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Film - Animated

  • Robots: In the train station, one of the background robots looks very much like Sid.

Film - Live-Action

Web Animation

Web Video

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: In the episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind", Scrat (or at least a squirrel that looks very much like him) makes an appearance.
  • Family Guy: The episode "Sibling Rivalry" includes a cutaway gag where Peter encounters Scrat.
  • MAD:
    • Manny, Diego and Sid make cameos in the sketch "Star Blecch".
    • Scrat makes a cameo in the sketches "Extreme Makeover: House Edition - Superman's Fortress of Solitude" and "Captain American't".
    • One episode features an advertisement for a film called "Concise Age" for those that don't have time to watch all of the Ice Age movies.
    • Manny and Scrat appear in the sketch "Outtagascar" as part of the group of characters from animated movies with lame sequels.
  • South Park: In "Cartoon Wars Part II", a billboard for Cold Age: The Smackdown appears on the Fox studio lot.

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