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When a game literally dares you to "Become Legend", you know you're going to get Awesome.

  • You're fully capable of pulling this off on your own with one of your supers. And each of them is awesome.
    • Titan Strikers get the Fist of Havoc. When used, the Guardian leaps into the air and slams into the ground hard enough to create a shockwave, wrecking anything within.
      • In the Grimoire, one guardian describes to another what it's like to be hit by a Fist of Havoc:
    [u.1:01] I hear the roar before I see him, but when I look up, I can make out a blue burst against the skyline.
    [u.1:02] When he falls, he brings the sky with him. Scatters me and my squad to the wind.
    [u.1:03] Leaves us dead as the moment our Ghosts found us. They bring us back, and he helps us up. Bastard says one thing.
    [u.2:01] What?
    [u.1:04] “Tell me what you’ve learned.”
    • Defenders get the Ward of Dawn. The Guardian throws up a big, hard to crack force field that their allies can take cover in.
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    • Sunbreakers get the Hammer of Sol. The Guardian summons a burning hammer that can be used to hit enemies or thrown to take out large groups.
    • Hunter Gunslingers get the Golden Gun. A golden Hand Cannon is delivered into the Guardian's hands that only has three shots, but these shots absolutely trash anything they hit.
    • Bladedancers get the Arc Blade. The Guardian's knife is charged up with arc energy, allowing them to dart quickly from enemy to enemy and shred the lot of them with ease.
    • Nightstalkers get Shadowshot. A bow made of void energy is summoned to fire an arrow that splits off to tether nearby enemies, slowing them and suppressing their ability to fight back. Further upgrades allow you fire additional arrows to just simply kill your targets.
    • Warlock Voidwalkers get the Nova Bomb. The Guardian hurls a big purple blob of void energy at their target which violently explodes, ploughing through everything in a large radius.
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    • Sunsingers get Radiance. When activated, the Guardian starts glowing and their Grenade and Melee cooldowns are drastically reduced, allowing for some hefty Grenade Spam. That's not the best part, though. The final upgrade will allow a dead Guardian to use their super to bring themselves back to life. Using this correctly can save your entire team's bacon.
    • Stormcallers get Stormtrance. The Guardian hovers over the ground as they pump out lightning to vaporize their enemies, and with certain upgrades allow them to just blast enemies on activation, or start teleporting around the battlefield while Stormtrance is active.
  • Whenever an event enemy spawns and you help kill it. The key word being 'help'. These things have tons of health that no one player can defeat by themselves (and it's suicide otherwise due to how powerful they are) plus there's a time limit so destroying these enemies is the ultimate test in spontaneous teamwork for anyone nearby.
    • Or you could just take a decent shotgun and blast the sucker in the face.
  • Various Scenery Porn in the game. Say what you want about the story. The sheer sense of scale and its beauty is amazing.
    • The Last Array, the last defense network of the Earth located in Old Russia, where you have to bring it back online while being set upon by waves after waves of Hive Tombships, resulting in an epic slugfest.
  • The Live Action Trailer.
    • Hive, Vex, Cabal, it doesn't matter. None can stand up to the Guardians.
    • One look at what the Hive did to the moon landing...
    • And at the very end, when they're staring into a massive pit with ominous noises coming out of it...
    Hunter: What do you think is down there?
    Ghost: Uh, death?
    Titan: Theirs or ours?
    Warlock: Let's find out!
    (Warlock jumps into the pit)
    Titan: I hate it when she does that.
    (The Hunter and Titan jump in after the Warlock)
    • Or this bit:
    (The Guardians have just blasted open a Hive nest, causing an army of Thralls to spill out)
    Ghost: Music?
    Hunter: Hm...Something classical. (cue The Immigrant Song.)
    • The moment leading up to the above:
    "Knock knock."
    "Who's there?"
    *cue Gjallar-boom, and a whole lot of pissed-off Hive Thralls**
  • During the missions on the Moon you're tasked with destroying a Hive sword that has killed thousands of Guardians before you. You have to find the Swarm Princes that created the weapon and kill them before the sword itself can be eliminated. When you find the sword, you use it to kill the Princes and dozens of Hive while running around in third-person in an amazing Unexpected Gameplay Change and a delicious Hoist by Their Own Petard. This is even acknowledged In-Universe as being an amazing victory for the Light.
    • As of The Dark Below DLC's pre-patch, the Hive on Earth or the Moon will randomly perform a ritual in various locations to summon the Blades of Crota. Killing the Knight will allow you to wield the sword once more, for a short period, allowing you to slay any Fallen and Hive nearby. Post the DLC's release, doing so is also part of several bounties, and has a chance to award an evolving weapon. (Note: This event got disabled after the House of wolves patch mainly, however you can still find the event during the Fist of Crota mission)
  • During a Bungie update after the beta was shutdown, after serving its purpose, they noted that they were toying with the connection, limiting servers and more, to see how it would hold the 4 million, but were amazed to see the player population persist on getting back on.
    Bungie: In the final hours of our grand experiment, we put you to the real test. We knocked you down, but you got up again. We shrank the pool of available servers. We kicked you into orbit, applied patches to your ships, and watched as you descended to fight and dance and rage. Again. There was no stopping you. In the end, we had to kick the plug out of the wall.
  • Simply completing the Vault of Glass raid is one for the team involved.
    • Special attention must be given to the battle with Atheon, the Vault's Final Boss. Over the course of the story, it is revealed that the Vex are an ancient robotic Hive Mind capable of manipulating time and space to their advantage, and the power and vastness that such abilities imply are mind-boggling. They are made out to be incomprehensible and inexorable, able to convert an entire planet into a massive machine in a matter of days, or (in the case of Atheon himself) banish enemies into a distant past or future where the Vex have completely eliminated all resistance. The lore found in the Grimoire repeatedly questions if a Vex victory is ultimately fated to happen, making any opposition seem futile. The battle with Atheon attempts to drive this point home, as he repeatedly transports half your party to another time period, while any attack against him seems to have negligible effect. But, if you persist, the moment you figure out what you need to do, how to trigger a buff that boosts the party's damage and gives all your abilities near-instant cooldowns, a single statement appears upon the screen: Guardians make their own fate.
  • The cutscene before the final battle in the story campaign.
    Ghost: So, think you can kill a god?
    Guardian: Don't think I have a choice.
  • Completing some of the public events, especially solo, can be this. In particular, if you're defending the warsat solo, you only have about 30 seconds of leeway if you break out of the circle and still hope to clear the event. Not an easy task to accomplish when you're the only sitting duck in an open area. It's a great feeling to watch the meter fill to 100 as the last few seconds tick down the clock.
    • The nonstandard public events also count. Hijacking your own Pike will give you a fun toy to ride around in for a while. But engaging in a massive free-for-all against the Fallen and the Hive's elite mobs? Amazing.
  • One player defeated the Crota's End raid... by HIMSELF. Watch it here.
  • The final battle with Crota is this. You fight what the hive worship as a god, he is so strong that regular gunfire can only stun him and wields a sword that can end you in a single slice. His very presence is enough stop all regular healing, and he can fire magic from his fist which will kill anyone in a matter of seconds. Yet even though he is by all accounts invincible, your guardian can raise the sword of Crota and fight back against him. The music turns from a tense dark tune into a heroic melody showing that even gods need to fear the Guardians. There is no better feeling than watching Crota tumble lifelessly into ash after using only a sword to kill him.
  • The cutscene after you defeat a Vex Gate Lord and deposit its head in front of Queen Mara Sov, her brother, and their Fallen guards. After spending the last cutscene talking down to you, the looks of shock on their faces is so satisfying. Prince Uldren is the most visibly shocked, and the Queen looks surprised as well. Even the Fallen guards look a little scared of the player Guardian.
  • The game features a lot of epic music, one example being "End of the Line." The name of the song itself can be considered significant because the first time a player hears it will likely be during the Devil's Lair strike, when you're trapped between an impassable barrier and waves of enemies. But the second time you hear it is when you're assaulting a high-ranking Fallen on his own ship. The first time it's the end of the line for the player...the second time it's the end of the line for the enemy!
  • House of Wolves DLC trailer. The Fallen shouldn't have done that...
  • Part of the Vault of Glass raid involves you sneaking through a maze to avoid robots that can decide what exists and what doesn't. Meeting one's eye induces a total party wipe, except if you're a Sunsinger Warlock with Radiance. You can literally pull yourself back into existence.
  • Whilst waiting on the new update for Destiny, you'll get to see a lot of art Bungie designed. And some of this stuff is large and looks ridiculously badass. You'll see several Guardians facing up against a massive Ogre, or a scene similar to the Black Garden. Everything's sense of scale is rather big.
  • Skolas, Kell of Kells, may be a jumped-up warlord of a dying race, but he has the drive and ambition to punch way above his weight. It's best exemplified in the last two Story Missions of 'House of Wolves', where he successfully hijacks the Vex network on Venus, including the Vault of Glass itself. That's right - he tried to steal the power of an acausal, universe-spanning god-mind's Reality Warper weapons research lab, and was well on the path to succeeding before you stopped him... and then when you do stop him, he takes over the Citadel, the Vex headquarters on Venus, instead, and starts bring every member of the House of Wolves who has ever existed through time in a gargantuan invasion force. Half-mad war criminal or not, the guy has balls of steel.
  • The Taken King reveal trailer, which displays Oryx, the God-King of the Hive, as this nigh-unstoppable threat that is coming to destroy the Guardians for killing Crota. After showing how that he can warp the other races with the power of the Darkness. So what the does the trailer suggest you do?
    Narrator: Oryx is coming, Guardian. You got his attention. Now...go get his head.
  • Oryx's arrival into the solar system is also awesome. The beginning of the trailer is dedicated to an Epic Tracking Shot of his dreadnought, which is the biggest ship we've seen in the game, seemingly short of the Traveler itself. Apparently it's so huge that it will be its own patrol zone.
  • The fact that you, specifically, are kicking such ass that the massive, godlike powers are specifically coming after you. Oryx is coming to personally slay you for killing Crota. And the vast, time-spanning, unfathomable intellect of the Vex is actually planting an assassin in the Prison of Elders to kill you in particular. You've kicked so much ass that god-like entities who considered humans to be mere prey or annoyances are now focusing on a single Guardian.
  • Taken King Live Action Trailer sees the Guardian fireteam from the previous live action trailer go to the Dreadnaught. A balance of cheesy and awesome, matched only by the Titan's ego.
  • A new Grimoire card for The Last Word comes with the release of Taken King. And it details Shin Malphur's growth from being a child who witness the death of Jaren Ward, his mentor and father-figure, at the hands of Dredgen Yor into the Guardian who kills Yor as he taunts Shin over the death of Ward.
    • Double the awesome for both. Shin Malphur, a Guardian never resurrected by a Ghost, killed Dredgen Yor with the Golden Gun! And it took two shots to kill Yor, and even then he wasn't vaporized, as any Guardian on the wrong end of a Golden Gun in the Crucible would attest to!
    Dredgen Yor: This is the end--
    (Shin fires off two shots of a Golden Gun, then walks up to Yor's corpse)
    Shin Malphur: Yours...not mine.
    (Shin fires the final shot)
  • The newest trailer for The Taken King, The Legend Of You, has what is possibly the best viral marketing strategy for a video game EVER. After inputting your Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID (and a bit of rendering time) onto the trailer's website, you can pick one of your characters (so long as they're past Level 20) and the trailer will customize to your specific character, displaying your stats and kill records and bequeathing a title to you dependent on how you've played the game thus far. Then it goes to pre-rendered footage of Oryx straight up calling you out specifically and delivering one hell of a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner;
    Oryx, The Taken King: And you...will bow...TO ME!!
  • As if Crota didn't have it bad enough, you infiltrate his funeral and steal what is left of his soul. That's right. You infiltrate his funeral and steal his soul!
  • Single combat with Oryx is awesome not only because of the music but also how hammy Oryx is. As you fight him he taunts you and throws every trick he knows at you. As you put him on the ropes Oryx will eventually charge at you directly and you can choose whether or not to charge at him as well.
  • The final battle with Oryx gives awesome moments for both you and the Taken King himself. Not only do you beat him, but upon realizing that he's beaten, Oryx declares that while you killed Crota, he won't give you the satisfaction of killing him. So rather than let you finish him off, he draws on his dark magic and seemingly uses his Taking powers on himself out of spite. And for bonus points, as he gets Taken he laughs in your face.
    • Then, of course, the True Final Boss battle with Oryx at the end of the King's Fall raid. He's literally Kaiju size, easily the biggest enemy ever faced in Destiny and requires immense teamwork to get through the raid. But he's beatable, and upon beating him, you see him explode in a flurry of sparks as his lifeless body floats away.
    • In the Grimoire entry for the King's Fall raid, Toland spends most of it yelling at the Guardians for not playing things by the Hive's rules. He's flabbergasted that you managed to purify the Light that Oryx had Taken and turn it against Oryx, and even more enraged and confused when the Guardians simply ignored the rules of the Hive and architecture of the Dreadnought, where someone has to be in control and serve as the Taken King. He expected one of the fireteam to ascend to the throne, since that's what the Hive do, but the Guardians don't care and walk away, leaving a gaping hole in the Hive power structure.
    Toland: You fools! You disastrous, bumbling squanderers! It's not right! Who now shall be First Navigator, Lord of Shapes, harrowed god, Taken King? Not you! You might have been Kings and Queens of the Deep! But you have toppled Oryx and you have not replaced him!
    There must be a strongest one. It is the architecture of these spaces.
    Why are you leaving?
    • To help explain why this is awesome let's consider the following. The Hive have up until now had certain rules and even with our powers it seemed we were susceptible to their rules as well. Then comes the Kings Fall raid.... where we basically show NO. We are NOT simply more creatures for The Hive to simply mold into the next Oryx. We are GUARDIANS. Our light shines and dispells The Darkness.
  • When you mange to board the Dreadnaught for the first time, you are tasked with deactivating the weapon and activating a transmat beacon on the Dreadnaught, you end up being guided towards a hull breach. The hull breach was caused by a Cabal ship ramming the Dreadnaught and that the Cabal are attempting to fight through to the Dreadnaught's core and blow it up. This is awesome in multiple ways. One is that the Dreadnaught's weapon was still active at the time, the same weapon that wiped out the Reef's fleet in one shot! How the hell did the Cabal manage to get close enough to ram it, never mind actually break through?! Second, you managed to board by using an invisibility device and a ship modified with Hive technology to sneak in; anything less and you would have been blown apart. The Cabal landed with NONE of those things. Three, this is only days after they ran terrified from Oryx as he took their comrades, now they're on the attack and are pushing through. It really highlights how iron willed the Cabal actually are in the lore.
  • The manner of which you unlock the third subclass for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. You receive your new powers, and are filled with Boundless Light, allowing you to test out your Super with impunity; Sunbreakers can throw more burning hammers than Thor and Kenta Kobashi. Nightstalkers shoot enough arrows to give Robin Hood pause. And Stormcallers fire so much lightning from their hands that Palpatine nods in silent approval.
    • Your Titan tracks down the dead remnants of the Sunbreakers, a Titan company partnered with Osiris, to the Burning Shrine on Mercury, where the voice of Ouros, said to be one of the most powerful Titans alive, directs you to ignite the forge to use your own hammer. After doing so, you stick your hand into the forge, slowly pull out your very own Hammer of Sol, and raise to the skies... and whip around with a flourish and on fire, ready to take on the oncoming Vex.
      Ouros: "Prepare yourself."
    • Learning from a fight with a Vex Conductive Mind, your Warlock heads to Blind Watch in the middle of a storm that makes Earth's hurricane look like a simple gale. You meditate in the middle of a hellish storm in an oddly comforting tranquility, and as you do so, the storm begins to acknowledge you as its master. You walk onto an antenna until a lightning bolt seemingly vaporizes you...then you zap right back into existence, shrugging it off like you're fresh out of a workout. Meanwhile, Vex are trying to feed off the Arc energy...
      Ikora Ray: "[The Vex]'re here for the Arc. Show them the Arc."
    • Cayde-6 sends your Hunter to track an MIA Nightstalker, Tevis, who's left piles of Vex carcasses behind as a trail. However, he's been separated from his now Lightless Ghost and teleported to the Black Garden. After following him to Pantheon, you find Tevis' body, having gone down fighting endless Vex with his last bit of Light, with his Light still burning. At Cayde's command, you take up his light, test fire an arrow and watch the light show. Your new objective? Avenge Tevis.
      Cayde-6: You know, I was there when Tevis first picked up that bow. You have it?
      Ghost: We do.
      Cayde-6: Take them out, Guardian. Make them pay.
      • Also, it's easy to miss, but the signs show that all of the Vex he killed were killed by his bow. The void tethers still remain there. He's probably already long dead and the tethers are still there. Your tethers disappear upon death. This guy must have been ridiculously powerful. He was probably only killed by Diabolus ex Machina
  • After a long time of just being a fun idea, The Sparrow Racing League finally offered a use to your Sparrow beyond just being a mode of transport. This game mode pushes your little hoverbike to the absolute limit as you blast your way through Mars, Venus, Earth, or Mercury, plowing through anything that gets in your way to the finish line.
  • There are a large amount of these in the various Grimoire entries. One in particular is included in Oryx's "Books of Sorrow", during the Hive's war against the species known as the Taishibethi, led by the Tai Emperor Raven. Around this time, the Hive possessed over thirty "war moons" that they made into warships from their homeworld and the Fundament, the first species they destroyed. The Tai Emperor Raven destroyed one of those war moons single-handedly, and would have done more, had Oryx not Taken her.
  • One of the Court of Oryx bounties reveal; that the Court's primary purpose is to launch a second wave of attackers to destroy a civilization at its weakest; after being softened up by the regular Hive. However this tactic is useless against Guardians; as the Hive are constantly being beaten back and humanity is still relatively stable. Not only that but Guardians are so good at killing that they call the monsters from the Court themselves; just so they have more stuff to kill and more rewards to claim.
  • The Rise of Iron trailer. Lord Saladin, the last of the Iron Lords and Vanguard Commander during the Battle of the Twilight Gap, is patrolling the Wall in Old Russia, and sees that it has been broken down. Out comes Fallen of the House of Devils, who were the first wave at the Twilight Gap, that have infected themselves with SIVA, the techno-virus that the rest of the Iron Lords gave their lives to seal away. What is Saladin's reaction to seeing the causes of the two worst days of his life as a Guardian melded together? He smiles, puts on his helmet, pulls out a Flaming Battle Axe, and proceeds to charge the SIVA infected Fallen.
    • At the end of the trailer, the Gjallarhorn is back in black!
    • Sad news. you can't use the wolves from the trailer. Compensation? You get to use the Battle Ax instead!
  • Misha Mansoor created a truly hard rocking metal cover of "Sepiks Prime" back in July 2015. With the release of Rise of Iron, his tribute takes place among Destiny's epic soundtrack in the newly remastered "Devil's Lair" strike! Raise your goblets, Guardian!
  • The raid weapons from the Wrath of the Machine raid are this, for two reasons. One, it's heavily implied they were created by infusing SIVA into several well-loved Legendaries from Year 2. Yes, SIVA, the virus that wiped out the Iron Lords and created an army of cyborg Fallen from the House of Devils, has been turned into a max-light plaything, complete with perks that combine preexisting ones to compact as many as possible into a regular tree. Second, it marks the moment that the much-loathed Diluvian 10/4X machine gun, hated for atrocious stats and downward recoil, is Rescued from the Scrappy Heap as the IF MATERIA~, which has much better stats, and, being a raid item, has its perks locked to a powerful combination that grants bonus ammo and partial reloads in droves.
  • The climax of Rise of Iron's story campaign is a combination of Awesome, Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker: You enter SIVA's replication chamber, where the previous Iron Lords gave their lives in an attempt to destroy SIVA for good, and discover the horribly profaned corpses of Felwinter, Gheleon, and Jolder hanging from the ceiling by SIVA's tendrils. As you enter the Self-Destruct sequence, the Iron Lords' bodies are yanked upward, before they drop back down, forced to try and kill you... except Felwinter dropped the Iron Battleaxe. Using the axe (as it's the only thing that can hurt them), and with the Theme of Rise of Iron blaring, you put the Iron Lords to a much-prolonged and very well-deserved rest... But it's not over yet. You initiate the Self-Destruct sequence... and run like hell out of SIVA's chamber as it explodes around, SIVA lashing madly and futilely sending Dregs in an attempt to stop you. You escape, Jolder's helm in your possession, and SIVA now unable to replicate. You finally put Saladin's demons to rest, and send off his comrades in a way they would have been proud of... as Saladin gives you The Young Wolf's Howl and names you Iron Lord. Be proud, Guardian.
  • Obtaining (or perhaps reobtaining) Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron is loads of awesome. While the humble start of collecting SIVA fragments and Iron Medallions isn't particularly exciting, it gets better.
    • First landing in Bannerfall, you explore the map and discover the crafting rooms of Feizel Crux, when an alarm goes off signalling that Fallen, SIVA-infested and not, start invading Bannerfall! Finally, you put your painstaking Crucible to good use as you fight swarms of Fallen while disarming a pair of bombs that the Fallen have set to destroy a portion of the Wall, not unlike a game of Salvage, and then take on an Archon-sized Captain, with the help of automated turrets and Vanguard VTO Ls opening fire on your opponent!
    • Later, in Skyshock, you defend the Ghost while he sets about repairing the Gjallarhorn. After a short while, you take the newly minted rocket launcher and absolutely decimate the Fallen forces there, including several Fallen Pikes and two SIVA-infested Walkers, with Saladin's blessing, heavy ammo boxes everywhere, and a true weapon of an Iron Lord!
  • Rebuilding the Khvostov is nothing short of an awesome nostalgia trip that reminds you of all the badass achievements you've made in your long journey to where you are now. After you obtain the schematic (either from dismantling your old Khvostov or by nabbing it from the Fallen Ketch), Shiro offers to help you rebuild the gun, better than ever. You get manual pages from killing enemies on patrol in the Plaguelands, but you obtain weapon parts by searching for them in familiar places in the Cosmodrome portion. You obtain them, but there's still one itty-bitty part missing: a firing pin. From there, the nostalgia really comes at full force. You drop in the Hanger, where you first made your escape. You then head to the Divide, where you first witnessed the extent of the Fallen's forces, in an attempt to kill a Captain. He retreats into the Inner Wall, where through much effort you then slay him. There, he drops the firing pin, allowing you to complete the Khvostov on the spot, and where you first obtained your gun and fought back against the Darkness But it's not over yet. It's time to test run this baby... on the crew of the Fallen Ketch! You win, easily. But after all is done, your Ghost invites you to stand at the edge of the deck overlooking the Highway, where he found and revived you. During all of this, your Ghost mentions all the crazy things that happened in these same places...
  • The description for the Cathedral of Dusk map, showing just how far Lord Shaxx is willing to go to find a good site for a Crucible match:
    It was there they found what the Warlocks named the “Cathedral of Dusk.” A Hive burial site for— what? A former master of Oryx? Comrade? Lover? It was vile. And obvious that Oryx never expected the Light to reach so deep inside his throne, to such an intimate space. But he didn’t expect a lot of things — like a Guardian training ground atop the husk of his dead ship.
    • Speaking of the Crucible, Shaxx gets really excited when you do exceptionally well. You know you've impressed him when he says this after you get a 10-kill streak:
  • The Age of Triumph, the last live event for Destiny before Destiny 2 releases, has its major feature as the bringing the old raids up to current light levels, allowing you to replay the Guardians greatest triumphs. Ladies and gentlemen, we're going back to the Vault of Glass.
  • Evil Awesome Moment: Up until Destiny 2, the Cabal have been kind of a joke. They wound up on Mars with barely any idea of what they were getting into, got repeatedly creamed by the Vex, blundered into a war with the Guardians (who can't die), and then finally Oryx singhandedly destroyed nearly all of them in one fell swoop. And then the distress signal reaches Ghaul and his Red Legion. The first trailer has the Cabal trouncing the Guardians without the barest smidgen of difficulty, and resetting everything back to square one for humanity.
  • In a Ghost Fragment: Warlock card, a Warlock makes a prideful boast toward a Hunter, brandishing an Ahamkara scale and telling her no one could hope to kill one on their own. The Hunter promptly takes up the challenge and the Warlock realizes to her horror that she's probably just committed that Hunter to a brutal death. Now, along comes Rise of Iron, with a new artifact for the Hunter: an Ahamkara Scale, with the flavor text "Ha! And that Warlock thought I couldn't do it!"


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