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Tear Jerker / After L!fe - The Sacred Kaleidoscope

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  • Right off the bat, no matter who you choose, the Lead Manager rightfully says that your chosen reaper came into the department under heartbreaking circumstances. And considering everyone is dead and no one is above the 30...
    • Ell was just a normal angel who got hit by a Cupid's arrow while cleaning out the storage. He fell and met the Manager, and due to the effect the arrow had on him, he got a crush on her. However, this was considered forbidden by the authorities of Heaven, and thus he was cast out, under the curse that no one would ever know of said crush.
    • Ghilley's past is so clouded that his backstory actually depicts more of his former reaper life. The former leadership of the faction he was in had a ruler with an iron fist. Under him, he reaped countless innocent souls under the premise of that they couldn't grow vengeful over time. The Underworld revolted, causing all reapers to vanish except for him. The Celestial God spared him and relocated him under the current department. (So, to say strictly, Ghilley is the only reaper who is, in fact, not a rookie)
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    • Licht's parents died early, and although he grew up with loving grandparents, his heart still has that hole left by the absence of his actual parents. This is where his Chivalrous Pervert attitude comes from, and he was on his way to become popular among the media to garner money for his grandparents to go on a vacation. He was killed in a hit-and-run when he was on the rise.
    • June came from a family where his brothers had a tendency to become risk-seeking daredevils. His mother pleaded his father not to raise June as such, as she became worried. However, she died somewhere halfway, and his father struggled to continue raising him like she told him. One day, he took up stand-in training in secret, and replaced a stand-in way above his actual level of training. It's hinted at that he died in action.
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    • Louis was on his way to become king, despite the prophecy that he would never become one. On the day that his father abdicated, a foreign tribe stormed in and held the king hostage. To become king and save his father, Louis sealed a pact with the tribe leader that he would starve himself until the day came. He didn't make it, and to add salt to the wound, his servant ripped the letter Louis gave him as a means to deliver it to his father, and continued to defile his image for all generations to come.
    • Ethan was part of a generation whose task it was to protect the authorities, and he made an oath to a prince that he would protect him. The marquis was out on his death so that he could become king. After revealing a number of death attempts, he decides to have the prince leave the country early, but on the way, he encounters the marquis and dies at his hands.
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    • Cyrille was a prodigy who had troubles with his relationships. His mind would work so quick that whenever he looked into a living being's eyes, he would see its future spread out. A teacher offered to help him, and became like a father to him. However, his heart breaks when he reveals that he has a girlfriend and is soon to marry. His promise to meet up for Christmas becomes fatal to him, although the exact cause of death is not revealed in his case.
    • Kati was considered to be lucky to have been born, due to complications during the birth. When he started lagging behind in school, his parents pressured him into doing better. Kati took this badly, pointing at that his mother always said that being happy is enough since he went through enough hardship already. It becomes evident that his parents favor his well-doing brother, and runs away from home. He finds a group of friends who invite him to stay in a house in the mountains. He regrets it, but on his way back, he slips and falls to his death.
    • Noah is unusually followed back-to-back, after his death. His father was a corrupt police officer, and he himself turned to illegal business and fight clubs to care for his ailing grandmother. After meeting her right before his death, he regrets it and turns the offer of his partner down, who becomes enraged and pushes him out of the window.
    • Nine was raised by a stepmother early after his mom died. He has always had a very strong resemblance to his mother, and while he was initially proud of it, his stepmother started to abuse him because of him reminding her of 'that other woman'. As soon as he found a music teacher he liked, his stepmother would force him to change teachers by bribing them. When one comes to him without being bribed, they promise to perform together. However, his stepmother discovers this, and rips up his sheet music. He falls down the stairs, and is hinted to end in a coma. There, he meets Ghilley once, who tells him it's not yet his time. And so, he remains for 10 years between life and death, before it's time for him to go.
    • Day's generation was caught in a dispute over the Golden Elephant, a statue that would guide the holders to Nirvana. He took in a slave from the rivalling family and gave him a name, becoming his friend. One day, the master of said slave returns. The slave and Day promise that Day remains in the dark room he lived in, to keep him safe. However, that plan ends up being foiled when Day hears everything the master says, and when he comes out, the slave and Day are both killed.
    • Kirr's brother was accused of stealing food and resources, and while Kirr always denied that his brother did so, the food did come from the other people in his town. His brother was talking about a white deer, and when he got ill, Kirr went hunting and met the deer. He lost his sense of reason and went into the blizzard alone. It's hinted that he was frostbitten.
    • Aitachi was basically a Child Soldier as he led his nomad tribe. He noticed that there was a strange happening of men talking about others getting consumed by a monster. The lands became dry and out of resources. Aitachi decided to seek it out head-on, armed with the sword of his father. It turned out to be a vengeful spirit, and Aitachi was soon outmatched as it drained lifeforce away. Notably, he is one of the only ones in the department to have been seeing the Lead Manager.
    • Youssef was a lawyer, but became increasingly disillusioned with the job. He realized how unfair the system was, and started to expose this under the pseudonym of 'Dawn Rat'. He was killed because He Knows Too Much.
    • Mori was found by a god in human form, Mika, when he was left to die as a child. He was raised by her inside the temples, but when more gods started to go berserk, he feared for her. He investigated and a monk said he knew more about it. This monk turned out to be casting a spell over them that amplified their bad side and caused them to go berserk. However, he only noticed when he did so over Mika. Mori died in the destruction and was torn over what to do.
    • Quincy was the very first devil (or he says so) and was relentlessly bullied by other, fiercer-looking devils for looking human and lacking wings and horns. When a puppy got into the Underworld, he encountered emotions, but was brought to the Grand Devil. After Quincy refused to kill the puppy, the Grand Devil did it himself, which, after a short tearful moment from Quincy, resulted in him cursing the Grand Devil, something no one thought he was capable of. A portal to the Otherworld was opened, which Quincy got through. He then encountered the Lead Manager, who declared that he was a part of the Otherworld the very second he entered it.
    • Verine was an Ill Boy even in his past life, and would get bullied because of it. His ultimate escape was rock music, and he eventually finds a friend who genuinely wants to go to a concert with him. However, Verine hears rumors that said friend is just sucking up to him, and he runs away, missing the concert. He gets an attack from his illness and dies.

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