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Although the game has received mixed reviews, virtually everybody agrees that the soundtrack is amazing. The vocal tracks, which get busted out during the really big fights, are particularly impressive.

  • "Guardian", the series's overarching theme, combines the violins' serenity and the brass's fortitude.
  • Outside of combat, Destiny features a number of tracks that let you ease off after the frenetic tension.
    • "The Tower" serves as your sort of "Welcome Home" chime as you scurry over to the Cryptarch to identify some engrams, pick up stuff from the post-master, or check out what to buy with your hard-earned marks.
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    • "Excerpt from 'The Hope'" provides a calming melody, one that wouldn't feel out of place as you observe the Last City and take in the beauty.
    • "Deconstruction" is an adorable little jingle that almost sounds like something you'd play to your kids.
    • "Excerpt from the Ruin" is an admittedly ominous title for what has to be one of the most upbeat and lighthearted tracks in the game as you check around the tower.
    • "Rememberance" is a very somber song that makes its debut as your Ghost recounts its centuries long journey to discover you, making you remember that before your incredible feats, hope was hard to come by. It receives a more optimistic reprise when Ghost tells the Guardian he believes that he's made the right choice by resurrecting them, and thanks them for being his Guardian.
    • "Bow to No One" is the recurring theme of Taken King. Oryx is here, situation's hit the fan, and extinction seems just around the corner... But you've ripped your way out of this before. And you will again. The song also serves as the introductory theme for all three subclasses in The Taken King, ensures that you want to start the subquest as soon as possible to get your hands on newfound power.
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    • "Traveler's Promise" serves as one of the main themes to the Vestian Outpost of the Reef; a equally haunting and beautiful song to the matriarchy-ruled Reef.
  • "End of the Line" plays whenever you're required to blast your way through a ludicrous number of Fallen.
  • "The Warmind" is the heroic hymn that plays when you bravely charge through waves of enemies on select Cosmodrome story missions and strike chokepoints.
  • "Sepiks Prime", obviously belonging to the eponymous boss fight, but also present in a few Fallen Ultra fights. Makes good use of the swelling orchestra and frenzied tempo.
  • Originally a fan cover of the same song, Misha Mansoor's cover of "Sepiks Prime" ascends magnificently in the remaster of "The Devil's Lair", featuring a reborn Sepiks Prime infested by SIVA, Sepiks Perfected!
  • "The World's Grave", one of the better representatives for the Hive's overall leitmotif, starts out as a creepy mix of ambient noises and echoes tailored to the Moon's vast subterranean Hive network. Two minutes in, and the track shifts to an aggressive, rave-like pattern that matches the incoming droves of Thralls and other Hive monstrosities.
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  • "Temple of Crota" shortens the ambient mix from "The World's Grave" and goes straight for a savage techno-rave number, leaving you to flee from rabid hordes of Hive.
  • "Ishtar Sink" acts as both the theme for Venus as well as its conquerors, the Vex. The continuous strings that make your hair stand on end before the transition to an alien synthetic beat are the perfect fit for the robotic Vex, which we know so little about.
  • "Eye of the Gate Lord", an apocalyptic mix of violins, brass and choirs, is used in several of the most spectacular fights in the game, including those against Zydron the Gate Lord and Primus Sha'aull. It is also one of the possible tracks for Prison of Elders boss Qodron.
  • "Cabal Stomp", the Cabal's own militaristic Leitmotif. Harsh and oppressive to match their empire's power.
  • "Dust Giants". While the beginning is rather smooth and average, the music picks up when the brass comes in, followed suit by the choir as you're nearing your objective's completion.
  • "Siege Dancers" uses the same leitmotif as "Cabal Stomp", then kicks it up a notch with a more involved tempo, turning it into Valus Ta'aurc's boss theme.
  • This untitled Cabal battle theme alternates with "Dust Giants" for some key encounters with the imperial space rhinos. This one in particular ramps up the ominous choirs and galvanizes the orchestra the further you progress through the fight.
  • "Hope For The Future", the game's theme song as performed by Paul freaking McCartney.
  • "Shadow Thief" plays as you repeatedly encounter Taniks in the Shadow Thief strike, leading to the final confrontation when he's out of ways to toy with you, while you're done playing his game of cat and mouse.
  • "Visage of Oryx" is your introductory song for when you first encounter Oryx and his Taken, letting you know exactly how the situation has gone completely FUBAR. This theme shows up again in Destiny 2 when you fight the Likeness of Oryx, as an echo to the original Shade.
  • "Fallen S.A.B.E.R." remixes part of "Excerpt 1 from the Rose" theme into an action-packed piece that adds to the boss' hectic firefight.
  • "Surge of Light" makes its debut once you gain the power of the third subclass; the perfect theme as you turn a small army of Vex into junk with impunity.
  • "Regicide", as dramatic as it can get for fighting Oryx himself in the "Taken King"'s final mission. His Leitmotif comes in full force here, leaving you little respite as you try to survive Oryx's onslaught. In Destiny 2, after you beat the game, you can catch Cayde humming the first ten seconds of it.
  • "Last Stand" brings it harder when Oryx decides to pull out the stops and face you at his strongest, both in his final round in Taken King's story mode and your final confrontation in the King's Fall raid. Think about the title; it's Oryx's last stand against the Guardians after being defeated in the real world, his last chance at victory and ultimately his end. You drive Oryx, who is the Taken King, to the sheer breaking point, and this song is an awesome representation of the bitter struggle between you and him.
  • "Cabal Breach", the boss theme for the Shield Brothers. It features three distinct parts: the beginning brass heralds Valus Mau'ul arrival; it's followed by a symphonic rock remix of "Cabal Stomp" as soon as Valus Tlu'urn takes Mau'ul's place; finally, when both brothers come back together, choirs and "Psycho" Strings are added to the mix for extra intensity.
  • "Dark Blade" is the theme to Alak-Hul, a macabre techno track that lets you know that you're right where he wants you as he vanishes and reappears again and again to put you on his chopping block. As you whittle down his health, the techno beats become more intense, which is fitting as even more Hive reinforcements spawn and Alak-Hul himself becomes more aggressive.
  • "Music of the Spheres: The Union", here being conducted by Marty O'Donnel himself, serves as the original song used in the battle against the Heart of Darkness. A song of true heroism and courage in the face of an overwhelming force. It's also the song used as you escape the Cosmodrome shortly after your awakening.
  • While fan-made, Dan Bull's rap of this game deserves mention. While some of the lines do come from The Jungle Book's poem titled "The Law of the Jungle", the lines manage to fit well with the theme of Destinynote .
  • "Rise of Iron", the new title screen music, epitomizes the feel of the Rise of Iron expansion: triumph in the face of overwhelming evil; honoring the sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears of the warriors who fight for the defenseless; and the knight's determination when it seems like there is no hope. It's the perfect song to your journey to become an Iron Lord.
  • "Iron Tomb" brings a pretty good heavy feeling of dread and shock as you arrive in the titular Iron Tomb and see what SIVA has done to the old Iron Lords before you and then slowly picks up the main theme for the Rise of Iron expansion and gives it a proper heroic feel like you're finishing a long and hard fought battle.
  • "Young Wolf" acts as a recurring song you'll hear throughout your journey become an Iron Lord, with excerpts of it showing up in a number of your more dire fights, and the extremely triumphant climax playing during your escape from SIVA's self-destruction.
  • "Ad Victoriam", a tense mix of strings and brass urging the players to stand their ground, with the chorus blaring as they make further progress. Played occasionally during Archon's Forge, but most tellingly during The War Sequence to protect your Ghost as he prepares the Gjallarhorn.
    Saladin: You are an Iron Lord, Guardian. Your light is as a dragon. You. Will. Not. Fall.
  • The Wrath of the Machine raid starts in full force as Vosik the Archpriest enters the battlefield and starts bombarding your fireteam while his titular theme rocks your ears. It's an oppressive arrangement of brass and drums, with the ominous chorus rising whenever the SIVA density reaches critical status.
  • "Siege Engine" is a epic hard-rocking remix of "The Archpriest" that serves as the theme for the titular Death Zamboni in the Raid; an oppressive death march that brings back the days of Halo with its heavy, savage drum beats and guitar riffs demanding you to not stand still.
  • "Eyes Up", the grand orchestral piece that heralds your final fight against Aksis, Archon Prime. It's unique in that its musical segments shift depending on the phase of the fight, and is supremely satisfying to hear as you pound the raid boss with all of your fireteam's arsenal. Curiously, this piece is also played when attempting to take the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic from a Splicer Captain's hands, most likely cementing the call-back to the first mission, updated Khvostov and all.