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YMMV / After L!fe - The Sacred Kaleidoscope

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  • Friendly Fandoms: with A3!, Obey Me! and, to a lesser extent, Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. Many fans of After L!fe play at least one of the others.
  • It's the Same, So It Sucks: If you weren’t of the Friendly Fandoms mind above, you were probably in this camp when it came to this game’s similarities with A3!. After the game’s global release, some noticed similarities between the two, such as a female Featureless Protagonist whose ambiguously sad backstory involved her family and led her to her current leadership role over Cast Herds of teenaged boys/young men that represent a specific time of day/year. Ell could even be considered a Palette Swap of A3!’s Sakuya Sakuma, as both are the resident Genki Boy who symbolizes the game and is one of the first characters their respective MC meets. Some theorize this is the reason why the AFTERL!FE servers were discontinued, though since the game devs disappeared without providing a reason why, this is anyone’s guess.
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  • What Could Have Been: The game was shut down and removed from the App Store and Google Play completely by December 31, 2020 after only a little over a year of activity since the initial Korean release. English server players had even less time with the game, but managed to build up a sizeable following on platforms like Twitter regardless, causing the unreleased events from the Korean server to be this trope for English-speaking fans.

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