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Drinking Game / Home Alone

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Take a drink every time:

  • Harry or Marv spring one of Kevin's traps
    • Finish your drink if it's something that would've killed them in Real Life, although YMMV on this
    • On the above: When Marv takes four bricks to the face in the sequel, use a non-potent potable
      "Skull fracture with subdural hematoma. Marv is dead."
  • Harry speaks in Angrish
  • Harry or Marv threaten to kill Kevin
  • Someone in Kevin's family is being a Jerkass to him
    • Two if it's Buzz
    • Finish your drink if it's Uncle Frank
  • Any time the statue outside the house get knocked over
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  • Kevin is freaked out by someone who turns out to be a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold
  • Any time you hear Old Man Marley's Leitmotif
  • Kevin's love of cheese pizza is mentioned
  • Harry's gun is mentioned in the second movie
  • Kevin uses a scene from "Angels With Filthy Souls" or its sequel to prank someone
  • Finish your drink when he lipsyncs some of the film's dialogue
  • Marv Screams Like a Little Girl
  • Kevin uses his Talkboy in the second movie
  • Kevin screams.
  • Marv gets hit by a brick in the second movie
  • Any time the phrase "Home" or "Alone" is used in any context in the first film. Take two if both words are used in the same sentence.
  • Any time the tarantula is seen in the first movie
  • Any time somebody screams "KEVIN!"
  • Any time Kevin has an Aside Glance.
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