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Nightmare Fuel / [Work Name]

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Entire page that will probably be cut by the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread for being mostly shoehorning.

Warning that Nightmare Fuel pages are Spoilers Off! You Have Been Warned!

"The first thing the villain says in the trailer."
  • An entire section labeled "Pre-release" that is still here even though the work's been out for a few years and nobody cares about the trailers anymore. The section is full of examples speculating on scenes from the trailers, most of which weren't that scary in context.
  • One scene that was genuinely frightening both in the trailer and in the finished work, resulting in it being listed both here and below.
    • Speculation and Fridge Horror about how the scene could be even worse than it seems, even though Fridge Horror is not allowed in Nightmare Fuel pages.


"Expression of horror and disgust from whoever first stumbled across the bloody mess illustrated above."note 
  • Genuinely well-written, disturbing insight that can enhance the viewing experience of the media in question.
  • Whatever scary thing the work is most famous for, PUT IN ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW HOW TRAUMATISED THIS TROPER WAS BY IT.
    • Example that replies to the supposedly "scariest" example, claiming this one is even scarier.
  • Mildly creepy example that can be considered very scary if you're bored enough to think about it too much.
    • “Worse, blah blah blah...”
      • “Even worse, blah blah blah...”
      • “That’s not even getting into blah blah thisisnotscary”
      • EVEN WORSE
  • Something that not even a 5-year-old would find frightening.
    • Example from a kid's cartoon that somehow managed to mentally scar this 25-year-old troper.
  • Poorly worded Fridge Horror insight with no factual basis, maybe even bordering on Wild Mass Guessing.
  • Example of a character acting slightly OOC, maybe raising their voice a little bit. Scary.
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  • "This is even scarier than Courage the Cowardly Dog."
  • Example of Black Comedy or Horror Comedy not meant to be taken too seriously.
  • Example about that one time the main character was in mild danger. Everyone knew they would make it out safely, but it was still mildly suspenseful and that counts as horror.
  • Example about a monster that some people might find creepy.
    • Response claiming that the monster might be Nightmare Retardant if you notice some minor detail about it or know about a different monster in a different, less scary work that looks similar to this one.
  • A jumpscare behind a contextless weblink simply titled "This".
  • In-Universe example about the characters being scared of something, even though it wasn't scary to the audience.
  • A few dozen examples that some found scary. It's extremely blatant that they used to say "Example that This Troper found scary" until someone just replaced all instances of "This Troper" with "some" without changing anything else about the examples.
  • Accidental Nightmare Fuel example that is mildly unsettling at worst.
  • Example about that scene... just... that scene...
  • Example about the characters' appearance being in the Uncanny Valley, mostly serving as an excuse to insult the work's art and animation.
  • Example that's only scary to people who have an extremely specific phobia. To anyone else, the scene was completely non-scary. The troper who wrote this example didn't even have the phobia in question, and simply speculated that people who do might find it scary.
  • Genuinely scary scene that was also featured in the trailers, leading to it being listed both here and in the pre-release section above.
    • Poorly-indented extra facts that make the scene even scarier in context.
  • Example that uses spoilers even though Nightmare Fuel pages are supposed to not use them.
  • Example that uses spoiler markup to hide descriptions of graphic violence, not because it spoils who dies, but because This Troper thought it might be too frightening to read and wanted people to be able to read this page about scary things without getting scared.
  • Entirely spoilered example because it's just that scary.
  • Example that uses spoilers to create a Jump Scare of some sort, by describing things in such a way as to slowly build up tension, and releasing all that tension at once when the reader reveals the spoiler text. It probably didn't work as well as this troper intended.
  • Example about a character suffering a mild injury in a comical manner. The wording exaggerates how severe the injury was, such as by describing the character saying "Ow." as a "soul-rending scream of agony" or pointing out that the injury could have been fatal had Rule of Funny not been in effect. This makes the show seem more mature and cool, and totally doesn't just make the TV Tropes userbase look like melodramatic cowards who are scared of their own shadow.
  • Example claiming that literally EVERYTHING THIS CHARACTER DOES is Nightmare Fuel, or that "This character is Nightmare Fuel incarnate"
    • Long list of
    • every bad thing
    • the character has done.
  • Example that might count.
  • Completely unintentional Uncanny Valley that isn’t at all that scary.
  • Example that would work perfectly in Tear Jerker.


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