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Bittersweet Ending / Web Animation

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As said on the main page, spoilers are unmarked.

  • While the first 3 Bunny Kill movies ended triumphantly, Bunny Kill 4 is more bittersweet, mainly because the potential love interest got killed by the Big Bad. On the plus side, Mottis has stated that the love interest's return is possible.
  • Crater Face, which ends with an astronaut successfully uniting two previously separated moon pimples, at the cost of his own life.
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  • At the end of Chadam, Sandy is dead, and most of the city is destroyed, but Viceroy was defeated, and Chadam managed to at least save Ripley.
  • In Lucky Day Forever, 514 got to be with his girl, but they're in a Lotus-Eater Machine, unaware that they're being used to revitalize the Whites's bodies.
  • The flash animation Nightmare City Catastrophe ends with the hero succeeding in destroying the Lotus-Eater Machine, but since his Love Interest was a part of it, she fades away with a sad smile on her face before he can even reach her hand.
  • Tar Boy. A bunch of rich robot "fat cats" ruled the world and used robot slaves to work the land for their greed. Eventually they found an easier solution for mining resources and threw all the robot slaves in a boiling pool of tar. However, instead of dying, their memory chips infused with the tar and created a being made up of the tortured souls of thousands of robots. With every soul hungering for revenge, a battle erupts between Tar boy and the rich as he destroys and blasts the fat cats cohorts and robotic minions. But before Tar Boy could take revenge on the fat cats themselves, they uses a giant heater to melt him down, presumably killing him. However, it's revealed the old grandpa robot managed to collect Tar Boy's gooey remains years ago and believes that a piece of him escaped and is searching for the rest of his body. And when Tar Boy's body is complete, he will cast ruin on the fat cats once and for all.
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  • Episode three of the Nomad of Nowhere has the Nomad save the town of Bliss Hill from The Ranch Hand and redeem himself in the eyes of the town, particularly the sheriff, after accidentally destroying their mill in the last episode. But unfortunately, the Nomad's magical powers make him too much of a target for other bounty hunters and other dangerous people for the town to risk harboring him, so in the end, the sheriff is forced to reluctantly tell the Nomad that he has to leave, after thanking him.
    Sheriff: Thank you, but I'll be thanking you more to leave and not come back.


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