombie love each other very much... Nya ha ha!
— A part of Henry's recruitment conversation, Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem Awakening

(note: This page is best read in either Bryce Papenbrook's or Akemi Okamura's voice. Choose your silly voice!)
Oh, hey! Who are you? You don't look like a Risen, and I'm certain I'd be fingerpainting with your blood right now if you were a bad guy... Me? I'm Henry, your happy-go-lucky Plegian Dark Mage, of course!

You know, from Plegia?

Home of The Mad King Gangrel?

The guy that likes war and whatnot?

You're killing me here, and not in the fun way, either! Anyway, what brings you here? "TV Tropes"? Oooh, were you hit by a curse to wander TV Tropes for the rest of your life? I love that one! I wish I could say I came up with that curse myself, nya ha ha!

Well, since you're not a bad guy, I guess I could sit down and talk with you some more. Let's see... Well, when I was a boy, I'd get into all sorts of fun. Playing with ravens, skipping rocks across the lake, practising dark magic... You know, fun stuff! My parents didn't really care much for me, and it was kinda hard to make friends. I did become friends with a wolf growing up, though, and she practically took care of me more than my own mom!

In fact, I grew up being friends with all sorts of animals! Yup, those were fun days... Until my wolf friend wandered into my village one day. She just wanted to visit, but she got killed by some of the men living there. It was really sad, losing her like that. Oooh boy, I made them pay... And... I got sent to a wizarding school after that! I never really made friends there. It's kinda hard feeling any empathy for humans when they do all sorts of stupid stuff, you know? How am I supposed to know not to hex people to have fish eyes when they're complaining about falling asleep in class? And then there was that time with replacing the teacher's blood with fire...


Whoops, I'm getting distracted! Nya ha ha, sorry about that! Anyway, time went by and I ended up joining the Plegian army for war and stuff! I think it was about assassinating the figurehead of Ylisse and expanding for the sake of the Grimleal or something...? I don't remember, I was just in it for the blood! Then one night, a buncha guys named the Shepherds were camping out when they were attacked by a bunch of Risen! I figured I might as well join them, since they look like war follows them around all the time. What's the point of war if it's you're not around long enough to enjoy it? So I asked Chrom if I can join them and, funnily enough, they accepted! What a bunch of nice folks!

So yeah, here I am now, talking about my time fighting for the Shepherds and talking to a complete stranger. It's either this or flinging more curses at people, and my hex finger is tired, so I figured I'd spend my time talking with you! Aren't you glad? Heehee!


I'm quite envious that Robin, Lucina, and Chrom get to be in Super Smash Bros.. I didn't even get to be one of those disembodied spirit thingies in the fifth game!

What's that? Tropes? Oh yeah, I guess you did come here for those! Let me just poof some up for you! Let's see, now where's that blue robin corpse...?

Here we go! I whipped up a HEX of a lot of tropes, just for you! Get it??

  • Affably Evil: Well, not evil per se. Just twisted. People say I am pretty friendly, though!
  • An Axe to Grind/Barbarian Hero: I can reclass myself to be a barbarian! I don't get to explode peoples' heads anymore, but then I can maim and decapitate them until the crows come home!
  • Battle Couple: I'm able to pair up with any of the first generation women in Chrom's army. Except Anna, I guess. And Say'ri. And Tiki. And Flavia. Oh, that includes those Einherjar folks, too!
  • Birds of a Feather: Me. Tharja. End of the story! I believe she even said that we'd fit together well because we're not normal people! Isn't she hilarious, huh?
  • Blood Knight: I love blood! Oooh, and war!
    Heck, I always obey orders! Well, except for the stupid ones like "don't fight the enemy." If someone tried to tell me that, I'd cut'em in half and feed them to the crows!
  • Blood Lust: Tee hee!
    I don't care about politics. I just want to throw fireballs at the bad guys.
  • Blow You Away: I can use wind magic. Woosh! It's even better when Chrom lets me blow an axe right towards someone's neck!
  • Blue and Orange Morality: On the one hand, I left the Grimleal to fight alongside the Shepherds. On the other hand, I'd have no problems killing everyone in the Shepherds if a girl like Tharja asked me to. Ooh, but if I had a third hand, I'd say that I don't actually want to kill anyone in the Shepherds, since they're all so friendly! And on the potential fourth hand, should the Shepherds be ever hurt...
  • Boarding School of Horrors: I was raised in Wizarding School so my parents wouldn't have to take care of me. Maybe that's why I love blood and magic and blood magic so much!
  • Body Horror: What, you don't like the idea of me getting that sixth finger?
  • Casting a Shadow: Oh man, I love dark tomes! So many ways to split a foe's head open with these...
  • Character Development: Yup, it's a bit surprising, but I'm not ALL about the blood and the pain on others! I like helping out my friends when they need it, to start. Pity they get scared when I offer them a chopped Risen hand... I mean, a hand! Oops.
  • Clever Crows: I love crows and ravens! Heck, they must love me too since they used to circle around me pretty much all the time! I once saw a man turn into a raven himself, so I'm hoping that with enough study, maybe I could too. I even once found a tome what allows me to summon ravens to attack!
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Now that I think about it, I guess schadenfreude is my favourite kind of freude!
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: ... So I really shouldn't ask my girlfriend/wife if I should hex her so she won't look at other guys instead of me? Really? Aw....
  • Creepy Good: Don't worry, it's all with a smile!
  • Curse: I also moonlight as a practitioner, you know!
  • Dark Is Evil: Why do people have to go and call enjoying death a bad thing? Come on, it's funny!
  • Declaration of Protection: I told Ricken that, if either he or any of our friends are hurt or killed... there. will. be. blood. Mmmm, blood. And LOTS of it, nyahaha!
  • Dogged Nice Guy: I couldn't help it, Cordelia liked Chrom a L-O-T! So I thought I should be more manly if I wanted her to like me... And then she said "I love you Just the Way You Are!" I guess it kiiiinda worked, just not like I expected it! Aw.
  • Elemental Powers: Magic tomes are so much fun.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: I was voted the third most popular Fire Emblem Awakening character on an official Nintendo poll, right behind Walhart and "Marth," y'know! More popular than even the main character and every other side character? I didn't do it, but someone cursed the fans to find me pretty memorable, nya ha ha!
  • Even Henry Has Standards: One time, in the Outrealms, I was fighting this guy... Legion, I think it was! Who names their kid that? Anyway, he said he and I are two peas in a pod, but I don't just follow any orders like he does. Nope, I have standards too. Messing with the angle of a guy's spine, though, we can definitely agree on!
  • Evil Laugh: I can't help it, you should see the way some of these bad guys just shower out blood before dropping on the ground!
  • Eyes Always Shut: Even during that one time when I confessed to Chrom's tactician, I never opened them! Not even once! It must be a curse or something, haha... Wait, what was her name again? Did that ever happen? Whoops, did I curse myself or something?
  • Famous Last Words: If I ever die, I'm pretty sure my last words will be something like...
    Argh, this is the end for me... So dark... So quiet... So beautiful...
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Sometimes, Sumia lets me swap bodies with her so I can fly on her pegasus! Can't afford being thrown off the saddle if the poor horsey gets scared of me! I'd end up all splattered on the ground, huhu.
  • Friend to All Living Things: I love animals! Crows, dogs, wolves, wyverns. Heck, I can even talk to plants!
  • Good Parents: When I told my child that I'd never be a deadbeat dad, I meant it! And I still do! Whoever tries to harm any of my kids will go BOOOOOM! Or SPLAT! Or maybe even SPLOOOOSH! Got it? Hee heeee!
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Ripping evil people apart to see how much blood they squirt is hilarious!
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Let's see. I guess my skill and defense is pretty good, but I'm not really that fast, and I seem to have some bad luck. Still, I have some skills that give me a high critical hit rate, and I have an extra point in strength that would make me a pretty good Magic Knight!
  • Keet: Creepiest keet you'll ever meet, hee hee! Oh, hey, that rhymed!
  • Love Makes You Evil: I guess I'm already unhinged, but you should see the stuff I'd do for someone I love!
  • Magic Knight: If I become a Dark Knight, that means I'll no longer be a Red Mage... But I get a cool sword, though! Yeah, stabby stab stab!
  • Mercy Kill: I know a curse that kills people the instant they're fatally wounded! Death is fun, but not pain.
  • Nice Guy: Aw, cmon! Despite my fetish with death, I'm probably the friendliest Plegian you'll ever meet.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: What was that one thing I said? Oh yeah!
    I want to die a horrible, bloody death that's completely painless. ...I don't like ouchies.
    • Oooh, and if I get married to a female Avatar...?
    I'll love you with every ounce of my blood, till I die. Ooh... when do you think that'll be?
  • Obliviously Evil: What do you mean "killing birds so Lissa can sleep is a bad thing"?
  • Opposites Attract: Well, some of my potential girlfriends are very unlike me. Sumia is clumsy, kind and likes flowers as much as I like blood. Olivia is cute, shy, awkward, and prefers dancing to killing. But I can come to like any of them more than almost any hex!
  • Parental Neglect: Yeah, my parents didn't really care about me much, but I'm not gonna cry about it. Besides, my wolf friend was way better company than they were!
  • Perky Goth: Sully says I'm awfully sunny for a dark mage.
  • Pet the Dog: One time, that crazy girl Olivia thought I was going to kill an injured puppy. Why would I do that? I love dogs!
  • Playing with Fire: I can use fire magic. More like schaden-fried! Nya ha ha!
  • Please Don't Leave Me: Okay, I admit I've got a few little abandonment issues here and there. Being alone is not fun! So if I marry Panne, I make her promise she'll always stay by my side!
  • Plucky Dude: You can't say I give up easily, you know. I'll get my bloody and ouchies-free death someday and no one will stop me!
  • The Pollyanna: With so much war to enjoy why would I ever be gloomy?
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Next time, I'll say something like:
    "Have some death!"
    or "Special delivery!"
    or "I'm gonna kill you!"
    or maybe I could be like "Hahahahaha!"
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Like I said, I joined because I figured I'll last longer with the Shepherds than against them! No sense in letting a fun war pass ME up!
  • Pungeon Master: I loves puns! That time Chrom recruited me is probably the best example, but I still love making them when I level up.
  • Pure Is Not Good: Tharja says that my power derives from my purity. She's crazy!
  • Raised by Wolves: I actually was raised by wolves, pretty much, which explain my strange.
  • Red Mage: Well yeah! I can use Black Magic AND standard magic, y'know? What's the point in killing someone the same way every time?
  • Shock and Awe: I can use lightning magic. The best part is peoples' faces when they're zapped right before dying!
  • Signature Laugh: Nya ha ha!
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: And flower. And insect. Heck, if it's not dead, I can probably talk to it! Now if only I could talk to dead stuff too...
  • Stepford Smiler: Olivia thinks that my happiness is just an act. When will she get it? I just love life and death!
  • 13 Is Unlucky: I'm recruited in chapter 13, and my birthday is November 13th. Ironically, that's World Kindness Day!
  • Token Evil Teammate: Aww, evil? It's not like I'm frying wolf cubs or anything like that.
  • The Unsmile: If you ever make me angry... But why would that ever happen?
  • War Is Glorious: I love war! Without it, I'd never get the chance to use all these hexes.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Ricken's so weird. He thinks he'll hesitate if he's conscious that he's fighting people with friends and families rather than... what did he call them? "Faceless blobs with axes"... Personally, I don't see the problem at all!
  • White Hair, Black Heart: It's the duality thing - like life and death - but blood red hair would suit me so much better!
  • Woolseyism: Small trivia, I was originally just an orphaned kid who had never experienced happiness in my life, before the localization. Maybe the guys responsible thought this was too sad and thus made me into this sadistic lover for war?... I really don't know if I am happy or sad about it, but you're welcome to assume I'm trying to hide it.

Hey, my hex finger's feeling better! Mind if I try a test hex on you? Let's see if I can curse you to know a little more about Fire Emblem! Nya ha ha!

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