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     In General 


Mane (Morning Team)
Soul Reapers embracing the morning sunlight

Mane, otherwise known as the Morning Team, consists of the members Ell, Jamie, Ghilley, and Licht. This team is described to be full of unique characters who work together to purify Vengeful Spirits despite their differing individualities. As the team title suggests, their team operates during the morning, when the sun rises and shines its sparkling light.

Radiant Angel
Ell, Class Leader of the 14th Reaper Division, will be by your side no matter what.

"It will be fine~ it will be fine~ if you keep believing things will be fine, they will work out just fine!"
Voiced by: Hyeonseo Ahn (KR), Takuma Nagatsuka (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 16 | Birthday: January 24
Height: 167cm | Weight: 52kg
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Favorite food: Fruits and desserts
Specialty: Needle felting, making small miracles happen
Ell is a Soul Reaper who is part of Mane (Morning Team). With his bright and enthusiastic energy, he is the Class Leader of the Soul Reapers. He also happens to be an Angel.

  • Achilles' Heel: He's a bad liar. While this is mostly a good thing, it really gets into the way sometimes.
  • Beam Spam: This happens whenever he activates a skill that lets him vaporize everything in front of him.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Also has the eye color to match.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Subverted. He may be an angel, and thus has a built-in habit of sneezing whenever negative thoughts pop up, he's really not immune to getting posessed himself in the 'Deceptive Auction' event.
  • Meaningful Name: As noted, 'el' is a common suffix of virtually every angel name. It's also the latter part of 'angel'.
  • Older Than He Looks: He looks like a young teen, but he's 'already' 16.
  • Online Alias: 'LoL_AngeL@Ell'.
  • Our Angels Are Different: He's only noted to be an angel, and the only thing that makes it obvious is his sneezing habit which is built-in in angels. He doesn't even sport wings, and in the end, he appears just like a normal human boy. He, however, does play the lyre (and has it listed as his hobby), something stereotypically angel-like. In his backstory it's revealed that the reason he lost his wings, is because they shred under the influence of the Cupid's arrow he was hit with.
  • Series Mascot: As far as this game can be considered a "series". Ell is the game's official mascot, and his face prominently appears as its icon.
  • Young and in Charge: Even though he appears young and inexperienced, he's trusted and competent enough to serve as the 14 Division's official Class Leader.

Force of Purity
Jamie, reaper of the Mane faction, will show that a bright mind is not a disadvantage.

"Always rushin' ain't gonna help. Now now, slow and steady~"
Voiced by: Sunhye Jung (KR), Tatsumaru Tachibana (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 18 | Birthday: April 22
Height: 169cm | Weight: 54kg
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hobby: Horse riding, meditation
Favorite food: Freshly picked fruits and vegetables
Specialty: Farming
Jamie is a Soul Reaper who is part of Mane (Morning Team). He is a farm boy with an accent who is described to be a bit odd and slow. While he may seem like a pure and soft boy at first glance, he's actually very strong.


Mysterious 4D Personality
Ghilley, reaper of the Mane faction, will appear to ensure victory from somewhere you don't quite see.

"The truth of a memory always hurts."
Voiced by: Minhyeok Jang (KR), Shugo Nakamura (JP)
Real Name: Ghilley Zedekaian
Age: Unknown | Birthday: Unknown
Height: 175cm (always slouches, so visually 172cm) | Weight: 57kg
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hobby: Doing puzzles
Ghilley is a Soul Reaper who is part of Mane (Morning Team). He is like a shadow, having a nature of keeping secrets and hiding his presence. Due to his 4D personality, his behavior is hard to predict.

  • Hidden Depths: In chapter 4 of the main story, to obtain the Sword of Memory, every character has to fight a representation of their fears first. His is a monstrosity consisting of all the souls he reaped in order to survive under the superior he served under in the past. It's implied he has quite the high reaping count.
  • Knife Nut: He wields a dagger in battle, although he throws it instead of directly attacking like Kati does. One of the soundbits in his origin magical side story hints that he used to prefer guns, though.
  • Mysterious Past: To the point that said origin story details more of his reaper life instead.
  • Off-Model: His hair appears to just reach his shoulders on the picture on this page, but actual in-game sprites show it comes closer to reaching his waist. In the past, it already went far past his shoulders when tied up in a ponytail.
  • Online Alias: 'silentwalker_G@Ghilley'.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Has it.
  • Really 700 Years Old: It's implied that he's at least a century of age, but according to the photos, he looks the same as he looks now (bar the clothes).
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: From the enemy point of view.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: He often pops up from the shadows, surprising others, having heard entire conversations without others being aware of him. This is also stated as his specialty.
  • Stepford Smiler: An Informed Ability of him is that he internalizes his pain, yet it isn't shed light upon in the main story...until chapter 4 rolls around. It may as well be his Day in the Limelight, and if you have read his origin story, you get a full picture of what exactly he internalizes. He basically reaped all souls, to prevent the possibility of them becoming vengeful. Keep in mind that his leader kept this mentality drilled in the group he led. He had to be ruthless to keep himself alive. It is also why he is haunted by the memory of the souls he "dealt with", which is what he tries to hide and ignore. In chapter 4, it's even worse as he's taunted by his own conscience for various things he's done under the previous leadership. It's no wonder he still seems to suffer from PTSD from the events.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Averted. It's stated that he doesn't really care about that.

Fatally Charming Playboy
Licht, reaper of the Mane faction, will not even drop his mannerisms to assist you.

"I was wondering if you were doing well without me."
Voiced by: Hosan Lee (KR), Ryuichi Kijima
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 22 | Birthday: June 26
Height: 182cm | Weight: 68kg
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hobby: Covering idol group dance choreo, playing the ukelele
Favorite food: Grandma's homemade Kimbap, fusion good, macarons, soda
Specialty: Can watch and digest TV shows at 3x speed
Weakness: Any mention of grandparents

Licht is a Soul Reaper who is part of Mane (Morning Team). He's seen as a playboy, but knowing more about him will reveal a different side of his personality.

Die (Day Team)
Soul Reapers of the bright, shining sun

Die, otherwise known as the Day Team, consists of the members Theo, June, Louis, and Ethan. This team is described to have a dynamic mixed with passion and coldness, but with a common goal of setting Souls into the right path with honor. As the team title suggests, their team operates during the day, when the sun is at its utmost intensity.

  • No Pronunciation Guide: 'Die' is pronounced like 'dee', judging from the voice lines, as it comes from 'dies', which is Latin for 'day'. Although it fits its other pronunciation too.

Perfectionist Young Master
Theo, reaper of the Die faction, will make sure everything is in perfect order.

"Excellent, perfect!"
Voiced by: Myungjoon Kim (KR), Takafumi Maeuchi (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 19 | Birthday: September 3
Height: 178cm | Weight: 63kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hobby: Neatly arranging things, reading novels, cooking
Favorite food: Chateaubriand, truffle pasta, molecular cuisine
Specialty: Playing the piano
Weakness: Dirty things

Theo is a Soul Reaper who is part of Die (Day Team).

Hot-blooded Passion
June, reaper of the Die faction, will defeat any enemy with his great physical prowess.

"Nothing is impossible as long as there is passion!"
Voiced by: Sungtae Park (KR), Sasa Tsubasa (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 19 | Birthday: December 17
Height: 174cm | Weight: 61kg
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hobby: Watching action movies from Hong Kong, noir movies, and martial arts movies
Favorite food: Spicy noodles, spicy rice cakes, chicken skewers, chocolate ice cream
Specialty: Eating spicy food really, really fast
Weakness: When opponents cry, when he himself cries (he really hates it when he cries)

June is a Soul Reaper who is part of Die (Day Team).

Glorious Show-Off Prince
Louis, reaper of the Die faction, will ascertain that everyone remembers him.

"I hope everyone remembers me."
Voiced by: Dohhyeong Nam (KR), Shuta Morishima (JP)
Real Name: Louis Grace
Age: 20 | Birthday: February 22
Height: 177cm | Weight: 62kg
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hobby: Watering flowers, sprinkling flower petals everywhere, looking in the mirror
Favorite food: Tomatoes, mocha coffee topped with a mountain of whipped cream, cream pasta
Specialty: Compliments that don't even make sense
Weakness: None. Life is to be enjoyed!

Louis is a Soul Reaper who is part of Die (Day Team).

  • Broken Pedestal: What happened to him. He used to be a prince loved by the masses, eagerly awaiting the day he would be crowned king, despite the prophecy that he would forever remain a prince. When the day arrived, a foreign tribe invaded the country, took the king away and held him hostage. Their leader offered him that if he would not eat and drink until he would outlive the king, he would ascend the throne. However, he didn't make it, collapsed and died. After he dies, we see a dialogue between the tribe leader and Louis' servant, Laine, as the latter promises to defile his portrait and Un-person him from history. An invoked example, thus.
  • Meaningful Name: Louis is the shared name of a line of kings in France, especially Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King.
  • Online Alias: 'Prince_Charming@Louis'.

Cold and Honorable Noble
Ethan, reaper of the Die faction, will protect his own honor while annihilating the enemy.

"I will protect my honor."
Voiced by: Seungcheol Baek (KR), Chiharu Sawashiro (JP)
Real Name: Ethan Aster Butler
Age: 21 | Birthday: September 25
Height: 180cm | Weight: 67kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hobby: Horse riding, waltzing, playing chess
Favorite food: Calzones, escargot
Specialty: Photographic memory
Weakness: An opponent that can bring out the human emotions in him

Ethan is a Soul Reaper who is part of Die (Day Team).

  • Fiery Redhead: Downplayed. It's different from June, but it's more passion in his case that he uses as motivation to do things, not overtly so. This is physically represented in him having much duller red hair.
  • Nice Hat: The only one of the faction to wear one.
  • Online Alias: 'Royal_Blood@Ethan'.
  • Pragmatic Hero: He prioritizes keeping his own group safe over necessarily taking the more morally extreme action. For example, when Quincy is about to accept the offer Nixie gives him, Ethan's more than willing to let him go...because it's a Batman Gambit of him.

Hesperide (Twilight Team)
Immutable courage and justice

Hesperide, otherwise known as the Twilight Team, consists of the members Sian, Cyrille, Kati, and Noah. This team is described to be full of courage and determination as they seek to do their duties even at the most-pressuring situations. As the team title suggests, their team operates during the twilight, the time before darkness covers the skies.

Aggressively Tsundere
Sian, reaper of the Hesperide faction, will make victory shine through the cracks of his hard personality.

"Hey! What are you looking at? Got a problem?"
Voiced by: Minju Kim (KR), Kento Hama (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 21 | Birthday: April 2
Height: 165.8cm (the .8 matters) | Weight: 52kg
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Hobby: Songwriting, composing lyrics (but never lets others see)
Favorite food: Double cheeseburgers, sweet potato pizza, pudding, strawberries, grapes
Specialty: Running, tabletop games
Weakness: Doesn't have good memory, and blushes a lot when embarrassed

Sian is a Soul Reaper who is part of Hesperide (Twilight Team).

  • Five Stages of Grief: Goes through them quite fast in one of his card's magical side stories.
  • Mystical White Hair: Combined with his red eyes, it's almost sure he's albinistic.
  • Online Alias: 'Mr.Big@Sian'.
  • Tsundere: His first and foremost trait.
  • Western Zodiac: He's an Aries, and, as Kati notes in one of the latter's magical side stories, he fits the traditional personality to a tee.

Troublemaker Scientist
Cyrille, reaper of the Hesperide faction, will emerge the victor thanks to his incredible mind.

"I just need to look at something once and I'll know everything about it. That's because I'm a genius."
Voiced by: Seunghoon Seok (KR), Shun'ichi Toki (JP)
Real Name: Cyrille Toman
Age: 17 | Birthday: May 1
Height: 173cm | Weight: 56kg
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hobby: Growing bacteria in Petri dishes
Favorite food: Doesn't like eating
Specialty: Studying
Weakness: Sports, anything that requires dexterity

Cyrille is a Soul Reaper who is part of Hesperide (Twilight Team).

Energetic Child
Kati, reaper of the Hesperide faction, will be the unpredictable force the enemy can impossibly foresee.

"I'll bite you!"
Voiced by: Minjung Yeo (KR), Kagura Hiroyuki (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 16 | Birthday: May 27
Height: 171cm | Weight: 54kg
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Hobby: Checking daily horoscopes,predicting personalities based on star signs
Favorite food: Bulgogi over rice, cocoa, plums,chocolate taiyaki
Specialty: Running (AKA sprinting, avoids marathons at all costs), balancing on hard-to-balance-on things
Weakness: Pulling on his hair bun

Kati is a Soul Reaper who is part of Hesperide (Twilight Team).

Hardworking Idealist
Noah, reaper of the Hesperide faction, will calm you down while he takes matters in his own hands.

"I decided to live life thinking positive thoughts only."
Voiced by: Yeongseon Kim (KR), Junta Terashima (JP)
Real Name: Noah Kind
Age: 24 | Birthday: June 22
Height: 178cm | Weight: 66kg
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hobby: Practicing tea ceremonies, calligraphy
Favorite food: Shrimp fried rice
Specialty: Judo, Korean chess, fixing machinery
Weakness: Dogs

Noah is a Soul Reaper who is part of Hesperide (Twilight Team).

  • Hidden Depths: Nowadays, he seems kind and mellow enough, but he was actually almost rendered a vengeful spirit due to him having nary a memory of the circumstances of his death. His score was quite low, but there happened a miscalculation, which messed up his purification. By definition, he was a vengeful spirit.
  • Online Alias: 'yes_or_noah@Noah'.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Has a dislike of dogs.

Noctu (Night Team)
Mysterious guardians of moonlight

Noctu, otherwise known as the Night Team, consists of the members Nine, Day, Kirr, and Aitachi. This team is described to have cold verdicts and mercy as their virtues. As the team title suggests, their team operates during the night, when the moon shines in contrast with the dark sky.

Gentle and Mysterious Beauty
Nine, reaper of the Noctu faction, will take out the enemy in style.

"I like being alone."
Voiced by: Kyuhyuk Sim (KR), Shioya Fumiyoshi (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 23 | Birthday: October 27
Height: 174cm | Weight: 57kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hobby: Composing music (absolutely a secret from others), calligraphy
Favorite food: Sandwiches (no pickles), aloe juice, cold buckwheat noodles
Specialty: Good at anything that requires dexterity
Weakness: Anything that requires strength; memories of his past

Nine is a Soul Reaper who is part of Noctu (Night Team).

Carefree Puppy
Day, reaper of the Noctu faction, will make his enormous energy work to your benefit.

"Can you play with me now?"
Voiced by: Seunghoon Choi (KR), Yuuta Uta (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 20 | Birthday: April 1
Height: 184cm | Weight: 74kg
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hobby: Running around shirtless
Favorite food: Ice cream, milk-flavored candy, fried chicken
Specialty: Has a vertical jump of 107cm, reading books written in ancient languages
Weakness: Dark spaces

Day is a Soul Reaper who is part of Noctu (Night Team).

  • Hidden Depths: On the outside, Day is a kind-hearted, sociable guy. But it's heavily implied by his origin story that he socializes in order to manage his anxiety.
  • The Heart: Is this in a couple of situations, especially among the somewhat more pragmatic members like Sian and Ethan.
  • Ironic Name: He's in the night faction, but hates dark spaces and his name is even 'Day'.
  • Online Alias: 'DayandNight@Day'.
  • Significant Birth Date: April first, Fool's Day.
  • Stepford Smiler: His sunny, happy-go-lucky persona isn't quite genuine, but a coping mechanism. While he does a good job of hiding it, his PTSD does seep through occasionally, if the start of his origin story is any indication, and he has to keep the lights on even when sleeping, since being shrouded in darkness brings back those terrifying memories, and may cause him to lose himself.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Has nyctophobia, which is not Played for Laughs at the start of his origin story. The dark horrifies himself to the point of reducing him to a crying wreck, and he has to keep the lights on at night as a result.

Strong and Pure Wolf of the Wild
Kirr, reaper of the Noctu faction, will cause death from above with his archery skills.

"A hunter does not get tired easily."
Voiced by: Sanghyun Um (KR), Sakagami Sho (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 22 | Birthday: July 28
Height: 180cm | Weight: 68kg
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hobby: Making traps, preparing emergency food supplies, hunting
Favorite food: Grilled meat, jerky
Specialty: Training animals, using a bow and arrows
Weakness: Hunger, machines, seafood

Kirr is a Soul Reaper who is part of Noctu (Night Team).

  • Online Alias: 'huntman@Kirr'.
  • Reality Warping: His event SSR skill is an attack where he makes meteors falling down on the enemies, a la Pennen Nolde. Since it doesn't seem logical in context, it must be this.

Young and Upright Warrior
Aitachi, reaper of the Noctu faction, will prove that size does not equal strength.

"Do not treat me like I am young!"
Voiced by: Yool Kim (KR), Imamura Masaya (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 14 | Birthday: January 12
Height: 153cm | Weight: 45kg
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Hobby: Making talisman charms (dolls), sewing
Favorite food: Jerky, hamburgers, meat
Specialty: Shooting arrows, shooting, throwing knives
Weakness: Water, swimming, seafood

Aitachi is a Soul Reaper who is part of Noctus (Night Team).

Diluculo (Dawn Team)
Wisdom breaking through the darkness

Diluculo, otherwise known as the Dawn Team, consists of the members Youseff, Mori, Quincy, and Verine. This team is described to having equipped their wisdom as means to fulfill their duties as Soul Reapers. As the team title suggests, their team operates during the dawn, when the light of day starts to slowly appear in the sky.

Adult. Man. Charisma Incarnate.
Youssef, reaper of the Diluculo faction, will remain next to you with his great advice.

"These kids are acting so childish again. I told you to call me if they bothered you again."
Voiced by: Yongwoo Shin (KR), Hidenori Takahashi (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 27 | Birthday: January 11
Height: 184cm | Weight: 69kg
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Hobby: Observing things, meditating, reading
Favorite food: Coffee, scones
Specialty: Foreign languages, memory
Weakness: Face swells up every morning, becomes too affectionate to surrounding people when he's had a little too much to drink

Youssef is a Soul Reaper who is part of Diluculo (Dawn Team).

  • Ambiguously Brown: It's complicated. His sprite shows that his skin color is a little bit darker from characters like Ell and Quincy; but it's hard to notice in his fullbody.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Is this for pretty much anyone he meets. He also is, barring Ghilley, the oldest.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He uses a feather out of his book he carries, and then somehow sends it flying like a dart to hit his enemy. Don't ask how it works.
  • Online Alias: 'Youssef@Youssef'.
  • Statuesque Stunner: The Spear Counterpart. While most characters struggle to clear 175 cm, he stands at a fairly tall 184 cm. This means he towers over a number of the main characters, especially Ell, and contributes somewhat to his air of maturity.

Smart Fox
Mori, reaper of the Diluculo faction, will be the scheming force that acts as a wildcard in any battle.

"I don't reject anything as long as it pays well."
Voiced by: Joowon Jung (KR), Urata Wataru (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 20 | Birthday: March 30
Height: 168cm | Weight: 55kg
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hobby: Keeping up with economics, checking real estate prices
Favorite food: Grilled eel, rice cake skewers, Osechi foods
Specialty: Tennis, art (especially imitations)
Weakness: Coldness, cold feet and hands

Mori is a Soul Reaper who is part of Diluculo (Dawn Team).

Proud Demon
Quincy, reaper of the Diluculo faction, will show himself as the devil he is.

"I may look cute but do not underestimate me. I'm a devil!"
Voiced by: Jeonghwa Yang (KR), Tamura Shojo (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 18 | Birthday: October 15
Height: 166cm | Weight: 50kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hobby: Making elixirs
Favorite food: Spicy food
Specialty: Black magic, curses, enchanting magic
Weakness: Reptiles, insects

Quincy is a Soul Reaper who is part of Diluculo (Dawn Team).

Please Protect Me
Verine, reaper of the Diluculo faction, will be your capable partner when you least expect it.

"My medicines are useful, unlike me..."
Voiced by: Gyeol Choi (KR), Ito Setsuo (JP)
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 18 | Birthday: June 26
Height: 175cm | Weight: 53kg
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hobby: Taking vitamins, growing medicinal herbs
Favorite food: Ricotta cheese salad, salmon sashimi, mango juice
Specialty: Running 100m (Very fast but faints right after)
Weakness: Sunlight, cold days, hot days... too many

Verine is a Soul Reaper who is part of Diluculo (Dawn Team).

  • Black Humor: Says his illness can't kill him...because he is already dead.
  • Ill Boy: For a dead person, he's still coughing and regularly takes medicine.
  • Online Alias: 'sickBoy@Verine'.

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