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"Quote from a character that describes the work's tone and themes."

"Some funny quote that This Troper likes."

"Long list of complaints from a Caustic Critic"
Someone who really didn't like the work

Describe work here

Description of the work's genre, release date, and production staff.

Brief synopsis of the plot that isn't brief enough, as it gets to the point where spoilers are necessary even though they are not allowed in work descriptions.

List of all the main characters, which is probably redundant given the existence of a characters subpage.

Description of the work's reception, including YMMV links that don't belong. Mention of an internet Caustic Critic's review of this work.

A link to The Other Wiki's page on this work. A link to the official website for the work.

Compare some similar works. Not to be confused with parody trope page making essentially the same joke.

A mention of the subpages for this work, even though you could find them by just scrolling up.

Request to take your personal complaints to the Dethroning Moment of Suck page.


Request to add episode-specific tropes to the Recap page.

Warning that there is a high chance of unmarked spoilers below (however, spoilers are nearly all tagged anyway).

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