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"Shelter Alone"
Anime & Manga
  • Kaiketsu Zorro has an episode with a similar confrontation between Bernardo (here a kid) and three bandits.

Comic Strips

Films — Animated

  • In The Boss Baby, Tim screams when the title character slaps his face after applying aftershave to it, much like Kevin did in the original movie.

Films — Live-Action

  • Referenced by Bicentennial Man (another of Chris Columbus's films) when Miss says that Kate McCalister's family has an NDR114 in their household.
  • In Pokémon Detective Pikachu, when Tim Goodman enters his father's apartment, Angels with Filthy Souls plays on the TV.
  • In Better Watch Out, not only are there various traps set up around the house, but Enfant Terrible Luke, having often talked about Home Alone, decides to recreate the paint-can trap from the original film just to see what would happen if this scenario took place in real life. While the result is not seen, Luke proclaims that it made the target’s head “explode”, although given Luke’s nature it may just be childish exaggeration (in reality the physics of such an attack would just cause various skull fractures).
  • In Dogma, the muse Serendipity claims responsibility for nine of the top ten highest-grossing films at this time, noting that someone sold their soul to bump up the proceeds on Home Alone.
  • The screaming boy running from the Sheriff of Rottingham in Robin Hood: Men in Tights is one big Home Alone riff, right down to a Title Drop once he leaves.
  • Searching: Some links mention the "Old Man Marley murders" and "Harry-Marv robberies".
  • Spy Hard has "McClatchey" , a clear Kevin Expy who is even introduced doing The Scream. Later, two goons who evaded the house traps beat him up for Macaulay Culkin's movies they didn't like.
  • Us has Gabe suggesting they just stay in the Tylers' house and set up Home Alone-styled traps if the Tethered try to break in. Adelaide shoots the idea down, saying "Micro Machines aren't going to get rid of them".
  • Violent Night: Early on in the film, Trudy Lightstone imitates Kevin’s iconic scream, having recently seen the film for the first time. Later in the film, she tries her hand at some Home Alone-style booby traps to defend herself against mercenaries. Being an R-rated film, the traps have more… realistic effects.


  • In The Boy Who Drew Monsters, Nick's parents make him spend the week with the Keenans while they go on a cruise. Nick wishes they'd forget him, like in Home Alone, so instead of staying with the Keenans he could spend the week outwitting robbers.

Live-Action TV

  • In the Full House episode, "Silence is Not Golden", to help Charles get his mind off his abusive father, Stephanie suggests that he think of a funny movie, like Home Alone or Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! has many notable similarities to the film's plot. These include the mother doing whatever they can to reunite with her child for Christmas, one of the children missing the plane flight, and even "Run Run Rudolph" playing while the family runs through the airport to catch its flight.
  • In Living Color!: One skit features the sequel Home Alone Again featuring Tommy Davidson as Michael Jackson and a pre-Home Improvement Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Kevin.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: "Hex and the Single Guy" has Carlton dressing up as Macaulay Culkin for Halloween and even doing his trademark hands on face while screaming pose after the family members gradually get hexed.
  • Young Sheldon: In "A Free Scratcher and Feminine Wiles", Dr. Lee uses the film (after having watched it with her children) as inspiration for the trap in her office.

Puppet Shows

  • In the Dinosaurs episode, "Out of the Frying Pan", Baby becomes a celebrity thanks to his appearance in the Myman frying pan commercials. One of the movie scripts he is offered, which Robbie reads over, involves him being left home alone while his family goes on vacation.

Video Games

  • One of the survival challenges in 60 Seconds!, "Shelter Alone", is a direct parody to the first film, in which Timmy is the only family member in the underground shelter. The challenge's icon even features Timmy mimicking Kevin's iconic expression in the film's posters.
  • In the epilogue of Deltarune's second chapter, Kris can encounter a group of jailed burglars at the police station called the Wet Nose Bandits, who were beat up by an unknown menace while trying to rob a house during the holidays before being arrested by Undyne. Asking Undyne about the Dark World causes her to accidentally set the Wet Noise Bandits free, paralleling Harry & Marv's escape from prison between the first and second films.
  • Hitman (2016) got a Christmas Episode where Agent 47 is sent to eliminate two burglars named Harry and Marv in a christmas-reskin of the first non-tutorial level. Marv floods sinks around the palace and a challenge requires you to knock him out thrice with bricks.
  • Luigi's Mansion’s cover has the titular plumber screaming exactly like Kevin.

Web Animation

Web Video

Western Animation

  • In the Animaniacs (1993) episode, "Hiccup", the Wet Bandits chase Kevin through the park, referencing Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
  • In the Central Park episode, "Live It Up Tonight", after Molly and Cole get lost in the park and can't recognize where they are due to the darkness, Cole asks Molly if they should call their parents for help. Molly then gives Cole a Rousing Speech using Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and said Kevin McCallister didn't call his family when he got lost in New York ("Never mind they didn't have cell phones and his family was in Florida."), she continues on how Kevin was lost longer than them and he was able to get through it. This motivates Cole to get back home.
  • In the pilot episode of The Critic, one of the movies Jay Sherman reviews is "Home Alone 5", which depicts a 23-year-old Kevin McCallister doing his iconic scream when he is left behind during his family's vacation. 18 years later, an official fifth Home Alone movie was made.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", Peter blows away two of the Three Little Pigs' houses and pretends to be UPS to get into their brick house. As he gloats, they hit him in the head with a paint can tied to a rope, referencing Kevin's traps.
    • The plot of "Baby Not on Board" parodies the movie. A few moments, including the ending, also parody the film.
    • The episode "Christmas Guy" features a Deconstructive Parody of the movie "with competent robbers"; here, they are smart enough to avoid Kevin's traps, and they shoot him on sight instead of chasing him.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch out of the first film in "Robot Chicken's DP Christmas Special" features Kevin setting up his traps, only to be horrifically mutilated by them when a fire breaks out and he tries to get out of the house. The Wet Bandits, after breaking in, call an ambulance and the fire department. Notably, Macaulay Culkin reprises his role in the sketch, which came out 20 years after the film.
    • There is also a crossover sketch with the 2018 sequel to Halloween in which the McAllisters' next-door neighbor happens to be Laurie Strode. The Wet Bandits and Michael Myers end up targeting the wrong houses, leading both Harry and Marv on the one hand, and Kevin on the other, to realize just how out of their respective depths they are.
  • The Simpsons
    • The episode "Homer Alone", besides parodying the title, features Homer doing Kevin's "scream" pose when he finds that Maggie is missing.
    • In "Marge on the Lam", Homer objects to Lisa's suggestion that she and Bart get a babysitter, saying that they could create "a humorous and entertaining situation" if burglars come.
    • In "Fear of Flying", Grampa is seen doing the "scream" pose when the Simpsons leave him behind on a departing plane.
    • In "Double, Double, Boy in Trouble", Bart passes by several McMansions, leading to a Hurricane of Puns, including Macaulay Culkin doing the "scream pose".
  • In the sketch, "Samurai Film Critic" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Weekday Afternoon Live", Hamton and Dizzy review a series of movies ala Siskel & Ebert. One of these films is called "Gnome Alone Again", and features a gnome caricature of Kevin McCallister.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Hearthbreakers", a mare with a likeness to Kate McCallister can be seen on the train the Apples and Pinkie Pie take to the Pie family's rock farm.
    • In "Best Gift Ever", ponified versions of Kevin and the Pigeon Lady are seen interacting.
  • In the Housebroken episode, "Who's Having A Merry Trashmas?" when Honey discovers that she and Chief are home alone, she does Kevin's famous scream while looking in the bathroom mirror.