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Destiny and Destiny 2 is a long running MMORPG Open World Shooter with numerous expansions that further develop the world and include story campaigns.


  • Base Campaign
    • In the desolation of what remains of an Earth city, a Ghost revives the player character and gives them a gun to go exploring. With no memory of their past, they learn of the powers of using the Light, the Traveler that silently looms over the Last City and the threats that face humanity.
  • The Dark Below
    • The former hunter Eris Morn crawls her way out of the Hellmouth on Luna, having lost her powers of the light but has grafted hive eyes on to herself and became proficient in Hive magic. She warns the Vanguard that a familiar threat is re-emerging from the Hellmouth and bolstered the Hive, Crota.
  • House of Wolves
    • Queen Mara Sov of the Reef was betrayed by the Fallen House they coincided with in the Reef. Seeking revenge, she opens her realm to guardians of the Vanguard and reveals the intricacies of the Prison of Elders.
  • The Taken King
    • Oryx, the God-King of the Hive, has learned of the death of his son Crota, and is not about to let that be unanswered. Arriving in Sol he commands the Dreadnaught, a massive ship and extension of his own ascendant plane over eons of death and destruction. With him comes enemies of other factions warped by his powers, becoming an army of Taken.
  • Rise of Iron
    • Years ago the Iron Lords were defeated in an attempt to claim the nano-technology SIVA for their own use. Believed to have been sealed away, a Fallen house has managed to crack the doors and take SIVA for their own use. Lord Saladin recruits the Guardian to revisit his greatest failure and stop the new Fallen Splicers from spreading.

Destiny 2

Year One

  • Base Campaign
    • In a bold, blunt maneuver, the Cabal leader Ghaul drives his Red Legion into the heart of the Last City and casts a field around the Traveler, blocking Guardians from the light. Their powers gone, the city sacked and resources buried under rubble or destroyed, the Guardian is given a vision of a shard of the Traveler to regain the light. With help from the underground network provided by Suraya Hawthorne, the Guardian looks to rally the Vanguard command and retake the city and save the Traveler from Ghauls' ambitions.
  • Curse of Osiris
    • Following the reawakening of the Traveler, the Vex begin to mobilize on Mercury in unprecedented numbers. Ikora Rey tasks the Guardian with infiltrating the Infinite Forest, a massive probability engine built within the planet, in order to find Osiris, the exiled Warlock Vanguard and former teacher of Ikora. The Forest explores trillions of simulations and is on the verge of discovering a "dark future" of Vex superiority, which they must avert using the power of the Forest itself.
  • Warmind
    • With Warsats falling from the sky, an ancient Clovis Bray facility is unearthed from below the ice shelves of Mars. The Guardian teams up with the famed Gunslinger Ana Bray in order to secure the greatest and most dangerous weapon of the Golden Age: Rasputin, the Last Warmind. But with Rasputin's return, so also emerges a long-forgotten Hive cult.

Year Two

  • Forsaken
    • When called in to quell a riot erupting within the Prison of Elders, Cayde-6 meets his end at the hands of Prince Uldren Sov of the Reefborn Awoken and the Scorned Barons, the ruthless leaders of the Scorn. Working together with Petra Venj and the Fallen mob boss known as the Spider, the Guardian begins the hunt for vengeance against the Barons and Prince Uldren. They scour the lawless lands of the Tangled Shore, and eventually find a greater threat in the hidden Dreaming City of the Awoken.
    • The Black Armory
      • (Season of the Forge): For eons, Ada-1 has protected the eponymous Armory and the Forge within, keeping it out of sight from any and all third parties. However, the offsite Forges and the secrets of the three families she worked to preserve have been lost to the wilderness. Faced with no other choice (and with the Spider implicitly egging her on), she calls upon the Guardians to reclaim the Forges, offering the spoils of the Armory in return.
    • Joker's Wild
      • (Season of the Drifter): Ready to up the ante and move his plan along, the rogue Lightbearer known as The Drifter invites the Guardians to play the next evolution of his game, Gambit Prime, where the stakes, rewards, and dangers are higher than they were before. Onboard his ship The Derelict, his secrets are brought to light and thrown into question when the contents of the ship's "cargo", the hunk of ice it tows behind it, are revealed to be part of a pact made with the rulers of the Jovians: The Nine.
    • Penumbra
      • (Season of Opulence): Emperor Calus, the exiled ruler of the Cabal, reaches out to the Guardians once more to offer the bounties of the Leviathan, this time for taking part in the gauntlet of the Menagerie. A dark, ancient deck of the Eater of Worlds long since abandoned, the Cabal Emperor wishes to not only show where the Loyalists' exile began, but to also make his dream of crowning his next Shadow of Calus a reality.

Year Three

  • Shadowkeep
    • After an extended period of absence, Eris Morn has returned and calls the Guardians to the long-neglected Moon in order to put an end to a threat that she claims to have unwittingly unleashed. From the newly constructed Scarlet Keep, the Hive of Crota's Hidden Swarm have renewed their campaign on the lunar surface, but the secret to their latest offensive lies in a far darker power awaiting below the surface, spawning Nightmares embodying the fears and trauma of those present to haunt the satellite.
    • Season of the Undying
      • Emboldened by the discovery of an ancient evil on the Moon and the signal call from an artifact found deep within it, the Vex Minds of the Black Garden begin their invasion of the Moon, spearheaded by the revived Undying Mind and determined to secure the artifact at all costs. Ikora takes notice of the incursions and works together with Eris to thwart the Vex's endeavors.
    • Season of Dawn
      • In the wake of the Vex Offensive against the Undying Mind, a group of Red Legion Psions seek to use the Infinite Forest to rewrite history so that Dominus Ghaul and Val Ca'uor were not defeated and the Legion wins the Red War. To stop them, Osiris uses his Sundial to track down an old friend through time and resurrect him: Saint-14, one of the mightiest Titans in the Guardians' history.
    • Season of the Worthy
      • With their campaign to undo their past defeats thwarted, the Red Legion have nothing left to lose and have turned to one last act of desperation: steering the Almighty towards Earth and crashing it into the Last City. Commander Zavala and Ana Bray decide that in order to avert this calamity, they must turn to Rasputin for aid and re-arm the last Warmind.
    • Season of Arrivals
      • Shortly after the Almighty's destruction, a mysterious fleet appears around the system... resembling the ship discovered on Luna. As the Pyramid on Io casts a long shadow Eris, Zavala, and Drifter call upon the Guardians once again to uncover the meaning of the mysterious signal being sent out, all while working to prevent the enemies of humanity from capitalizing upon the fleet's arrival...

Year Four

  • Beyond Light
    • Answering a distress call sent from the Jovian moon of Europa, the Guardian finds that Eramis, Kell of the newly formed House of Salvation, has been gifted by the Black Fleet the power of the Darkness and is looking to harness the long lost technology of Clovis Bray I's Exoscience facilities. In order to thrwart her violent plans for the Traveler and the Last City, the Guardians find themselves pushing their experiments with Darkness to their limit under the guidance of the Exo Stranger, a mysterious ally not seen since the start of their adventure.
    • Season of the Hunt
      • Hoping to exploit the disruption caused by her sister and the arrival of the Black Fleet, Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, looks to make a ploy for the Reef and the Dreaming City involving strange Hive apparatuses known as Cryptoliths, which corrupt and strengthen the local Hive and Fallen alike. The Vanguard and the Spider work together to get ahead of these Wrathborn before they overwhelm the Reef, but have also found a new, yet familiar, Guardian to guide into these battles.
    • Season of the Chosen
      • Caiatl, the new empress of the Cabal, has arrived in the system amidst her homeworld's destruction by the Hive. Attempts to strike an alliance with her go sour, and now she calls upon her greatest champions to battle the Guardians in ritual combat for a seat upon her war council. The Guardians must defeat the strongest Cabal champions to prevent Caiatl from consolidating any more power. In addition, Caiatl and the Vanguard work together in order to uncover the mystery of Emperor Calus's experiments with the Darkness aboard the derelict ship Glykon Volatus.
    • Season of the Splicer
      • The Vex's latest attack hits the Last City, plunging it into a massive simulation known as the Endless Night where the sun has disappeared from the sky and the night has become eternal. Ikora and Osiris direct the Guardians towards Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light and the last of the Sacred Splicers, whom they believe is the only one who can help them counteract this latest offensive. With his vast knowledge of machines, Mithrax aids them in descending into the Vex Network to take the fight to the Vex's home turf in order to bring back the dawn.
    • Season of the Lost
      • Mara Sov has returned to the Dreaming City and reveals she has struck a deal with the Hive God of Deception, Savathûn, who is hiding from Xivu Arath and wishes to be rid of her Worm once and for all. To bring Mara back, many of her loyal Techeuns became lost in the realities that exist between the physical realm and the ascendant plane. With Petra Venj once again aiding the Vanguard, they must learn the secrets of the Awoken Wayfarers and cross the dimensional barriers to help strengthen Mara's dwindling forces, and hopefully better understand the curse of the Dreaming City as they venture once more into Mara's ascendant realm, the Shattered Throne.
  • Bungie 30th Anniversary: A Milestone Celebration for Bungie as a company, this expansion is divorced from the ongoing story and features some tonally unique game modes with content that references the entire history of Bungie games. Xur, Emissary of the Nine, introduces to the Guardians a new challenge from the Nine called the Dares of Eternity, a psuedo-Game Show where prizes can be won from the celestial Starhorse. Elsewhere, Guardians find a trail of lost materials that can reconstruct the legendary Gjallarhorn, which leads to traversing deeper into the infamous loot cave than ever before beneath the Cosmodrome.

Year Five

  • The Witch Queen
    • Savathûn, the Witch Queen of the Hive, has finally revealed her grand plan. To the horror of the Guardians who have wielded the Light for centuries, she has somehow managed to channel the light into her own use, an army of Ghosts subservient to her resurrect a new brood of "Lucent Hive" who can now wield the Light in a manner identical to the Guardians. Meanwhile, Ikora’s Hidden uncover a Darkness apparatus known as the Relic, which is capable of forging weapons of legend. The Guardians must now plunder her throne world with the help of their new assets, and a new power called Deepsight to get to the bottom of this new development, challenging everything they know about the Light and Darkness.
    • Season of the Risen
      • With the Lucent Brood advancing on Sol, the Vanguard turns to Caiatl in hopes of using the Light-suppressing technology previously used during the assassination attempt on Zavala. Every second counts, for the Witch Queen's influence has already consumed several patches of territory in her image.
    • Season of the Haunted
      • Calus has returned, as has his Leviathan. But where it was once opulent and gleaming, now it is infested with sickening Egregore fungus, similar to what befell the Glykon. Even worse, the Leviathan has formed a connection with the Lunar Pyramid, giving Calus control over the Nightmares. The Guardians must step board the world-eating vessel once more to purge the corruption and prevent the terror from arising, all while Calus seeks favor from a new master.
    • Season of Plunder
      • Eramis has escaped her supposed demise at the end of Beyond Light and assembled the Old Crews to journey across Sol for treasures of the Darkness. Opposing her are the Guardians, Drifter, Eido, and Spider, who have similarly launched their own set of pirate-themed adventures to strike Eramis down and retrieve these artifacts before she does.

Year Six

  • Lightfall: The Witness, the "Voice in the Darkness" introduced in The Witch Queen, has finally arrived. Through the help of a rejuvenated and empowered Emperor Calus and his Shadow Legion, they begin their siege on Sol by removing the veil on Neptune, which turns out to be home to a human subspecies that survived the Collapse and continued building a futuristic utopia centered around the city of Neoluna in peace. As the Guardians move to protect this idyllic world from the beginning of the end, they discover a new power called Strand, focused around disrupting the fabric of reality itself.

Alternative Title(s): Destiny 2